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Beaminster RD, Dorset



City/Town : Latitude: 50.8054655, Longitude: -2.311029


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Albert George Kitchener  13 Sep 1914Beaminster RD, Dorset I131129
2 Bugler, Violet Eleanor  9 Oct 1891Beaminster RD, Dorset I93727
3 Curtis, Stanley George  Abt May 1924Beaminster RD, Dorset I131094
4 Dunsbury, Emily Clara House  Abt May 1862Beaminster RD, Dorset I130982
5 Gillham, Irene Ethel  18 Nov 1893Beaminster RD, Dorset I84899
6 House, Ann Elizabeth  Abt May 1849Beaminster RD, Dorset I116244
7 House, Benjamin  Abt May 1891Beaminster RD, Dorset I116248
8 House, Bernard Charles  Abt Aug 1912Beaminster RD, Dorset I27523
9 House, Bryan John  11 Feb 1928Beaminster RD, Dorset I131075
10 House, Coral Cecilia V  Abt Feb 1930Beaminster RD, Dorset I120112
11 House, Dennis John  29 Aug 1933Beaminster RD, Dorset I120114
12 House, Desmond Charles W  4 Mar 1926Beaminster RD, Dorset I131074
13 House, Donald James  19 Nov 1934Beaminster RD, Dorset I84907
14 House, Edwin John  Abt May 1867Beaminster RD, Dorset I116247
15 House, Edwin Victor  16 Jan 1925Beaminster RD, Dorset I44354
16 House, Emily  Abt May 1867Beaminster RD, Dorset I116246
17 House, Francis G  Abt May 1923Beaminster RD, Dorset I84889
18 House, Frank Percival  Abt Aug 1912Beaminster RD, Dorset I84901
19 House, Frederick Joseph  Abt Nov 1861Beaminster RD, Dorset I4614
20 House, George E  9 Jun 1917Beaminster RD, Dorset I84904
21 House, Gerald  Abt Feb 1914Beaminster RD, Dorset I28348
22 House, Hilda May  8 Feb 1919Beaminster RD, Dorset I84886
23 House, Leslie George  23 May 1922Beaminster RD, Dorset I44353
24 House, Marion Rebecca Ann  29 Feb 1928Beaminster RD, Dorset I85947
25 House, Mary  Abt Aug 1854Beaminster RD, Dorset I116245
26 House, Muriel Kathleen  25 Oct 1926Beaminster RD, Dorset I44355
27 House, Oswald Reginald  28 Dec 1928Beaminster RD, Dorset I85755
28 House, Percival Charles  11 Nov 1916Beaminster RD, Dorset I86891
29 House, Richard John  7 Nov 1913Beaminster RD, Dorset I84902
30 House, Robert Frederick  10 Apr 1911Beaminster RD, Dorset I85810
31 House, Samuel Walter  6 May 1916Beaminster RD, Dorset I84903
32 House, Unnamed  Abt Aug 1925Beaminster RD, Dorset I120110
33 Humber, Alan Raymond  14 May 1915Beaminster RD, Dorset I91161
34 Humber, Alfred Charles  19 Dec 1912Beaminster RD, Dorset I91160
35 Kingston, Theo Hubert  4 Sep 1913Beaminster RD, Dorset I86896
36 Loveless, Winifred Beatrice Mary  29 Nov 1911Beaminster RD, Dorset I79825
37 Phillips, William  11 Nov 1895Beaminster RD, Dorset I86879
38 Pitcher, Dorothy  5 Oct 1902Beaminster RD, Dorset I85753
39 Pitcher, George Bernard  20 Aug 1901Beaminster RD, Dorset I86434
40 Tuck, Alfred John  Abt May 1864Beaminster RD, Dorset I16956


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bailey, James  Abt Aug 1894Beaminster RD, Dorset I28496
2 Chalker, Martha Greening  Abt Feb 1926Beaminster RD, Dorset I481
3 Churchill, Mary  Abt May 1891Beaminster RD, Dorset I24698
4 Dunsbury, Richard  Abt Nov 1897Beaminster RD, Dorset I18090
5 Froom, William  Abt Feb 1885Beaminster RD, Dorset I131070
6 House, Albert  Abt Aug 1866Beaminster RD, Dorset I1217
7 House, Ann  Abt May 1900Beaminster RD, Dorset I131069
8 House, Ann Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1850Beaminster RD, Dorset I116244
9 House, Benjamin  Abt May 1901Beaminster RD, Dorset I14926
10 House, Charles Herbert  Abt Nov 1917Beaminster RD, Dorset I16942
11 House, Edith Gertrude  Abt Nov 1933Beaminster RD, Dorset I32108
12 House, Edwin John  Abt Nov 1869Beaminster RD, Dorset I116247
13 House, Frances Emma  Abt Aug 1869Beaminster RD, Dorset I33546
14 House, Francis G  Abt May 1923Beaminster RD, Dorset I84889
15 House, Frederick Joseph  Abt Feb 1862Beaminster RD, Dorset I4614
16 House, George  Abt Nov 1859Beaminster RD, Dorset I131067
17 House, Gerald  Abt Feb 1914Beaminster RD, Dorset I28348
18 House, John  Abt Feb 1863Beaminster RD, Dorset I11403
19 House, John  Abt Nov 1907Beaminster RD, Dorset I16684
20 House, Keziah  Abt Nov 1850Beaminster RD, Dorset I25775
21 House, Keziah  Abt Nov 1899Beaminster RD, Dorset I20562
22 House, Samuel John  Abt Aug 1906Beaminster RD, Dorset I24405
23 House, Samuel John  Abt Nov 1927Beaminster RD, Dorset I21541
24 House, Sarah  Abt Feb 1905Beaminster RD, Dorset I1824
25 House, Sarah Cecilia  Abt May 1930Beaminster RD, Dorset I28365
26 House, Thomas  Abt Nov 1919Beaminster RD, Dorset I20713
27 House, Tom  Abt Feb 1929Beaminster RD, Dorset I28026
28 House, Unnamed  Abt Aug 1925Beaminster RD, Dorset I120110
29 Matthews, George  Abt Feb 1887Beaminster RD, Dorset I131071
30 Napper, Harriet  Abt Feb 1899Beaminster RD, Dorset I15201
31 Sansom, Elizabeth  Abt May 1867Beaminster RD, Dorset I131068
32 Steele, Harold Francis Henry  7 Apr 1926Beaminster RD, Dorset I13474
33 Treviss, Stanley Lionel Herbert C  Abt May 1926Beaminster RD, Dorset I159581


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Albert George Kitchener  Abt Nov 1914Beaminster RD, Dorset I131129
2 Ballam, John Samuel  Abt Feb 1867Beaminster RD, Dorset I91331
3 Bugler, Violet Eleanor  Abt Nov 1891Beaminster RD, Dorset I93727
4 Burden, Bessie  Abt Feb 1903Beaminster RD, Dorset I131091
5 Clothier, Ethel Mary  Abt Nov 1889Beaminster RD, Dorset I18579
6 Cox, Mary Ellen  Abt May 1862Beaminster RD, Dorset I37884
7 Dawe, Charles  Abt May 1861Beaminster RD, Dorset I3815
8 Dawe, Constance May  Abt Nov 1905Beaminster RD, Dorset I131119
9 Dawe, Henry  Abt May 1895Beaminster RD, Dorset I11781
10 Dawe, Samuel Charles  Abt Feb 1894Beaminster RD, Dorset I27637
11 Dunsbury, Ellen Rosa  Abt Aug 1859Beaminster RD, Dorset I18917
12 Dunsbury, Richard  Abt Aug 1841Beaminster RD, Dorset I8743
13 Dunsbury, Richard John Howse  Abt Nov 1864Beaminster RD, Dorset I21068
14 Dunsbury, Sarah Jane  Abt May 1857Beaminster RD, Dorset I8936
15 Dunsbury, Susan  Abt Aug 1850Beaminster RD, Dorset I20569
16 Gibbs, Stanley William  Abt May 1896Beaminster RD, Dorset I85638
17 Gillham, Irene Ethel  Abt Nov 1893Beaminster RD, Dorset I84899
18 Hansford, Dorothy Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1891Beaminster RD, Dorset I22932
19 House, Albert  Abt Aug 1865Beaminster RD, Dorset I1217
20 House, Albert Charles  Abt Nov 1909Beaminster RD, Dorset I23179
21 House, Albert Edward Patrick  Abt May 1911Beaminster RD, Dorset I28140
22 House, Alice Jane  Abt May 1887Beaminster RD, Dorset I31767
23 House, Amanda  Abt Aug 1873Beaminster RD, Dorset I22884
24 House, Amelia Ann  Abt Nov 1878Beaminster RD, Dorset I4953
25 House, Amelia Jane  Abt Nov 1854Beaminster RD, Dorset I4787
26 House, Ann Keziah  Abt Nov 1852Beaminster RD, Dorset I6639
27 House, Arthur Lewis  Abt May 1868Beaminster RD, Dorset I9359
28 House, Beatrice Lily  Abt Feb 1890Beaminster RD, Dorset I31771
29 House, Ben Thomas  Abt Feb 1858Beaminster RD, Dorset I2373
30 House, Bernard Charles  18 May 1912Beaminster RD, Dorset I27523
31 House, Bertie E  Abt Aug 1892Beaminster RD, Dorset I31773
32 House, Bessie  Abt Feb 1889Beaminster RD, Dorset I20441
33 House, Bryan John  Abt Feb 1928Beaminster RD, Dorset I131075
34 House, Catherine Alma  Abt Feb 1855Beaminster RD, Dorset I28739
35 House, Charles Herbert  Abt Aug 1870Beaminster RD, Dorset I16942
36 House, Charles Sanctuary  Abt Nov 1890Beaminster RD, Dorset I5317
37 House, Charlotte  Abt Feb 1904Beaminster RD, Dorset I25203
38 House, Dennis John  Abt Nov 1933Beaminster RD, Dorset I120114
39 House, Desmond Charles W  Abt May 1926Beaminster RD, Dorset I131074
40 House, Donald James  Abt Nov 1934Beaminster RD, Dorset I84907
41 House, Duncan Reginald  Abt Nov 1894Beaminster RD, Dorset I25062
42 House, Edith Cornelia  Abt Aug 1875Beaminster RD, Dorset I26039
43 House, Edith Martha Ann  Abt Feb 1887Beaminster RD, Dorset I13398
44 House, Edwin Thomas  Abt Feb 1894Beaminster RD, Dorset I28447
45 House, Edwin Victor  Abt Feb 1925Beaminster RD, Dorset I44354
46 House, Elizabeth  Abt May 1862Beaminster RD, Dorset I17886
47 House, Elizabeth Sarah  Abt Feb 1859Beaminster RD, Dorset I27318
48 House, Elizabeth Susan  Abt Feb 1881Beaminster RD, Dorset I84874
49 House, Ellen Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1856Beaminster RD, Dorset I53007
50 House, Ernest  Abt Nov 1902Beaminster RD, Dorset I19294

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 House, Arthur Lewis  Abt May 1869Beaminster RD, Dorset I9359
2 House, Ernest Arthur  Abt Aug 1873Beaminster RD, Dorset I1490
3 Steele, Harold Francis Henry  Abt May 1926Beaminster RD, Dorset I13474


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Couzens / House  Abt Aug 1935Beaminster RD, Dorset F34996
2 Froom / House  Abt May 1870Beaminster RD, Dorset F39785
3 Gibbs / House  Abt May 1928Beaminster RD, Dorset F24532
4 Goldring / Way  Abt May 1858Beaminster RD, Dorset F4771
5 Hannam / House  Abt May 1936Beaminster RD, Dorset F39829
6 House / Beck  Abt May 1925Beaminster RD, Dorset F7647
7 House / Burden  Abt May 1923Beaminster RD, Dorset F39793
8 House / Christopher  Abt Nov 1931Beaminster RD, Dorset F24296
9 House / Christopher  Abt Feb 1936Beaminster RD, Dorset F39826
10 House / Fowler  Abt Aug 1925Beaminster RD, Dorset F36236
11 House / Gibbs  Abt May 1933Beaminster RD, Dorset F24536
12 House / Goodland  Abt Feb 1916Beaminster RD, Dorset F24958
13 House / Langford  Abt May 1923Beaminster RD, Dorset F24954
14 House / Loveless  Abt May 1932Beaminster RD, Dorset F22698
15 House / Mead  Abt May 1923Beaminster RD, Dorset F13458
16 House / Pitcher  Abt May 1925Beaminster RD, Dorset F24570
17 House / Randall  Abt Feb 1935Beaminster RD, Dorset F39830
18 House / Rendell  Abt May 1923Beaminster RD, Dorset F39787
19 House / Warr  Abt Nov 1916Beaminster RD, Dorset F24291
20 House / Wellman  Abt May 1919Beaminster RD, Dorset F24948
21 Phillips / House  Abt Nov 1929Beaminster RD, Dorset F24955
22 Pomeroy / Dawe  Abt May 1931Beaminster RD, Dorset F39802
23 Samways / Hellier  Abt May 1909Beaminster RD, Dorset F48379


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bailey / House  Abt Feb 1853Beaminster RD, Dorset F6973
2 Clark / House  Abt Aug 1919Beaminster RD, Dorset F5617
3 Dawe / House  Abt Nov 1893Beaminster RD, Dorset F2715
4 Dunsbury / House  Abt May 1845Beaminster RD, Dorset F1605
5 Enticott / House  Abt Aug 1914Beaminster RD, Dorset F26375
6 Fursman / House  Abt May 1910Beaminster RD, Dorset F5997
7 Galpin / House  Abt Feb 1879Beaminster RD, Dorset F2429
8 House / Bailey  Abt May 1846Beaminster RD, Dorset F7548
9 House / Chalker  Abt Feb 1877Beaminster RD, Dorset F1214
10 House / Dunn  Abt May 1890Beaminster RD, Dorset F7688
11 House / Gale  Abt May 1923Beaminster RD, Dorset F2500
12 House / Gillham  Abt May 1920Beaminster RD, Dorset F24295
13 House / Hansford  Abt Nov 1910Beaminster RD, Dorset F24586
14 House / Hawker  Abt Nov 1897Beaminster RD, Dorset F5451
15 House / Lane  Abt Aug 1856Beaminster RD, Dorset F3258
16 House / Larcombe  Abt Aug 1920Beaminster RD, Dorset F24290
17 House / Lewis  Abt May 1891Beaminster RD, Dorset F1185
18 House / Lewis  Abt Feb 1893Beaminster RD, Dorset F6911
19 House / Sansom  Abt May 1885Beaminster RD, Dorset F6674
20 House / Tucker  Abt Nov 1850Beaminster RD, Dorset F3273
21 House / Warren  Abt Feb 1889Beaminster RD, Dorset F4794
22 House / Watts  Abt May 1921Beaminster RD, Dorset F13459
23 House / Wrixon  Abt Feb 1853Beaminster RD, Dorset F5400
24 Howe / House  Abt Feb 1879Beaminster RD, Dorset F4424
25 Knight / House  Abt Feb 1839Beaminster RD, Dorset F3018
26 Matthews / House  Abt Aug 1886Beaminster RD, Dorset F39786
27 Parker / House  Abt May 1917Beaminster RD, Dorset F24953
28 Paul / Way  Abt May 1909Beaminster RD, Dorset F4770
29 Prideaux / House  Abt May 1910Beaminster RD, Dorset F4903
30 Trevett / House  Abt Nov 1882Beaminster RD, Dorset F4837
31 Williams / House  Abt Feb 1841Beaminster RD, Dorset F1384
32 Wrixon / House  Abt Feb 1884Beaminster RD, Dorset F8886