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Hampstead RD, London



City/Town : Latitude: 51.4726715, Longitude: -0.1193525


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Collins, Isabelle J  Abt Feb 1913Hampstead RD, London I127297
2 Cox, Dennis George  Abt May 1914Hampstead RD, London I97720
3 Elliott, Hilda Elizabeth  23 Jan 1898Hampstead RD, London I110672
4 Fruin, Marjorie Winifred I  20 Nov 1926Hampstead RD, London I129042
5 Hawthorn, Hilda Ellen  27 Dec 1908Hampstead RD, London I131619
6 Hislop, Betty Edna  18 Dec 1919Hampstead RD, London I146279
7 House, Leslie F  Abt Feb 1912Hampstead RD, London I76580
8 House, Stanley G  Abt Feb 1914Hampstead RD, London I76581
9 Howes, Eleanor Jane  1 Oct 1876Hampstead RD, London I70352
10 Howes, Ethel Annie  Abt Aug 1906Hampstead RD, London I94291
11 Howes, Eveline Florence  Abt May 1908Hampstead RD, London I94292
12 Howes, Harold John Arthur  Abt Feb 1906Hampstead RD, London I40892
13 Howes, Henry William George  7 Feb 1935Hampstead RD, London I26871
14 Howes, Jennette Emma Phyllis  Abt Aug 1908Hampstead RD, London I40893
15 Howes, Leonard George  Abt Nov 1904Hampstead RD, London I94290
16 Howes, May Jane  11 May 1878Hampstead RD, London I70353
17 Howes, Unnamed  Abt Aug 1848Hampstead RD, London I130149
18 Howse, Evelyn Nellie  Abt Nov 1893Hampstead RD, London I161297
19 Howse, Gerald Charles  Abt Aug 1887Hampstead RD, London I161298
20 Howse, Pamela Y  Abt May 1924Hampstead RD, London I54501
21 Mills, Frank Trevenen  Abt Feb 1889Hampstead RD, London I135933
22 Mills, Percy Trevenen  Abt Feb 1887Hampstead RD, London I135931
23 Ravenscroft, Ida Beryl  8 Feb 1893Hampstead RD, London I2155
24 Rider, Dennis Lionel Thomas  3 Feb 1913Hampstead RD, London I127710
25 Scouse, Alfred George  Abt Aug 1896Hampstead RD, London I98282
26 Staples, Thomas H  Abt Feb 1894Hampstead RD, London I61157
27 Walton, Evelyn M  Abt Aug 1918Hampstead RD, London I130060
28 Whitrow, Albert Clifford George  Abt Nov 1893Hampstead RD, London I113693


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blake, Mary Matatebel  Abt Feb 1883Hampstead RD, London I54513
2 Brewster, Sidney William  Abt Feb 1961Hampstead RD, London I93753
3 Brown, Emma  Abt Nov 1902Hampstead RD, London I6114
4 Collyer, Lucy  Abt Feb 1886Hampstead RD, London I64149
5 Cross, John Henry  17 May 1953Hampstead RD, London I35283
6 Davis, Sarah  Abt Aug 1904Hampstead RD, London I13866
7 Freeman, Vera Winifred  Abt May 1958Hampstead RD, London I64583
8 Garrod, Robert Adolphus  Abt Aug 1902Hampstead RD, London I88752
9 Griffiths, Ellen Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1931Hampstead RD, London I74636
10 Harper, Joseph  Abt May 1909Hampstead RD, London I29153
11 Hollidge, Rosina May  Abt Feb 1975Hampstead RD, London I147137
12 House, Betsey Frances  Abt Nov 1912Hampstead RD, London I32441
13 House, Eileen L  Abt Feb 1936Hampstead RD, London I130542
14 House, Florence Mary  Abt Aug 1947Hampstead RD, London I69852
15 House, Margaret Evaline  Abt Nov 1883Hampstead RD, London I117547
16 Howes, Abba Crowell  5 Apr 1895Hampstead RD, London I118999
17 Howes, Alexander  Abt May 1929Hampstead RD, London I26572
18 Howes, Annie  22 Nov 1969Hampstead RD, London I6945
19 Howes, Eleanor Jane  13 Jul 1877Hampstead RD, London I70352
20 Howes, Ethel Annie  Abt Feb 1897Hampstead RD, London I130303
21 Howes, Frank Robert  2 Jan 1937Hampstead RD, London I29488
22 Howes, John  Abt Aug 1883Hampstead RD, London I15948
23 Howes, Minnie  Abt Feb 1909Hampstead RD, London I130407
24 Howes, Norman Charles  Abt Aug 1966Hampstead RD, London I51257
25 Howes, Sarah Ann  Abt Aug 1904Hampstead RD, London I52140
26 Howes, Unnamed  Abt Aug 1848Hampstead RD, London I130149
27 Howes, William Joseph  Abt May 1929Hampstead RD, London I50012
28 Howes, William Thomas  Abt May 1891Hampstead RD, London I24572
29 Hows, Emily  Abt Nov 1946Hampstead RD, London I15784
30 Howse, Ada May  Abt Aug 1972Hampstead RD, London I5253
31 Howse, Evelyn Nellie  Abt Nov 1895Hampstead RD, London I161297
32 Howse, Gerald Charles  Abt Aug 1887Hampstead RD, London I161298
33 Howse, Henry Milman  Abt Feb 1879Hampstead RD, London I38694
34 Howse, Joseph Henry M  Abt Nov 1952Hampstead RD, London I38700
35 Howse, Pamela Y  Abt May 1924Hampstead RD, London I54501
36 Kimble, Mary Edith Dora  Abt May 1949Hampstead RD, London I130490
37 Largen, William  Abt Nov 1952Hampstead RD, London I49846
38 Line, Grace  Abt Nov 1896Hampstead RD, London I47194
39 Line, Richard  Abt Feb 1907Hampstead RD, London I47198
40 Line, Stanley  Abt Aug 1900Hampstead RD, London I47201
41 Lovegrove, Ann  Abt May 1918Hampstead RD, London I125210
42 Middleton, Doris Amy Alice  Abt Nov 1958Hampstead RD, London I15124
43 Thorn, Thomas  Abt Sep 1894Hampstead RD, London I7787
44 Warner, Fanny Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1945Hampstead RD, London I4715
45 Whittle, Charlotte Catherine  Abt Aug 1936Hampstead RD, London I64413
46 Woods, Adriana O  Abt Nov 1960Hampstead RD, London I108891


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bott, Dorothy Mildred  Abt Nov 1910Hampstead RD, London I48420
2 Callard, Christine Lilian  Abt Nov 1878Hampstead RD, London I46797
3 Cope, Percy George  Abt Aug 1876Hampstead RD, London I144365
4 Cox, Kathleen Mary  Abt Aug 1907Hampstead RD, London I97722
5 Cox, Nora Annie  Abt Aug 1902Hampstead RD, London I97723
6 Crisp, Bernard Woodward  Abt May 1875Hampstead RD, London I94795
7 Crisp, Catherine Childs  Abt Aug 1868Hampstead RD, London I94794
8 Crisp, Sir Frank Morris  Abt May 1872Hampstead RD, London I94797
9 Crisp, Sir John Wilson  Abt Aug 1873Hampstead RD, London I94798
10 Dummere, Eric Alfred  Abt May 1862Hampstead RD, London I24017
11 Dummere, Ethel Emily  Abt Feb 1860Hampstead RD, London I27497
12 Dummere, Lilian Maud  Abt Nov 1863Hampstead RD, London I25133
13 Elliott, Hilda Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1898Hampstead RD, London I110672
14 Elms, William Henry G  Abt May 1877Hampstead RD, London I24829
15 Fruin, Marjorie Winifred I  Abt Nov 1926Hampstead RD, London I129042
16 Gerty, Brigadier Bernard C  Abt Feb 1900Hampstead RD, London I64542
17 Harper, Alfred Henry  Abt Nov 1887Hampstead RD, London I118779
18 Harper, Ethel Daisy  Abt Aug 1886Hampstead RD, London I118778
19 Harper, Harriet Kate  Abt Feb 1890Hampstead RD, London I118780
20 Harper, Joseph William  Abt Feb 1884Hampstead RD, London I118777
21 Hawthorn, Hilda Ellen  Abt Feb 1909Hampstead RD, London I131619
22 Hislop, Betty Edna  Abt Feb 1920Hampstead RD, London I146279
23 House, Charles Edwin  Abt Feb 1887Hampstead RD, London I48458
24 House, Denise Veronica  Abt May 1931Hampstead RD, London I113895
25 House, Ruth Ellen  Abt Feb 1886Hampstead RD, London I48488
26 Howes, Agnes Rose  Abt Nov 1890Hampstead RD, London I54643
27 Howes, Alfred  Abt Feb 1855Hampstead RD, London I64090
28 Howes, Arthur Charles Russell  Abt Aug 1891Hampstead RD, London I8044
29 Howes, Eleanor Jane  Abt Nov 1876Hampstead RD, London I70352
30 Howes, Elsie Ellen  Abt May 1899Hampstead RD, London I17200
31 Howes, Ethel  Abt Nov 1901Hampstead RD, London I675
32 Howes, Harold George  Abt Nov 1893Hampstead RD, London I3686
33 Howes, Henry William George  Abt Feb 1935Hampstead RD, London I26871
34 Howes, James William  Abt Nov 1866Hampstead RD, London I13557
35 Howes, May Jane  Abt May 1878Hampstead RD, London I70353
36 Howse, Alice Marjorie  Abt Nov 1883Hampstead RD, London I54480
37 Howse, Doris Gladys  Abt Nov 1901Hampstead RD, London I54496
38 Howse, Florence Louisa  Abt Aug 1888Hampstead RD, London I54497
39 Howse, Harry Ernest  Abt May 1899Hampstead RD, London I54498
40 Howse, Janet Norah  Abt Feb 1885Hampstead RD, London I54484
41 Howse, William Charles  Abt Aug 1890Hampstead RD, London I54504
42 Line, Bessie  Abt Nov 1890Hampstead RD, London I47192
43 Line, Ethel  Abt Feb 1889Hampstead RD, London I47193
44 Line, Grace  Abt Aug 1894Hampstead RD, London I47194
45 Line, Henry  Abt Feb 1899Hampstead RD, London I47195
46 Line, John Edward  Abt Nov 1903Hampstead RD, London I47196
47 Line, Ralph  Abt Aug 1887Hampstead RD, London I47197
48 Line, Richard  Abt Feb 1897Hampstead RD, London I47199
49 Line, Ruth  Abt Nov 1892Hampstead RD, London I47200
50 Line, Stanley  Abt Aug 1900Hampstead RD, London I47201

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Bulbrook, Amelia  Abt Feb 1962Hampstead RD, London I97705
2 Cross, John Henry  Abt May 1953Hampstead RD, London I35283
3 Howes, Abba Crowell  Abt May 1895Hampstead RD, London I118999
4 Howes, Annie  Abt Nov 1969Hampstead RD, London I6945
5 Howes, Cecil John  Abt Aug 1960Hampstead RD, London I9586
6 Howes, Eleanor Jane  Abt Aug 1877Hampstead RD, London I70352
7 Howes, Frank Robert  Abt Feb 1937Hampstead RD, London I29488
8 Howes, William Joseph  13 May 1929Hampstead RD, London I50012
9 Sherwood, Percy  Abt May 1939Hampstead RD, London I110976
10 Sparrow, Edith Fanny  Abt Nov 1940Hampstead RD, London I167313


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Abbinett / House  Abt Aug 1908Hampstead RD, London F14443
2 Asch / House  Abt May 1936Hampstead RD, London F31379
3 Collins / Dyball  Abt Nov 1912Hampstead RD, London F38565
4 Elms / Thorne  Abt Feb 1901Hampstead RD, London F6094
5 English / Howes  Abt Aug 1938Hampstead RD, London F5734
6 Evans / Purves  Abt Aug 1941Hampstead RD, London F49676
7 Flegg / Toplis  Abt Feb 1896Hampstead RD, London F39667
8 Hague / Slipper  Abt Aug 1892Hampstead RD, London F9471
9 Harrod / Sutton  Abt Nov 1927Hampstead RD, London F36886
10 House / Walton  Abt Feb 1940Hampstead RD, London F39483
11 Howes / Beasley  Abt May 1952Hampstead RD, London F10085
12 Howes / Boyt  Abt Nov 1929Hampstead RD, London F46728
13 Howes / Butterfield  Abt May 1936Hampstead RD, London F10793
14 Howes / Moulton  Abt Aug 1912Hampstead RD, London F3781
15 Howes / Roberts  Abt Nov 1922Hampstead RD, London F21700
16 Howse / Degardin  Abt Feb 1921Hampstead RD, London F15969
17 Howse / Elliott  Abt Aug 1922Hampstead RD, London F33140
18 Levy / House  Abt Feb 1952Hampstead RD, London F32161
19 Mills / Gundry  Abt May 1879Hampstead RD, London F41294
20 Murrell / Howes  Abt Aug 1903Hampstead RD, London F6229
21 Oldham / Hughes  Abt Nov 1948Hampstead RD, London F16280
22 Shubrook / Bulbrook  Abt Aug 1904Hampstead RD, London F28665
23 Toms / House  Abt May 1941Hampstead RD, London F31590
24 Wade / Scott  Abt Nov 1911Hampstead RD, London F4245


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Benge / Vause  Abt Feb 1910Hampstead RD, London F14403
2 Bolte / Howes  Abt Aug 1930Hampstead RD, London F4693
3 Gerty / Howse  Abt May 1898Hampstead RD, London F9415
4 House / Atkins  Abt Nov 1886Hampstead RD, London F14426
5 House / Poole  Abt May 1911Hampstead RD, London F21681
6 House / Samuels  Abt May 1882Hampstead RD, London F12011
7 Howard / Howes  Abt May 1921Hampstead RD, London F14270
8 Howes / Bailey  Abt May 1911Hampstead RD, London F21616
9 Howes / Clements  Abt Aug 1931Hampstead RD, London F5264
10 Howes / Foyle  Abt Nov 1902Hampstead RD, London F23963
11 Howes / Fulk  Abt May 1865Hampstead RD, London F18531
12 Howes / Radford  Abt Aug 1903Hampstead RD, London F14852
13 Howse / Forster  Abt May 1860Hampstead RD, London F1631
14 Mathieson / Howes  Abt Aug 1919Hampstead RD, London F4296
15 Wills / Lovegrove  Abt Aug 1871Hampstead RD, London F37899