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Nova Scotia, Canada


State/Province : Latitude: 44.6463, Longitude: -63.5762


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barrett, Lida  Apr 1861Nova Scotia, Canada I149281
2 Foster, Flora May  10 May 1889Nova Scotia, Canada I90067
3 Howse, Adolphus  19 Nov 1884Nova Scotia, Canada I85433
4 Howse, Janet  27 Sep 1880Nova Scotia, Canada I85431
5 Howse, Johnson Speakman  31 Jan 1891Nova Scotia, Canada I85434
6 Howse, Mary  8 Jun 1899Nova Scotia, Canada I85440
7 Howse, Wentworth  29 Aug 1876Nova Scotia, Canada I85430
8 Jones, Jewel W  Abt 1874Nova Scotia, Canada I79386
9 Lent, Alice N  Nova Scotia, Canada I165190
10 Potter, Sarah E  Nova Scotia, Canada I8685
11 Tupper, Edgar S  Abt 1878Nova Scotia, Canada I163747
12 Unknown, Jean  1926Nova Scotia, Canada I178672
13 Wisswell, Sarah A  9 Feb 1825Nova Scotia, Canada I132538


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barrett, Lida  Abt 1860Nova Scotia, Canada I149281
2 Gammell, Agnes G  Abt 1876Nova Scotia, Canada I85423
3 Howse, Adolphus  Abt 1884Nova Scotia, Canada I85433
4 Howse, Ernest Aubrey  Abt 1874Nova Scotia, Canada I85422
5 Howse, Ernest Aubrey  Abt 1876Nova Scotia, Canada I85422
6 Howse, Frances Ethel  Abt 1882Nova Scotia, Canada I85432
7 Howse, Frances Ethel  28 Nov 1882Nova Scotia, Canada I85432
8 Howse, Janet  Abt 1880Nova Scotia, Canada I85431
9 Howse, Johnson Speakman  Abt 1890Nova Scotia, Canada I85434
10 Howse, Johnson Speakman  Abt Jan 1891Nova Scotia, Canada I85434
11 Howse, Johnson Speakman  Feb 1891Nova Scotia, Canada I85434
12 Howse, Mary  Abt 1898Nova Scotia, Canada I85440
13 Howse, Mary  Jun 1899Nova Scotia, Canada I85440
14 Howse, Wentworth  Abt 1876Nova Scotia, Canada I85430
15 Howse, William Melville  Abt 1878Nova Scotia, Canada I85429
16 Jackson, Reverend William Henry  Abt 1864Nova Scotia, Canada I175448
17 Simmonds, Estelle May  Nova Scotia, Canada I9282
18 Simmonds, Estelle May  Abt 1892Nova Scotia, Canada I9282
19 Speakman, Frances  Abt 1852Nova Scotia, Canada I85425
20 Speakman, Frances  May 1852Nova Scotia, Canada I85425
21 Speakman, Frances  24 May 1852Nova Scotia, Canada I85425