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New Zealand


Country : Latitude: -41.9620645, Longitude: 172.063025


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Eliza Catherine  Abt 1864New Zealand I4871
2 Attwood, Grahame George  23 Aug 1935New Zealand I179052
3 Christison, Alfred William  1901New Zealand I144591
4 Deller, James Stephen  10 Sep 1912New Zealand I136951
5 Dixon, Gordon William  Abt 1917New Zealand I179021
6 Hobbs, Charles Richardson  1889New Zealand I108809
7 Howes, Alicia Newnham  23 Aug 1895New Zealand I188875
8 Howes, Harold Beaumont  22 Feb 1895New Zealand I75693
9 Howes, Helen McMillan  22 Oct 1872New Zealand I179002
10 Howes, Lester Ronald  Abt May 1934New Zealand I137424
11 Howes, Mabel Isabella  Abt 1868New Zealand I144616
12 Howes, Milton Frank  29 Aug 1918New Zealand I62490
13 Howes, Peter Sydney Louis  2 Dec 1928New Zealand I93491
14 Howes, Richard Drayton  1948New Zealand I137499
15 Hows, Alfred Arnold  1914New Zealand I142679
16 Hows, Anne Gladys  1909New Zealand I142689
17 Hows, Charles Frederick Samuel  1870New Zealand I142682
18 Hows, Clarence Cecil  29 Sep 1898New Zealand I142692
19 Hows, Douglas Stanley  8 Oct 1905New Zealand I142686
20 Hows, Eleanor Ettie  1887New Zealand I142671
21 Hows, Elizabeth Grace Godwin  1900New Zealand I142688
22 Hows, Frederick Clair  1898New Zealand I142687
23 Hows, Frederick George  30 Nov 1890New Zealand I142694
24 Hows, George Nelson Shepherd  1866New Zealand I142690
25 Hows, Gerald Begg  20 Oct 1907New Zealand I142684
26 Hows, Isaac Shepherd  1873New Zealand I142676
27 Hows, Isabella Louisa Clara  1911New Zealand I142678
28 Hows, Ivon Coy  30 Jun 1902New Zealand I142693
29 Hows, Ivon Melton  1864New Zealand I144615
30 Hows, James Robert Haddon  1875New Zealand I142673
31 Hows, Leonard Arthur  1898New Zealand I142695
32 Hows, Lily  1913New Zealand I142681
33 Hows, Margaret Grace Dolores Haddon  1902New Zealand I142675
34 Hows, Mary Mabel  1916New Zealand I144613
35 Hows, Melton  1909New Zealand I142680
36 Hows, Owen David  28 Feb 1912New Zealand I142685
37 Hows, Thomas Arnold  25 Apr 1894New Zealand I144614
38 Howse, Alan Franklin  9 Jan 1925New Zealand I144922
39 Howse, Albert Edward  1917New Zealand I144589
40 Howse, Arnold  1880New Zealand I144577
41 Howse, Arthur  1878New Zealand I144576
42 Howse, Cecil Godfrey Vincent  1901New Zealand I144920
43 Howse, David Roland  21 Jun 1917New Zealand I144621
44 Howse, Elizabeth  1877New Zealand I144570
45 Howse, Emily Priscilla  1880New Zealand I144572
46 Howse, Frances Louisa  1885New Zealand I144993
47 Howse, Francis Gerald  1892New Zealand I144994
48 Howse, George  1858New Zealand I144563
49 Howse, George Edwin  1882New Zealand I144573
50 Howse, Harold  1911New Zealand I144586

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Clara  1927New Zealand I144617
2 Attwood, Grahame George  1978New Zealand I179052
3 Bain, Barbara Lindsey  1989New Zealand I144995
4 Baker, Kenneth  17 Jan 1978New Zealand I51593
5 Begg, Annie Elizabeth  26 Mar 1961New Zealand I142683
6 Bevin, Rebecca  4 Feb 1968New Zealand I136919
7 Brothers, Elizabeth Maria  New Zealand I142701
8 Broughton, Leonard Douglas  1973New Zealand I62488
9 Brown, Charles  1911New Zealand I117639
10 Butler, Rita Cora  2005New Zealand I142700
11 Capstick, Elsie May  25 Aug 1969New Zealand I120667
12 Carruthers, Hannah Johanna  1968New Zealand I179015
13 Christison, Alfred William  1948New Zealand I144591
14 Coddington, Raymond Francis  10 Jun 2013New Zealand I84165
15 Collins, Cyril Hugh de Pinguet  10 Feb 1991New Zealand I46924
16 Deller, Doris Emily  29 Aug 2000New Zealand I136950
17 Dixon, Shirley Anna  2007New Zealand I179023
18 Doughty, Ellaline Lulu  1998New Zealand I144921
19 Drayton, Mignonette Lucy  1991New Zealand I137498
20 Eldershaw, Mary Ann  Abt 1956New Zealand I20606
21 Field, John Hughes  1980New Zealand I62486
22 Fixter, Jane Priscilla  1979New Zealand I184404
23 Gear, Phyllis Marjory McIlwaine  2003New Zealand I136927
24 Gittos, Sarah  1948New Zealand I178955
25 Gordon, Belle Georgina Ruth  1979New Zealand I29795
26 Grace, Harriet Elizabeth Frances  1942New Zealand I5651
27 Guthrie, Cecilia Agnes Ann  27 Jul 1987New Zealand I142699
28 Hartley, Hilda  2008New Zealand I105375
29 Hingston, Sarah Louise  27 Jul 1989New Zealand I627
30 Hosegood, Audrey Ellen  1 Dec 1997New Zealand I48734
31 House, Charles Henry  1970New Zealand I81178
32 House, Colin Charles  1982New Zealand I184405
33 House, Herbert George Mark  1963New Zealand I71619
34 House, Herbert Tom  1945New Zealand I23874
35 House, Joseph John  1973New Zealand I71620
36 House, Samuel Frank  15 Jan 1900New Zealand I38091
37 House, Sidney Tom  1970New Zealand I71621
38 Howes, Alicia Newnham  1975New Zealand I188875
39 Howes, Clarence Horton  13 Mar 1994New Zealand I62511
40 Howes, David  10 Sep 1996New Zealand I148166
41 Howes, Edith Annie  9 Jul 1954New Zealand I73413
42 Howes, Isla Edna May  May 1989New Zealand I62505
43 Howes, James William  1982New Zealand I120666
44 Howes, John Selwyn  18 Jun 1983New Zealand I14200
45 Howes, Laura Augusta  16 Nov 1950New Zealand I19788
46 Howes, Milton Frank  17 May 2017New Zealand I62490
47 Howes, Nesta Milton  1987New Zealand I62487
48 Howes, Patricia Ann  1971New Zealand I97769
49 Howes, Peter Sydney Louis  29 Jul 1970New Zealand I93491
50 Howes, Phyllis Hope  2003New Zealand I74682

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Howes, Alicia Newnham  1895New Zealand I188875
2 Howes, Emma  Abt 1874New Zealand I313
3 Howes, William Alfred  14 Jun 1877New Zealand I179004
4 Hows, Charles Ernest  1889New Zealand I142672
5 Hows, Clarence Cecil  1899New Zealand I142692
6 Hows, Douglas Stanley  1905New Zealand I142686
7 Hows, Frederick George  1890New Zealand I142694
8 Hows, Gerald Begg  1907New Zealand I142684
9 Hows, Ivon Coy  1902New Zealand I142693
10 Hows, Owen David  1912New Zealand I142685
11 Hows, Thomas Arnold  1894New Zealand I144614
12 Howse, Alan Franklin  1925New Zealand I144922
13 Howse, Albert Edward Kenrick  1873New Zealand I144618
14 Howse, David  1876New Zealand I144622
15 Howse, David Leslie Wilson  1902New Zealand I144934
16 Howse, David Roland  1917New Zealand I144621
17 Howse, Edwin  1880New Zealand I136909
18 Howse, Elizabeth Jane  1886New Zealand I136911
19 Howse, Frances Mary  1900New Zealand I144929
20 Howse, Helen Caroline  1903New Zealand I144955
21 Howse, Ivan Basil  1909New Zealand I144585
22 Howse, Joyce Marjorie  1915New Zealand I144588
23 Howse, Lewington Phelps  1884New Zealand I136910
24 Howse, Lewis Arnold  1910New Zealand I144973
25 Howse, Lily  1884New Zealand I144579
26 Howse, Olive  8 Oct 1887New Zealand I144580
27 Howse, Thomas Geoffrey  1899New Zealand I144928
28 Howse, Thomas William  1903New Zealand I136920
29 Howse, William Charles George Lewington  1905New Zealand I136926
30 Howse, William Thomas  1877New Zealand I136908
31 McGillvray, Robert David  1895New Zealand I168315
32 Miller, Florence Emmeline  1912New Zealand I144974
33 Roberts, Ruby Elizabeth  1904New Zealand I142698
34 Stevenson, Albert Roy Hunter  1917New Zealand I188877
35 Vine, John Challis  Abt 1864New Zealand I81753
36 Waldin, Donald Rex  1909New Zealand I144957


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Begg, Annie Elizabeth  1961New Zealand I142683
2 Guthrie, Cecilia Agnes Ann  1987New Zealand I142699
3 House, Samuel Frank  1900New Zealand I38091
4 Howes, Albert Arthur  1930New Zealand I120662
5 Howes, Alfred  1895New Zealand I16759
6 Howes, Dolina  1990New Zealand I74650
7 Howes, Ellen Myrtle  1988New Zealand I74652
8 Howes, Florence  1987New Zealand I74654
9 Howes, Francis  1925New Zealand I21963
10 Howes, Hilda Elizabeth  1973New Zealand I10114
11 Howes, Lester Ronald  2 Mar 1943New Zealand I137424
12 Howes, Margaret  1939New Zealand I179000
13 Howes, Mary Helena  19 Nov 1938New Zealand I179003
14 Howes, Milton Frank  2017New Zealand I62490
15 Howes, Thomas Henry  1962New Zealand I62480
16 Howes, Thomas Sydney  1965New Zealand I74691
17 Howes, Violet Maud  1961New Zealand I62485
18 Hows, Charles Frederick Samuel  1959New Zealand I142682
19 Hows, Clarence Cecil  1982New Zealand I142692
20 Hows, Frederick Clair  1981New Zealand I142687
21 Hows, John Thomas Arnold  1936New Zealand I15154
22 Howse, Albert Edward Kenrick  1953New Zealand I144618
23 Howse, Alice Jane  2 Jan 1929New Zealand I136912
24 Howse, Arnold  1953New Zealand I144577
25 Howse, Bevin Alexander  1936New Zealand I136928
26 Howse, Charles  Abt 1 Jun 1941New Zealand I136914
27 Howse, Daisy Ethel  1994New Zealand I144977
28 Howse, David  1915New Zealand I144622
29 Howse, David Leslie Wilson  1979New Zealand I144934
30 Howse, Edwin  1893New Zealand I19420
31 Howse, Edwin John  1964New Zealand I50780
32 Howse, Elizabeth Jane  Abt Sep 1886New Zealand I136911
33 Howse, Iris Evelyn  2010New Zealand I144923
34 Howse, Judith Ann  1940New Zealand I136929
35 Howse, Lewington  1878New Zealand I136907
36 Howse, Lily  1967New Zealand I144579
37 Howse, Murray David  1986New Zealand I144936
38 Howse, Samuel Bevin  1913New Zealand I136925
39 Howse, Thomas  1936New Zealand I22610
40 Howse, Violet Louise  1929New Zealand I136915
41 Howse, Violet Louise  2 Jan 1929New Zealand I136915
42 Jackson, Jessie Evelyn  1960New Zealand I144619
43 McGillvray, Robert David  1983New Zealand I168315
44 McMillan, Margaret  1921New Zealand I178999
45 Moyle, Elizabeth Jane  Abt 1878New Zealand I136905
46 Newnham, Clara Miriam  1963New Zealand I120665
47 Olives, Sarah  1934New Zealand I62476
48 Roberts, Ruby Elizabeth  1994New Zealand I142698
49 Unknown, Stella Adelaide  1932New Zealand I136916
50 Wilson, Mildred Amy  1975New Zealand I188846


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Bragger, Ellen Belinda  Abt 1923New Zealand I72393
2 Bragger, Robert John  Abt 1923New Zealand I72429
3 Bragger, Robert William  Abt 1923New Zealand I72430
4 Hosegood, Audrey Ellen  Abt 1959New Zealand I48734
5 Howes, Ellen Rose  Abt 1923New Zealand I72435


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID 
1 Heath, Carl Thomas  20 Oct 1970New Zealand I10216


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Howes, Milton Frank  2012New Zealand I62490
2 Howes, Ralph Norman  1950New Zealand I118362
3 Howes, William Montagu Davenport  Aft 1900New Zealand I47776


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allen / Jones  29 Jul 1929New Zealand F9252
2 Anderson / Howse  1928New Zealand F41626
3 Armstrong / Howse  1911New Zealand F41624
4 Attwood / Nelson  12 May 1930New Zealand F55334
5 Attwood / Ward  1933New Zealand F55332
6 Bennett / Forsyth  Aft 1940New Zealand F18127
7 Bishop / Howes  1912New Zealand F8093
8 Brain / Howes  1866New Zealand F1864
9 Broughton / Howes  1947New Zealand F18109
10 Christie / Jones  14 Sep 1935New Zealand F7556
11 Christison / Howse  1931New Zealand F44186
12 Davey / Howse  1883New Zealand F44178
13 Dean / Howes  1941New Zealand F21208
14 Dixon / Nash  1916New Zealand F55321
15 Elmers / Howes  9 Jul 1924New Zealand F4676
16 Eton / Howes  1946New Zealand F5284
17 Field / Howes  1926New Zealand F18108
18 Ford / Howes  1947New Zealand F21223
19 Glenne / Jones  17 Dec 1932New Zealand F8177
20 Howes / Archer  1902New Zealand F18107
21 Howes / Assendelft  17 Jul 1985New Zealand F18113
22 Howes / Daziel  1957New Zealand F18112
23 Howes / Gordon  1917New Zealand F9619
24 Howes / Hickland  1947New Zealand F18121
25 Howes / Hobcroft  1904New Zealand F55328
26 Howes / Hurndell  Abt 1947New Zealand F18111
27 Howes / Lima  1908New Zealand F18117
28 Howes / MacDonald  1939New Zealand F18120
29 Howes / Mason  22 Dec 1927New Zealand F4390
30 Howes / Moon  1942New Zealand F5029
31 Howes / Olsen  1923New Zealand F3212
32 Howes / Perrin  29 Aug 1928New Zealand F55329
33 Howes / Scollay  1905New Zealand F37809
34 Howes / Waters  1926New Zealand F7360
35 Howes / Wilkie  1925New Zealand F2144
36 Hows / Adams  1893New Zealand F44197
37 Hows / Begg  1897New Zealand F43534
38 Hows / Brothers  1877New Zealand F43541
39 Hows / Butler  1936New Zealand F43540
40 Hows / Gallie  1917New Zealand F43536
41 Hows / Guthrie  1926New Zealand F43539
42 Hows / Roberts  1935New Zealand F43538
43 Hows / Shandley  1932New Zealand F43537
44 Hows / Shepherd  1889New Zealand F43535
45 Hows / Shepherd  1909New Zealand F43533
46 Hows / Tennent  1901New Zealand F43532
47 Hows / Warwick  1885New Zealand F43527
48 Howse / Bain  1923New Zealand F44324
49 Howse / Bevin  1902New Zealand F41627
50 Howse / Cole  1933New Zealand F41628

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Forsyth / Howes  27 Dec 1910New Zealand F18106
2 Howes / Capstick  1929New Zealand F36407
3 Howes / Newnham  1894New Zealand F36406
4 Hows / Shepherd  1863New Zealand F4210
5 Howse / Eldershaw  1918New Zealand F6989
6 Nash / Howes  1888New Zealand F55318
7 Waldin / Howse  1934New Zealand F44315