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Leamington, Warwickshire



City/Town : Latitude: 52.2922, Longitude: -1.5357


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Charles  Abt Nov 1887Leamington, Warwickshire I88216
2 Arnold, William Edgar  Abt Jun 1890Leamington, Warwickshire I88223
3 Barson, Constance Annie  Abt 1892Leamington, Warwickshire I10602
4 Barson, Reginald Montague  Abt Sep 1900Leamington, Warwickshire I603
5 Batchelor, Adeline  Abt May 1875Leamington, Warwickshire I92024
6 Edwards, Ellen  Abt May 1856Leamington, Warwickshire I33726
7 Goode, Alec Henry  Abt Nov 1904Leamington, Warwickshire I66492
8 Goode, Ellen A  Abt Aug 1911Leamington, Warwickshire I66494
9 Goode, Olive Mary  Abt Feb 1909Leamington, Warwickshire I66495
10 Goode, William Charles  Abt Nov 1903Leamington, Warwickshire I66496
11 Harding, Constance Frances  Abt Feb 1861Leamington, Warwickshire I51869
12 Harding, Frank William  Abt Nov 1862Leamington, Warwickshire I51870
13 Howes, Clement Harold  12 Apr 1904Leamington, Warwickshire I12939
14 Howes, Henry Charles Sandall  Abt Aug 1905Leamington, Warwickshire I10883
15 Howes, James Edward  Abt Feb 1909Leamington, Warwickshire I6196
16 Howes, Joseph  Abt 1842Leamington, Warwickshire I20001
17 Mallard, Edith Sarah  27 Oct 1866Leamington, Warwickshire I16787
18 Mills, Walter  Abt 1866Leamington, Warwickshire I66761
19 Paul, John George  Abt 1837Leamington, Warwickshire I96696
20 Robinson, William Abbott  Abt 1834Leamington, Warwickshire I58590
21 Singleton, Lily  Abt May 1879Leamington, Warwickshire I2865
22 Smith, Dorothy Elizabeth  19 Feb 1891Leamington, Warwickshire I74917
23 Smith, Frederick Arthur  Abt 1870Leamington, Warwickshire I92032
24 Summers, Alice Jessie  Abt May 1868Leamington, Warwickshire I92035
25 Summers, Atherton  Abt Nov 1872Leamington, Warwickshire I92036
26 Summers, Edith  Abt May 1875Leamington, Warwickshire I92037
27 Summers, Frederick Atherton  22 Mar 1903Leamington, Warwickshire I92038
28 Summers, Gertrude  Abt Jun 1870Leamington, Warwickshire I92039
29 Tipping, Sarah  Abt Sep 1831Leamington, Warwickshire I9533
30 Walton, Gertrude Eleanor  Abt Feb 1881Leamington, Warwickshire I55266
31 Welch, Anne Manning  Abt 1873Leamington, Warwickshire I47542
32 Welch, Eliza  Abt 1876Leamington, Warwickshire I47544
33 Welch, Ellen E  Abt 1873Leamington, Warwickshire I47543
34 Welch, Harry  Abt 1872Leamington, Warwickshire I47541
35 Welch, John Charles  Abt Jan 1871Leamington, Warwickshire I47540


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Harding, Frank William  6 Apr 1938Leamington, Warwickshire I51870
2 House, Sarah Frances  25 Sep 1878Leamington, Warwickshire I51997
3 Howes, Elizabeth  3 Feb 1917Leamington, Warwickshire I92023
4 Howes, Thomas  Abt Aug 1899Leamington, Warwickshire I11697


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Charles  Abt 1887Leamington, Warwickshire I88216
2 Arnold, William Edgar  Abt 1890Leamington, Warwickshire I88223
3 Arnold, William Edgar  Abt Jun 1890Leamington, Warwickshire I88223
4 Barson, Constance Annie  Abt Nov 1893Leamington, Warwickshire I10602
5 Batchelor, Adeline  Abt 1874Leamington, Warwickshire I92024
6 Edwards, Ellen  Abt 1856Leamington, Warwickshire I33726
7 Edwards, Ellen  Abt 1857Leamington, Warwickshire I33726
8 Edwards, Ellen  Abt 1858Leamington, Warwickshire I33726
9 Goode, Alec Henry  Abt 1904Leamington, Warwickshire I66492
10 Goode, Olive Mary  Abt 1908Leamington, Warwickshire I66495
11 Goode, William Charles  Abt 1903Leamington, Warwickshire I66496
12 Harding, Constance Frances  Abt 1860Leamington, Warwickshire I51869
13 Harding, Frank William  Abt 1862Leamington, Warwickshire I51870
14 Harding, Frank William  Abt 1863Leamington, Warwickshire I51870
15 Howes, Clement Harold  Abt 1904Leamington, Warwickshire I12939
16 Howes, Henry Charles Sandall  Abt 1905Leamington, Warwickshire I10883
17 Howes, James Edward  Abt 1908Leamington, Warwickshire I6196
18 Howes, Lydia  Abt 1840Leamington, Warwickshire I96682
19 Howse, John Findon  Abt 1860Leamington, Warwickshire I94025
20 Ivins, Elizabeth  Abt 1856Leamington, Warwickshire I94027
21 Kimberley, George  Abt 1862Leamington, Warwickshire I100834
22 Kimberley, George  Abt 1864Leamington, Warwickshire I100834
23 Lovell, Emma Fanny  Abt 1847Leamington, Warwickshire I24458
24 Lovell, Emma Fanny  Abt 1848Leamington, Warwickshire I24458
25 Mallard, Edith Sarah  Abt 1866Leamington, Warwickshire I16787
26 Singleton, Lily  Abt 1879Leamington, Warwickshire I2865
27 Summers, Alice Jessie  Abt 1867Leamington, Warwickshire I92035
28 Summers, Atherton  Abt 1872Leamington, Warwickshire I92036
29 Summers, Edith  Abt 1875Leamington, Warwickshire I92037
30 Summers, Frederick Atherton  Abt 1903Leamington, Warwickshire I92038
31 Summers, Gertrude  Abt 1870Leamington, Warwickshire I92039
32 Tipping, Sarah  Abt 1831Leamington, Warwickshire I9533
33 Tipping, Sarah  Abt 1832Leamington, Warwickshire I9533
34 Walton, Gertrude Eleanor  Abt 1883Leamington, Warwickshire I55266
35 Welch, John Charles  Abt 1870Leamington, Warwickshire I47540
36 Welch, Thomas  Abt 1843Leamington, Warwickshire I47536
37 Welch, Thomas  Abt 1844Leamington, Warwickshire I47536
38 Welch, Thomas  Abt 1845Leamington, Warwickshire I47536


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Howes, John  1843Leamington, Warwickshire I10990