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Basingstoke RD, Hampshire



City/Town : Latitude: 51.0476605, Longitude: -1.3376775


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Arthur William C  22 Sep 1933Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I144412
2 Allen, Evelyn Florence  Abt Nov 1926Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I144410
3 Allen, Margaret Rose  13 Oct 1929Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I144411
4 Allen, Walter John  2 Apr 1894Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I24841
5 Bailey, Kate  Abt May 1870Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I105686
6 Baker, Rosemary Joan S  30 Sep 1931Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I160885
7 Bellinger, Olive Anne  8 Jul 1886Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I139118
8 Farrant, Nora G E  Abt Aug 1911Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I80929
9 House, Laurie St John  Abt Feb 1967Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I149635
10 North, Alfred John  15 Jun 1898Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I93591


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Evelyn Florence  Abt Feb 1927Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I144410
2 Allen, Margaret Rose  Abt Nov 1944Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I144411
3 Allen, Walter John  Abt Aug 1973Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I24841
4 Baker, Rosemary Joan S  Abt Sep 1995Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I160885
5 Baverstock, Winifred Kathleen Beatrice  Abt Aug 1989Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I39920
6 Bignell, Emily  Abt Aug 1992Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I114084
7 Castle, Annie  Abt Nov 1974Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I136443
8 Clempson, Olive Lilian  Abt Nov 1996Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I112186
9 Collins, Frank  Abt May 1978Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I39903
10 Dennis, Ida Mary Jane  Abt Feb 1927Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I370
11 Dixey, Arthur George  Abt Nov 1963Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I143743
12 Evans, Mary Ann  Abt Feb 1940Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I48851
13 Flatman, Elizabeth Victoria  Abt May 1990Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I144397
14 Goodall, Anne  Abt May 1890Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I32654
15 Goodall, Harry  Abt Feb 1960Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I32659
16 Goodall, Henry James  Abt May 1922Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I32660
17 Harris, Christina Grace  Abt Apr 1991Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I76803
18 Hawkins, Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1943Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I23629
19 Hawkins, Herbert Pennell  Abt Aug 1921Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I18205
20 Hill, Cecilia Georgina  Abt Apr 1989Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I144141
21 Holford, James Edgar  Abt Oct 1998Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I125197
22 House, Albert Frederick E  Abt Jun 1988Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I130054
23 House, Albert Raymond  Abt May 1999Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I85806
24 House, Bessie Martha  Abt Aug 1963Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I39905
25 House, Charles Downton  Abt May 1917Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I32670
26 House, David Thomas  Abt May 1923Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I18848
27 House, Donald Edward  Abt Nov 1997Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I27419
28 House, Doris Margaret  Abt Nov 1972Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I114086
29 House, Edith  Abt May 1963Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I27557
30 House, Edward  Abt Jun 1988Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I160880
31 House, Eliza Mary  Abt Nov 1925Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I32674
32 House, Horace Charles  Abt Feb 1929Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I76158
33 House, Laura Kate  Abt Aug 1944Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I32686
34 House, Mary Emily  Abt May 1948Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I32687
35 House, Ronald  Abt Feb 1998Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I160881
36 House, Violet  Abt Nov 1973Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I39441
37 House, Wilfred Albert Edward  Abt Nov 1997Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I22439
38 Howes, Albert John  Abt Feb 1959Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I29455
39 Howes, Edward Richard  Abt Feb 1964Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I25316
40 Howes, Fanny Maria  Abt Nov 1967Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I2292
41 Howes, Helen Mabel  Abt Nov 1970Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I2693
42 Howes, Louisa  Abt Feb 1935Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I28330
43 Howes, Reginald Ernest  Abt Aug 1958Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I378
44 Howes, Ronald Preston  Abt Jan 2000Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I111961
45 Howes, Rosa Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1988Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I24594
46 Howes, Walter Thomas  Abt May 1958Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I70195
47 Jeneson, Elizabeth Martha  Abt Nov 1936Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I159791
48 Pannell, Ann Susan  Abt May 1885Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I7455
49 Philpotts, Robert James  5 Dec 1983Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I146814
50 Prowles, William Charles  Abt Nov 1960Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I26678

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Arthur William C  Abt Nov 1933Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I144412
2 Allen, Margaret Rose  Abt Nov 1929Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I144411
3 Allen, Walter John  Abt May 1894Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I24841
4 Angell, Mary Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1856Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I307
5 Baker, Rosemary Joan S  Abt Nov 1931Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I160885
6 Bellinger, Olive Anne  Abt Aug 1886Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I139118
7 Eckett, Ernest James  Abt Nov 1874Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I41047
8 Goodall, Ada  Abt Feb 1877Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I32653
9 Goodall, Anne  Abt Feb 1873Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I32654
10 Goodall, Arthur  Abt Nov 1880Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I32655
11 Goodall, Caroline Mary  Abt May 1871Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I32656
12 Goodall, Eliza  Abt Feb 1879Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I32657
13 Goodall, Ellen  Abt Aug 1882Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I32658
14 Goodall, Harry  Abt Feb 1875Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I32659
15 Goodall, Henry James  Abt May 1850Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I32660
16 Goodall, Herbert  Abt Aug 1884Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I32661
17 Goodall, Mabel  Abt May 1886Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I32662
18 Goodall, Percy  Abt Feb 1888Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I32663
19 Goodall, Wilfrid  Abt Aug 1890Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I32664
20 Hillier, William Frank Hughes  Abt Aug 1881Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I39953
21 Holdaway, Ann  Abt May 1849Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I21276
22 House, Agnes Emma  Abt Feb 1886Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I39956
23 Howes, Florence Annie  Abt Nov 1873Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I20968
24 Howes, Marian  Abt May 1871Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I26174
25 Howes, Rosa Pannell  Abt Nov 1876Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I9139
26 Kent, Annie Mary  Abt Feb 1881Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I3200
27 Kimber, Robert  Abt Aug 1864Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I51677
28 Marlow, Florence Annie  Abt Feb 1891Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I159435
29 Marlow, James Thomas  Abt Feb 1870Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I159434
30 North, Alfred John  Abt Aug 1898Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I93591
31 Noyes, George  Abt Aug 1860Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I48299
32 Paice, Irene Kate  Abt Aug 1895Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I48676
33 Prowles, Edwin Charles  Abt Nov 1902Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I4128
34 Prowles, Hilda May  Abt Feb 1910Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I26157
35 Prowles, Nellie Louise  Abt Nov 1906Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I6604
36 Watmore, Harry  Abt Aug 1884Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I101402
37 Watmore, Kate Emily  Abt Nov 1887Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I101403
38 Woolford, Harriet  Abt Nov 1878Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I43261


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Allen, Arthur Henry  Abt Nov 1979Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I147174
2 Howes, Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1898Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I64913
3 Howes, James Richard  Abt Nov 1933Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I6416
4 Howes, Richard  Abt Aug 1938Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I6645
5 Howse, Charles  Abt Feb 1950Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I48889
6 Howse, Martha Ann  Abt Feb 1958Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I48891
7 Philpotts, Robert James  Abt Nov 1983Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I146814
8 Watts, Sarah Ann  Abt Feb 1943Basingstoke RD, Hampshire I48902


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allen / House  Abt Nov 1919Basingstoke RD, Hampshire F3631
2 Allen / Howse  Abt Nov 1922Basingstoke RD, Hampshire F45037
3 Carter / Howes  Abt Aug 1938Basingstoke RD, Hampshire F1850
4 Goodall / House  Abt Nov 1870Basingstoke RD, Hampshire F10378
5 Goodall / House  Abt May 1902Basingstoke RD, Hampshire F10380
6 Green / House  Abt May 1925Basingstoke RD, Hampshire F44130
7 House / Baker  Abt Feb 1952Basingstoke RD, Hampshire F48890
8 House / Dennis  Abt May 1926Basingstoke RD, Hampshire F1186
9 House / Flatman  Abt Feb 1963Basingstoke RD, Hampshire F44123
10 House / Hiscock  Abt Nov 1936Basingstoke RD, Hampshire F45040
11 House / Kent  Abt Aug 1908Basingstoke RD, Hampshire F1988
12 Howes / Bailey  Abt Nov 1942Basingstoke RD, Hampshire F2226
13 Howick / House  Abt Feb 1953Basingstoke RD, Hampshire F48891
14 Marlow / Singleton  Abt May 1890Basingstoke RD, Hampshire F48364
15 Rowell / House  Abt Aug 1923Basingstoke RD, Hampshire F45042
16 Smith / Pitchers  Abt Sep 1879Basingstoke RD, Hampshire F5921
17 Wedlake / House  Abt May 1940Basingstoke RD, Hampshire F48892


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hillier / Roberts  Abt Aug 1906Basingstoke RD, Hampshire F12301