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Causeway Farm, Cholsey, Berkshire



Latitude: 51.5759029, Longitude: -1.1544710000000577


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Evans, Emily Jane  1901Causeway Farm, Cholsey, Berkshire I45891
2 Howse, Albert Edward  1901Causeway Farm, Cholsey, Berkshire I45884
3 Howse, Annie Louisa  1901Causeway Farm, Cholsey, Berkshire I45911
4 Howse, Frances Emily  1901Causeway Farm, Cholsey, Berkshire I45912
5 Howse, Francis John  1901Causeway Farm, Cholsey, Berkshire I45890
6 Howse, Gertrude May  1901Causeway Farm, Cholsey, Berkshire I45893
7 Howse, Walter Roland  1901Causeway Farm, Cholsey, Berkshire I45892
8 Howse, William Howard  1901Causeway Farm, Cholsey, Berkshire I45908