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Lingwood, Norfolk



Location : Latitude: 52.62104, Longitude: 1.48616


Lingwood, Norfolk
Lingwood, Norfolk
St Peter


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Futter, Elizabeth Amelia  Abt May 1846Lingwood, Norfolk I66289
2 Futter, Richard Frederick  Abt Oct 1850Lingwood, Norfolk I66291
3 Futter, Robert John  Abt Aug 1847Lingwood, Norfolk I66290
4 Grimson, Jane  22 Oct 1809Lingwood, Norfolk I9715
5 Hindes, Clara  7 Jul 1872Lingwood, Norfolk I24821
6 Howes, Edith Maud  Abt May 1883Lingwood, Norfolk I4064
7 Howes, John Jubilee  24 Apr 1887Lingwood, Norfolk I17043
8 Howes, Robert  Abt 1838Lingwood, Norfolk I5017
9 Howes, Robert  12 Mar 1877Lingwood, Norfolk I11586
10 Markham, Rebecca  Abt Feb 1852Lingwood, Norfolk I66105
11 Markham, Sarah Ann  Abt Feb 1848Lingwood, Norfolk I66104
12 Rowland, Robert  Abt Nov 1839Lingwood, Norfolk I8995
13 Ward, Annie Maria  Abt Nov 1880Lingwood, Norfolk I38116
14 Webb, Beatrice  Abt 1865Lingwood, Norfolk I8683


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cockerill, Sarah  23 Jun 1914Lingwood, Norfolk I1565
2 Howes, John  24 Apr 1853Lingwood, Norfolk I10849
3 Howes, John  15 Jun 1881Lingwood, Norfolk I20121
4 Howes, Robert  1 Nov 1911Lingwood, Norfolk I18837


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Futter, Elizabeth Amelia  Abt 1845Lingwood, Norfolk I66289
2 Futter, Richard Frederick  Abt 1849Lingwood, Norfolk I66291
3 Futter, Richard Frederick  Abt 1850Lingwood, Norfolk I66291
4 Futter, Robert John  Abt 1846Lingwood, Norfolk I66290
5 Futter, Robert John  Abt 1847Lingwood, Norfolk I66290
6 Grimson, Jane  Abt 1807Lingwood, Norfolk I9715
7 Grimson, Jane  Abt 1808Lingwood, Norfolk I9715
8 Hindes, Clara  Abt 1872Lingwood, Norfolk I24821
9 Hood, Hannah  Abt 1814Lingwood, Norfolk I8377
10 Howes, Alice Elizabeth  Abt 1875Lingwood, Norfolk I19711
11 Howes, Edith Maud  Abt 1881Lingwood, Norfolk I4064
12 Howes, Edith Maud  Abt 1882Lingwood, Norfolk I4064
13 Howes, John Jubilee  Abt 1887Lingwood, Norfolk I17043
14 Howes, Robert  Abt 1837Lingwood, Norfolk I5017
15 Howes, Robert  Abt 1860Lingwood, Norfolk I5017
16 Howes, Robert  Abt 1876Lingwood, Norfolk I11586
17 Howes, Robert  Abt 1877Lingwood, Norfolk I11586
18 Hunn, Martha  Abt 1832Lingwood, Norfolk I8018
19 Markham, Rebecca  Abt 1851Lingwood, Norfolk I66105
20 Markham, Sarah Ann  Abt 1847Lingwood, Norfolk I66104
21 Rowland, Robert  Abt 1838Lingwood, Norfolk I8995
22 Rowland, Robert  Abt 1839Lingwood, Norfolk I8995
23 Rowland, Robert  Abt 1841Lingwood, Norfolk I8995
24 Scott, Emily  Abt 1842Lingwood, Norfolk I62329
25 Scott, Emily  Abt Feb 1843Lingwood, Norfolk I62329
26 Ward, Annie Maria  Abt 1880Lingwood, Norfolk I38116


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bacon, George  2 Apr 1911Lingwood, Norfolk I7211
2 Baxter, Maria  7 Jul 1857Lingwood, Norfolk I18083
3 Bunn, Rebecca  6 Jun 1841Lingwood, Norfolk I2448
4 Drew, Susannah  30 Oct 1856Lingwood, Norfolk I60789
5 Forder, James Edward  12 Mar 1919Lingwood, Norfolk I41269
6 Futter, Elizabeth Amelia  30 Mar 1851Lingwood, Norfolk I66289
7 Futter, John  30 Mar 1851Lingwood, Norfolk I41272
8 Futter, Richard Frederick  30 Mar 1851Lingwood, Norfolk I66291
9 Futter, Robert John  30 Mar 1851Lingwood, Norfolk I66290
10 Hindes, Clara  16 Apr 1894Lingwood, Norfolk I24821
11 Howes, Alfred  6 Jun 1841Lingwood, Norfolk I18607
12 Howes, Elizabeth  6 Jun 1841Lingwood, Norfolk I27350
13 Howes, Elizabeth  19 Oct 1843Lingwood, Norfolk I27350
14 Howes, Elizabeth  30 Mar 1851Lingwood, Norfolk I27350
15 Howes, George Arthur  19 Mar 1915Lingwood, Norfolk I13979
16 Howes, John  6 Jun 1841Lingwood, Norfolk I10849
17 Howes, John  6 Jun 1841Lingwood, Norfolk I4971
18 Howes, John  30 Oct 1856Lingwood, Norfolk I4971
19 Howes, Rebecca  6 Jun 1841Lingwood, Norfolk I21164
20 Howes, Rebecca  5 Oct 1846Lingwood, Norfolk I21164
21 Howes, Rebecca  30 Mar 1851Lingwood, Norfolk I21164
22 Howes, Rebecca  1861Lingwood, Norfolk I21164
23 Howes, Thomas  31 Mar 1851Lingwood, Norfolk I26631
24 Markham, John  5 Oct 1846Lingwood, Norfolk I3079
25 Markham, John  30 Mar 1851Lingwood, Norfolk I3079
26 Markham, John  1861Lingwood, Norfolk I3079
27 Markham, Rebecca  1861Lingwood, Norfolk I66105
28 Markham, Sarah Ann  30 Mar 1851Lingwood, Norfolk I66104
29 Markham, Sarah Ann  1861Lingwood, Norfolk I66104
30 Shorten, Ellen M  2 Apr 1911Lingwood, Norfolk I26085
31 Unknown, Mary  31 Mar 1851Lingwood, Norfolk I3879
32 Ward, Annie Maria  29 Apr 1903Lingwood, Norfolk I38116


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Howes / Grimson  4 Aug 1829Lingwood, Norfolk F3839