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Horselydown, Southwark, London



Location : Latitude: 51.5034, Longitude: -0.0762


Alice Edith Howes BC
Alice Edith Howes BC


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abel, Catherine F  Abt 1902Horselydown, Southwark, London I46778
2 Abel, Joseph L  Abt Dec 1900Horselydown, Southwark, London I46777
3 Britton, Henrietta Charlotte  Abt Feb 1873Horselydown, Southwark, London I122253
4 Freebury, Joseph Wakefield  Abt May 1870Horselydown, Southwark, London I114627
5 Grigg, Mary Eliza  Abt 1858Horselydown, Southwark, London I28944
6 Hemmings, Samuel  Abt 1825Horselydown, Southwark, London I5252
7 Howes, Alfred Lawrence  22 Aug 1883Horselydown, Southwark, London I13172
8 Howes, Catherine Frances  9 Jun 1880Horselydown, Southwark, London I15179
9 Howes, Edmund George  1 Dec 1893Horselydown, Southwark, London I7298
10 Howes, Ellen Emily Jane  24 Feb 1897Horselydown, Southwark, London I27723
11 Howes, John Edmund  7 Jul 1882Horselydown, Southwark, London I25592
12 Howes, John George  Abt 1889Horselydown, Southwark, London I28148
13 Howes, Margaret Eliza  7 Mar 1886Horselydown, Southwark, London I12117
14 Howes, Sophia Eliza  26 Feb 1888Horselydown, Southwark, London I2263
15 Howes, Walter James  15 Feb 1891Horselydown, Southwark, London I11746


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abel, Joseph L  Abt 1900Horselydown, Southwark, London I46777
2 Britton, Henrietta Charlotte  Abt 1871Horselydown, Southwark, London I122253
3 Freebury, Joseph Wakefield  Abt 1869Horselydown, Southwark, London I114627
4 Gorham, Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1881Horselydown, Southwark, London I46787
5 Howes, Alfred Lawrence  Abt 1883Horselydown, Southwark, London I13172
6 Howes, Alice Edith  Abt 1899Horselydown, Southwark, London I4955
7 Howes, Catherine Frances  Abt 1880Horselydown, Southwark, London I15179
8 Howes, Catherine Frances  Abt Jun 1880Horselydown, Southwark, London I15179
9 Howes, Edmund George  Abt 1893Horselydown, Southwark, London I7298
10 Howes, John George  Abt Feb 1890Horselydown, Southwark, London I28148
11 Howes, John Norman  Abt 1894Horselydown, Southwark, London I24071
12 Howes, John Watts  Abt 1856Horselydown, Southwark, London I12340
13 Howes, Sophia Eliza  Abt 1887Horselydown, Southwark, London I2263
14 Howes, Walter Richard  Abt 1866Horselydown, Southwark, London I504
15 Roberts, Ellen  Abt 1827Horselydown, Southwark, London I51561
16 Roberts, John Watts  Abt 1890Horselydown, Southwark, London I46789
17 Roberts, Louisa  Abt 1888Horselydown, Southwark, London I46788
18 Roberts, Walter  Abt 1893Horselydown, Southwark, London I46790
19 Winder, Ann Elizabeth  Abt 1819Horselydown, Southwark, London I75272
20 Winder, Ann Elizabeth  Abt 1820Horselydown, Southwark, London I75272


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Napier, Mary  16 Feb 1820Horselydown, Southwark, London I70206