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Newquay, Cornwall



City/Town : Latitude: 50.4421, Longitude: -4.99588


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Carter, Catherine Jane  Abt Nov 1839Newquay, Cornwall I24418
2 Furse, Phyllis Mary  Abt Feb 1895Newquay, Cornwall I2626
3 Hicks, Albert Constantine  Abt Feb 1899Newquay, Cornwall I15731
4 Hicks, Ann  Abt 1824Newquay, Cornwall I14103
5 Hicks, Charles Johnson  Abt Aug 1904Newquay, Cornwall I29602
6 Hicks, Rosaline Pickford  Abt Aug 1895Newquay, Cornwall I2728
7 Hicks, Thomas Edwin  6 Dec 1900Newquay, Cornwall I8562
8 Hicks, Thomas John  Abt 1867Newquay, Cornwall I15684
9 House, Agnes Jennifer  Abt Feb 1883Newquay, Cornwall I8474
10 House, Agnes Lenore  Abt Aug 1891Newquay, Cornwall I16130
11 House, Aileen Lilian  Abt May 1903Newquay, Cornwall I20264
12 House, Archibald Noel  Abt Nov 1889Newquay, Cornwall I7466
13 House, Charles Constantine  Abt Jun 1910Newquay, Cornwall I7102
14 House, Cilicia Mary  Abt Aug 1881Newquay, Cornwall I27416
15 House, Constance Ella  Abt Nov 1908Newquay, Cornwall I7376
16 House, Ellen Maud  Abt Aug 1881Newquay, Cornwall I2517
17 House, Elsie Florence  Abt Nov 1876Newquay, Cornwall I11354
18 House, Elsie Maud  Abt Dec 1910Newquay, Cornwall I19043
19 House, Ernest  28 Dec 1874Newquay, Cornwall I5389
20 House, Harry  Abt May 1902Newquay, Cornwall I28402
21 House, James Mitchell  Abt Aug 1877Newquay, Cornwall I16972
22 House, James Strout  Abt May 1885Newquay, Cornwall I23525
23 House, Kathleen Adela  Abt Nov 1866Newquay, Cornwall I8326
24 House, Kathleen Adele  Abt Nov 1886Newquay, Cornwall I18429
25 House, Leonora Ellen  Abt Aug 1905Newquay, Cornwall I14514
26 House, Lizzie Marion  Abt May 1872Newquay, Cornwall I23093
27 House, Louie  Abt Aug 1868Newquay, Cornwall I1561
28 House, Mary Jane  Abt Nov 1864Newquay, Cornwall I17224
29 House, Mary Martha Carter  13 Nov 1870Newquay, Cornwall I1152
30 House, Robert Henry  Abt Nov 1871Newquay, Cornwall I14039
31 House, Stanley  Abt Aug 1903Newquay, Cornwall I6060
32 House, William Ellis  Abt May 1868Newquay, Cornwall I1445
33 House, William Henry Hawkey  Abt May 1859Newquay, Cornwall I21816
34 Mitchell, Audrey Ruby  Abt Dec 1900Newquay, Cornwall I53051
35 Mitchell, Claude R  Abt Aug 1898Newquay, Cornwall I53052
36 Mitchell, Sophia Daisy  Abt Aug 1903Newquay, Cornwall I53056
37 Tinney, Amy Catherine  Abt May 1891Newquay, Cornwall I18100
38 Tinney, Charles Edwin  Abt Feb 1861Newquay, Cornwall I13085
39 Tinney, Irene Adele  24 Sep 1894Newquay, Cornwall I13502


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Clemens, Lottie  Abt May 1879Newquay, Cornwall I19463
2 Furse, Phyllis Mary  Abt 1894Newquay, Cornwall I2626
3 Hicks, Thomas Edwin  Abt Jan 1901Newquay, Cornwall I8562
4 House, Agnes Jennifer  Abt 1884Newquay, Cornwall I8474
5 House, Amanda Jane  Abt Aug 1863Newquay, Cornwall I745
6 House, Ellen Maud  Abt 1881Newquay, Cornwall I2517
7 House, Henry  Abt May 1868Newquay, Cornwall I18305
8 House, James  Abt 1844Newquay, Cornwall I7574
9 House, James Mitchell  Abt 1877Newquay, Cornwall I16972
10 House, James Mitchell  Abt 1878Newquay, Cornwall I16972
11 House, John  Abt Aug 1866Newquay, Cornwall I2074
12 House, Mary Jane  Abt 1863Newquay, Cornwall I17224
13 House, Mary Martha Carter  Abt Nov 1870Newquay, Cornwall I1152
14 House, Rebecca  Abt Nov 1848Newquay, Cornwall I4024
15 House, Rebecca  Abt 1849Newquay, Cornwall I4024
16 House, Rebecca  Abt 1850Newquay, Cornwall I4024
17 Mitchell, Audrey Ruby  Abt 1900Newquay, Cornwall I53051
18 Mitchell, Claude R  Abt 1898Newquay, Cornwall I53052
19 Mitchell, Sophia Daisy  Abt 1903Newquay, Cornwall I53056
20 Tinney, Amy Catherine  Abt 1891Newquay, Cornwall I18100
21 Tinney, Charles Edwin  Abt 1862Newquay, Cornwall I13085
22 Tinney, Charles Edwin  Abt 1863Newquay, Cornwall I13085
23 Tinney, Irene Adele  Abt 1894Newquay, Cornwall I13502


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Carlyle, Mary Cecilia  8 Jan 1900Newquay, Cornwall I53049
2 Carter, Catherine Jane  12 Feb 1863Newquay, Cornwall I24418
3 Clemens, Lottie  17 Jan 1901Newquay, Cornwall I19463
4 Furse, William  31 Mar 1894Newquay, Cornwall I2999
5 Hawken, Jane  23 Dec 1863Newquay, Cornwall I27016
6 Hawkey, Elizabeth  1861Newquay, Cornwall I27457
7 Hicks, Ann  19 Feb 1851Newquay, Cornwall I14103
8 Hicks, Thomas John  26 Nov 1892Newquay, Cornwall I15684
9 House, Agnes Jennifer  1 Jan 1908Newquay, Cornwall I8474
10 House, Amanda Jane  16 Apr 1890Newquay, Cornwall I745
11 House, Constantine  23 Dec 1863Newquay, Cornwall I3208
12 House, Eliza Jane  1861Newquay, Cornwall I28991
13 House, Henry  12 Feb 1863Newquay, Cornwall I6000
14 House, Henry  17 Jan 1901Newquay, Cornwall I18305
15 House, James  1861Newquay, Cornwall I1114
16 House, James  3 Apr 1881Newquay, Cornwall I7574
17 House, James Mitchell  8 Jan 1900Newquay, Cornwall I16972
18 House, Mary Jane  26 Nov 1892Newquay, Cornwall I28517
19 House, Mary Jane  31 Mar 1894Newquay, Cornwall I17224
20 House, Mary Martha Carter  17 Dec 1890Newquay, Cornwall I1152
21 House, Phillippa Susan  13 Mar 1873Newquay, Cornwall I82
22 House, Rebecca  1861Newquay, Cornwall I4024
23 House, William Henry Hawkey  1861Newquay, Cornwall I21816
24 James, Cecilia Jane  3 Apr 1881Newquay, Cornwall I160853
25 Tinney, Charles Edwin  17 Dec 1890Newquay, Cornwall I13085