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Cholsey, Berkshire



Location : Latitude: 51.575, Longitude: -27.5525


Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baldwin, Arthur  Abt 1870Cholsey, Berkshire I46479
2 Baldwin, Elisha  Abt 1814Cholsey, Berkshire I46464
3 Baldwin, Ernest  Abt 1882Cholsey, Berkshire I46481
4 Baldwin, Harriet  Abt 1841Cholsey, Berkshire I46476
5 Baldwin, Joseph  Abt 1844Cholsey, Berkshire I46477
6 Baldwin, Joseph  Abt 1848Cholsey, Berkshire I46478
7 Baldwin, Mary A  Abt 1878Cholsey, Berkshire I46480
8 Baldwin, Sophia  Abt 1839Cholsey, Berkshire I46475
9 Brewerton, Rose  28 Jun 1884Cholsey, Berkshire I46338
10 Howes, Joseph  Abt 1864Cholsey, Berkshire I14893
11 Howse, Albert Edward  Abt Nov 1883Cholsey, Berkshire I45884
12 Howse, Albert Edward  Abt Nov 1902Cholsey, Berkshire I45967
13 Howse, Annie Louisa  Abt May 1889Cholsey, Berkshire I45911
14 Howse, Bessie  Abt Aug 1897Cholsey, Berkshire I45939
15 Howse, Elizabeth  Abt 1856Cholsey, Berkshire I45924
16 Howse, Elizabeth Ann  1 Jan 1858Cholsey, Berkshire I46352
17 Howse, Eva Ruth  21 May 1901Cholsey, Berkshire I45966
18 Howse, Frances Emily  Abt Feb 1895Cholsey, Berkshire I45912
19 Howse, Francis John  Abt Nov 1854Cholsey, Berkshire I45890
20 Howse, Frederick Arthur  Abt Feb 1899Cholsey, Berkshire I45940
21 Howse, Frederick James  Abt Feb 1873Cholsey, Berkshire I45923
22 Howse, Gertrude May  Abt Aug 1898Cholsey, Berkshire I45893
23 Howse, Harriott  Abt Nov 1860Cholsey, Berkshire I46353
24 Howse, Harry Leslie  Abt 1904Cholsey, Berkshire I45968
25 Howse, Ida May  Abt May 1895Cholsey, Berkshire I45938
26 Howse, John  Abt Nov 1859Cholsey, Berkshire I45919
27 Howse, John J  15 Jul 1959Cholsey, Berkshire I127967
28 Howse, Joseph  Abt Feb 1865Cholsey, Berkshire I45920
29 Howse, Joseph  Abt May 1893Cholsey, Berkshire I45937
30 Howse, Julia  Abt Feb 1863Cholsey, Berkshire I46354
31 Howse, Kate  Abt Aug 1867Cholsey, Berkshire I45921
32 Howse, Martha  Abt Aug 1858Cholsey, Berkshire I45925
33 Howse, Mary Jane  Abt Nov 1862Cholsey, Berkshire I45926
34 Howse, Percy John  21 Apr 1890Cholsey, Berkshire I45936
35 Howse, Thomas  Abt Feb 1870Cholsey, Berkshire I45922
36 Howse, Walter Roland  Abt Feb 1892Cholsey, Berkshire I45892
37 Howse, William Howard  16 Apr 1886Cholsey, Berkshire I45908
38 Neal, Martha  Abt Feb 1860Cholsey, Berkshire I45935
39 Rumble, Esther  Abt 1859Cholsey, Berkshire I49629
40 Rumbould, Christiana  Abt 1856Cholsey, Berkshire I46361


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Howse, John J  17 Jul 1959Cholsey, Berkshire I127967
2 Howse, Peter  28 Oct 1964Cholsey, Berkshire I127968


Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baldwin, Elisha  Abt 1812Cholsey, Berkshire I46464
2 Baldwin, Elisha  Abt 1813Cholsey, Berkshire I46464
3 Baldwin, Elisha  Abt 1815Cholsey, Berkshire I46464
4 Baldwin, Harriet  Abt 1842Cholsey, Berkshire I46476
5 Baldwin, Joseph  Abt 1845Cholsey, Berkshire I46477
6 Brewerton, Rose  Abt 1884Cholsey, Berkshire I46338
7 House, Eliza  Abt 1813Cholsey, Berkshire I46463
8 House, Eliza  Abt 1816Cholsey, Berkshire I46463
9 Howse, Albert Edward  Abt 1883Cholsey, Berkshire I45884
10 Howse, Albert Edward  Abt 1902Cholsey, Berkshire I45967
11 Howse, Annie Louisa  Abt 1889Cholsey, Berkshire I45911
12 Howse, Bessie  Abt 1897Cholsey, Berkshire I45939
13 Howse, Bessie  14 Jul 1897Cholsey, Berkshire I45939
14 Howse, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1855Cholsey, Berkshire I46352
15 Howse, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1856Cholsey, Berkshire I46352
16 Howse, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1857Cholsey, Berkshire I46352
17 Howse, Eva Ruth  Abt 1901Cholsey, Berkshire I45966
18 Howse, Frances Emily  Abt 1894Cholsey, Berkshire I45912
19 Howse, Francis John  Abt 1854Cholsey, Berkshire I45890
20 Howse, Francis John  Abt 1855Cholsey, Berkshire I45890
21 Howse, Francis John  Abt 1856Cholsey, Berkshire I45890
22 Howse, Frederick Arthur  Abt 1898Cholsey, Berkshire I45940
23 Howse, Frederick James  Abt 1872Cholsey, Berkshire I45923
24 Howse, Gertrude May  Abt 1898Cholsey, Berkshire I45893
25 Howse, Harriott  Abt 1860Cholsey, Berkshire I46353
26 Howse, Harry Leslie  11 Dec 1904Cholsey, Berkshire I45968
27 Howse, Ida May  Abt 1895Cholsey, Berkshire I45938
28 Howse, John  Abt 1859Cholsey, Berkshire I45919
29 Howse, John  Abt 1860Cholsey, Berkshire I45919
30 Howse, Joseph  Abt 1864Cholsey, Berkshire I45920
31 Howse, Joseph  Abt 1893Cholsey, Berkshire I45937
32 Howse, Joseph  6 May 1893Cholsey, Berkshire I45937
33 Howse, Julia  Abt 1862Cholsey, Berkshire I46354
34 Howse, Kate  Abt 1867Cholsey, Berkshire I45921
35 Howse, Kate  Abt 1868Cholsey, Berkshire I45921
36 Howse, Martha  Abt 1858Cholsey, Berkshire I45925
37 Howse, Mary Jane  Abt 1862Cholsey, Berkshire I45926
38 Howse, Percy John  Abt 1890Cholsey, Berkshire I45936
39 Howse, Percy John  Abt May 1890Cholsey, Berkshire I45936
40 Howse, Thomas  Abt 1869Cholsey, Berkshire I45922
41 Howse, Walter Roland  Abt 1891Cholsey, Berkshire I45892
42 Howse, William Howard  Abt 1885Cholsey, Berkshire I45908
43 Howse, William Howard  Abt 1886Cholsey, Berkshire I45908
44 Howse, William Howard  Abt May 1886Cholsey, Berkshire I45908
45 Neal, Martha  Abt 1859Cholsey, Berkshire I45935
46 Neal, Martha  Abt 1860Cholsey, Berkshire I45935
47 Rumble, Esther  Abt 1858Cholsey, Berkshire I49629
48 Rumble, Esther  Abt 1863Cholsey, Berkshire I49629


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Ayres, Ernest Percival  15 Jul 1919Cholsey, Berkshire I45971
2 Baldwin, Elisha  30 Mar 1851Cholsey, Berkshire I46464
3 Baldwin, Harriet  30 Mar 1851Cholsey, Berkshire I46476
4 Baldwin, Joseph  30 Mar 1851Cholsey, Berkshire I46477
5 Baldwin, Sophia  30 Mar 1851Cholsey, Berkshire I46475
6 Blake, Albert  4 Dec 1920Cholsey, Berkshire I45916
7 Boswell, Frank  25 Mar 1961Cholsey, Berkshire I45903
8 Brewerton, Rose  30 Jun 1906Cholsey, Berkshire I46338
9 Broad, Eleanor May  19 Oct 1912Cholsey, Berkshire I45941
10 Bush, Ann  6 Jun 1854Cholsey, Berkshire I45918
11 Evans, Emily Jane  14 May 1883Cholsey, Berkshire I45891
12 Evans, Emily Jane  1891Cholsey, Berkshire I45891
13 Fear, Edith Blanche  25 Mar 1961Cholsey, Berkshire I45902
14 House, Eliza  30 Mar 1851Cholsey, Berkshire I46463
15 House, Ernest Walter Lovegrove  30 Jun 1906Cholsey, Berkshire I46337
16 Howes, Charles  30 Mar 1851Cholsey, Berkshire I64961
17 Howes, Charles  30 Mar 1851Cholsey, Berkshire I64943
18 Howes, Sarah  30 Mar 1851Cholsey, Berkshire I64962
19 Howes, William  30 Mar 1851Cholsey, Berkshire I64963
20 Howse, Albert Edward  1891Cholsey, Berkshire I45884
21 Howse, Albert Edward  14 Jul 1934Cholsey, Berkshire I45967
22 Howse, Annie Louisa  1891Cholsey, Berkshire I45911
23 Howse, Bessie  15 Jul 1919Cholsey, Berkshire I45939
24 Howse, Eva Ruth  17 Nov 1926Cholsey, Berkshire I45966
25 Howse, Frances Emily  4 Dec 1920Cholsey, Berkshire I45912
26 Howse, Francis  30 Mar 1851Cholsey, Berkshire I45973
27 Howse, Francis John  14 May 1883Cholsey, Berkshire I45890
28 Howse, Francis John  1891Cholsey, Berkshire I45890
29 Howse, John  30 Mar 1851Cholsey, Berkshire I45917
30 Howse, John  6 Jun 1854Cholsey, Berkshire I45917
31 Howse, John  25 Oct 1888Cholsey, Berkshire I45919
32 Howse, Kate  7 Feb 1893Cholsey, Berkshire I45921
33 Howse, Martha  30 Mar 1851Cholsey, Berkshire I46359
34 Howse, Percy John  19 Oct 1912Cholsey, Berkshire I45936
35 Howse, Percy John James  17 Apr 1937Cholsey, Berkshire I45944
36 Howse, Ruth  30 Mar 1851Cholsey, Berkshire I46358
37 Howse, Vera  18 Sep 1943Cholsey, Berkshire I45887
38 Howse, Walter Charles  21 May 1934Cholsey, Berkshire I45881
39 Howse, William Howard  1891Cholsey, Berkshire I45908
40 Neal, Martha  25 Oct 1888Cholsey, Berkshire I45935
41 Stone, Priscilla  30 Mar 1851Cholsey, Berkshire I64960
42 Taylor, Edward George  17 Nov 1926Cholsey, Berkshire I45969
43 Unknown, Elizabeth  30 Mar 1851Cholsey, Berkshire I46356