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Chiltern & Beaconsfield RD, Buckinghamshire



Latitude: 51.7747995, Longitude: -0.8065995


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Trevarthen, Gwendoline Richards  Abt May 1976Chiltern & Beaconsfield RD, Buckinghamshire I113459
2 Small, Mabel Caroline  Abt May 1976Chiltern & Beaconsfield RD, Buckinghamshire I97644
3 Russell, Richard Edward Albert Roy  Abt Aug 1982Chiltern & Beaconsfield RD, Buckinghamshire I39730
4 Plumridge, Daisy Agnes  Abt Apr 1987Chiltern & Beaconsfield RD, Buckinghamshire I67147
5 Largent, Cyril Walter M  Abt May 1987Chiltern & Beaconsfield RD, Buckinghamshire I77712
6 Jenkyn, Edith Emily  Abt Aug 1977Chiltern & Beaconsfield RD, Buckinghamshire I72372
7 Howse, Jesse  Abt Feb 1979Chiltern & Beaconsfield RD, Buckinghamshire I46410
8 Howse, Florence Elizabeth Pretoria  Abt Nov 1980Chiltern & Beaconsfield RD, Buckinghamshire I112766
9 Howse, Caroline May  Abt Nov 1980Chiltern & Beaconsfield RD, Buckinghamshire I97991
10 Howes, Thomas James  Abt Nov 1989Chiltern & Beaconsfield RD, Buckinghamshire I8348
11 Howes, Selina Bloy  Abt Feb 1983Chiltern & Beaconsfield RD, Buckinghamshire I57640
12 House, Sybil Mary  Abt Feb 1983Chiltern & Beaconsfield RD, Buckinghamshire I60171
13 House, Lillian Blanche  Abt Dec 1996Chiltern & Beaconsfield RD, Buckinghamshire I77709
14 House, Leah Priscilla  Abt Feb 1979Chiltern & Beaconsfield RD, Buckinghamshire I50890
15 House, Hilda Lilian May  Abt May 1980Chiltern & Beaconsfield RD, Buckinghamshire I3629
16 House, Frederick Arthur  Abt Nov 1985Chiltern & Beaconsfield RD, Buckinghamshire I79650
17 Hearne, Evelyn Amelia  Abt Dec 1985Chiltern & Beaconsfield RD, Buckinghamshire I113595
18 Hawkins, William John  Abt Aug 1980Chiltern & Beaconsfield RD, Buckinghamshire I149630
19 Harris, Marjorie May  Abt Aug 1974Chiltern & Beaconsfield RD, Buckinghamshire I172059
20 Ham, Frances Harriot  Abt Aug 1977Chiltern & Beaconsfield RD, Buckinghamshire I129993
21 Elcome, Dennis Reginald  Abt Aug 1979Chiltern & Beaconsfield RD, Buckinghamshire I138033
22 Dale, Miriam Violet  Abt Nov 1980Chiltern & Beaconsfield RD, Buckinghamshire I51438
23 Cox, Emily  Abt Oct 1988Chiltern & Beaconsfield RD, Buckinghamshire I137871
24 Boon, William George  Abt Dec 1987Chiltern & Beaconsfield RD, Buckinghamshire I138118
25 Ayliffe, Kenneth House  Abt Nov 1983Chiltern & Beaconsfield RD, Buckinghamshire I47086


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Nash, Frank Edward  Abt May 1982Chiltern & Beaconsfield RD, Buckinghamshire I148618
2 Marshall, Rose Wilson  Abt May 1976Chiltern & Beaconsfield RD, Buckinghamshire I58384
3 Marshall, Marjorie Frances  Abt Aug 1982Chiltern & Beaconsfield RD, Buckinghamshire I40140
4 Hughes, Lilian Gertrude  Abt Jun 1985Chiltern & Beaconsfield RD, Buckinghamshire I129050
5 Howse, Richard George  Abt Nov 1987Chiltern & Beaconsfield RD, Buckinghamshire I76480
6 Bassett, Ellen May  Abt Aug 1977Chiltern & Beaconsfield RD, Buckinghamshire I61483