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Maryland, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 38.826506, Longitude: -77.2658995


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Sidonia  Feb 1856Maryland, USA I65983
2 Baker, Elias A  9 Jul 1835Maryland, USA I128954
3 Beall, Grace Elizabeth  Abt 1893Maryland, USA I128059
4 Berry, Rachel Ellen  Abt 1817Maryland, USA I128125
5 Blessing, Francis Thomas  11 Oct 1829Maryland, USA I131781
6 Butt, Bessie L  Jul 1877Maryland, USA I85037
7 Cox, Frank  Jun 1896Maryland, USA I95031
8 Cox, Raymond  Jul 1894Maryland, USA I95030
9 Cox, Virginia  Jan 1899Maryland, USA I95032
10 Duvall, Anne Elizabeth  Abt 1893Maryland, USA I128034
11 Everley, Carrie G  Abt 1902Maryland, USA I85027
12 Everley, David J  Abt 1905Maryland, USA I85029
13 Everley, Harry L  Abt 1904Maryland, USA I85028
14 Everley, Morris  Abt 1871Maryland, USA I85026
15 Finneyfrock, Calvin L  13 Dec 1908Maryland, USA I135227
16 Ford, Alice Thelma  Abt 1920Maryland, USA I68093
17 Gaither, Helen M  Jun 1853Maryland, USA I135211
18 Green, Ann  Abt 1792Maryland, USA I128137
19 Green, Eliza  27 Feb 1853Maryland, USA I128039
20 Greene, Katherine Evelyn  9 Nov 1910Maryland, USA I135188
21 Hawkins, Claude R  May 1890Maryland, USA I65952
22 Hawkins, Cora May  Abt May 1890Maryland, USA I65654
23 House, Anna B  Abt 1873Maryland, USA I132609
24 House, Cora F  Abt 1875Maryland, USA I132610
25 House, Eleventh  Abt 1865Maryland, USA I65944
26 House, Francis J  Abt 1847Maryland, USA I132201
27 House, George E  May 1880Maryland, USA I132612
28 House, George Leonard  14 Dec 1860Maryland, USA I131768
29 House, John  1789Maryland, USA I73727
30 House, John  1807Maryland, USA I73725
31 House, John Henderson  Abt 1787Maryland, USA I53483
32 House, Joseph Steven  26 Jun 1847Maryland, USA I131577
33 House, Maggie  Abt 1877Maryland, USA I132611
34 House, William  Abt 1785Maryland, USA I53482
35 House, William  Abt 1787Maryland, USA I73721
36 House, William R  4 May 1821Maryland, USA I125728
37 Howes, Albert  Dec 1887Maryland, USA I85012
38 Howes, Ann S  Abt 1844Maryland, USA I128127
39 Howes, Audrey S  Abt 1909Maryland, USA I128066
40 Howes, Bruce D  Abt 1930Maryland, USA I128038
41 Howes, Caroline  Abt 1830Maryland, USA I128139
42 Howes, Caroline R  Abt 1861Maryland, USA I65945
43 Howes, Catherine G  Abt Nov 1916Maryland, USA I128054
44 Howes, Clifton J  Dec 1892Maryland, USA I85013
45 Howes, E Woodrow  Abt Aug 1916Maryland, USA I135234
46 Howes, Edgar P  Abt 1875Maryland, USA I65982
47 Howes, Edward  Abt 1818Maryland, USA I65942
48 Howes, Edward  Abt 1886Maryland, USA I128064
49 Howes, Effie B  Sep 1894Maryland, USA I65669
50 Howes, Elexious  14 Jan 1789Maryland, USA I53462

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Howes, Viola  Oct 1964Maryland, USA I85008
2 Seidenstricker, Anna Langdon  15 Nov 1921Maryland, USA I131808
3 Unknown, Mary M  10 Aug 1934Maryland, USA I65661
4 Weston, Martha Fairbanks  8 Oct 1986Maryland, USA I15998


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Sidonia  Abt 1854Maryland, USA I65983
2 Allen, Sidonia  Abt 1858Maryland, USA I65983
3 Baker, L Miller  Abt 1883Maryland, USA I132203
4 Beall, Lucinda R  Abt 1850Maryland, USA I132608
5 Bell, Mary Ellen  Mar 1839Maryland, USA I128129
6 Berry, Rachel Ellen  Abt 1816Maryland, USA I128125
7 Berry, Rachel Ellen  1818Maryland, USA I128125
8 Butt, Bessie L  Abt 1877Maryland, USA I85037
9 Butt, Bessie L  Abt 1879Maryland, USA I85037
10 Cartzendafner, Rebecca Ellen  Abt 1827Maryland, USA I131581
11 Cox, Frank  Abt 1896Maryland, USA I95031
12 Cox, Henry B  Jan 1857Maryland, USA I95029
13 Cox, Raymond  Abt 1894Maryland, USA I95030
14 Cox, Virginia  Abt 1898Maryland, USA I95032
15 Finneyfrock, Calvin L  Abt 1907Maryland, USA I135227
16 Finneyfrock, Calvin L  Abt 1908Maryland, USA I135227
17 Gaither, Helen M  Abt 1851Maryland, USA I135211
18 Green, Eliza  Abt 1851Maryland, USA I128039
19 Green, Eliza  Abt 1852Maryland, USA I128039
20 Green, Eliza  Abt 1853Maryland, USA I128039
21 Green, Eliza  Feb 1855Maryland, USA I128039
22 Greene, Katherine Evelyn  Abt 1910Maryland, USA I135188
23 Hawkins, Cora May  Abt 1890Maryland, USA I65654
24 House, Edmonia S  Abt 1886Maryland, USA I132202
25 House, Edmonia S  May 1886Maryland, USA I132202
26 House, Eleventh  Abt 1866Maryland, USA I65944
27 House, George Leonard  Dec 1860Maryland, USA I131768
28 House, George Leonard  Abt 1861Maryland, USA I131768
29 House, John W  Abt 1843Maryland, USA I132607
30 House, John W  Abt 1845Maryland, USA I132607
31 House, John W  Nov 1845Maryland, USA I132607
32 House, John W  Abt 1849Maryland, USA I132607
33 House, Joseph Steven  Abt 1846Maryland, USA I131577
34 House, Joseph Steven  Abt 1847Maryland, USA I131577
35 House, Joseph Steven  Jun 1847Maryland, USA I131577
36 House, Martin William E  Abt 1822Maryland, USA I131580
37 House, Rachel Virginia  Abt Feb 1850Maryland, USA I131582
38 House, Thomas  1763Maryland, USA I73719
39 House, William  Abt 1789Maryland, USA I53482
40 House, William  Abt 1790Maryland, USA I53482
41 House, William R  Maryland, USA I125728
42 House, William R  Abt 1821Maryland, USA I125728
43 Howes, Ardell  Abt 1914Maryland, USA I135205
44 Howes, Ardell  Abt 1917Maryland, USA I135205
45 Howes, Carroll L  Abt 1923Maryland, USA I128068
46 Howes, Catherine G  Abt 1916Maryland, USA I128054
47 Howes, Charles Clifford  Abt 1895Maryland, USA I68106
48 Howes, Charles Clifford  Apr 1900Maryland, USA I68106
49 Howes, Charles Richard  May 1891Maryland, USA I135215
50 Howes, Charles Richard  Abt 1893Maryland, USA I135215

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 House, George  1736Maryland, USA I73593
2 House, John  1736Maryland, USA I73590
3 House, Susanna  1736Maryland, USA I73596
4 Unknown, Susannah  1736Maryland, USA I73591
5 Wallace, James  1820Maryland, USA I74077


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 House / Friend  Abt 1783Maryland, USA F21009
2 Ward / House  10 Nov 1806Maryland, USA F21010