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Highworth RD, Wiltshire



Location : Latitude: 51.3241025, Longitude: -1.9189085


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Clissold, Ethel May  Abt Aug 1891Highworth RD, Wiltshire I40564
2 Coombs, Beryl Florence  Abt Aug 1895Highworth RD, Wiltshire I79186
3 Embling, Edwin Thomas  Abt May 1894Highworth RD, Wiltshire I79329
4 House, Emily Maud  Abt Aug 1896Highworth RD, Wiltshire I123551
5 Howse, Matthew Harry  Abt May 1862Highworth RD, Wiltshire I79180
6 Keylock, Edward John  Abt Feb 1843Highworth RD, Wiltshire I12320
7 Kirby, Frederick George  Abt Nov 1884Highworth RD, Wiltshire I78263
8 Kirby, Nellie  Abt May 1894Highworth RD, Wiltshire I78265
9 Kirby, Wilfred Henry  Abt Nov 1890Highworth RD, Wiltshire I78264
10 Martin, Agnes Bessie  Abt Feb 1881Highworth RD, Wiltshire I79541
11 Warburton, Catherine Lorn  Abt Aug 1855Highworth RD, Wiltshire I2188
12 Woolford, Mabel Winterford Mary  Abt Feb 1897Highworth RD, Wiltshire I140262


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Emma  Abt Feb 1889Highworth RD, Wiltshire I78243
2 Avenall, Henry  Abt Aug 1856Highworth RD, Wiltshire I133201
3 Chamberlen, John  Abt May 1848Highworth RD, Wiltshire I9642
4 Eustice, Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1878Highworth RD, Wiltshire I78241
5 Fortune, Edward  Abt Nov 1893Highworth RD, Wiltshire I43180
6 Fortune, George William  Abt Feb 1897Highworth RD, Wiltshire I43184
7 Fortune, Henry John  Abt Aug 1893Highworth RD, Wiltshire I43187
8 Haskins, Abijah Dwitt  Abt Feb 1887Highworth RD, Wiltshire I40501
9 House, Charles  Abt Nov 1875Highworth RD, Wiltshire I78247
10 House, Ellen  Abt Feb 1895Highworth RD, Wiltshire I48864
11 House, Emily Maud  Abt Feb 1897Highworth RD, Wiltshire I123551
12 House, James  Abt May 1866Highworth RD, Wiltshire I6535
13 Howes, Charles  Abt Feb 1884Highworth RD, Wiltshire I5551
14 Howes, Henry John James  Abt Nov 1867Highworth RD, Wiltshire I108273
15 Howes, Henry Robert  Abt May 1870Highworth RD, Wiltshire I108274
16 Howes, Ruth Annie Elvina  Abt Nov 1868Highworth RD, Wiltshire I108275
17 Howse, Ann Merrifield  Abt Nov 1881Highworth RD, Wiltshire I11450
18 Howse, Ellen Hewer  Abt Feb 1890Highworth RD, Wiltshire I20032
19 Howse, Matthew Harry  Abt Nov 1863Highworth RD, Wiltshire I79180
20 Ricks, John  Abt May 1889Highworth RD, Wiltshire I21123
21 Warburton, Catherine Lorn  Abt Nov 1880Highworth RD, Wiltshire I2188
22 Whitting, Nancy  Abt Feb 1897Highworth RD, Wiltshire I37708


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arrowsmith, Emily Jane  Abt Nov 1857Highworth RD, Wiltshire I133181
2 Arrowsmith, Henry  Abt Nov 1850Highworth RD, Wiltshire I133186
3 Beizley, Susan Florence  Abt Aug 1866Highworth RD, Wiltshire I37875
4 Bellinger, Ada Emma  Abt May 1887Highworth RD, Wiltshire I108260
5 Bellinger, Annie Louisa  Abt Aug 1878Highworth RD, Wiltshire I108261
6 Bellinger, Ellen Florence M  Abt Nov 1879Highworth RD, Wiltshire I108263
7 Bellinger, Herbert Henry  Abt Nov 1883Highworth RD, Wiltshire I108264
8 Bellinger, Mabel Alice  Abt Aug 1889Highworth RD, Wiltshire I108265
9 Bellinger, Stanley Charles Edward  Abt Nov 1894Highworth RD, Wiltshire I108266
10 Bellinger, William George  Abt Feb 1875Highworth RD, Wiltshire I108267
11 Cox, Rose  Abt Aug 1885Highworth RD, Wiltshire I79207
12 Cull, Charley  Abt Nov 1878Highworth RD, Wiltshire I134269
13 Deacon, Minnie Maria  Abt May 1871Highworth RD, Wiltshire I48358
14 Dixon, George Trotman  Abt May 1897Highworth RD, Wiltshire I79341
15 Dixon, Ivy Louisa  Abt Nov 1894Highworth RD, Wiltshire I79340
16 Dixon, James Albert  Abt Nov 1891Highworth RD, Wiltshire I79339
17 Dixon, William Arthur  Abt Feb 1890Highworth RD, Wiltshire I79338
18 Dunford, Ellen Elizabeth  Abt May 1898Highworth RD, Wiltshire I79250
19 Fortune, Edward  Abt Nov 1893Highworth RD, Wiltshire I43180
20 Fortune, George William  Abt Feb 1896Highworth RD, Wiltshire I43184
21 Fortune, Henry John  Abt Feb 1890Highworth RD, Wiltshire I43187
22 Fortune, Mary Lucy  Abt Feb 1892Highworth RD, Wiltshire I43189
23 Fortune, Nellie Maria Mary  Abt May 1888Highworth RD, Wiltshire I43190
24 Fortune, Robert Edward  Abt Nov 1894Highworth RD, Wiltshire I43191
25 Fortune, Sidney Henry  Abt Feb 1899Highworth RD, Wiltshire I43192
26 Francome, Albert E  Abt Aug 1884Highworth RD, Wiltshire I79288
27 Hacker, Elsie May  Abt May 1889Highworth RD, Wiltshire I78254
28 Hacker, Florence Lilian  Abt Nov 1890Highworth RD, Wiltshire I78255
29 Hacker, George Thomas  Abt Nov 1897Highworth RD, Wiltshire I78261
30 Hacker, Harry  Abt May 1895Highworth RD, Wiltshire I78260
31 Haskins, Mercy Lavinia  Abt Feb 1872Highworth RD, Wiltshire I40505
32 Haskins, William Bertie  Abt Nov 1870Highworth RD, Wiltshire I40506
33 Hayward, Sidney Thomas Warren  Abt May 1888Highworth RD, Wiltshire I4377
34 Hobbs, Ethel Hannah  Abt May 1894Highworth RD, Wiltshire I79508
35 House, Agnes Jane  Abt Nov 1883Highworth RD, Wiltshire I79182
36 House, Alfred John  Abt May 1888Highworth RD, Wiltshire I71201
37 House, Amelia Daisy  Abt Nov 1890Highworth RD, Wiltshire I79184
38 House, Ann  Abt Nov 1862Highworth RD, Wiltshire I78251
39 House, Annie  Abt May 1894Highworth RD, Wiltshire I79267
40 House, Charles  Abt Aug 1854Highworth RD, Wiltshire I78247
41 House, David George  Abt Feb 1851Highworth RD, Wiltshire I78227
42 House, Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1856Highworth RD, Wiltshire I78248
43 House, Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1885Highworth RD, Wiltshire I79262
44 House, Elizabeth Emily  Abt Feb 1880Highworth RD, Wiltshire I16618
45 House, Emily  Abt Nov 1864Highworth RD, Wiltshire I78252
46 House, Emma Jane  Abt Nov 1860Highworth RD, Wiltshire I78250
47 House, Enoch James  Abt Aug 1888Highworth RD, Wiltshire I67162
48 House, Ernest  Abt Nov 1890Highworth RD, Wiltshire I79265
49 House, Ernest William  Abt Aug 1874Highworth RD, Wiltshire I25512
50 House, Ethel Emma  Abt Aug 1876Highworth RD, Wiltshire I78244

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Arrowsmith, George  Abt Feb 1882Highworth RD, Wiltshire I133183
2 Arrowsmith, John  Abt May 1875Highworth RD, Wiltshire I133188
3 Arrowsmith, John  Abt May 1880Highworth RD, Wiltshire I133189
4 Howes, Sarah Hannah Richens  Abt Feb 1875Highworth RD, Wiltshire I133215
5 Howse, John  Abt May 1864Highworth RD, Wiltshire I133218
6 Howse, Rachel  Abt Aug 1893Highworth RD, Wiltshire I133219
7 Howse, Sarah  Abt Feb 1891Highworth RD, Wiltshire I133220
8 Howse, Sarah Ann  Abt Aug 1867Highworth RD, Wiltshire I133221
9 Howse, Thomas William Richens  Abt Nov 1876Highworth RD, Wiltshire I133223
10 Walgrave, George  Abt May 1881Highworth RD, Wiltshire I133241


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bellinger / House  Abt Aug 1878Highworth RD, Wiltshire F32320
2 Cowley / Howse  Abt Feb 1891Highworth RD, Wiltshire F7382
3 Dixon / Howse  Abt Aug 1889Highworth RD, Wiltshire F22493
4 Hacker / House  Abt May 1887Highworth RD, Wiltshire F22191
5 House / Adams  Abt Nov 1873Highworth RD, Wiltshire F22188
6 House / Dixon  Abt Feb 1878Highworth RD, Wiltshire F6679
7 House / Eustice  Abt Nov 1848Highworth RD, Wiltshire F22187
8 House / Hawkins  Abt May 1871Highworth RD, Wiltshire F22186
9 House / Jefferies  Abt May 1897Highworth RD, Wiltshire F22522
10 House / Marchant  Abt Feb 1877Highworth RD, Wiltshire F2560
11 House / Pearce  Abt Nov 1891Highworth RD, Wiltshire F13165
12 House / Trotman  Abt Nov 1854Highworth RD, Wiltshire F4702
13 House / Turtell  Abt May 1883Highworth RD, Wiltshire F22500
14 Howse / Bridgeman  Abt Nov 1881Highworth RD, Wiltshire F22521
15 Howse / Messenger  Abt Nov 1893Highworth RD, Wiltshire F12455
16 Howse / Walker  Abt Aug 1883Highworth RD, Wiltshire F22492
17 Kirby / House  Abt Feb 1884Highworth RD, Wiltshire F22190


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Wheeler  Abt May 1854Highworth RD, Wiltshire F40436
2 Arrowsmith / Goulding  Abt Aug 1856Highworth RD, Wiltshire F40450
3 Fowler / Trotman  Abt May 1869Highworth RD, Wiltshire F4701
4 Golding / Arrowsmith  Abt Nov 1866Highworth RD, Wiltshire F40444
5 Howes / Wheeler  Abt May 1859Highworth RD, Wiltshire F1464
6 Howse / Dunn  Abt Nov 1866Highworth RD, Wiltshire F14620
7 Richens / Fisher  Abt Nov 1865Highworth RD, Wiltshire F40451
8 Walgrave / Howse  Abt Nov 1865Highworth RD, Wiltshire F40454