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Merriott, Powerstock, Dorset



Address : Latitude: 50.9128, Longitude: -2.79538


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Anne  31 Mar 1851Merriott, Powerstock, Dorset I22587
2 Bailey, Anne  1861Merriott, Powerstock, Dorset I22587
3 Bailey, Anne  1871Merriott, Powerstock, Dorset I22587
4 House, Ann Keziah  1861Merriott, Powerstock, Dorset I6639
5 House, Catherine Alma  7 Apr 1861Merriott, Powerstock, Dorset I28739
6 House, Catherine Alma  2 Apr 1871Merriott, Powerstock, Dorset I28739
7 House, Elizabeth  1871Merriott, Powerstock, Dorset I17886
8 House, Frederick Osmond  1871Merriott, Powerstock, Dorset I11112
9 House, Frederick Osmond  1871Merriott, Powerstock, Dorset I11112
10 House, Hannah  1861Merriott, Powerstock, Dorset I7450
11 House, Hannah  1871Merriott, Powerstock, Dorset I7450
12 House, James Bailey  1861Merriott, Powerstock, Dorset I11082
13 House, James Bailey  1871Merriott, Powerstock, Dorset I11082
14 House, John  1861Merriott, Powerstock, Dorset I28646
15 House, John  1871Merriott, Powerstock, Dorset I28646
16 House, Leila Christian  1871Merriott, Powerstock, Dorset I26028
17 House, Thomas  30 Mar 1851Merriott, Powerstock, Dorset I19137
18 House, Thomas  31 Mar 1851Merriott, Powerstock, Dorset I20713
19 House, Thomas  1861Merriott, Powerstock, Dorset I20713
20 House, Thomas  1861Merriott, Powerstock, Dorset I19137
21 House, Thomas  1871Merriott, Powerstock, Dorset I20713
22 House, Thomas  1871Merriott, Powerstock, Dorset I19137