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Easington RD, Durham



City/Town : Latitude: 54.6771545, Longitude: -1.7996525


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adamson, Harry  8 Feb 1891Easington RD, Durham I170999
2 Blakey, Doris  26 Dec 1919Easington RD, Durham I99653
3 Farquhar, Robert Howes  Abt May 1876Easington RD, Durham I147466
4 Foggin, Ernest  Abt Nov 1919Easington RD, Durham I147540
5 Foggin, Frank  Abt Nov 1925Easington RD, Durham I147542
6 Foggin, Harold  Abt Nov 1911Easington RD, Durham I147535
7 Foggin, Isabel  Abt Nov 1930Easington RD, Durham I147543
8 Foggin, Norman  Abt Feb 1915Easington RD, Durham I147538
9 Francis, Lily Mary  Abt Nov 1886Easington RD, Durham I147882
10 Holland, Hilda May  Abt May 1897Easington RD, Durham I58618
11 House, Ena Irving  3 Oct 1912Easington RD, Durham I59681
12 House, John  Abt Oct 1890Easington RD, Durham I161067
13 House, John  28 Oct 1932Easington RD, Durham I161041
14 House, Lydia Sarah Ann Charlotte  Abt Aug 1873Easington RD, Durham I161066
15 House, Ronald  24 Apr 1929Easington RD, Durham I161040
16 Howes, Ann Ambler  2 Jun 1924Easington RD, Durham I57098
17 Howes, John George Hay  Abt Aug 1894Easington RD, Durham I58660
18 Howes, Muriel  14 Sep 1915Easington RD, Durham I57122
19 Howes, William Colbear  22 Dec 1916Easington RD, Durham I57132
20 Newbegin, William  16 Oct 1922Easington RD, Durham I161170
21 Radestock, Margaret Ellen  23 Apr 1934Easington RD, Durham I161045
22 Smith, George Thomas  15 Oct 1886Easington RD, Durham I161739
23 Smith, Valentine  13 Aug 1924Easington RD, Durham I57140
24 Thompson, Violet Wilson  Abt Feb 1903Easington RD, Durham I57690
25 Walton, William  13 Apr 1909Easington RD, Durham I59843


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bamborough, Mary Isabella Cooper Howes  Abt Nov 1930Easington RD, Durham I58600
2 Foggin, Albert  Abt May 1914Easington RD, Durham I147537
3 Foggin, Frank  Abt Nov 1925Easington RD, Durham I147542
4 Foggin, Isabel  Abt Nov 1930Easington RD, Durham I147543
5 Foggin, Ivy  Abt May 1914Easington RD, Durham I58616
6 House, Barbara Ann  Abt Aug 1850Easington RD, Durham I59664
7 House, Barbara Ann  Abt Feb 1930Easington RD, Durham I59663
8 House, Isaac  Abt Nov 1918Easington RD, Durham I59877
9 House, John  Abt Feb 1891Easington RD, Durham I161067
10 House, John Blakey  Abt May 1909Easington RD, Durham I58890
11 House, Lydia Sarah Ann Charlotte  Abt Aug 1873Easington RD, Durham I161066
12 House, Susannah  Abt Nov 1922Easington RD, Durham I59762
13 House, William  Abt Feb 1861Easington RD, Durham I59772
14 House, William  Abt May 1887Easington RD, Durham I59771
15 Howes, Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1888Easington RD, Durham I1789
16 Howes, Esther  Abt Feb 1915Easington RD, Durham I58641
17 Howes, Janet Scott  Abt Aug 1894Easington RD, Durham I58655
18 Howes, John George Hay  Abt Nov 1893Easington RD, Durham I58659
19 Howes, John George Hay  Abt Aug 1894Easington RD, Durham I58660
20 Johnson, John Hodgson Howse  Abt Feb 1882Easington RD, Durham I58766
21 Lowe, John  Abt Nov 1890Easington RD, Durham I6720
22 Miners, Thomas  Abt May 1929Easington RD, Durham I161037
23 Southern, Isabella  Abt Aug 1900Easington RD, Durham I59819
24 Young, Sarah  Abt Nov 1900Easington RD, Durham I59839


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adamson, Harry  Abt May 1891Easington RD, Durham I170999
2 Blakey, Doris  Abt Feb 1920Easington RD, Durham I99653
3 Brooks, George  Abt Aug 1895Easington RD, Durham I63024
4 Brooks, Henry  Abt Aug 1893Easington RD, Durham I63027
5 Brooks, James Arthur  Abt May 1896Easington RD, Durham I63028
6 Brown, Anthony  Abt Aug 1873Easington RD, Durham I60072
7 Foggin, Albert  Abt May 1914Easington RD, Durham I147537
8 Foggin, Esther  Abt Nov 1916Easington RD, Durham I147539
9 Foggin, Florence  Abt Feb 1913Easington RD, Durham I147536
10 Foggin, Ivy  Abt Aug 1910Easington RD, Durham I58616
11 Hill, Georgina  Abt Aug 1872Easington RD, Durham I59651
12 Hill, John William  Abt Aug 1868Easington RD, Durham I59652
13 Hill, Robert Nicholas  Abt Aug 1870Easington RD, Durham I59655
14 Hill, Sarah Ellen  Abt Aug 1869Easington RD, Durham I59656
15 Hird, James  Abt Feb 1854Easington RD, Durham I60101
16 House, Albert Addison  Abt Feb 1878Easington RD, Durham I59659
17 House, Amy  Abt Aug 1910Easington RD, Durham I59661
18 House, Barbara Ann  Abt Feb 1853Easington RD, Durham I59663
19 House, Clara  Abt May 1878Easington RD, Durham I59667
20 House, Ena Irving  Abt Nov 1912Easington RD, Durham I59681
21 House, Eva  Abt May 1887Easington RD, Durham I59682
22 House, Isaac  Abt Nov 1890Easington RD, Durham I59877
23 House, Isabella Southern  Abt Nov 1875Easington RD, Durham I59695
24 House, Jane  Abt Aug 1880Easington RD, Durham I59699
25 House, John  Abt Nov 1842Easington RD, Durham I59709
26 House, John  Abt Nov 1932Easington RD, Durham I161041
27 House, John Lovell  Abt Nov 1876Easington RD, Durham I59714
28 House, Joseph Southern  Abt Nov 1891Easington RD, Durham I59719
29 House, Mary Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1882Easington RD, Durham I59732
30 House, Mary Isabella  Abt May 1880Easington RD, Durham I59734
31 House, Minnie  Abt Aug 1892Easington RD, Durham I59884
32 House, Nicholas Nelson  Abt Feb 1851Easington RD, Durham I59736
33 House, Robert Porter  Abt Nov 1847Easington RD, Durham I59749
34 House, Ronald  Abt May 1929Easington RD, Durham I161040
35 House, Sarah Ann  Abt May 1874Easington RD, Durham I59755
36 House, Sarah Annie  Abt Aug 1874Easington RD, Durham I59756
37 House, Thomas Bell  Abt May 1862Easington RD, Durham I59766
38 House, William  Abt May 1845Easington RD, Durham I59772
39 House, William  Abt Aug 1884Easington RD, Durham I59773
40 Howes, Ann Ambler  Abt Aug 1924Easington RD, Durham I57098
41 Howes, Cecilia  Abt Nov 1894Easington RD, Durham I58629
42 Howes, Janet Scott  Abt Aug 1893Easington RD, Durham I58655
43 Howes, Muriel  Abt Nov 1915Easington RD, Durham I57122
44 Howes, Ronald  23 Feb 1923Easington RD, Durham I57127
45 Howes, Ronald  Abt May 1923Easington RD, Durham I57127
46 Howes, William Colbear  Abt Feb 1917Easington RD, Durham I57132
47 Lowery, Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1887Easington RD, Durham I59892
48 Mason, George  Abt Feb 1893Easington RD, Durham I59795
49 Mason, Thomas William  Abt Aug 1900Easington RD, Durham I59798
50 Newbegin, William  Abt Nov 1922Easington RD, Durham I161170

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Foggin, Norman  Abt Feb 1919Easington RD, Durham I147538
2 Scott, John George  Abt Feb 1884Easington RD, Durham I147879
3 Scott, Robert  Abt Nov 1877Easington RD, Durham I147874
4 Scott, Walter  Abt Nov 1877Easington RD, Durham I147875


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hill / Owen  Abt Nov 1890Easington RD, Durham F17359
2 House / Eggleston  Abt Nov 1860Easington RD, Durham F17396
3 House / Irving  Abt Aug 1909Easington RD, Durham F17353
4 House / Summers  Abt Feb 1929Easington RD, Durham F48939
5 Howes / Creary  Abt Nov 1872Easington RD, Durham F6690
6 Marshall / House  Abt Aug 1935Easington RD, Durham F17338
7 Mason / Hill  Abt May 1890Easington RD, Durham F17331
8 Newton / Miners  Abt May 1931Easington RD, Durham F48938
9 Race / House  Abt Feb 1899Easington RD, Durham F17333
10 Smith / Hill  Abt Feb 1899Easington RD, Durham F17330
11 Walton / House  Abt May 1905Easington RD, Durham F17340
12 Walton / House  Abt Aug 1936Easington RD, Durham F17332


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 House / Ashmore  Abt Aug 1918Easington RD, Durham F17375
2 House / Wilson  Abt Nov 1860Easington RD, Durham F17369
3 Howes / Ambler  Abt May 1914Easington RD, Durham F16643
4 Howes / Hutchinson  Abt Nov 1894Easington RD, Durham F29118
5 Howes / Race  Abt Feb 1930Easington RD, Durham F16662