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Docking RD, Norfolk



Location : Latitude: 52.67008, Longitude: 0.9531645


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Crown, Albert Victor  Abt Aug 1887Docking RD, Norfolk I103980
2 Garwood, John W  Abt Feb 1917Docking RD, Norfolk I62798
3 Garwood, Kathleen M  Abt Feb 1914Docking RD, Norfolk I62799
4 Giles, Eric  15 Jun 1931Docking RD, Norfolk I91791
5 Howes, Tony G  Abt May 1934Docking RD, Norfolk I95438
6 Howes, Unnamed  Abt Aug 1932Docking RD, Norfolk I95437
7 Mallett, Dorothy Kate  Abt Nov 1917Docking RD, Norfolk I103416
8 Shaul, Harold R  Abt May 1920Docking RD, Norfolk I88364
9 Tipple, Maria  Abt May 1863Docking RD, Norfolk I136811
10 Tipple, Maria  Abt Aug 1868Docking RD, Norfolk I136812
11 Tipple, Robert Paully  Abt Nov 1857Docking RD, Norfolk I136809
12 Tipple, Robert Pauly  Abt Nov 1858Docking RD, Norfolk I136810
13 Vertigan, Emma May  Abt May 1886Docking RD, Norfolk I91342
14 Wyndham-Elliot, Rena Lillian  Abt Aug 1912Docking RD, Norfolk I67423


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Crane, Lucy  Abt May 1912Docking RD, Norfolk I136802
2 Fuller, Ann  Abt Feb 1889Docking RD, Norfolk I62796
3 Howes, Charlotte  Abt Nov 1869Docking RD, Norfolk I63087
4 Howes, Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1897Docking RD, Norfolk I62813
5 Howes, Emma  Abt May 1931Docking RD, Norfolk I62815
6 Howes, Frederick Silvester  Abt Aug 1869Docking RD, Norfolk I103055
7 Howes, James  Abt Feb 1894Docking RD, Norfolk I13203
8 Howes, Tony G  Abt May 1934Docking RD, Norfolk I95438
9 Howes, Unnamed  Abt Aug 1932Docking RD, Norfolk I95437
10 Hows, Sarah Ann  Abt Aug 1909Docking RD, Norfolk I27035
11 Hunt, Edward Bloy  Abt May 1904Docking RD, Norfolk I62849
12 Tipple, John  Abt Nov 1896Docking RD, Norfolk I136795
13 Tipple, Maria  Abt Feb 1864Docking RD, Norfolk I136811
14 Tipple, Robert Paully  Abt Nov 1857Docking RD, Norfolk I136809
15 Tipple, Robert Pauly  Abt Nov 1859Docking RD, Norfolk I136810
16 Tipple, Robert Pawley  Abt Aug 1910Docking RD, Norfolk I136797
17 Wales, Samuel  Abt Nov 1880Docking RD, Norfolk I107332
18 Woodbine, William  Abt Nov 1899Docking RD, Norfolk I62957


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Doughty, Abel Robert  Abt Aug 1851Docking RD, Norfolk I62785
2 Doughty, female  Abt Nov 1853Docking RD, Norfolk I62786
3 Doughty, Mary Ann  Abt Nov 1848Docking RD, Norfolk I62788
4 Doughty, Walter William  Abt Aug 1857Docking RD, Norfolk I62790
5 Fiddaman, Ethel Mary Ann  Abt May 1879Docking RD, Norfolk I136985
6 Giles, Eric  Abt Aug 1931Docking RD, Norfolk I91791
7 Hinsby, Rosa Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1869Docking RD, Norfolk I57987
8 Howes, Ethel May  Abt May 1892Docking RD, Norfolk I16438
9 Howes, Eva Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1894Docking RD, Norfolk I24222
10 Howes, Herbert William  Abt Aug 1872Docking RD, Norfolk I6826
11 Howes, Jessie Jubilee  Abt Aug 1887Docking RD, Norfolk I3733
12 Howes, Mabel Hannah  Abt Nov 1885Docking RD, Norfolk I20232
13 Howes, Thomas Herbert  Abt Aug 1877Docking RD, Norfolk I41564
14 Howes, Walter William  Abt May 1906Docking RD, Norfolk I38191
15 Huggins, Thomas Albert  Abt May 1869Docking RD, Norfolk I76504
16 Hunt, Celia  Abt Feb 1886Docking RD, Norfolk I62848
17 Hunt, Frederic Silvester  Abt Aug 1872Docking RD, Norfolk I62850
18 Hunt, Herbert  Abt May 1874Docking RD, Norfolk I62851
19 Hunt, Laura Goss  Abt Aug 1871Docking RD, Norfolk I62852
20 Hunt, Walter  Abt Nov 1879Docking RD, Norfolk I62855
21 Jarrett, Alice Edith  Abt Feb 1909Docking RD, Norfolk I62856
22 Lorimer, Elizabeth Emma  Abt Nov 1860Docking RD, Norfolk I17777
23 Morris, Florence Harriet  Abt Aug 1882Docking RD, Norfolk I27464
24 Pentney, Russell  Abt Feb 1909Docking RD, Norfolk I62024
25 Piercy, Ernest  Abt Feb 1863Docking RD, Norfolk I62407
26 Rowland, Edith Maud  Abt May 1861Docking RD, Norfolk I103579
27 Skillings, George William James  Abt Aug 1910Docking RD, Norfolk I136487
28 Skillings, Walter John Berwick  Abt Aug 1846Docking RD, Norfolk I126222
29 Tipple, Charles  Abt Aug 1837Docking RD, Norfolk I136799
30 Tipple, Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1867Docking RD, Norfolk I136982
31 Tipple, George  Abt Nov 1842Docking RD, Norfolk I136800
32 Tipple, Hannah Maria  Abt Aug 1868Docking RD, Norfolk I136807
33 Tipple, Howes  Abt Feb 1874Docking RD, Norfolk I136983
34 Tipple, Isaac  Abt Feb 1846Docking RD, Norfolk I136801
35 Tipple, James  Abt Feb 1840Docking RD, Norfolk I136798
36 Tipple, James  Abt Nov 1861Docking RD, Norfolk I136805
37 Tipple, James  Abt Feb 1880Docking RD, Norfolk I136984
38 Tipple, Jasper  Abt May 1864Docking RD, Norfolk I136806
39 Tipple, John Thomas  Abt Aug 1862Docking RD, Norfolk I136980
40 Tipple, John William  Abt May 1855Docking RD, Norfolk I136803
41 Tipple, Richard  Abt May 1870Docking RD, Norfolk I136808
42 Tipple, Robert  Abt Feb 1860Docking RD, Norfolk I136804
43 Tipple, Robert  Abt Feb 1886Docking RD, Norfolk I136987
44 Tipple, William Johnson  Abt May 1864Docking RD, Norfolk I136981
45 Vincent, Matilda  Abt Aug 1873Docking RD, Norfolk I41342
46 Wales, Albert E  Abt Feb 1866Docking RD, Norfolk I107335
47 Wales, Charles Alfred  Abt Nov 1864Docking RD, Norfolk I107334
48 Wales, Ernest Arthur  Abt Aug 1871Docking RD, Norfolk I107337
49 Wales, Rosa Honor  Abt Feb 1861Docking RD, Norfolk I107333
50 Wales, Samuel  Abt Feb 1868Docking RD, Norfolk I107336

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Howes, Mary  Abt Feb 1871Docking RD, Norfolk I136794
2 Tipple, John  Abt Feb 1849Docking RD, Norfolk I136793


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Crown / Howes  Abt Feb 1892Docking RD, Norfolk F12727
2 Garwood / Woodbine  Abt Aug 1912Docking RD, Norfolk F18230
3 Howes / Keating  Abt Aug 1922Docking RD, Norfolk F16420
4 Howes / Morris  Abt Nov 1909Docking RD, Norfolk F8926
5 Howes / Newton  Abt Nov 1891Docking RD, Norfolk F3377
6 Howes / Smith  Abt Aug 1934Docking RD, Norfolk F34808
7 Jarrett / Hunt  Abt Aug 1900Docking RD, Norfolk F18215
8 Lane / Howes  Abt Nov 1873Docking RD, Norfolk F7346
9 Raines / Howes  Abt Nov 1930Docking RD, Norfolk F30554
10 Skillings / James  Abt Feb 1910Docking RD, Norfolk F41485
11 Tipple / Johnson  Abt May 1862Docking RD, Norfolk F41640
12 Tipple / Sherwood  Abt Aug 1885Docking RD, Norfolk F41642
13 Woodbine / Howes  Abt Nov 1878Docking RD, Norfolk F18201


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Doughty / Howes  Abt Nov 1844Docking RD, Norfolk F18207
2 Howes / Vincent  Abt May 1900Docking RD, Norfolk F12662
3 Piercy / Howes  Abt Nov 1858Docking RD, Norfolk F18086
4 Tipple / Crane  Abt Feb 1855Docking RD, Norfolk F41591