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Aller, Hilton, Dorset



Location : Latitude: 43.2881, Longitude: -77.7933


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Coombs, Charlotte Ann  Abt Aug 1844Aller, Hilton, Dorset I15020
2 Fookes, Henry  Abt Aug 1859Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32434
3 House, Andrew  Abt Jul 1764Aller, Hilton, Dorset I159924
4 House, Andrew  Abt 1834Aller, Hilton, Dorset I7793
5 House, Bessie  Abt 1874Aller, Hilton, Dorset I4303
6 House, Charles  Abt 1836Aller, Hilton, Dorset I12948
7 House, Charles  Abt May 1854Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32094
8 House, Deborah Susan  Abt Feb 1840Aller, Hilton, Dorset I6984
9 House, Elizabeth  Abt Jul 1820Aller, Hilton, Dorset I31780
10 House, Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1844Aller, Hilton, Dorset I31781
11 House, Elizabeth Mary  Abt Aug 1860Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32120
12 House, Elsie Laura  20 Apr 1892Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32122
13 House, Francis  Abt 1796Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32132
14 House, Francis  Abt Jan 1846Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32134
15 House, Francis John  Abt Feb 1829Aller, Hilton, Dorset I31789
16 House, Frederick  Abt 1836Aller, Hilton, Dorset I31791
17 House, Frederick  Abt Feb 1838Aller, Hilton, Dorset I9614
18 House, Frederick Joseph  Abt Nov 1862Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32174
19 House, George  Abt 1790Aller, Hilton, Dorset I15216
20 House, George  Abt Oct 1817Aller, Hilton, Dorset I31799
21 House, George  Abt 1833Aller, Hilton, Dorset I22732
22 House, George  Abt 1833Aller, Hilton, Dorset I31798
23 House, George  Abt Oct 1858Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32144
24 House, Gertrude Lily  Abt May 1895Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32150
25 House, Grace  Abt Feb 1839Aller, Hilton, Dorset I31802
26 House, Henry  Abt Jan 1834Aller, Hilton, Dorset I31805
27 House, James  Abt Aug 1849Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32160
28 House, Jane  Abt Oct 1841Aller, Hilton, Dorset I31809
29 House, Jane  Abt Nov 1842Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32162
30 House, Jean  Abt Jun 1767Aller, Hilton, Dorset I10070
31 House, Jesse  Abt 1851Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32165
32 House, Job  Abt Aug 1831Aller, Hilton, Dorset I31812
33 House, John  Abt Aug 1854Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32168
34 House, Joseph Charles  Abt Apr 1870Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32176
35 House, Louisa  Abt Nov 1851Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32181
36 House, Mary Ann  Abt Mar 1806Aller, Hilton, Dorset I31821
37 House, Stephen  Abt Mar 1827Aller, Hilton, Dorset I31827
38 House, Stephen  Abt May 1844Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32207
39 House, Susanna  16 Dec 1814Aller, Hilton, Dorset I31829
40 House, Thomas  Abt Feb 1836Aller, Hilton, Dorset I31830
41 House, Thomas  Abt Nov 1847Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32211
42 Squibb, Alice Elizabeth  29 Oct 1881Aller, Hilton, Dorset I31856
43 Squibb, Ann  Abt 1803Aller, Hilton, Dorset I5970


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 House, Charles  Abt 18 May 1780Aller, Hilton, Dorset I159921


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Drake, Martha  Abt 1842Aller, Hilton, Dorset I31751
2 Fookes, Henry  Abt 1859Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32434
3 House, Charles  Abt 1854Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32094
4 House, Deborah Susan  Abt 1840Aller, Hilton, Dorset I6984
5 House, Frederick  Abt 1836Aller, Hilton, Dorset I9614
6 House, Frederick Joseph  Abt 1862Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32174
7 House, Frederick Joseph  Abt 1864Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32174
8 House, Harriet  1865Aller, Hilton, Dorset I23592
9 House, Henry  Abt 1799Aller, Hilton, Dorset I24625
10 House, Job  Abt 1832Aller, Hilton, Dorset I31812
11 House, John  Abt 1807Aller, Hilton, Dorset I31813
12 House, Stephen  Abt 1826Aller, Hilton, Dorset I31827
13 House, Thomas  Abt 1836Aller, Hilton, Dorset I31830
14 House, Thomas  Abt 1847Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32211
15 House, Thomas  Abt 1847Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32211
16 Squibb, Alice Elizabeth  Abt 1880Aller, Hilton, Dorset I31856


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Davidge, Ann  19 Jul 1764Aller, Hilton, Dorset I120337
2 Davidge, Ann  3 Jul 1767Aller, Hilton, Dorset I120337
3 Garrett, Jane  1901Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32306
4 House, Albert John  1871Aller, Hilton, Dorset I12460
5 House, Alice Ladysmith  1901Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32076
6 House, Ann  1881Aller, Hilton, Dorset I33255
7 House, Bertha Kathleen  1901Aller, Hilton, Dorset I26463
8 House, Charles  1841Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32095
9 House, Charles  13 Jul 1842Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32095
10 House, Charles  1851Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32095
11 House, Charles  1861Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32095
12 House, Charles  1861Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32094
13 House, Charles  1871Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32095
14 House, Charles  1881Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32095
15 House, Dinah  1841Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32102
16 House, Doris Susan  1901Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32105
17 House, Edward  1851Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32111
18 House, Edward  1861Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32111
19 House, Elizabeth  1851Aller, Hilton, Dorset I31781
20 House, Elizabeth Jane  1861Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32119
21 House, Elizabeth Mary  7 Apr 1861Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32120
22 House, Elizabeth Mary  1871Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32120
23 House, Ellen Rebecca  1871Aller, Hilton, Dorset I25575
24 House, Elsie Laura  1901Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32122
25 House, Elsie Laura  15 Sep 1915Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32122
26 House, Emily  1851Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32123
27 House, Emily  1861Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32123
28 House, Emily Elizabeth  1871Aller, Hilton, Dorset I31784
29 House, Emily Elizabeth  1881Aller, Hilton, Dorset I31784
30 House, Emma Edith Rose  1901Aller, Hilton, Dorset I17037
31 House, Frances Elizabeth  1901Aller, Hilton, Dorset I10118
32 House, Francis  1841Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32131
33 House, Francis  1851Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32134
34 House, Francis  1861Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32134
35 House, Francis  1871Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32134
36 House, Francis Charles  1871Aller, Hilton, Dorset I4901
37 House, Frederick  1851Aller, Hilton, Dorset I31791
38 House, Frederick Joseph  1871Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32174
39 House, Frederick Joseph  1881Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32174
40 House, Frederick Joseph  1901Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32174
41 House, George  1851Aller, Hilton, Dorset I31798
42 House, George  1861Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32144
43 House, George  1871Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32144
44 House, Gertrude Lily  1901Aller, Hilton, Dorset I32150
45 House, Grace  1841Aller, Hilton, Dorset I31802
46 House, Grace  1851Aller, Hilton, Dorset I31802
47 House, Grace  1861Aller, Hilton, Dorset I31802
48 House, Harriet  1871Aller, Hilton, Dorset I23592
49 House, Henry  1841Aller, Hilton, Dorset I31805
50 House, Henry  30 Mar 1851Aller, Hilton, Dorset I24625

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