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Plymouth, Devon



City/Town : Latitude: 50.391679, Longitude: -4.1140328


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Frederick George  Abt 1884Plymouth, Devon I105068
2 Barker, William  Abt 1877Plymouth, Devon I164490
3 Batty, Ada Beatrice  7 Sep 1897Plymouth, Devon I59969
4 Bettison, Harold Richard  28 Feb 1910Plymouth, Devon I162771
5 Bickell, Gillian Mary  17 Aug 1942Plymouth, Devon I60240
6 Bush, Charles Edward  3 May 1902Plymouth, Devon I164381
7 Carling, Julia Rose  2 Dec 1888Plymouth, Devon I111588
8 Carpenter, Leslie  18 Mar 1905Plymouth, Devon I53232
9 Chapman, William Henry  Abt 1830Plymouth, Devon I20456
10 Daw, Charles  Abt 1870Plymouth, Devon I8014
11 Eden, Beatrice May  4 May 1917Plymouth, Devon I3503
12 Friend, Charles Edward  18 Mar 1890Plymouth, Devon I164527
13 Gimblet, Clara Cobbledick  2 Apr 1866Plymouth, Devon I76608
14 Guest, Violet May  17 Aug 1902Plymouth, Devon I81050
15 Hammond, Lilian D  7 Jul 1917Plymouth, Devon I105175
16 Hammond, Victoria May  11 Sep 1919Plymouth, Devon I164382
17 Harper, Fanny Harriett  Abt 1877Plymouth, Devon I8194
18 Hoskin, Eliza Jane  Abt 1819Plymouth, Devon I161091
19 House, Alice Maud  4 Oct 1881Plymouth, Devon I112221
20 House, Dorothy Gladys  20 Aug 1901Plymouth, Devon I81067
21 House, Edward John  17 May 1901Plymouth, Devon I76613
22 House, Eva Annie  Abt Aug 1879Plymouth, Devon I81082
23 House, Frederick William Magee  25 Jan 1891Plymouth, Devon I76609
24 House, Henry William John  Abt Feb 1873Plymouth, Devon I81104
25 House, James Henry  16 Apr 1898Plymouth, Devon I76611
26 House, Jemima  Abt Sep 1811Plymouth, Devon I164511
27 House, Jessie Victoria  10 Jun 1898Plymouth, Devon I81066
28 House, Nellie Catherine  20 Apr 1900Plymouth, Devon I76612
29 House, Rosalie Doris May  26 May 1906Plymouth, Devon I81068
30 House, Violet I  8 Jun 1917Plymouth, Devon I59970
31 House, William John  Abt May 1893Plymouth, Devon I76610
32 House, Winifred Cora May  2 May 1904Plymouth, Devon I16066
33 Howes, Amelia  7 May 1821Plymouth, Devon I164514
34 Howes, Dorothy Emma  7 Nov 1909Plymouth, Devon I120081
35 Howes, Gladys Irene  16 Dec 1903Plymouth, Devon I72023
36 Howes, James Victor  14 Oct 1915Plymouth, Devon I105158
37 Howes, Roy Francis  9 Jun 1926Plymouth, Devon I81053
38 Howes, Selina Isabella  3 Aug 1823Plymouth, Devon I164515
39 Howes, William James  Abt Jan 1817Plymouth, Devon I164512
40 Howse, Lilian A M  12 Feb 1920Plymouth, Devon I75390
41 Jenkin, Alice  24 Dec 1874Plymouth, Devon I29091
42 Lake, William John  Abt 1873Plymouth, Devon I164475
43 Linscott, Harold Leonard  Abt Aug 1888Plymouth, Devon I162756
44 Mann, Elizabeth  Abt 1855Plymouth, Devon I71926
45 Manning, Edith Ellen  Abt Nov 1895Plymouth, Devon I78061
46 Matthews, Mary Elizabeth Lucas  Abt Nov 1885Plymouth, Devon I120079
47 Maunder, Kate  19 Mar 1891Plymouth, Devon I37662
48 Nile, Alfred Alonzo  Abt May 1880Plymouth, Devon I105138
49 Nile, Arthur Stanley  Abt May 1896Plymouth, Devon I105144
50 Nile, Elizabeth Julian  2 Mar 1886Plymouth, Devon I105140

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 House, Arthur George  1 Nov 1931Plymouth, Devon I15704
2 House, Cecil Edward Valentine  7 Feb 1950Plymouth, Devon I18773
3 House, Kenneth F G  2 May 2008Plymouth, Devon I160318
4 House, Wilfred Brind  5 Feb 2011Plymouth, Devon I79014
5 Howes, Colin Edward  26 Jun 2020Plymouth, Devon I81035
6 Howes, Harold Spencer  1 Nov 1962Plymouth, Devon I31580
7 Howes, Howard George  6 Jul 1966Plymouth, Devon I60987
8 Howes, Victor Frank Page  Abt Feb 1972Plymouth, Devon I36328
9 Howes, William James  Abt 24 Feb 1818Plymouth, Devon I164512
10 Marker, Kathleen Blanche  7 Jun 1983Plymouth, Devon I31584
11 Paget, Florence Lucy  23 Mar 1983Plymouth, Devon I81051
12 Rutter, Elizabeth Mary  31 Mar 1926Plymouth, Devon I39174
13 Stiles, James Francis  11 Mar 2012Plymouth, Devon I164534
14 Storey, Frederick John  18 Jul 1917Plymouth, Devon I26730
15 Wicks, Roy Henry  28 May 2011Plymouth, Devon I170772


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 Almond, Harry John  23 Jun 1899Plymouth, Devon I108807
2 Gaitskell, Muriel Alice  7 Jul 1926Plymouth, Devon I114226
3 Howes, James Ernest  15 Jan 1928Plymouth, Devon I35433
4 Howse, Ottoline Kate  13 Apr 1936Plymouth, Devon I125318


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baser, Robert James  Abt 1863Plymouth, Devon I56975
2 Bettison, Harold Richard  Abt 1909Plymouth, Devon I162771
3 Chapman, William Henry  Abt 1831Plymouth, Devon I20456
4 Edwards, William Benjamin Howes  Abt 1905Plymouth, Devon I105079
5 Ellis, Georgina  Abt 1843Plymouth, Devon I81079
6 Gimblet, Clara Cobbledick  Abt 1865Plymouth, Devon I76608
7 Goldsack, Gladys Mary Margaret  Abt May 1900Plymouth, Devon I162761
8 House, Alice Maud  Abt 1881Plymouth, Devon I112221
9 House, Dorothy Gladys  Abt 1901Plymouth, Devon I81067
10 House, Dorothy Gladys  Abt Aug 1901Plymouth, Devon I81067
11 House, Edward John  Abt 1900Plymouth, Devon I76613
12 House, Eva Annie  Abt 1878Plymouth, Devon I81082
13 House, Eva Annie  Abt 1879Plymouth, Devon I81082
14 House, Frederick William Magee  Abt 1890Plymouth, Devon I76609
15 House, Henry William John  Abt 1872Plymouth, Devon I81104
16 House, James Henry  Abt 1897Plymouth, Devon I76611
17 House, James Henry  Abt 1898Plymouth, Devon I76611
18 House, James Henry  Abt May 1898Plymouth, Devon I76611
19 House, Jessie Victoria  Abt 1898Plymouth, Devon I81066
20 House, Nellie Catherine  Abt 1899Plymouth, Devon I76612
21 House, Rosalie Doris May  Abt 1906Plymouth, Devon I81068
22 House, Rosalie Doris May  Abt Aug 1906Plymouth, Devon I81068
23 House, William John  Abt 1892Plymouth, Devon I76610
24 House, Winifred Cora May  Abt 1904Plymouth, Devon I16066
25 House, Winifred Cora May  Abt May 1904Plymouth, Devon I16066
26 Howes, Alice Maude  Abt 1872Plymouth, Devon I77116
27 Howes, Arthur Burnaby  Abt 1878Plymouth, Devon I9352
28 Howes, Dorothy Emma  Abt Dec 1909Plymouth, Devon I120081
29 Howes, Edith Mary  Abt 1877Plymouth, Devon I11447
30 Howes, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1843Plymouth, Devon I27407
31 Howes, Elizabeth Ann  Abt May 1844Plymouth, Devon I27407
32 Howes, Emily  Abt 1857Plymouth, Devon I7499
33 Howes, Gladys Irene  Abt 1903Plymouth, Devon I72023
34 Howes, Jemima Selina  Abt 1842Plymouth, Devon I24769
35 Howes, William Charles James  Abt Apr 1819Plymouth, Devon I23375
36 Linscott, Harold Leonard  Abt 1888Plymouth, Devon I162756
37 Linscott, Joseph Richard Andrews  Abt 1850Plymouth, Devon I162751
38 Mann, Elizabeth  Abt 1853Plymouth, Devon I71926
39 Manning, Edith Ellen  Abt 1895Plymouth, Devon I78061
40 Matthews, Mary Elizabeth Lucas  Abt 1885Plymouth, Devon I120079
41 Maunder, Kate  Abt 1890Plymouth, Devon I37662
42 Nile, Alfred Alonzo  Abt 1879Plymouth, Devon I105138
43 Nile, Arthur Stanley  Abt 1895Plymouth, Devon I105144
44 Nile, Arthur Stanley  Abt 1896Plymouth, Devon I105144
45 Nile, Elizabeth Julian  Abt 1885Plymouth, Devon I105140
46 Nile, Emily Lilian  Abt 1875Plymouth, Devon I105136
47 Nile, Ethel Mary  Abt 1891Plymouth, Devon I105142
48 Nile, Frederick George  Abt 1883Plymouth, Devon I105139
49 Nile, Louisa Margaret  Abt 1893Plymouth, Devon I105143
50 Nile, Sydney Charles  Abt 1889Plymouth, Devon I105141

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Bass, Simeon  20 Aug 1959Plymouth, Devon I14122
2 Howes, Ann  26 Dec 1849Plymouth, Devon I20504
3 Howes, Charles  2 Jan 1856Plymouth, Devon I64961
4 Howes, Charles  2 Jan 1856Plymouth, Devon I64943
5 Howes, Frances Alice  15 Jun 1850Plymouth, Devon I15874
6 Howes, Naomi  20 Aug 1859Plymouth, Devon I12561
7 Howes, Priscilla Jane  2 Jan 1856Plymouth, Devon I64968
8 Howes, Sarah  2 Jan 1856Plymouth, Devon I64962
9 Howes, William  2 Jan 1856Plymouth, Devon I64963
10 Stone, Priscilla  2 Jan 1856Plymouth, Devon I64960


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Billings, Florence H  4 Aug 1936Plymouth, Devon I89350
2 Dummere, Hilda Joan  15 Mar 1924Plymouth, Devon I20590
3 House, Cyril Harry  12 Mar 1927Plymouth, Devon I39461
4 Howes, Albert Humphrey  24 Oct 1915Plymouth, Devon I79884
5 Howes, Alfred Bishop  17 Jul 1923Plymouth, Devon I7199
6 Howes, Bertha  8 Sep 1903Plymouth, Devon I180195
7 Howes, Francis  Dec 1904Plymouth, Devon I21963
8 Howes, Reverend Frederick William Golden  4 Aug 1936Plymouth, Devon I7485
9 Howes, Lilly  8 Sep 1903Plymouth, Devon I180196
10 Howes, Robert John Newton  8 Sep 1903Plymouth, Devon I180190
11 Howse, Beryl Dizie  22 Aug 1930Plymouth, Devon I64652
12 Howse, Edward Conroy  29 Aug 1924Plymouth, Devon I48706
13 Marsh, Elizabeth Sarah  8 Sep 1903Plymouth, Devon I180194
14 Voelcker, George Arthur Wallis  22 Aug 1930Plymouth, Devon I64682


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 House, George  1891Plymouth, Devon I32546
2 Howes, Charles  1901Plymouth, Devon I66189
3 Howes, James  6 Apr 1817Plymouth, Devon I164509
4 Howes, James  11 Apr 1819Plymouth, Devon I164509
5 Ogleby, Rachel  6 Apr 1817Plymouth, Devon I164510
6 Ogleby, Rachel  11 Apr 1819Plymouth, Devon I164510
7 Smith, Doris Walker  Plymouth, Devon I46912