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Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire


City/Town : Latitude: 51.753788, Longitude: -0.49924


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Desmond Keith  Abt Feb 1922Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I91983
2 Allen, Kenneth Mark  Abt May 1920Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I91982
3 Bass, Kathleen Winifred  14 May 1922Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I184886
4 Beaven, Lilian Martha  29 Jan 1912Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50516
5 Buck, William  Abt Aug 1892Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I171990
6 Cutler, Ralph T  Abt Feb 1922Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I51120
7 Fensom, Maria  Abt May 1848Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I171960
8 Gurney, Gwendolyn Muriel  Abt Aug 1928Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I182969
9 House, Bernard Douglas  22 Aug 1917Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I85808
10 House, Edith Eloise  3 Jan 1915Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I85807
11 House, Elizabeth Mary  Abt Aug 1924Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I113473
12 House, Vivian R  Abt Feb 1927Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I113474
13 Howes, Brian George  Abt May 1942Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I56170
14 Howes, John  Abt May 1941Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I163150
15 Howes, Sarah Maria  Abt May 1853Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I135093
16 Howse, Ada Maria  Abt May 1869Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I85971
17 Howse, Eleanor May  Abt May 1876Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I171961
18 Howse, John William  Abt Feb 1838Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I66023
19 Howse, Laurence  Abt Aug 1885Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I171962
20 Howse, Reginald Herbert  Abt May 1932Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50556
21 Howse, Stanley Edgar  2 May 1914Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50562
22 Howse, Susan  Abt Nov 1861Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I85972
23 Howse, William Charles Verdun  9 Jul 1916Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50567
24 Potton, Jonathan  Abt Nov 1851Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I117423
25 Waterhouse, Paul E  Abt May 1920Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I174491


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allsop, George  Abt Nov 1933Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I66005
2 Allsop, John  Abt Nov 1939Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I66007
3 Allsop, Samuel Thomas  Abt May 1925Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I66012
4 Allsop, Thomas  Abt May 1905Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I66013
5 Buck, William  Abt May 1957Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I171990
6 Dyer, George  Abt Nov 1926Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50520
7 Fensom, Maria  Abt Nov 1869Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I171960
8 House, Alfred Joe  Abt Feb 1968Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I49108
9 House, Elizabeth Mary  Abt Aug 1924Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I113473
10 House, James  Abt Nov 1973Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I7660
11 Howes, Fanny  Abt Apr 1950Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I48919
12 Howes, Jane  Abt Feb 1903Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I93851
13 Howes, John  Abt May 1941Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I163150
14 Howes, Joseph  Abt Feb 1840Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I71656
15 Howse, Ada Maria  Abt Apr 1870Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I85971
16 Howse, Alice  Abt Feb 1914Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I66017
17 Howse, Effie  Abt May 1924Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50536
18 Howse, Effie Priscilla  Abt Nov 1917Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50537
19 Howse, Eleanor May  Abt Nov 1876Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I171961
20 Howse, John Edward  23 Apr 1901Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50548
21 Howse, John William  Abt May 1838Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I66023
22 Howse, Reginald Herbert  Abt Feb 1933Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50556
23 Howse, Robert  Abt May 1894Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50559
24 Howse, Robert  Abt Aug 1905Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50558
25 Howse, Robert Reginald  Abt Nov 1899Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50560
26 Howse, Susan  Abt Aug 1862Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I85972
27 Janes, Albert  Abt Aug 1925Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I48918
28 Jones, John Edward  Abt May 1877Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50177
29 Mayo, Edward Harry  Abt May 1936Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I93873
30 Molloy, Margaret  Abt Aug 1889Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50578
31 Plummer, Lily  Abt Aug 1951Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50579
32 Revell, Frederick Robert  Abt Aug 1960Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I159193
33 Sallis, Christopher  Abt Aug 1965Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I184633
34 Saunders, Ann  Abt May 1893Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I66032
35 Seegar, Lionel Edward  Abt Aug 1968Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I117682
36 Walton, Mardling Foster  Abt May 1874Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I93849
37 Winch, Elsie May  Abt May 1972Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I171987
38 Window, Gladys May  Abt Aug 1925Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I118140
39 Window, James Thomas  Abt Feb 1925Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I18968


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Deryck Neil J  Abt Aug 1925Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I91984
2 Allsop, Alice Matilda  Abt Aug 1880Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I66003
3 Allsop, Ann  Abt Feb 1858Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I66004
4 Allsop, George  Abt May 1859Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I66005
5 Allsop, Harry  Abt Feb 1877Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I66006
6 Allsop, John  Abt Nov 1870Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I66007
7 Allsop, Joshua Henry  Abt May 1865Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I66008
8 Allsop, Lena  Abt Nov 1874Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I66009
9 Allsop, Lewis  Abt Aug 1863Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I66010
10 Allsop, Lydia  Abt May 1867Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I66011
11 Allsop, Samuel Thomas  Abt Nov 1860Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I66012
12 Allsop, Thomas  Abt Feb 1869Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I66014
13 Andrew, Martha  Abt May 1849Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I42907
14 Bass, Kathleen Winifred  Abt May 1922Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I184886
15 Beaven, Lilian Martha  Abt Feb 1912Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50516
16 Bird, Elizabeth Ann  Abt Feb 1869Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I93871
17 Cutler, Georgina  Abt May 1869Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50518
18 Dyer, Charlotte Winifred  Abt May 1899Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50519
19 Dyer, Harold George  Abt Aug 1893Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50521
20 Dyer, Hilda M  Abt Nov 1894Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50522
21 Gower, Arthur  Abt Nov 1865Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50523
22 Gower, Arthur John  Abt May 1908Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50524
23 Gower, Florence Eva  Abt May 1901Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50525
24 Gower, Grace Effie  Abt May 1904Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50526
25 Gower, Martha Elizabeth  Abt May 1906Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50527
26 Harrowell, Harvey  Abt Feb 1905Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I83910
27 Hillsden, Ada Lily  Abt May 1884Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I42913
28 House, Albert Raymond  Abt May 1913Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I85806
29 House, Bernard Douglas  Abt Nov 1917Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I85808
30 House, Christina May  Abt Aug 1893Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I1284
31 House, Edith Eloise  Abt Feb 1915Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I85807
32 House, Emily Jane  Abt May 1891Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I25609
33 House, Harold John  Abt May 1919Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I85809
34 Howes, Drusilla  Abt Nov 1843Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I71653
35 Howes, Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1842Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I71654
36 Howes, Fanny Lucy  Abt Feb 1851Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I135094
37 Howes, Joseph  Abt Feb 1840Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I71656
38 Howes, Mary  Abt Feb 1840Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I71657
39 Howes, Sarah Ann  Abt Nov 1837Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I71659
40 Howse, Alice  Abt Aug 1839Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I66017
41 Howse, Alice  Abt May 1853Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I42909
42 Howse, Ann  Abt May 1855Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I42910
43 Howse, Annie  Abt Nov 1891Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50530
44 Howse, Charles Henry  Abt Nov 1859Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50531
45 Howse, Charlotte  Abt Nov 1865Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50533
46 Howse, Effie  Abt Feb 1871Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50536
47 Howse, Effie Priscilla  Abt Feb 1907Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50537
48 Howse, Herbert Cecil  Abt Nov 1882Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50542
49 Howse, James  Abt Aug 1863Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50544
50 Howse, Jane  Abt Feb 1851Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50546

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Andrew, Martha  Abt May 1905Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I42907
2 Cocker, Charlotte  Abt Nov 1893Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I42908
3 Howes, Sarah Maria  Abt Feb 1854Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I135093
4 Howse, Charles Henry  Abt Aug 1930Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50531
5 Howse, Herbert Cecil  Abt Feb 1956Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50542
6 Howse, John Edward  Abt May 1901Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I50548
7 Howse, Laurence  Abt Feb 1886Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire I171962


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allsop / Howse  Abt Nov 1857Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire F19056
2 Buck / Winch  Abt Feb 1953Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire F52698
3 Dargavel / Gurney  Abt Aug 1949Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire F56718
4 Dyer / Howse  Abt Nov 1889Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire F14974
5 Gower / Howse  Abt Nov 1897Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire F14975
6 Howes / Bass  Abt Aug 1941Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire F57384
7 Howes / Bird  Abt Aug 1895Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire F27327
8 Howse / Andrew  Abt May 1870Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire F13098
9 Howse / Beaven  Abt Nov 1931Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire F14971
10 Howse / Lovelock  Abt Aug 1886Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire F14980
11 Howse / Menhinick  Abt Aug 1888Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire F14981
12 Howse / Plummer  Abt Aug 1906Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire F14983
13 Howse / Stringer  Abt Feb 1956Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire F34141
14 Lucas / Howse  Abt Nov 1881Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire F13100
15 Mayo / Howes  Abt May 1866Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire F27321
16 Neat / Howes  Abt Aug 1863Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire F27320


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ford / Howes  Abt Aug 1863Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire F35370
2 House / Selley  Abt Aug 1931Hemel Hempstead RD, Hertfordshire F10270