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Hornsey, London



Location : Latitude: 51.5726, Longitude: -0.131469


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bass, Arthur William  Abt May 1896Hornsey, London I17959
2 Bass, Ethel Minnie  Abt Feb 1894Hornsey, London I12380
3 Crossley, Grace Lilian  Abt May 1902Hornsey, London I81760
4 Crossley, John Albert  Abt Feb 1906Hornsey, London I81761
5 Crossley, Rose Ethel  Abt Jun 1900Hornsey, London I81759
6 Deverell, Doris Jessie  Abt Aug 1901Hornsey, London I75977
7 Deverell, Douglas Gordon  Abt May 1898Hornsey, London I75976
8 Deverell, Leslie George John  Abt Nov 1909Hornsey, London I75979
9 Deverell, Mabel Winifred  Abt May 1906Hornsey, London I75978
10 Duff, Charles George  Abt Feb 1904Hornsey, London I56753
11 Ford, Alice Mildred  Abt May 1907Hornsey, London I43176
12 Ford, Dorothy Hale  Abt Nov 1898Hornsey, London I43177
13 Green, Maria  Abt 1876Hornsey, London I63062
14 Hand, Eric Bart  20 Apr 1907Hornsey, London I56766
15 Handscombe, Doris Ada  Abt Feb 1906Hornsey, London I56771
16 Handscombe, Harry  Abt Aug 1903Hornsey, London I56773
17 Handscombe, Walter  Abt Aug 1897Hornsey, London I56774
18 House, Blanche May  Abt May 1871Hornsey, London I70125
19 House, Edith Florence  Abt Feb 1869Hornsey, London I70132
20 House, Ernest Kirkwood  Abt May 1907Hornsey, London I70139
21 House, Henrietta  Abt Feb 1873Hornsey, London I70145
22 House, Ronald Kirkwood  24 Aug 1905Hornsey, London I70165
23 Howes, Florence Mildred  15 Feb 1908Hornsey, London I56803
24 Howes, Frederick John  15 Apr 1880Hornsey, London I28748
25 Howes, Gladys Eveline  4 Aug 1887Hornsey, London I56809
26 Howes, Gladys May  28 Feb 1901Hornsey, London I56810
27 Howes, Herbert WIlliam Frederick  Abt Nov 1894Hornsey, London I17752
28 Howes, Leonard Arthur  Abt Feb 1902Hornsey, London I22822
29 Howes, Maud Mabel  Abt May 1890Hornsey, London I56823
30 Howes, Norman Jack  1 Jul 1910Hornsey, London I11192
31 Howes, Terance  2 Mar 1902Hornsey, London I3860
32 Howes, Violet Maud  28 Dec 1902Hornsey, London I56833
33 Hows, Arthur  15 Nov 1881Hornsey, London I19539
34 Hows, Dora  10 May 1886Hornsey, London I9650
35 Hows, Phyllis  28 Feb 1889Hornsey, London I2158
36 Luxford, Harriet Esther  Abt Aug 1872Hornsey, London I76655
37 Martin, Elizabeth Mabel  25 Apr 1880Hornsey, London I76021
38 Plaistowe, Theodora  Abt Feb 1906Hornsey, London I46854
39 Reynolds, Alfred Hugh  Abt Nov 1908Hornsey, London I67813
40 Shelbourne, Hugh Stanton  27 Jul 1890Hornsey, London I4134


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Crossley, Grace Lilian  Abt 1901Hornsey, London I81760
2 Crossley, John Albert  Abt 1905Hornsey, London I81761
3 Crossley, Rose Ethel  Abt 1900Hornsey, London I81759
4 Deverell, Doris Jessie  Abt 1901Hornsey, London I75977
5 Deverell, Douglas Gordon  Abt 1898Hornsey, London I75976
6 Deverell, Leslie George John  Abt 1909Hornsey, London I75979
7 Deverell, Mabel Winifred  Abt 1905Hornsey, London I75978
8 Duff, Charles George  Abt 1904Hornsey, London I56753
9 Ford, Alice Mildred  Abt 1906Hornsey, London I43176
10 Ford, Dorothy Hale  Abt 1898Hornsey, London I43177
11 Hand, Eric Bart  Abt 1907Hornsey, London I56766
12 Handscombe, Doris Ada  Abt 1905Hornsey, London I56771
13 Handscombe, Harry  Abt 1903Hornsey, London I56773
14 Handscombe, Walter  Abt 1897Hornsey, London I56774
15 House, Blanche May  Abt 1870Hornsey, London I70125
16 House, Blanche May  Abt 1871Hornsey, London I70125
17 House, Edith Florence  Abt 1868Hornsey, London I70132
18 House, Ella Phyllis  Abt 1886Hornsey, London I37085
19 House, Ernest Kirkwood  Abt 1907Hornsey, London I70139
20 House, Grace Stevenson  Abt 1884Hornsey, London I37084
21 House, Henrietta  Abt 1872Hornsey, London I70145
22 House, John Thomas  Abt 1889Hornsey, London I37086
23 House, Oswald Percy  Abt 1871Hornsey, London I70161
24 House, Ronald Kirkwood  Abt 1905Hornsey, London I70165
25 House, Rose Linton  Abt 1891Hornsey, London I37087
26 Howes, Alice Harriet  Abt 1893Hornsey, London I67768
27 Howes, Dora May  Abt 1901Hornsey, London I56793
28 Howes, Edith Fanny  Abt 1868Hornsey, London I77092
29 Howes, Florence Mary  Abt 1870Hornsey, London I63799
30 Howes, Florence Mildred  Abt 1907Hornsey, London I56803
31 Howes, Frederick John  Abt 1879Hornsey, London I28748
32 Howes, Frederick John  Abt May 1880Hornsey, London I28748
33 Howes, Gladys Eveline  Abt 1887Hornsey, London I56809
34 Howes, Gladys Eveline  Abt Aug 1887Hornsey, London I56809
35 Howes, Gladys May  Abt 1900Hornsey, London I56810
36 Howes, Gladys May  Abt Mar 1901Hornsey, London I56810
37 Howes, Gwendoline Maud  Abt 1903Hornsey, London I6370
38 Howes, Leonard Arthur  Abt 1901Hornsey, London I22822
39 Howes, Mary Marina  Abt 1895Hornsey, London I67785
40 Howes, Maud Mabel  Abt 1889Hornsey, London I56823
41 Howes, Norman Jack  Abt May 1910Hornsey, London I11192
42 Howes, Phyllis  Abt 1907Hornsey, London I6706
43 Howes, Terance  Abt 1901Hornsey, London I3860
44 Howes, Violet Maud  Abt 1902Hornsey, London I56833
45 Hows, Arthur  Abt 1881Hornsey, London I19539
46 Hows, Dora  Abt 1886Hornsey, London I9650
47 Hows, Phyllis  Abt 1888Hornsey, London I2158
48 Howse, Alfred James  Abt 1895Hornsey, London I38727
49 Howse, Charles William  Abt 1897Hornsey, London I38702
50 Howse, Phillip Milman  Abt 1888Hornsey, London I38689

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Hailes, Henry F  23 Aug 1882Hornsey, London I144247
2 Howse, William  27 Sep 1762Hornsey, London I23136