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Brixton, London



Location : Latitude: 51.4626894, Longitude: -0.1068213


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Auvache, George Thomas  6 Dec 1903Brixton, London I64808
2 Auvache, Lilian Gladys  6 Dec 1903Brixton, London I64810
3 Bamford, William Hubert  28 Dec 1888Brixton, London I7260
4 Bower, Alfred George  31 Jul 1903Brixton, London I65379
5 Bowgen, Anna Emily  Abt 1876Brixton, London I36520
6 Bowgen, John William  Abt 1863Brixton, London I35965
7 Briginshaw, Daisy Winifred  4 Nov 1885Brixton, London I4146
8 Capell, Percy Stanley  Abt Feb 1880Brixton, London I93904
9 Cresswell, Adelaide  Abt 1877Brixton, London I99018
10 Dye, William Robert  Abt Feb 1865Brixton, London I91521
11 Elden, Lily Florence  6 Mar 1890Brixton, London I9982
12 Finlayson, Alice Jane  Abt Aug 1862Brixton, London I102624
13 Finlayson, Marion Eleanor  Abt Feb 1864Brixton, London I102625
14 Freeman, Leonard Stanley  Abt May 1910Brixton, London I142350
15 Freeman, Wilfred Edwin  Abt Aug 1908Brixton, London I142349
16 Guyatt, Eleanor Jane  8 Jan 1862Brixton, London I9627
17 Hamilton, Zillah Isabella  Abt 1843Brixton, London I29794
18 Hazelden, Edith Emily  Abt Feb 1884Brixton, London I10834
19 Higgins, Beatrice Annie  8 Sep 1875Brixton, London I4334
20 House, Amira Frances  Abt Aug 1839Brixton, London I39555
21 House, Charlotte Ann M  20 Jul 1886Brixton, London I97918
22 House, Emily Lucy  Abt Aug 1842Brixton, London I39567
23 House, William  Abt 1836Brixton, London I39609
24 Hovil, Lewis Frederick  Abt Aug 1865Brixton, London I54477
25 Howes, Ada Marian  Abt Nov 1884Brixton, London I4048
26 Howes, Adelaide Alice Matilda  27 Aug 1908Brixton, London I99019
27 Howes, Alfred Charles  29 Nov 1900Brixton, London I1058
28 Howes, Alice Minnie  Abt Feb 1874Brixton, London I19477
29 Howes, Annie Louisa Maria Gertrude Florence  16 Jul 1889Brixton, London I71986
30 Howes, Apsley  11 Dec 1885Brixton, London I24649
31 Howes, Charles Richard  22 Jul 1881Brixton, London I16858
32 Howes, Dorothy Laura  Abt May 1905Brixton, London I72032
33 Howes, Edith Rose  7 Mar 1891Brixton, London I27709
34 Howes, Emily  Abt May 1868Brixton, London I26590
35 Howes, Emily Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1875Brixton, London I26989
36 Howes, Ernest Harry  16 Mar 1876Brixton, London I10540
37 Howes, Florence Mary  Abt Aug 1880Brixton, London I9776
38 Howes, George  Abt 1836Brixton, London I5984
39 Howes, Harold James  14 Mar 1890Brixton, London I3331
40 Howes, Henry James  Abt Nov 1889Brixton, London I13223
41 Howes, Herbert  24 Feb 1895Brixton, London I14921
42 Howes, Herbert Archibald  Abt May 1894Brixton, London I23959
43 Howes, Isabel Alice  Abt Feb 1897Brixton, London I7573
44 Howes, Kate Eliza  17 Mar 1878Brixton, London I9967
45 Howes, Leonora  Abt Aug 1908Brixton, London I72033
46 Howes, Lily  22 Feb 1887Brixton, London I16936
47 Howes, Lucie Maldram  24 Mar 1901Brixton, London I10117
48 Howes, Mabel Gertude  Abt Feb 1899Brixton, London I23106
49 Howes, Martha Mirenda  Abt Feb 1879Brixton, London I84667
50 Howes, Rose Mary  7 Apr 1909Brixton, London I10923

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Howse, Emma  10 Aug 1903Brixton, London I128148


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Auvache, George Thomas  Abt 1903Brixton, London I64808
2 Auvache, Lilian Gladys  Abt 1903Brixton, London I64810
3 Bamford, William Hubert  Abt 1888Brixton, London I7260
4 Bower, Alfred George  Abt 1903Brixton, London I65379
5 Briginshaw, Daisy Winifred  Abt 1885Brixton, London I4146
6 Browne, Edith Maude  Abt 1889Brixton, London I64045
7 Capell, Percy Stanley  Abt 1879Brixton, London I93904
8 Chambers, Florence  Abt 1875Brixton, London I67665
9 Court, Julia Featly  Abt 1836Brixton, London I15125
10 Cresswell, Adelaide  Abt 1876Brixton, London I99018
11 Cresswell, Adelaide  Abt 1878Brixton, London I99018
12 Dye, William Robert  Abt 1863Brixton, London I91521
13 Elden, Lily Florence  Abt 1889Brixton, London I9982
14 Finlayson, Alice Jane  Abt 1862Brixton, London I102624
15 Finlayson, Marion Eleanor  Abt 1863Brixton, London I102625
16 Freeman, Wilfred Edwin  Abt 1908Brixton, London I142349
17 Guyatt, Eleanor Jane  Abt 1861Brixton, London I9627
18 Hazelden, Edith Emily  Abt 1883Brixton, London I10834
19 Heighington, James John  Abt 1877Brixton, London I20775
20 Higgins, Beatrice Annie  Abt 1875Brixton, London I4334
21 House, Amira Frances  Abt 1839Brixton, London I39555
22 House, Charlotte Ann M  Abt 1886Brixton, London I97918
23 House, Emily Lucy  Abt 1842Brixton, London I39567
24 House, Emily Lucy  Abt 1843Brixton, London I39567
25 House, Louisa Elizabeth  Abt 1860Brixton, London I39597
26 Hovil, Lewis Frederick  Abt 1865Brixton, London I54477
27 Howes, Ada Marian  Abt 1884Brixton, London I4048
28 Howes, Alfred Charles  Abt 1900Brixton, London I1058
29 Howes, Alice Minnie  Abt 1873Brixton, London I19477
30 Howes, Amelia  Abt 1862Brixton, London I22961
31 Howes, Annie Louisa Maria Gertrude Florence  Abt 1889Brixton, London I71986
32 Howes, Apsley  Abt 1885Brixton, London I24649
33 Howes, Arthur Edward  Abt 1871Brixton, London I3845
34 Howes, Charles  Abt Feb 1911Brixton, London I3132
35 Howes, Charles Frederick  Abt 1882Brixton, London I20194
36 Howes, Charles Frederick  Abt 1883Brixton, London I20194
37 Howes, Charles Frederick  Abt Feb 1883Brixton, London I20194
38 Howes, Charles Harrison  Abt 1908Brixton, London I54879
39 Howes, Charles Richard  Abt 1881Brixton, London I16858
40 Howes, Dorothy Laura  Abt 1904Brixton, London I72032
41 Howes, Edith Rose  Abt 1890Brixton, London I27709
42 Howes, Edith Rose  Abt Mar 1891Brixton, London I27709
43 Howes, Ellen Madeline  Abt 1876Brixton, London I47552
44 Howes, Emily  Abt 1868Brixton, London I26590
45 Howes, Emily Elizabeth  Abt 1875Brixton, London I26989
46 Howes, Emmeline  Abt 1839Brixton, London I12394
47 Howes, Ernest Harry  Abt 1875Brixton, London I10540
48 Howes, Harold James  Abt 1889Brixton, London I3331
49 Howes, Henry James  Abt 1888Brixton, London I13223
50 Howes, Henry James  Abt 1889Brixton, London I13223

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Allen, Charles  3 Jul 1883Brixton, London I43318
2 Duke, Winifred Daisy  1944Brixton, London I98016
3 Howes, Gerald Sidney Owen  1893Brixton, London I491
4 Howes, Harley Ledger  11 Oct 1885Brixton, London I11663
5 Spilling, Ellen Maude  1881Brixton, London I55861
6 Spilling, Frederick William  1881Brixton, London I55862
7 Spilling, William Henry  1881Brixton, London I55865


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 House / Eve  17 Feb 1906Brixton, London F33862
2 Howes / Yardley  27 Jul 1922Brixton, London F31541