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Mark, Somerset



Location : Latitude: 51.22778, Longitude: -2.88861


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Honor  Abt Jun 1774Mark, Somerset I101139
2 Ash, Henry William  Abt Feb 1851Mark, Somerset I33871
3 Ash, John Charles  Abt Nov 1850Mark, Somerset I33872
4 Bowle, Elizabeth  Abt 1824Mark, Somerset I34046
5 Bowle, Joan Eliza  Abt 1815Mark, Somerset I101611
6 Bristow, Anne  Abt 1851Mark, Somerset I33882
7 Chilcott, Betsy  Abt Aug 1859Mark, Somerset I34051
8 Cox, Elizabeth  Abt 1786Mark, Somerset I101374
9 Cox, Louisa Jane  Abt 1820Mark, Somerset I33710
10 Cox, Sarah  Abt 1814Mark, Somerset I33701
11 Darter, Olive Florence May  4 Jul 1904Mark, Somerset I117797
12 Day, Elizabeth  Abt 1825Mark, Somerset I34052
13 Dibble, Sarah  Abt 1839Mark, Somerset I33895
14 Fear, Alan Robert  9 Oct 1910Mark, Somerset I33616
15 Fear, Raymond John  Abt May 1908Mark, Somerset I33618
16 Fear, Robert  Abt Nov 1864Mark, Somerset I33619
17 Fisher, Maria  Abt 1817Mark, Somerset I42710
18 Glanville, Mary  Abt 1801Mark, Somerset I34109
19 Ham, Hester  Abt 1814Mark, Somerset I34543
20 Ham, Sidney Redman  24 May 1893Mark, Somerset I34076
21 House, Albert  Abt Dec 1815Mark, Somerset I33735
22 House, Albert Glanville  Abt Aug 1866Mark, Somerset I34078
23 House, Allen  Abt Oct 1838Mark, Somerset I33631
24 House, Allen  3 Aug 1902Mark, Somerset I34081
25 House, Ann Glanvile  Abt Feb 1857Mark, Somerset I34082
26 House, Annie Margaret  9 Jul 1874Mark, Somerset I33793
27 House, Anthony Glanville  14 May 1868Mark, Somerset I34083
28 House, Arthur  Abt 1822Mark, Somerset I34054
29 House, Betsy  13 Jun 1789Mark, Somerset I101141
30 House, Edith Minnie  16 Jun 1886Mark, Somerset I33799
31 House, Edwin Frank  6 Apr 1878Mark, Somerset I33750
32 House, Edwin Puddy  Abt 1824Mark, Somerset I33748
33 House, Eleanor Anne  Abt Oct 1881Mark, Somerset I171110
34 House, Eleanor Puddy  Abt 1822Mark, Somerset I33987
35 House, Ellen  Abt 1806Mark, Somerset I33752
36 House, Ellen  Abt Nov 1853Mark, Somerset I175920
37 House, Emma  Abt Jul 1861Mark, Somerset I34084
38 House, Ethel Eleanor  15 Mar 1881Mark, Somerset I33757
39 House, Fanny  Abt Feb 1856Mark, Somerset I34086
40 House, Frank  Abt Jan 1865Mark, Somerset I34087
41 House, Gabriel Billinge  4 Jun 1851Mark, Somerset I33763
42 House, Glanville  Abt Dec 1870Mark, Somerset I45078
43 House, Hannah  Abt Nov 1804Mark, Somerset I101143
44 House, Hannah  Abt Dec 1836Mark, Somerset I33655
45 House, Hannah Billinge  Abt 1811Mark, Somerset I33770
46 House, Hannah Sophia  15 Jun 1852Mark, Somerset I33771
47 House, Hannah Sophia  28 Aug 1862Mark, Somerset I118723
48 House, Harry  Abt Jan 1819Mark, Somerset I101372
49 House, Henry  1 May 1859Mark, Somerset I34059
50 House, Henry Allen  Abt Mar 1796Mark, Somerset I34089

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Honor  21 Oct 1844Mark, Somerset I101139
2 Bennett, Mary Ann  Abt 20 Sep 1814Mark, Somerset I101618
3 Bowle, Joan Eliza  21 Jan 1900Mark, Somerset I101611
4 Glanville, Mary  13 Feb 1871Mark, Somerset I34109
5 House, Albert  15 Dec 1889Mark, Somerset I33735
6 House, Arthur Douglas  21 Dec 1894Mark, Somerset I33744
7 House, Hannah  Abt 1 Nov 1834Mark, Somerset I101143
8 House, Harry  Abt Jan 1904Mark, Somerset I101372
9 House, Henry Allen  28 Oct 1856Mark, Somerset I34089
10 House, Henry Allen  9 May 1861Mark, Somerset I34090
11 House, James  Abt 10 Nov 1832Mark, Somerset I101592
12 House, James  23 Jun 1863Mark, Somerset I34002
13 House, Jane  6 Jan 1910Mark, Somerset I34093
14 House, Joan  Abt Jun 1764Mark, Somerset I101612
15 House, Job  27 May 1900Mark, Somerset I34094
16 House, John  24 Dec 1884Mark, Somerset I34005
17 House, John Robert  Abt 10 Jun 1878Mark, Somerset I33784
18 House, Lucy  16 Feb 1892Mark, Somerset I33790
19 House, Mary Ann  12 Oct 1843Mark, Somerset I101144
20 House, Mary Puddy  Abt 15 Feb 1815Mark, Somerset I101154
21 House, Nancy  Abt 1 Aug 1829Mark, Somerset I101162
22 House, Nicholas  Abt Mar 1791Mark, Somerset I101152
23 House, Nicholas  Abt 10 Jun 1856Mark, Somerset I33803
24 House, Richard Glanville  21 Nov 1867Mark, Somerset I34098
25 House, Samuel Billinge  Abt 21 Nov 1874Mark, Somerset I33815
26 House, Sophia  Abt 5 May 1810Mark, Somerset I101142
27 House, Walter  25 Mar 1896Mark, Somerset I33825
28 House, William  Abt 5 Sep 1804Mark, Somerset I101150
29 House, William  16 Jun 1857Mark, Somerset I101138
30 House, William  11 Nov 1887Mark, Somerset I101148
31 House, William Oliver  4 Apr 1911Mark, Somerset I33672
32 Porch, Joan  Abt Jul 1778Mark, Somerset I101153
33 Puddy, John Allen  22 Jan 1847Mark, Somerset I101606
34 Puddy, Mary  Abt 15 Mar 1838Mark, Somerset I101151
35 Puddy, Oliver  Abt 20 Jan 1827Mark, Somerset I101607
36 Redman, Rhoda  11 Oct 1901Mark, Somerset I34106
37 Spearing, Anna Mary  26 Sep 1914Mark, Somerset I34108
38 White, Betsy  18 Mar 1900Mark, Somerset I33862


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Allen, Honor  25 Oct 1844Mark, Somerset I101139
2 House, Martha Jane  Abt 20 Jun 1934Mark, Somerset I33794
3 House, Stanley Hamilton  Abt Sep 1918Mark, Somerset I33819
4 House, William  22 Jun 1857Mark, Somerset I101138
5 Moon, Sarah Eliza Agnes  29 Sep 1877Mark, Somerset I45113


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Allen, Honor  22 Jun 1774Mark, Somerset I101139
2 House, Eleanor Anne  10 Oct 1881Mark, Somerset I171110
3 House, Ellen  9 Jan 1806Mark, Somerset I33752
4 House, Frank  16 Jan 1865Mark, Somerset I34087
5 House, Hannah Billinge  25 Dec 1811Mark, Somerset I33770
6 House, Mary  27 Jan 1792Mark, Somerset I101351
7 House, Nicholas Isaac  Abt 1819Mark, Somerset I33780
8 House, Robert  26 Jul 1834Mark, Somerset I34539
9 House, Samuel Billinge  27 Dec 1813Mark, Somerset I33815
10 House, Sophia  1 Mar 1819Mark, Somerset I33818
11 House, Thomas  9 Feb 1804Mark, Somerset I34540
12 House, William  8 Apr 1773Mark, Somerset I101138


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ash, Henry William  Abt 1851Mark, Somerset I33871
2 Ash, Henry William  Abt 1852Mark, Somerset I33871
3 Ash, John Charles  Abt 1850Mark, Somerset I33872
4 Ash, John Charles  Abt 1851Mark, Somerset I33872
5 Billings, Sarah  Abt 1778Mark, Somerset I33863
6 Bowle, Elizabeth  Abt 1825Mark, Somerset I34046
7 Bristow, Anne  Abt 1851Mark, Somerset I33882
8 Chilcott, Betsy  Abt 1860Mark, Somerset I34051
9 Cox, Louisa Jane  Abt 1818Mark, Somerset I33710
10 Cox, Louisa Jane  Abt 1819Mark, Somerset I33710
11 Cox, Sarah  Abt 1813Mark, Somerset I33701
12 Darter, Olive Florence May  Abt 1904Mark, Somerset I117797
13 Fear, Raymond John  Abt 1907Mark, Somerset I33618
14 Fear, Robert  Abt 1864Mark, Somerset I33619
15 Fisher, Maria  Abt 1806Mark, Somerset I42710
16 Fisher, Maria  Abt 1812Mark, Somerset I42710
17 Fisher, Maria  Abt 1813Mark, Somerset I42710
18 Ham, Sidney Redman  Abt 1892Mark, Somerset I34076
19 House, Albert  Abt 1814Mark, Somerset I33735
20 House, Albert  Abt 1815Mark, Somerset I33735
21 House, Albert  Abt 1816Mark, Somerset I33735
22 House, Albert Glanville  Abt 1864Mark, Somerset I34078
23 House, Albert Glanville  Abt 1866Mark, Somerset I34078
24 House, Alek Adolphus Nicholas John Lee  Abt 1867Mark, Somerset I33630
25 House, Allen  Abt 1837Mark, Somerset I33631
26 House, Allen  Abt 1838Mark, Somerset I33631
27 House, Allen  Abt 1839Mark, Somerset I33631
28 House, Allen  Abt 1902Mark, Somerset I34081
29 House, Ann Glanvile  Abt 1856Mark, Somerset I34082
30 House, Ann Glanvile  Abt 1857Mark, Somerset I34082
31 House, Annie Margaret  Abt 1874Mark, Somerset I33793
32 House, Anthony Glanville  Abt 1868Mark, Somerset I34083
33 House, Edith Minnie  Abt 1885Mark, Somerset I33799
34 House, Edith Minnie  Abt 1887Mark, Somerset I33799
35 House, Edith Minnie  Abt 1888Mark, Somerset I33799
36 House, Edwin Frank  Abt 1876Mark, Somerset I33750
37 House, Edwin Frank  Abt 1877Mark, Somerset I33750
38 House, Edwin Puddy  Abt 1822Mark, Somerset I33748
39 House, Edwin Puddy  Abt 1823Mark, Somerset I33748
40 House, Eleanor Puddy  Abt 1824Mark, Somerset I33987
41 House, Ellen  Abt 1805Mark, Somerset I33752
42 House, Ellen  Abt 1809Mark, Somerset I33752
43 House, Ellen  Abt 1857Mark, Somerset I175920
44 House, Emma  Abt 1861Mark, Somerset I34084
45 House, Emma  Abt 1862Mark, Somerset I34084
46 House, Emma  Abt 1865Mark, Somerset I34084
47 House, Ethel Eleanor  Abt 1880Mark, Somerset I33757
48 House, Ethel Eleanor  Abt Jan 1881Mark, Somerset I33757
49 House, Ethel Eleanor  Abt 1882Mark, Somerset I33757
50 House, Fanny  Abt 1855Mark, Somerset I34086

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Billings, Sarah  Abt Jul 1863Mark, Somerset I33863
2 Cox, Sarah  Abt 25 Jul 1908Mark, Somerset I33701
3 Fear, Alan Robert  30 Oct 1984Mark, Somerset I33616


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Thomas  3 Jan 1805Mark, Somerset I101155
2 Billinge, Elizabeth Jane  14 Dec 1841Mark, Somerset I33706
3 Bowle, Elizabeth  21 Oct 1858Mark, Somerset I34046
4 Bowle, Joan Eliza  11 Oct 1855Mark, Somerset I101611
5 Cox, Elizabeth  17 May 1822Mark, Somerset I101374
6 Cox, Louisa Jane  21 Mar 1850Mark, Somerset I33710
7 Cox, Louisa Jane  1851Mark, Somerset I33710
8 Cox, Sarah  1841Mark, Somerset I33701
9 Day, Elizabeth  4 May 1851Mark, Somerset I34052
10 Day, Elizabeth  18 Jun 1854Mark, Somerset I34052
11 Day, Elizabeth  23 May 1863Mark, Somerset I34052
12 Day, Elizabeth  3 Apr 1881Mark, Somerset I34052
13 Fear, Robert  10 Apr 1907Mark, Somerset I33619
14 House, Allen  2 May 1865Mark, Somerset I33631
15 House, Allen  9 May 1866Mark, Somerset I33631
16 House, Arthur  4 May 1851Mark, Somerset I34054
17 House, Arthur  18 Jun 1854Mark, Somerset I34054
18 House, Ellen  11 Jun 1850Mark, Somerset I33752
19 House, Fanny  27 Mar 1883Mark, Somerset I34086
20 House, Fanny Sarah Lee  24 Apr 1906Mark, Somerset I33652
21 House, Hannah  Mar 1863Mark, Somerset I33655
22 House, Hannah Billinge  19 Oct 1842Mark, Somerset I33770
23 House, Henry Allen  20 May 1901Mark, Somerset I34091
24 House, Henry Allen  5 Sep 1902Mark, Somerset I34091
25 House, Jane  3 Nov 1891Mark, Somerset I34093
26 House, Job  1 Feb 1860Mark, Somerset I34094
27 House, Job  30 Apr 1895Mark, Somerset I34094
28 House, John  17 May 1822Mark, Somerset I101161
29 House, John  21 Oct 1858Mark, Somerset I34006
30 House, John Oliver  8 Apr 1856Mark, Somerset I101375
31 House, John White  30 Mar 1910Mark, Somerset I33656
32 House, Minnie Julia Lee  10 Apr 1907Mark, Somerset I33666
33 House, Nicholas Isaac  14 Dec 1841Mark, Somerset I33780
34 House, Richard Glanville  9 Jun 1868Mark, Somerset I34098
35 House, Robert  12 Feb 1857Mark, Somerset I34539
36 House, Robert  18 Jun 1863Mark, Somerset I34539
37 House, Samuel Billinge  21 Mar 1850Mark, Somerset I33815
38 House, Samuel Billinge  30 Mar 1851Mark, Somerset I33815
39 House, Sidney  26 Sep 1876Mark, Somerset I33816
40 House, Thomas  4 Jun 1868Mark, Somerset I34540
41 House, William  11 Oct 1855Mark, Somerset I101148
42 House, William Oliver  29 Feb 1876Mark, Somerset I33672
43 House, William Oliver  Apr 1911Mark, Somerset I33672
44 House, William Walter  21 Dec 1892Mark, Somerset I33831
45 Lee, Elizabeth  9 May 1866Mark, Somerset I33682
46 Main, Emma J  3 Apr 1881Mark, Somerset I163679
47 Main, Frank  3 Apr 1881Mark, Somerset I163678
48 Main, Henry  23 May 1863Mark, Somerset I34071
49 Main, Henry  3 Apr 1881Mark, Somerset I34071
50 Male, Alfred  17 Jul 1883Mark, Somerset I176264

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 House / Allen  14 Nov 1795Mark, Somerset F29798
2 House / House  16 Apr 1890Mark, Somerset F10677
3 Wyld / House  19 Oct 1842Mark, Somerset F10668