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Hanworth, Norfolk



Location : Latitude: 52.8718, Longitude: 1.26296


Churches At least one living or private individual is linked to this item - Details withheld.


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Chapman, Samuel  Abt 1792Hanworth, Norfolk I24462
2 Daniels, Mary  Abt 1786Hanworth, Norfolk I820
3 Howes, Amelia  Abt Aug 1849Hanworth, Norfolk I2402
4 Howes, Ann  5 Jul 1830Hanworth, Norfolk I20335
5 Howes, Anna  18 Mar 1804Hanworth, Norfolk I28024
6 Howes, Annie Eliza Broughton  6 Oct 1857Hanworth, Norfolk I8631
7 Howes, Charles  3 Apr 1826Hanworth, Norfolk I19361
8 Howes, Clifford Walter  18 Nov 1912Hanworth, Norfolk I51405
9 Howes, Emma  18 Mar 1804Hanworth, Norfolk I27356
10 Howes, Everett  22 Nov 1831Hanworth, Norfolk I15675
11 Howes, Francis James  Abt May 1881Hanworth, Norfolk I13168
12 Howes, Hannah  14 Mar 1824Hanworth, Norfolk I3356
13 Howes, Henry  18 Jun 1814Hanworth, Norfolk I12921
14 Howes, James  24 Jul 1812Hanworth, Norfolk I7503
15 Howes, John  12 Apr 1816Hanworth, Norfolk I15657
16 Howes, John  5 Nov 1829Hanworth, Norfolk I21962
17 Howes, John Henry  Abt Nov 1846Hanworth, Norfolk I18704
18 Howes, Leslie Samuel George  25 Jan 1911Hanworth, Norfolk I61979
19 Howes, Mahelia  19 May 1831Hanworth, Norfolk I10528
20 Howes, Mary  30 Apr 1810Hanworth, Norfolk I61982
21 Howes, Mary Ann  27 Nov 1840Hanworth, Norfolk I89341
22 Howes, Mary Ann  23 Mar 1854Hanworth, Norfolk I6163
23 Howes, Robert  11 Dec 1820Hanworth, Norfolk I19980
24 Howes, Robert  Abt Mar 1828Hanworth, Norfolk I11182
25 Howes, Robert Broughton  19 Apr 1850Hanworth, Norfolk I23761
26 Howes, Samuel  8 Aug 1822Hanworth, Norfolk I2660
27 Howes, Stephen  7 May 1845Hanworth, Norfolk I18309
28 Howes, William  19 Mar 1818Hanworth, Norfolk I5712
29 Howes, William Broughton  15 Apr 1848Hanworth, Norfolk I25636
30 Howes, Wilson  12 Sep 1826Hanworth, Norfolk I27107
31 Howes, Winifred Eva  Abt May 1910Hanworth, Norfolk I61991
32 Saul, Hannah  3 Apr 1852Hanworth, Norfolk I62026
33 Watson, Susannah E  Abt 1852Hanworth, Norfolk I2123


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Daniels, Mary  3 Jun 1853Hanworth, Norfolk I820
2 Howes, Henry  12 Oct 1854Hanworth, Norfolk I4382
3 Howes, Robert  Abt Nov 1825Hanworth, Norfolk I19980
4 Howes, Samuel  Abt Oct 1895Hanworth, Norfolk I2660
5 Howes, Stephen  8 May 1845Hanworth, Norfolk I18309
6 Howes, Wilson  Abt Sep 1829Hanworth, Norfolk I27107
7 Rice, Sarah Ann  Abt Jun 1898Hanworth, Norfolk I805


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Howes, Amelia  Bef 1848Hanworth, Norfolk I2402
2 Howes, Ann  Abt 1829Hanworth, Norfolk I20335
3 Howes, Annie Eliza Broughton  Abt 1856Hanworth, Norfolk I8631
4 Howes, Annie Eliza Broughton  Abt 1857Hanworth, Norfolk I8631
5 Howes, Annie Eliza Broughton  Abt Nov 1857Hanworth, Norfolk I8631
6 Howes, Charles  Abt 1825Hanworth, Norfolk I19361
7 Howes, Francis James  Abt 1881Hanworth, Norfolk I13168
8 Howes, Henry  Abt 1814Hanworth, Norfolk I12921
9 Howes, John  Abt 1814Hanworth, Norfolk I15657
10 Howes, John Henry  Abt 1845Hanworth, Norfolk I18704
11 Howes, Mary  Abt 1809Hanworth, Norfolk I61982
12 Howes, Mary  Abt 1810Hanworth, Norfolk I61982
13 Howes, Mary Ann  Abt 1839Hanworth, Norfolk I89341
14 Howes, Mary Ann  Abt 1840Hanworth, Norfolk I89341
15 Howes, Mary Ann  Abt 1841Hanworth, Norfolk I89341
16 Howes, Mary Ann  Abt 1854Hanworth, Norfolk I6163
17 Howes, Robert  Abt 1827Hanworth, Norfolk I11182
18 Howes, Robert Broughton  Abt Feb 1850Hanworth, Norfolk I23761
19 Howes, Samuel  Abt 1822Hanworth, Norfolk I2660
20 Howes, William  Abt 1816Hanworth, Norfolk I5712
21 Howes, William  Abt 1818Hanworth, Norfolk I5712
22 Howes, William Broughton  Abt 1847Hanworth, Norfolk I25636
23 Howes, William Broughton  Abt 1848Hanworth, Norfolk I25636
24 Saul, Hannah  Abt 1851Hanworth, Norfolk I62026
25 Saul, Hannah  Abt 1852Hanworth, Norfolk I62026
26 Saul, Hannah  Abt 1853Hanworth, Norfolk I62026


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Beckess, Martha  1901Hanworth, Norfolk I18966
2 Broughton, Mary Ann  14 Jan 1846Hanworth, Norfolk I24487
3 Broughton, Mary Ann  1851Hanworth, Norfolk I24487
4 Broughton, Robert  1851Hanworth, Norfolk I6138
5 Broughton, Robert  1871Hanworth, Norfolk I6138
6 Chapman, Samuel  2 Nov 1817Hanworth, Norfolk I24462
7 Daniels, Mary  1841Hanworth, Norfolk I820
8 Daniels, Mary  1851Hanworth, Norfolk I820
9 Digby, Agnes Mary  10 Dec 1902Hanworth, Norfolk I15851
10 Digby, Agnes Mary  2 Apr 1911Hanworth, Norfolk I15851
11 Hall, Sarah  11 Jan 1873Hanworth, Norfolk I6653
12 Horner, Louisa Ann  1881Hanworth, Norfolk I13240
13 Howes, Amelia  30 Mar 1851Hanworth, Norfolk I2402
14 Howes, Ann  1841Hanworth, Norfolk I20335
15 Howes, Ann  1851Hanworth, Norfolk I20335
16 Howes, Ann  8 Nov 1852Hanworth, Norfolk I20335
17 Howes, Annie Eliza Broughton  1871Hanworth, Norfolk I8631
18 Howes, Annie Emma  3 Apr 1881Hanworth, Norfolk I21268
19 Howes, Charles  1841Hanworth, Norfolk I19361
20 Howes, Charles  1851Hanworth, Norfolk I19361
21 Howes, Elizabeth  1901Hanworth, Norfolk I21172
22 Howes, Elizabeth  2 Apr 1911Hanworth, Norfolk I21172
23 Howes, Emily  7 Nov 1891Hanworth, Norfolk I5527
24 Howes, George Henry  13 Jul 1898Hanworth, Norfolk I5405
25 Howes, George Henry  1901Hanworth, Norfolk I5405
26 Howes, Hannah  1841Hanworth, Norfolk I3356
27 Howes, Henry  1841Hanworth, Norfolk I12921
28 Howes, Henry  1841Hanworth, Norfolk I4382
29 Howes, Henry  1851Hanworth, Norfolk I4382
30 Howes, Henry Thompson  1901Hanworth, Norfolk I19964
31 Howes, Henry Thompson  2 Apr 1911Hanworth, Norfolk I19964
32 Howes, James  1841Hanworth, Norfolk I7503
33 Howes, James  11 Apr 1846Hanworth, Norfolk I7503
34 Howes, James Broughton  1871Hanworth, Norfolk I173
35 Howes, John Henry  30 Mar 1851Hanworth, Norfolk I18704
36 Howes, John Henry  1871Hanworth, Norfolk I18704
37 Howes, John Henry  11 Jan 1873Hanworth, Norfolk I18704
38 Howes, John Henry  29 Nov 1879Hanworth, Norfolk I18704
39 Howes, John Thompson  1901Hanworth, Norfolk I21040
40 Howes, John Thompson  10 Dec 1902Hanworth, Norfolk I21040
41 Howes, John Thompson  2 Apr 1911Hanworth, Norfolk I21040
42 Howes, Mary  6 Dec 1840Hanworth, Norfolk I61982
43 Howes, Mary Ann  1871Hanworth, Norfolk I6163
44 Howes, Mary Ann  14 Feb 1874Hanworth, Norfolk I6163
45 Howes, Robert  1841Hanworth, Norfolk I11182
46 Howes, Robert  1851Hanworth, Norfolk I11182
47 Howes, Robert Broughton  1851Hanworth, Norfolk I23761
48 Howes, Samuel  1841Hanworth, Norfolk I2660
49 Howes, Samuel  15 Oct 1844Hanworth, Norfolk I2660
50 Howes, Samuel  30 Mar 1851Hanworth, Norfolk I2660

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