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Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire


City/Town : Latitude: 53.108282, Longitude: -1.589458


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Daddy, Ronald  Abt May 1917Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I81546
2 Green, Olivia Agnes  12 Dec 1913Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I65791
3 Hales, Hannah Mary  4 Sep 1919Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I181803
4 House, Ellen  Abt Nov 1894Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I163893
5 House, Ellen M G  Abt Aug 1920Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I71841
6 House, John Charles G  27 Jun 1918Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I71857
7 Howes, Harriet  Abt Aug 1875Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I52384
8 Howes, Kathleen  3 Mar 1917Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I66709
9 Howes, Robert Derrick  Abt May 1929Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I112219
10 Howes-Smith, Christopher Alderson  21 May 1906Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I76420
11 Kenahan, Irene M  Abt Nov 1931Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I81524
12 Kenahan, Joseph  17 Dec 1919Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I81538
13 Kenahan, Winifred  1 Aug 1917Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I81532
14 Lee, Doris  7 Mar 1904Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I112218
15 Mellors, Gladys  Abt May 1906Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I81544
16 Munday, Ernest  16 May 1916Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I173032
17 Oldfield, Miriam Osborne  4 Oct 1903Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I160496
18 Starbuck, Harriet Ann  13 Oct 1896Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I66772
19 Stolworthy, Reginald W  Abt Nov 1912Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I66072
20 Stolworthy, Thomas Walter  Abt 1908Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I66071
21 Tagg, Edna  16 Apr 1923Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I81537
22 Tinker, Dick  7 Jul 1899Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I160524
23 Todd, May Eveline  7 May 1901Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I184325
24 Wilkie, Emily Mary Jessop  24 Nov 1917Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I81548


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brewer, William Charles  Abt Nov 1909Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I82290
2 Carter, Captain William Alfred  22 Feb 1985Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I30879
3 Daddy, Ronald  Abt May 1968Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I81546
4 Fairbairn, Richard Cecil Harold  Abt Aug 1985Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I82242
5 Foottit, Frances Ellen  Abt Feb 1972Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I27782
6 Gregory, Percy Clarence  Abt Oct 1991Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I113323
7 House, Ellen  Abt Aug 1895Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I163893
8 House, Ida Ellen  Abt Nov 2003Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I38883
9 House, John Willie  Abt May 1912Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I71861
10 House, Midian Ann  Abt Apr 1986Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I70832
11 Howes, Albert Fred  Abt Feb 1962Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I49998
12 Howes, Albert Sidney  Abt Feb 1983Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I13523
13 Howes, Barbara Sheila  Abt Nov 2001Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I146561
14 Howes, Beatrice Josephine  29 Dec 1998Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I30877
15 Howes, Frederick William  Abt Aug 1974Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I65858
16 Howes, George James  Abt Feb 1969Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I22981
17 Howes, Hazel June  Aug 2006Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I134900
18 Howes, James Joseph  Abt Feb 1963Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I66699
19 Howes, Kate  Abt Feb 1968Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I81522
20 Howes, Kathleen  Abt Jan 1996Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I66709
21 Howes, Luke  Abt Mar 2000Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I87471
22 Howes, Ralph Charles  Abt Feb 1915Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I52549
23 Howes, Richard Thomas  Abt May 1979Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I62383
24 Howes, Thomas Richard  Abt Aug 1955Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I62386
25 Howes, Winifred Nellie  Abt Jul 2005Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I110389
26 Howse, Clifford Bassett  28 Jun 1969Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I65790
27 Kenahan, Clara  Apr 1989Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I81529
28 Kenahan, Daniel  Abt Nov 1936Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I81549
29 Kenahan, Irene M  Abt Nov 1931Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I81524
30 Kenahan, John James  Abt Nov 1953Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I81523
31 Kenahan, John James  Abt Nov 1967Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I81545
32 Kenahan, Joseph  Apr 1985Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I81538
33 Kenahan, Thomas  Abt Feb 1977Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I81530
34 Kenahan, Winifred  Dec 2003Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I81532
35 Kinahan, Catherine  May 1995Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I81535
36 Leatherland, Iris  Nov 1989Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I134902
37 Lee, Doris  Abt May 1992Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I112218
38 Marchant, Gloria Virginia  Abt Mar 1992Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I1482
39 Mellors, Gladys  Abt Feb 1944Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I81544
40 Munday, Ernest  Abt Jan 1999Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I173032
41 Needham, Winifred Mary  Abt May 1997Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I62401
42 Pledge, Edwin John  Abt Feb 1979Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I184424
43 Quigley, Sidney  Abt Jan 1988Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I110378
44 Quinton, Gehazi  Abt May 1919Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I82300
45 Sayce, Miriam  Abt Aug 1958Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I93502
46 Starbuck, Harriet Ann  Abt May 1968Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I66772
47 Starkey, Maud Elizabeth  Abt Oct 1990Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I3542
48 Street, May  Feb 2006Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I81550
49 Tagg, Edna  Jul 1998Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I81537
50 Walton, Gertrude Eleanor  Abt Feb 1968Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I55266

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Susannah  Abt May 1876Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I111235
2 Biggs, Bertha Maud  Abt Nov 1884Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I45293
3 Biggs, Daisy May  Abt Nov 1886Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I45294
4 Biggs, Flora Beatrice  Abt May 1883Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I45296
5 Biggs, Florence Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1876Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I45297
6 Biggs, Lilian Ann  Abt Nov 1877Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I45298
7 Biggs, Mary Alice  Abt May 1879Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I45299
8 Biggs, William Joseph  Abt May 1881Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I45301
9 Brewer, William Dennis  Abt Aug 1908Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I82291
10 Green, Olivia Agnes  Abt Feb 1914Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I65791
11 Hales, Hannah Mary  Abt Nov 1919Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I181803
12 Hart, William  Abt May 1863Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I140829
13 Higginbottom, May  Abt Aug 1908Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I81531
14 Holmes, Freda Mary  Abt Feb 1912Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I76421
15 House, John Charles G  Abt Aug 1918Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I71857
16 Howes, Alice  Abt May 1877Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I11656
17 Howes, Kathleen  Abt Feb 1917Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I66709
18 Howes-Smith, Christopher Alderson  Abt May 1906Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I76420
19 Kenahan, Joseph  Abt Nov 1919Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I81538
20 Kenahan, Winifred  Abt Aug 1917Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I81532
21 Leatherday, Frances May  Abt May 1895Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I71919
22 Lee, Doris  Abt May 1904Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I112218
23 Liddell, Alfred Edmund  Abt Feb 1911Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I58818
24 Munday, Ernest  Abt May 1916Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I173032
25 Needham, Winifred Mary  Abt May 1909Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I62401
26 Oldfield, Miriam Osborne  Abt Nov 1903Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I160496
27 Rhodes, Louisa  Abt May 1894Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I99235
28 Scruton, John William  Abt May 1872Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I33173
29 Starbuck, Harriet Ann  Abt Nov 1896Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I66772
30 Street, May  Abt Aug 1913Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I81550
31 Tagg, Edna  Abt May 1923Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I81537
32 Tinker, Dick  Abt Aug 1899Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I160524
33 Todd, May Eveline  Abt May 1901Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I184325
34 Ward, Mary  Abt Aug 1884Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I100324
35 Wilkie, Emily Mary Jessop  Abt Nov 1917Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I81548


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Carter, Captain William Alfred  Abt Feb 1985Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I30879
2 House, Albert  Abt May 1919Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I83226
3 Howes, Beatrice Josephine  Abt Dec 1998Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I30877
4 Howse, Clifford Bassett  Abt May 1969Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I65790
5 Sheppard, Irene Emily May  Abt Aug 1933Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire I81527


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barnes / Kenahan  Abt Feb 1973Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire F23233
2 Daddy / Wilkie  Abt Aug 1939Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire F23241
3 Gregory / Sayce  Abt Feb 1953Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire F34044
4 House / Beardsley  Abt Nov 1946Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire F31034
5 House / Leatherday  Abt May 1917Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire F20465
6 House / Todd  Abt Aug 1936Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire F57214
7 Howes / Hales  Abt Aug 1939Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire F56285
8 Howes / Lee  Abt May 1928Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire F33654
9 Howes / Needham  Abt Aug 1938Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire F18088
10 Howes / Parker  Abt Feb 1941Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire F17427
11 Howes / Starbuck  Abt Aug 1916Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire F19226
12 Howes-Smith / Holmes  Abt Nov 1940Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire F21646
13 Marriott / Wilkie  Abt Nov 1971Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire F23242
14 Munday / Howes  Abt Aug 1937Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire F53079
15 Thayer / House  7 May 1863Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire F51524


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 House / Ward  Abt Feb 1911Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire F29531
2 Howes / Kemister  Abt Feb 1884Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire F8915
3 Jones / Kinahan  Abt Aug 1956Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire F23236
4 Kenahan / Higginbottom  Abt May 1934Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire F23234
5 Kenahan / Mellors  Abt Feb 1925Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire F23239
6 Kenahan / Sheppard  Abt May 1931Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire F23232
7 Kenahan / Street  Abt May 1936Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire F23243
8 Kenahan / Tagg  Abt Nov 1942Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire F23237
9 Kenahan / Wilkie  Abt Nov 1947Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire F23240
10 Quinton / Howse  Abt May 1912Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire F23473
11 Wilkes / Street  Abt May 1938Chesterfield RD, Derbyshire F23244