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Chatham RD, Kent


City/Town : Latitude: 51.1985035, Longitude: 0.7463555


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Day, Roger Edward  15 Jun 1943Chatham RD, Kent I132974
2 Gilbert, Stephen  Abt May 1948Chatham RD, Kent I23923
3 House, Barry Norman Harvey  24 Jan 1943Chatham RD, Kent I86103
4 Howes, Alison  28 Sep 1951Chatham RD, Kent I102566
5 Howes, Andrea  Abt Aug 1963Chatham RD, Kent I132752
6 Howes, Harry Edward  8 Oct 1945Chatham RD, Kent I112872
7 Howes, Jonathan E  Abt May 1953Chatham RD, Kent I66945
8 Howes, Rodney  1 Oct 1943Chatham RD, Kent I106138
9 Lackford, David R  Abt Nov 1942Chatham RD, Kent I142052
10 Parker, Rita Dorothy  Abt May 1942Chatham RD, Kent I185558


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Agnes Ethel  Abt Nov 1944Chatham RD, Kent I188217
2 Ashford, Alfred Edward  Abt Nov 1983Chatham RD, Kent I9207
3 Barnard, Joanne  Abt Jul 1989Chatham RD, Kent I66139
4 Bartlett, Frederick WIlliam  Abt Nov 1955Chatham RD, Kent I68478
5 Bates, Rosie  Abt Feb 1979Chatham RD, Kent I132825
6 Baxter, George Edward  Abt Aug 1972Chatham RD, Kent I188211
7 Beeson, Ernest Arthur  Abt Nov 1990Chatham RD, Kent I188216
8 Bowes, Marjorie May  Abt May 1982Chatham RD, Kent I182605
9 Bowes, Molly Kathleen  Abt Aug 1969Chatham RD, Kent I182608
10 Bowes, Phyllis Mary  Abt Jan 1992Chatham RD, Kent I182607
11 Brett, Walter William  Abt Aug 1954Chatham RD, Kent I125130
12 Broadbridge, Madge  Abt Nov 1969Chatham RD, Kent I71365
13 Burgess, Cathleen Amelia  Abt May 1981Chatham RD, Kent I133328
14 Burgess, Edward Henry Alfred  Abt Feb 1974Chatham RD, Kent I133330
15 Burgess, Ethel May  Abt Aug 1983Chatham RD, Kent I133329
16 Burgess, Frederick Charles  Abt Feb 1949Chatham RD, Kent I133335
17 Burgess, Lilian Florence  Abt Jun 1984Chatham RD, Kent I133333
18 Burgess, Robert Thomas  Abt Jan 1994Chatham RD, Kent I133334
19 Burgin, James Alfred  Abt Feb 1990Chatham RD, Kent I126279
20 Carr, Doris Helen  Abt Feb 1977Chatham RD, Kent I132930
21 Collins, Roy Osborne  Abt Nov 1985Chatham RD, Kent I132831
22 Crossman, Hugh Robert  Abt Nov 1947Chatham RD, Kent I188197
23 Crossman, Stanley William  Abt Feb 1988Chatham RD, Kent I188200
24 Croucher, Louisa Clara  Abt Feb 1969Chatham RD, Kent I2881
25 Cushing, William John  Abt Nov 1979Chatham RD, Kent I182982
26 Dane, John Thomas  Abt May 1982Chatham RD, Kent I71373
27 Dickinson, Derek Leslie  Abt Mar 1993Chatham RD, Kent I123683
28 Earl, George James  Abt Feb 1988Chatham RD, Kent I185494
29 Edwards, Vera Barbara  Abt Oct 1986Chatham RD, Kent I132732
30 Evens, Bessie A  Abt Aug 1985Chatham RD, Kent I58484
31 Finn, Stephen Charles  Abt Mar 1988Chatham RD, Kent I132923
32 Ford, Richard Thomas  Abt Sep 1984Chatham RD, Kent I133017
33 Ford, William Richard Joseph  Abt Nov 1969Chatham RD, Kent I133016
34 Frid, Charles William  Abt Aug 1973Chatham RD, Kent I71025
35 Frisby, Frederick George  Abt Aug 1946Chatham RD, Kent I42658
36 Frisby, Frederick James  Abt May 1954Chatham RD, Kent I156985
37 Grieve, Allan James  Abt Feb 1963Chatham RD, Kent I111821
38 Hammond, Bertram Thomas  Abt May 1972Chatham RD, Kent I188204
39 Hansen, Elsa Helen  Abt Aug 1962Chatham RD, Kent I123953
40 Harrison, Herbert George  Abt Aug 1982Chatham RD, Kent I182619
41 Harvey, Alice Mildred  Abt May 1950Chatham RD, Kent I58466
42 Hawkes, Frank Harold  Abt Nov 1961Chatham RD, Kent I8805
43 Hillyer, Ivo Graham William  Abt Aug 1968Chatham RD, Kent I182612
44 Hines, Edward  Abt Nov 1951Chatham RD, Kent I23562
45 Hogwood, Harry  Abt Aug 1982Chatham RD, Kent I13607
46 House, Catherine Mary  Abt Nov 1991Chatham RD, Kent I71444
47 House, Cecil George  Abt May 1986Chatham RD, Kent I71445
48 House, Charlotte Jane  Abt Aug 1980Chatham RD, Kent I70864
49 House, Colin B  Abt Mar 1992Chatham RD, Kent I71447
50 House, Edith  Abt May 1975Chatham RD, Kent I71453

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Day, Roger Edward  Abt May 1943Chatham RD, Kent I132974
2 Gilbert, Aaran  Abt Nov 1971Chatham RD, Kent I25510
3 House, Barry Norman Harvey  Abt Feb 1943Chatham RD, Kent I86103
4 Howes, Alison  Abt Aug 1951Chatham RD, Kent I102566
5 Howes, Harry Edward  Abt Nov 1945Chatham RD, Kent I112872
6 Howes, Raymond  Abt May 1948Chatham RD, Kent I93082
7 Howes, Rodney  Abt Nov 1943Chatham RD, Kent I106138


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Barlow, Mary Agnes  Abt Nov 1973Chatham RD, Kent I61005
2 Beaney, Emily Elizabeth  Abt May 1960Chatham RD, Kent I52344
3 Beaney, Frederick Charles  Abt Aug 1981Chatham RD, Kent I52348
4 Bonneywell, James  Abt Nov 1955Chatham RD, Kent I185492
5 Broady, James  Abt Nov 1966Chatham RD, Kent I6197
6 Howes, Helen Charlotte  Abt Aug 1964Chatham RD, Kent I14763
7 Howes, Norman Victor  Abt Aug 1942Chatham RD, Kent I3120
8 Howes, Oscar  Abt Nov 1982Chatham RD, Kent I93077
9 Hows, Harry  Abt May 1956Chatham RD, Kent I41581
10 Kitney, Alfred Robert  Abt Nov 1979Chatham RD, Kent I182576
11 Norris, Percy William Gordon  Abt Jan 1986Chatham RD, Kent I182591
12 Pepperday, Leonard William  Abt Aug 1961Chatham RD, Kent I92573
13 Sharpe, Edith Annie  Abt Jan 1992Chatham RD, Kent I15682
14 Sharpe, Edith Annie  22 Jan 1992Chatham RD, Kent I15682
15 Turner, Jane  Abt May 1967Chatham RD, Kent I14934
16 Turner, Walter William  Abt Feb 1950Chatham RD, Kent I58103
17 Wheeler, Inez Annie Violet  Abt Nov 1988Chatham RD, Kent I125472


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ashdown / Howes  Abt Feb 1951Chatham RD, Kent F40351
2 Beeson / Burgess  Abt Feb 1961Chatham RD, Kent F58609
3 Burgin / Howes  Abt May 1944Chatham RD, Kent F38250
4 Derham / Sharp  Abt Aug 1946Chatham RD, Kent F33530
5 Dickson / Howse  Abt Nov 1942Chatham RD, Kent F40172
6 Dove / Rohan  Abt Feb 1947Chatham RD, Kent F40379
7 Farrington / Baker  Abt Nov 1941Chatham RD, Kent F56579
8 Gardner / Broady  Abt Nov 1948Chatham RD, Kent F8202
9 Gilbert / Gardner  Abt May 1968Chatham RD, Kent F5489
10 Hines / Fever  Abt Nov 1942Chatham RD, Kent F5794
11 House / Potter  Abt Nov 1941Chatham RD, Kent F24688
12 Howes / Chase  Abt Aug 1941Chatham RD, Kent F52527
13 Howes / Goodhew  Abt Aug 1948Chatham RD, Kent F19273
14 Howes / Hazelwood  Abt Aug 1943Chatham RD, Kent F38451
15 Howes / Lambert  Abt Aug 1950Chatham RD, Kent F30890
16 Howes / Stapleton  Abt May 1948Chatham RD, Kent F34029
17 Hows / Randall  Abt May 1941Chatham RD, Kent F26555
18 Howse / Portas  Abt Aug 1945Chatham RD, Kent F56302
19 Johnson / Howes  Abt May 1942Chatham RD, Kent F52126
20 Neale / Payne  Abt Nov 1946Chatham RD, Kent F56596
21 Tappenden / Howes  Abt Nov 1945Chatham RD, Kent F38249


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Howes / Martin  Abt May 1949Chatham RD, Kent F3802
2 Rogers / Howes  Abt Feb 1944Chatham RD, Kent F26561