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Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset


Location : Latitude: 50.8789092, Longitude: -2.3592141


Robert Inkerman House BC
Robert Inkerman House BC
15 Apr 1856
Winifred Mary House BC
Winifred Mary House BC
22 Dec 1882

Catherine Anne Young DC
Catherine Anne Young DC
15 Nov 1889
Edward House DC
Edward House DC
13 Jan 1874


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alner, Noah  Abt May 1871Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I91258
2 Caines, Rosa Kate  Abt Aug 1885Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I50927
3 Caines, Samuel Robert  Abt 1857Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I50926
4 Carter, Christopher  Abt 1834Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I106030
5 Carter, Mary  Abt 1812Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I105953
6 Chant, Ann  Abt 1808Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I1113
7 Coombes, Arthur  Abt Feb 1886Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32391
8 Coombes, Edward William  Abt 1909Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32392
9 Coombes, Florence Mabel  Abt Nov 1896Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32393
10 Coombes, George  Abt Aug 1884Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32394
11 Coombes, Lily May  Abt Aug 1899Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32395
12 Coombes, Wesley John  Abt Nov 1893Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32396
13 Coombs, John Robert  Abt 1849Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32398
14 Coombs, Kate  Abt Nov 1882Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32399
15 Coombs, Mary Jane  Abt 1880Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32400
16 Crocker, Bethia  Abt Jun 1815Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I2391
17 Dounton, Lilian Tamsey H  Abt Nov 1889Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I11890
18 Dounton, Sidney John  Abt May 1887Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I12158
19 Dounton, William Archibald H  Abt May 1888Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I4082
20 Drake, Deborah  20 Nov 1864Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I29937
21 Elsworth, Charles George  Abt Aug 1871Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I106025
22 Frizzle, Ann  Abt Dec 1857Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I99038
23 Frizzle, Edward  Abt Nov 1854Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I6807
24 Frizzle, Eliza  Abt Feb 1860Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I3425
25 Frizzle, Elizabeth Jane  Abt Feb 1851Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I99035
26 Frizzle, Emma  Abt May 1854Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I99037
27 Frizzle, George  Abt 1852Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I99036
28 Frizzle, Henry William  Abt Feb 1862Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I8230
29 Frizzle, James  Abt 1828Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I99034
30 Frizzle, James  Abt May 1868Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I23498
31 Frizzle, Martha Elizabeth  Abt 1852Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I8270
32 Frizzle, Mary Emma  Abt Apr 1873Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I99039
33 Frizzle, Rose  Abt Aug 1870Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I14983
34 Frizzle, Sarah  Abt Nov 1856Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I9421
35 Frizzle, Tamsey  Abt 1831Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I18689
36 Frizzle, Thomas  Abt 1830Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I23767
37 Frizzle, Thomas  Abt Aug 1858Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I9211
38 House, Adelaide  Abt 1829Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I99003
39 House, Alfred John  4 Sep 1890Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32402
40 House, Annie Sophia  Abt Aug 1871Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I29306
41 House, Archelaus  Abt Dec 1834Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I20860
42 House, Archibald  Abt Nov 1828Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I14084
43 House, Beatrice Hannah Mary  Abt Feb 1890Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I15283
44 House, Beatrice Olive  19 Mar 1888Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I8357
45 House, Bessie  Abt May 1867Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I22128
46 House, Christopher  Abt Dec 1836Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I12392
47 House, Christopher Robert  Abt Jun 1874Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I3212
48 House, Christopher William  Dec 1854Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I11458
49 House, Clare Inglis  Abt Nov 1887Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I1658
50 House, David  Abt Jan 1805Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I181252

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 House, Edward  13 Jan 1874Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I11084
2 House, Edwin Charles  26 Oct 1864Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I20338
3 House, Elizabeth  Abt Mar 1794Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I28644
4 House, Elizabeth  Abt 1865Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I21839
5 House, Gilbert  Abt 10 Aug 1896Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I20801
6 House, Henry  1874Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I64247
7 House, William  Abt 23 Aug 1858Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I87200
8 Milmer, Ipsabeth  Abt 23 Aug 1852Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I181251
9 Upshall, Ann  Abt 15 Nov 1806Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I16590
10 Upshall, Bethia  Abt 1 Oct 1905Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I17027
11 Upshall, Prudence  Abt Dec 1822Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I10157
12 Williams, Mary  Abt 25 Jan 1810Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I118841
13 Young, Catherine Anne  15 Nov 1889Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I4930


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Upshall, Ann  21 Nov 1806Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I16590


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 House, Archelaus  25 Dec 1834Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I20860
2 House, Bessie  24 Jun 1867Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I22128
3 House, Christopher  1 Jan 1837Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I12392
4 House, Christopher William  28 Jan 1855Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I11458
5 House, Elizabeth  29 Dec 1793Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I28644
6 House, Elizabeth Jane  16 Oct 1859Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I9215
7 House, Frank Mark  10 Sep 1854Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I5504
8 House, James  27 Jan 1822Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I16615
9 House, James Joseph  26 Jul 1846Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I21438
10 House, Julia  19 Oct 1862Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I27285
11 House, Sarah  3 Jul 1864Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I5394
12 House, Sidney John  9 Mar 1851Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I1206
13 House, Theophilius Robins  21 Dec 1834Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I4583
14 House, William  17 Jan 1853Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I27381
15 Upshall, Bethia  7 Aug 1825Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I17027


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alner, Noah  Abt 1870Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I91258
2 Caines, Rosa Kate  Abt 1885Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I50927
3 Caines, Samuel Robert  Abt 1858Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I50926
4 Carter, Mary  Abt 1813Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I105953
5 Coombes, Arthur  Abt 1885Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32391
6 Coombes, Edward William  Abt Aug 1909Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32392
7 Coombes, Florence Mabel  Abt 1896Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32393
8 Coombes, George  Abt 1884Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32394
9 Coombes, Lily May  Abt 1899Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32395
10 Coombes, Wesley John  Abt 1893Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32396
11 Coombes, William John  Abt 1878Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32397
12 Coombes, William John  Abt Feb 1879Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32397
13 Coombs, John Robert  Abt 1850Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32398
14 Coombs, Kate  Abt 1882Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32399
15 Coombs, Mary Jane  Abt Nov 1880Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32400
16 Crocker, Bethia  Abt 1811Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I2391
17 Crocker, Bethia  Abt 1812Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I2391
18 Crocker, Bethia  Abt 1814Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I2391
19 Dounton, Freda Tamsey  Abt Feb 1886Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I2846
20 Drake, Deborah  Abt 1864Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I29937
21 Elsworth, Charles George  Abt 1871Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I106025
22 Elsworth, Charles George  Abt 1872Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I106025
23 Frizzle, Ann  Abt 1857Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I99038
24 Frizzle, Edward  Abt 1854Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I6807
25 Frizzle, Eliza  Abt 1859Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I3425
26 Frizzle, Elizabeth Jane  Abt 1850Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I99035
27 Frizzle, Emma  Abt 1853Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I99037
28 Frizzle, James  Abt 1827Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I99034
29 Frizzle, Mary Emma  Abt 1873Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I99039
30 Frizzle, Sarah  Abt 1856Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I9421
31 Frizzle, Thomas  Abt 1858Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I9211
32 House, Adelaide  Abt 1828Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I99003
33 House, Alfred John  Abt 1890Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32402
34 House, Alfred John  Abt Oct 1890Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32402
35 House, Alice  Abt 1866Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I159401
36 House, Alice  Abt 1867Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I159401
37 House, Amelia Mary  Abt 1878Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I26603
38 House, Annie Sophia  Abt 1871Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I29306
39 House, Archelaus  Abt 1835Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I20860
40 House, Beatrice Alice  Abt 1883Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32738
41 House, Beatrice Hannah Mary  Abt 1889Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I15283
42 House, Bessie  Abt 1867Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I22128
43 House, Christopher Robert  Abt 1872Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I3212
44 House, Christopher Robert  Abt 1874Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I3212
45 House, Edith Ellen  Abt 1888Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I8810
46 House, Edith Ellen  Abt Aug 1888Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I8810
47 House, Edith Florence  Abt 1894Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32403
48 House, Edwin Charles  Abt 1891Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32405
49 House, Elizabeth Deborah  Abt 1851Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I2971
50 House, Elizabeth Eliza  Abt 1855Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I25294

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 House, Gilbert  10 Aug 1896Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I20801


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Carter, Christopher  5 Apr 1891Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I106030
2 Chant, Ann  1861Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I1113
3 Chant, Ann  1871Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I1113
4 Crocker, Jane  1861Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I11966
5 Crocker, Martha  25 Aug 1904Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I28204
6 Elsworth, Sophia  26 Oct 1871Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I170966
7 Fenwick, Alfred  12 Jul 1909Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I91134
8 Frizzle, Ann  1861Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I99038
9 Frizzle, Edward  1861Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I6807
10 Frizzle, Eliza  1861Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I3425
11 Frizzle, Elizabeth Jane  1861Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I99035
12 Frizzle, Emma  1861Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I99037
13 Frizzle, George  1861Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I99036
14 Frizzle, James  1861Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I99034
15 Frizzle, James  1891Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I99034
16 Frizzle, Martha Elizabeth  1861Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I8270
17 Frizzle, Mary Emma  1891Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I99039
18 Frizzle, Sarah  1861Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I9421
19 Frizzle, Tamsey  1861Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I18689
20 Frizzle, Thomas  1861Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I23767
21 Frizzle, Thomas  1861Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I9211
22 Garrett, Jane  10 Apr 1890Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32306
23 Green, Alice Bertha  1891Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32401
24 Greening, Frederick Charles  22 Dec 1912Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I91140
25 Hann, Elizabeth  1861Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I26735
26 House, Adelaide  1861Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I99003
27 House, Adelaide  1891Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I99003
28 House, Alfred John  1891Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32402
29 House, Annie Elizabeth  4 Aug 1918Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32843
30 House, Archelaus  7 Apr 1861Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I20860
31 House, Archibald  1861Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I14084
32 House, Beatrice Alice  23 Jan 1908Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32738
33 House, Clare Inglis  1891Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I1658
34 House, Edward  25 Dec 1859Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I11084
35 House, Edward  1861Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I11084
36 House, Edwin Charles  1861Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I20338
37 House, Elizabeth  1861Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32406
38 House, Elizabeth  1861Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I21839
39 House, Elizabeth Deborah  1861Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I2971
40 House, Elizabeth Eliza  1861Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I25294
41 House, Elizabeth Hannah  1861Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I20700
42 House, Elizabeth Jane  1861Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I9215
43 House, Emily Ann  1861Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I7200
44 House, Emily Jane  23 Jan 1908Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32740
45 House, Evan Edward  1891Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I3989
46 House, Frances Rose  12 Jul 1909Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32741
47 House, Frank Mark  7 Apr 1861Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I5504
48 House, Frederick John  1861Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I16327
49 House, George  1861Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I32407
50 House, Hannah Eliza  7 Apr 1861Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset I13583

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cooper / House  22 Oct 1889Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset F7025
2 House / Brownsea  6 Oct 1862Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset F1484
3 House / Frizzle  13 May 1852Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset F6433
4 House / Upshall  17 Sep 1793Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset F5814