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Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire



Location : Latitude: 51.841461, Longitude: -2.148623


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beer, Elizabeth Elsie  Abt Aug 1904Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I39144
2 Bradley, Albert  Abt Feb 1883Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I140744
3 Brown, Francis Edward  16 Jun 1892Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I142500
4 Challenger, James John  3 Aug 1891Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I142927
5 Chaplin, Frederick  22 Jun 1893Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I142407
6 Chapman, Lucy  26 Sep 1886Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I57971
7 Diment, Arthur John  Abt Feb 1886Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I86966
8 Downing, Maud  22 May 1883Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I142517
9 Farley, Edward  Abt Nov 1879Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I138708
10 Griffey, Daisy Emily  30 Apr 1893Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I137877
11 Harse, Minnie  Abt May 1893Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I142260
12 Heaven, Alfred Walter William  22 Apr 1897Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I138544
13 Hopkins, Hilda May  Abt May 1894Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I34748
14 House, Arthur William  Abt Nov 1896Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I138518
15 House, Beatrice Louisa  Abt Oct 1880Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I81450
16 House, Gilbert Stanley  Abt May 1897Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I140761
17 House, Joseph Colin  Abt Nov 1894Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I138517
18 Howes, Bertie  Abt May 1897Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I138516
19 Howes, Emily  Abt Nov 1890Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I138514
20 Howes, Enos James  Abt Nov 1878Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I138501
21 Howes, Ethel Mary  Abt Aug 1879Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I139914
22 Howes, Frank  15 Aug 1882Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I139915
23 Howes, Gilbert Ernest  Abt Feb 1894Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I138515
24 Howes, Wallace  Abt Aug 1892Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I138512
25 Hows, William George  Abt Nov 1878Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I138664
26 Howse, Mabel  Abt May 1887Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I138511
27 Hurley, William Theodore C  Abt Nov 1891Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I33390
28 Long, William Walter  18 Oct 1903Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I140909
29 Maggs, William Oliver  16 Jan 1890Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I141763
30 Malone, Rosina Amelia  18 Feb 1895Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I126643
31 McGill, Herbert Thire  Abt May 1882Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I34028
32 Mitchell, Alice Florence  Abt Aug 1895Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I140762
33 Mitchell, Kate Dorothy May  Abt Aug 1893Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I31842
34 Pullen, Leslie Percival  Abt Feb 1895Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I80907
35 Smart, Dennis  9 Feb 1904Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I138673
36 Soloman, Irene Frances  28 Feb 1894Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I81474
37 Spry, Alice Gertrude  3 Apr 1893Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I138607
38 Stock, Harry Guilford  25 Apr 1890Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I126991
39 Toogood, Rose  Abt Nov 1896Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I141782
40 Townley, Ruby Pearl  Abt Feb 1890Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I142423
41 Turner, Winifred Gladys  18 Aug 1897Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I138896
42 Weaver, Mabel Rosina  23 May 1884Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I80691
43 Wiltshire, Minnie  Abt Nov 1882Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I138794
44 Woods, Rosina Florence  24 Dec 1895Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I142520


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Eliza  Abt Feb 1890Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I81813
2 Bees, Richard  Abt May 1886Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I142219
3 Bennett, Eliza Alice Kate  Abt Feb 1893Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I138585
4 Cowle, Mary  Abt Feb 1879Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I140748
5 Dean, Sarah  Abt Feb 1893Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I31454
6 Edwards, Harriet  Abt Feb 1879Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I139767
7 Edwards, Nora Mildred  Abt Feb 1892Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I80397
8 England, Aaron  Abt Feb 1895Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I105516
9 Gale, Alfred  Abt Feb 1892Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I45516
10 Hancock, Annie  Abt May 1903Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I79930
11 Harmer, William  Abt Aug 1903Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I111139
12 Hollister, Rhoda  Abt May 1892Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I45534
13 House, Arthur William  Abt Feb 1898Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I138518
14 House, Beatrice Louisa  Abt May 1882Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I81450
15 House, Edward  Abt Feb 1891Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I81817
16 House, Frederick  Abt Feb 1890Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I138519
17 House, Gilbert Stanley  Abt Feb 1898Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I140761
18 House, Henry  Abt Nov 1884Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I81462
19 House, Jane  Abt Nov 1889Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I37538
20 House, Joseph Colin  Abt Feb 1895Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I138517
21 House, Louisa  Abt Feb 1895Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I80980
22 House, Mary Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1879Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I50752
23 House, Mary Jessie  Abt Feb 1890Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I81063
24 House, Percival James  Abt Aug 1890Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I138520
25 House, Thomas  Abt May 1883Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I48279
26 Howes, Alfred  Abt Nov 1898Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I138513
27 Howes, Emily  Abt Aug 1878Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I11263
28 Howes, Emily  Abt Nov 1890Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I138514
29 Howes, Enos James  Abt Feb 1879Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I138501
30 Howes, Ernest Henry  Abt Nov 1898Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I20069
31 Howes, Ethel Mary  Abt Aug 1879Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I139914
32 Howes, Fred  Abt May 1904Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I21269
33 Howes, Gilbert Ernest  Abt Feb 1895Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I138515
34 Howes, Wallace  Abt Aug 1896Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I138512
35 Howes, William  Abt May 1887Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I17685
36 Hows, William George  Abt Nov 1878Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I138664
37 Marsh, Francis Henry  Abt May 1892Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I81072
38 Matthew, Harriet Sophia  Abt Aug 1877Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I81818
39 Mitchell, Alice Florence  Abt May 1896Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I140762
40 Pickett, Elizabeth Sarah  Abt May 1895Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I48154
41 Yeeles, Emma Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1882Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I27622


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Clara  Abt May 1890Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I45511
2 Adams, George  Abt Nov 1888Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I45512
3 Adams, Thomas  Abt Nov 1887Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I45514
4 Allen, Rosina  Abt Feb 1889Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I80325
5 Bennett, Elizabeth Agnes  Abt Feb 1884Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I140769
6 Birth, Doris May  Abt May 1894Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I140393
7 Birth, Florence Norah  Abt Feb 1897Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I82025
8 Birth, Henry Reginald  Abt Nov 1889Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I82018
9 Birth, Lilian Phyllis  Abt Nov 1892Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I140394
10 Birth, William Joseph  Abt Feb 1891Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I82019
11 Bizley, Constance Emma  Abt Nov 1887Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I93221
12 Bradley, Ambrose  Abt Feb 1880Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I140743
13 Brown, Francis Edward  Abt Aug 1892Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I142500
14 Bryan, Alice Georgina  Abt Nov 1883Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I142738
15 Bryant, Elizabeth Ann  Abt Feb 1888Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I139074
16 Calvey, Alice Ellen  Abt Nov 1877Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I33615
17 Cann, Beatrice Louise  Abt Nov 1881Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I20314
18 Cann, Elsie Mary Bicknell  Abt Nov 1883Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I111769
19 Challenger, James John  Abt Aug 1891Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I142927
20 Chaplin, Frederick  Abt Aug 1893Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I142407
21 Chapman, Lucy  Abt Nov 1886Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I57971
22 Chudleigh, George James  Abt Aug 1878Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I80778
23 Crew, Lillie Charlotte  Abt Aug 1877Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I79464
24 Down, Beatrice Florence  Abt Feb 1896Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I80760
25 Down, Lily Rosina  Abt Aug 1897Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I80761
26 Downing, Maud  Abt May 1883Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I142517
27 Edwards, Ada Maud  Abt Nov 1886Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I80395
28 Edwards, Ethel Annie  Abt Aug 1888Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I80396
29 Edwards, Nora Mildred  Abt Aug 1890Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I80397
30 Filer, Frederick John  Abt Nov 1881Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I81247
31 Franklin, William James  Abt Feb 1892Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I99043
32 Gale, Alfred  Abt Nov 1888Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I45516
33 Gale, Alfred Dennis  Abt Aug 1901Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I45517
34 Gale, Bertram James  Abt May 1898Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I45518
35 Gale, Charles Edwin  Abt May 1903Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I45519
36 Gale, Elizabeth Mary  Abt May 1882Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I45520
37 Gale, Emma Eliza  Abt Aug 1885Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I45521
38 Gale, Fanny  Abt Aug 1883Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I45523
39 Gale, Frederick Arthur  Abt Feb 1894Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I45525
40 Gale, Matilda  Abt May 1892Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I45527
41 Gale, William Reginald  Abt May 1896Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I45528
42 Garland, Frederick John  Abt May 1884Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I45071
43 Gough, Florence Emily  Abt May 1882Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I34053
44 Griffey, Daisy Emily  Abt May 1893Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I137877
45 Grimsted, Florence Jane  Abt Nov 1886Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I31960
46 Grimsted, Frances Daisy  Abt Nov 1886Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I31961
47 Grimsted, Henry Walter  Abt Aug 1877Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I31957
48 Grimsted, Joseph Edward  Abt Nov 1881Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I31959
49 Grimsted, Minnie Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1880Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I31958
50 Grimster, Dorothy Beatrice  Abt May 1896Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I81404

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Matilda  Abt Aug 1897Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I21708
2 House, Mary  Abt Feb 1884Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I81461
3 Howes, Florence Mary  Abt May 1898Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I16765
4 Howes, Mary Ann  Abt Aug 1893Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I139750
5 Howes, Robert  Abt May 1898Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I23271
6 Howes, William Scuse  Abt Nov 1885Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire I17801


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Birth / Howes  Abt May 1889Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F23387
2 Bradley / House  Abt Aug 1878Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F42873
3 Burchill / Howes  Abt May 1889Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F42759
4 Doel / Webley  Abt May 1888Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F5172
5 Gale / Howes  Abt Aug 1881Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F9296
6 Hacker / Howes  Abt Nov 1904Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F42866
7 Heaman / House  Abt May 1890Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F14358
8 Hendy / Britton  Abt May 1897Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F14185
9 Highman / Willis  Abt Feb 1885Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F14671
10 Horwood / Moorhouse  Abt Nov 1890Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F23093
11 House / Cowle  Abt Feb 1878Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F42876
12 House / Deacon  Abt Nov 1894Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F14412
13 House / Fowler  Abt Nov 1889Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F23043
14 House / Gage  Abt Feb 1897Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F23376
15 House / Griffiths  Abt Nov 1898Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F42222
16 House / Hambly  Abt May 1897Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F9821
17 House / Hancock  Abt Aug 1886Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F10939
18 House / Hendy  Abt Feb 1899Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F12969
19 House / Hillman  Abt Nov 1898Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F10135
20 House / Mitchell  Abt May 1897Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F23341
21 House / Pickett  Abt Aug 1880Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F14357
22 House / Playfor  Abt Aug 1898Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F14392
23 House / Pritchard  Abt Nov 1886Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F13369
24 House / Read  Abt May 1897Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F23090
25 House / Turner  Abt Feb 1886Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F23028
26 House / Wilkins  Abt Feb 1880Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F14400
27 House / Wood  Abt Aug 1896Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F42886
28 Howes / Birch  Abt May 1889Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F13454
29 Howes / Cox  Abt Nov 1894Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F23388
30 Howes / Hancock  Abt Aug 1891Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F22735
31 Howes / Mann  Abt May 1903Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F6900
32 Howse / Francomb  Abt May 1898Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F33454
33 Howse / Jarrett  Abt Nov 1895Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F18949
34 Howse / Tubey  Abt May 1886Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F5551
35 Long / Howes  Abt Aug 1878Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F6003
36 Mitchell / House  Abt Feb 1893Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F10136
37 Oatley / House  Abt Nov 1896Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F23345
38 Passman / House  Abt Aug 1897Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F10141
39 Payne / Lavous  Abt Nov 1893Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F42160
40 Talboys / Snell  Abt May 1889Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F49930
41 Webley / Spray  Abt Aug 1880Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F1692
42 Wilson / Cooper  Abt Aug 1886Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F23193


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adams / Howes  Abt Nov 1886Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F2025
2 Bennett / Leonard  Abt Feb 1896Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F42885
3 Carter / Howes  Abt Nov 1882Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F42752
4 Cook / Howes  Abt Nov 1900Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F8204
5 Hollister / Howes  Abt Aug 1883Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F13744
6 House / Irons  Abt Feb 1879Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F14725
7 House / Southcott  Abt Nov 1895Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F42883
8 Howes / Harcombe  Abt Aug 1897Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F13743
9 Howes / Howell  Abt May 1883Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F6633
10 Howes / Wride  Abt May 1886Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F8113
11 Howse / Phipps  Abt Aug 1894Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F42192
12 Jones / Howes  Abt Aug 1884Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F3071
13 Kerslake / House  Abt May 1897Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F42889
14 Lowe / Howes  Abt Aug 1897Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F13745
15 Parry / House  Abt May 1894Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F42884
16 Powell / Howes  Abt Nov 1903Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F42933
17 Preece / House  Abt Nov 1897Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F42925
18 Pritchard / Stephens  Abt Feb 1900Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F4762
19 Tapp / House  Abt Aug 1894Barton Regis RD, Gloucestershire F13389