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Maidenhead RD, Berkshire



City/Town : Latitude: 51.447338, Longitude: -1.0486645


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Joan Sylvia  21 Sep 1923Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I172079
2 Allen, Norman Frank  5 Jun 1896Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I107158
3 Baldwin, Marjorie Lillian Hudson  20 Oct 1917Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I79053
4 Bond, Royston  8 Jan 1924Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I137393
5 Boshier, Stanley John  Abt Nov 1918Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I76706
6 Broadbent, George Edward  4 May 1911Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I170082
7 Brown, Mabel Alice  15 May 1898Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I51346
8 Castle, Elsie Mabel  3 Jun 1901Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I137534
9 Collins, Arthur Percy  Abt May 1913Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I76788
10 Croxford, Elsie Nora  12 Nov 1923Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I170090
11 Croxford, George Arthur  7 Nov 1924Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I170091
12 Croxford, William Henry  23 Mar 1921Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I170089
13 Eggleton, Dennis Brian  8 Nov 1908Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I171999
14 Gibson, Shirley May  20 Jun 1934Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I138015
15 Goulding, Elsie M  4 Oct 1907Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I51351
16 Harris, Gladys E  5 Jun 1919Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I173556
17 Harris, Marjorie May  21 Apr 1910Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I172059
18 Harris, William G  Abt Nov 1913Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I114607
19 House, Annie Eliza  Abt Nov 1904Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I138091
20 House, Arthur  29 Oct 1925Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I47176
21 House, David Robert  19 May 1941Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I48459
22 House, Edith Amy  15 Aug 1916Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I47178
23 House, Elsie Isabel  21 Jan 1914Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I47180
24 House, Gertrude Ann  9 Jun 1921Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I47889
25 House, James  Abt Feb 1903Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I138090
26 House, James Arthur  Abt Aug 1911Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I47186
27 House, James Ian  Abt Feb 1927Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I51367
28 House, John William  Abt May 1918Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I47892
29 House, Mabel  21 Sep 1914Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I51370
30 House, Mabel Elizabeth  25 May 1925Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I51371
31 House, Michael  Abt Aug 1949Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I79055
32 House, Reginald Sydney V  18 Nov 1918Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I127338
33 House, Sidney Frank  1 Apr 1920Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I47191
34 House, Stanley Robert  Abt Feb 1904Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I170064
35 House, Unnamed  Abt Nov 1898Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I138089
36 Howes, Jane Anne  20 Nov 1933Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I145568
37 Neighbour, Gladys Irene  Abt May 1902Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I137993
38 Neighbour, Ronald Frank  4 May 1922Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I47893
39 Pauffley, Eva  13 Apr 1896Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I47895
40 Plumridge, Rose F  Abt Aug 1920Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I113013
41 Smith, Ivy May  Abt May 1906Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I134771
42 Styles, Gilbert M  Abt May 1914Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I47204
43 Styles, Leslie J  Abt Aug 1911Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I47206
44 Tessier, Henry George  1 Jun 1907Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I173557
45 Vince, Muriel L  17 Feb 1920Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I171977
46 White, Louisa M A  29 Aug 1920Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I170087


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bowyer, Alice  Abt Nov 1939Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I23142
2 Croxford, William George  Abt Feb 1955Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I170085
3 Croxon, Frederick  Abt Feb 1963Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I109113
4 Godfrey, Amy Jane  Abt Aug 1964Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I47172
5 Hamilton-Howes, Colin Jack  Abt May 1944Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I147280
6 House, Annie Eliza  Abt Nov 1904Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I138091
7 House, Anthony George  Abt Nov 1961Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I48858
8 House, Arthur  Abt Feb 1961Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I47175
9 House, Henry Charles  Abt Feb 1941Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I47226
10 House, James  Abt Feb 1903Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I138090
11 House, James Arthur  Abt Aug 1924Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I47186
12 House, John James  Abt May 1951Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I47891
13 House, Michael  Abt Nov 1949Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I79055
14 House, Minnie Freda  Abt Feb 1969Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I14029
15 House, Nelly  Abt Aug 1970Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I73111
16 House, Samuel  Abt Feb 1918Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I47189
17 House, Stanley Robert  Abt Nov 1904Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I170064
18 House, Unnamed  Abt Nov 1898Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I138089
19 Howes, Agnes Alice  Abt Feb 1958Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I23940
20 Howes, Edward John  Abt Nov 1937Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I47648
21 Howes, Frances Kate  Abt Aug 1950Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I47285
22 Howes, William Charles  Abt May 1956Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I6121
23 Howse, Mary Maria  Abt Aug 1949Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I46226
24 Lane, William Alphonso Astbury  Abt Nov 1955Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I170084
25 Little, John Herbert  Abt Feb 1898Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I32477
26 Osborn, Agnes  Abt Feb 1959Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I46267
27 Pauffley, Eva  Abt Nov 1940Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I47895
28 Prue, Frederick Thomas  Abt Nov 1934Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I109102
29 Ruby, Florence Harriet  Abt Aug 1956Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I48617
30 Snow, Isabella  Abt Feb 1944Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I47202
31 Stone, John William  Abt May 1935Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I7655
32 Taylor, Sophia Caroline  Abt May 1956Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I48900
33 Vincent, Lavinia Laura  Abt May 1946Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I59218
34 White, Thomas Henry Francis  Abt Nov 1969Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I170083


Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Joan Sylvia  Abt Nov 1923Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I172079
2 Allen, Norman Frank  Abt Aug 1896Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I107158
3 Baldwin, Marjorie Lillian Hudson  Abt Nov 1917Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I79053
4 Bond, Royston  Abt Feb 1924Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I137393
5 Broadbent, George Edward  Abt May 1911Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I170082
6 Brown, Mabel Alice  Abt May 1898Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I51346
7 Castle, Elsie Mabel  Abt Aug 1901Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I137534
8 Collins, Arthur Percy  1 May 1913Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I76788
9 Croxford, Elsie Nora  Abt Nov 1923Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I170090
10 Croxford, George Arthur  Abt Nov 1924Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I170091
11 Croxford, William Henry  Abt May 1921Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I170089
12 Eaton, Ronald Dennis  Abt Feb 1908Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I51348
13 Eggleton, Dennis Brian  Abt Nov 1908Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I171999
14 Gibson, Shirley May  Abt Aug 1934Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I138015
15 Goulding, Elsie M  Abt Nov 1907Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I51351
16 Harris, Albert William  Abt Aug 1905Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I114605
17 Harris, Gladys E  Abt Aug 1919Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I173556
18 Harris, Morjorie May  Abt May 1911Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I114606
19 Harris, Sarah Ann  Abt May 1904Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I114604
20 House, Annie Phyllis  Abt May 1911Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I51355
21 House, Arthur  Abt Nov 1925Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I47176
22 House, David Robert  Abt May 1941Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I48459
23 House, Edith Amy  Abt Aug 1916Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I47178
24 House, Elsie Isabel  Abt Feb 1914Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I47180
25 House, Eva Annie  Abt Feb 1901Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I21806
26 House, Florence Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1898Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I8233
27 House, Frederick James  Abt Feb 1904Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I39723
28 House, George Leonard Baden-Powell  Abt Aug 1900Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I2160
29 House, Gertrude Ann  Abt Aug 1921Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I47889
30 House, Harold James  Abt Feb 1907Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I17008
31 House, Ivy Edith  Abt Aug 1906Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I51366
32 House, John  Abt Feb 1938Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I79054
33 House, Mabel  Abt Nov 1914Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I51370
34 House, Mabel Elizabeth  Abt May 1925Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I51371
35 House, Minnie Freda  Abt Nov 1908Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I14029
36 House, Reginald Sydney V  Abt Nov 1918Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I127338
37 House, Robert Frank  Abt Nov 1907Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I51378
38 House, Sidney Frank  Abt May 1920Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I47191
39 Howes, Jane Anne  Abt Nov 1933Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I145568
40 Maisey, William Alfred  Abt May 1897Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I173782
41 Neighbour, Ronald Frank  Abt May 1922Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I47893
42 Pauffley, Eva  Abt May 1896Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I47895
43 Smith, Violet Daisy  Abt Nov 1903Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I134773
44 Tessier, Henry George  Abt Aug 1907Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I173557
45 Vince, Muriel L  Abt Feb 1920Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I171977
46 White, Louisa M A  Abt Nov 1920Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I170087
47 Yardley, Doris Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1903Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I106376


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Brown, Henry  Abt Feb 1930Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I48633
2 Harris, Edwin George  Abt May 1930Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I172055
3 House, George Alexander  Abt Aug 1955Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I33184
4 House, James William  Abt Feb 1953Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I47091
5 Lawrence, Emma  Abt Feb 1965Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I51381
6 Lucas, Arthur  Abt Nov 1918Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I47782
7 Webb, Susan Theresa  Abt Nov 1940Maidenhead RD, Berkshire I52092


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bird / White  Abt May 1915Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F13920
2 Broadbent / House  Abt May 1940Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F52075
3 Bushnell / House  Abt Nov 1941Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F14125
4 Cresswell / House  Abt Aug 1931Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F15177
5 Croxford / House  Abt Nov 1920Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F52078
6 Eaton / House  Abt Nov 1931Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F15179
7 Eggleton / House  Abt Nov 1932Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F52701
8 Flatman / House  Abt May 1948Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F33941
9 Harris / Howes  Abt Aug 1932Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F53276
10 House / Appleton  Abt Aug 1956Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F17171
11 House / Baldwin  Abt Nov 1937Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F22451
12 House / Barnard  Abt Aug 1967Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F42020
13 House / Brown  Abt Feb 1925Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F15172
14 House / Godfrey  Abt Aug 1910Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F14122
15 House / Kent  Abt Aug 1948Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F39366
16 House / Mascard  Abt Nov 1918Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F11886
17 House / Pauffley  Abt Aug 1915Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F14302
18 House / Taylor  Abt May 1916Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F14558
19 House / Wapshott  Abt May 1913Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F39134
20 Howes / Davies  Abt Aug 1909Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F14872
21 Howes / Greenacre  Abt May 1948Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F32283
22 Howes / Pearce  Abt Nov 1931Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F44515
23 Howse / Vince  Abt Feb 1948Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F52692
24 Lane / House  Abt May 1926Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F52077
25 Neighbour / House  Abt Feb 1948Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F14300
26 Saker / House  Abt Aug 1938Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F17457
27 Shaw / Croxford  Abt Aug 1946Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F52081
28 Styles / House  Abt Aug 1910Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F14124
29 Taylor / White  Abt Nov 1939Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F52079
30 Tessier / Harris  Abt Feb 1932Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F53277
31 White / House  Abt May 1920Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F52076
32 Whittaker / House  Abt May 1941Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F14126


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barnes / Howse  Abt Feb 1900Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F48962
2 Harris / House  Abt Aug 1903Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F34467
3 Osborne / Howse  Abt Aug 1902Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F22269
4 Plumridge / House  Abt Aug 1918Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F15178
5 Smith / Howes  Abt May 1901Maidenhead RD, Berkshire F40920