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Poplar, London



Location : Latitude: 51.5061991, Longitude: -0.0185475


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arment, Florence Lilian Rebecca  24 Nov 1906Poplar, London I92138
2 Barnett, Rachel  Abt May 1854Poplar, London I33013
3 Bridges, Ellen Caroline  Abt May 1863Poplar, London I34368
4 Brook, Edith  Abt Feb 1880Poplar, London I35123
5 Crabb, Agnes Lilian  Abt Feb 1897Poplar, London I30346
6 Crabb, Alice E  Abt 1881Poplar, London I123170
7 Crabb, Clara Agnes  Abt 1901Poplar, London I30347
8 Crabb, Frederick John  Abt May 1899Poplar, London I30348
9 Crussell, Emily  Abt 1878Poplar, London I1435
10 Divers, Louis John  Abt Feb 1869Poplar, London I98958
11 Evenett, Percy William  Abt 1861Poplar, London I27161
12 Evison, Esther Grace  Abt May 1880Poplar, London I75930
13 Franklin, Sarah Frances  Abt May 1850Poplar, London I94066
14 Fraser, Christina  Abt 1843Poplar, London I51649
15 Gladwin, Emma  Abt 1829Poplar, London I35240
16 Godwin, Louisa Jane  Abt Feb 1856Poplar, London I76797
17 Goodiff, Emily  Abt 1835Poplar, London I34146
18 Goodwin, Richard Westbrook  Abt 1847Poplar, London I17175
19 Graves, Charles  Abt Aug 1870Poplar, London I73127
20 Hagmaier, Agnes Louise  Abt Aug 1882Poplar, London I98963
21 Hagmaier, Beatrice M  Abt Nov 1880Poplar, London I98962
22 Hagmaier, Percy Charles  Abt Aug 1873Poplar, London I98960
23 Hagmaier, Philip Harry  Abt Nov 1870Poplar, London I98959
24 Hagmaier, William James  Abt May 1878Poplar, London I98961
25 Hall, Elizabeth Caroline  21 Mar 1874Poplar, London I34312
26 Heath, Elizabeth  Abt May 1895Poplar, London I101936
27 Heath, George Edward  Abt 1863Poplar, London I34189
28 Heath, Rebecca Alice  6 Feb 1905Poplar, London I101937
29 Hogsdon, William  Abt Feb 1861Poplar, London I136488
30 House, Agnes Mary Ann  Abt Feb 1900Poplar, London I72780
31 House, Alfred Henry George  26 Jan 1895Poplar, London I68150
32 House, Arnold Alexander  22 Oct 1908Poplar, London I72784
33 House, Charles Henry  13 Feb 1904Poplar, London I72789
34 House, Charlotte  Abt May 1900Poplar, London I34625
35 House, Clara Ivy  Abt Nov 1906Poplar, London I98808
36 House, Edith  Abt Oct 1890Poplar, London I34611
37 House, Eva Dorothy  Abt Dec 1910Poplar, London I72796
38 House, George  Abt Nov 1897Poplar, London I34624
39 House, Henry Charles  12 Jun 1902Poplar, London I72802
40 House, Lilian E M  Abt Dec 1910Poplar, London I73169
41 House, Louisa  Abt May 1907Poplar, London I72812
42 House, Louise Elizabeth  3 Nov 1906Poplar, London I72813
43 House, Mary Ann  Abt Aug 1904Poplar, London I72816
44 House, William  Abt Feb 1888Poplar, London I69430
45 House, William  Abt Feb 1910Poplar, London I72827
46 House, William John  Abt Nov 1901Poplar, London I72831
47 Hovey, Henry Richard  Abt Nov 1885Poplar, London I53395
48 Hovey, Jessie Ellen  Abt Feb 1882Poplar, London I53396
49 Hovey, William John  Abt May 1888Poplar, London I53397
50 Howes, Alfred James  26 Apr 1908Poplar, London I34316

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arment, Florence Lilian Rebecca  Abt 1906Poplar, London I92138
2 Bridges, Ellen Caroline  Abt 1862Poplar, London I34368
3 Bridges, Ellen Caroline  Abt 1863Poplar, London I34368
4 Bridges, Ellen Caroline  Abt 1864Poplar, London I34368
5 Brook, Edith  Abt 1879Poplar, London I35123
6 Crabb, Agnes Lilian  Abt 1896Poplar, London I30346
7 Crabb, Clara Agnes  Abt Nov 1901Poplar, London I30347
8 Crabb, Frederick John  Abt 1898Poplar, London I30348
9 Curle, Louisa  Abt 1866Poplar, London I34397
10 Divers, Louis John  Abt 1868Poplar, London I98958
11 Doughty, Rose  Abt 1872Poplar, London I29682
12 Evison, Esther Grace  Abt 1880Poplar, London I75930
13 Franklin, Sarah Frances  Abt 1849Poplar, London I94066
14 Gibbs, Emily Rebecca  Abt 1853Poplar, London I9363
15 Gibbs, Emily Rebecca  Abt 1853Poplar, London I9363
16 Gladwin, Emma  Abt 1828Poplar, London I35240
17 Godwin, Louisa Jane  Abt 1855Poplar, London I76797
18 Godwin, Louisa Jane  Abt 1856Poplar, London I76797
19 Goodiff, Emily  Abt 1834Poplar, London I34146
20 Goodiff, Emily  Abt 1836Poplar, London I34146
21 Graves, Charles  Abt 1870Poplar, London I73127
22 Hagmaier, Agnes Louise  Abt 1882Poplar, London I98963
23 Hagmaier, Beatrice M  Abt 1880Poplar, London I98962
24 Hagmaier, Percy Charles  Abt 1873Poplar, London I98960
25 Hagmaier, Philip Harry  Abt 1870Poplar, London I98959
26 Hagmaier, William James  Abt 1878Poplar, London I98961
27 Hall, Elizabeth Caroline  Abt 1873Poplar, London I34312
28 Heath, Alexander  Abt 1863Poplar, London I34194
29 Heath, Elizabeth  Abt 1894Poplar, London I101936
30 Heath, Rebecca Alice  Abt 1904Poplar, London I101937
31 Hoffman, Elizabeth Adelaide  3 Jul 1879Poplar, London I13015
32 Hogsdon, William  Abt 1861Poplar, London I136488
33 House, Agnes Mary Ann  Abt 1899Poplar, London I72780
34 House, Alfred Henry George  Abt 1894Poplar, London I68150
35 House, Arnold Alexander  Abt 1908Poplar, London I72784
36 House, Charles Albert Edward  Abt 1893Poplar, London I34604
37 House, Charles Henry  Abt 1903Poplar, London I72789
38 House, Charlotte  Abt 1898Poplar, London I34625
39 House, Charlotte  Abt 1899Poplar, London I34625
40 House, Clara Ivy  Abt 1906Poplar, London I98808
41 House, Francis Henry  Abt 1885Poplar, London I34610
42 House, Francis Henry  Abt 1885Poplar, London I34610
43 House, George  Abt 1884Poplar, London I34603
44 House, George  Abt 1897Poplar, London I34624
45 House, George  Abt 1897Poplar, London I34624
46 House, Henry Charles  Abt 1902Poplar, London I72802
47 House, James  Abt 1884Poplar, London I34609
48 House, Louisa  Abt 1907Poplar, London I72812
49 House, Louisa Marie  Abt 1878Poplar, London I34531
50 House, Louise Elizabeth  Abt 1906Poplar, London I72813

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Davidson, Dix  28 Jul 1873Poplar, London I28266
2 Doughty, Rose  28 Dec 1890Poplar, London I29682
3 Heath, George Edward  16 Aug 1886Poplar, London I34189
4 Hoffman, Frederick  3 Aug 1891Poplar, London I34195
5 House, Rachel  9 Apr 1882Poplar, London I34642
6 Howes, Alfred  28 Dec 1890Poplar, London I6879
7 Howes, Caroline Louisa  11 Dec 1852Poplar, London I15585
8 Howes, Hannah Maria  3 Aug 1891Poplar, London I34149
9 Howes, James Willshire  15 Jan 1882Poplar, London I31014
10 Howes, John  11 Dec 1852Poplar, London I6574
11 Howes, Martha  29 May 1852Poplar, London I35201
12 Howes, Mary Ann Elizabeth  25 Dec 1889Poplar, London I34148
13 Howes, Rebecca Frances  16 Aug 1886Poplar, London I34154
14 Howes, Reuben  23 Oct 1882Poplar, London I34374
15 Howes, William  4 Jun 1838Poplar, London I45053
16 Howes, William John  31 Oct 1847Poplar, London I35200
17 Hows, Martha  6 Aug 1865Poplar, London I73189
18 Marchant, Emma Jane  17 Dec 1876Poplar, London I34458
19 May, George  17 Dec 1876Poplar, London I34459
20 Musgrove, Rosalina  23 Oct 1882Poplar, London I28591
21 Pugh, Ellen  15 Jan 1882Poplar, London I34412
22 Shears, Mary Ann  4 Jun 1838Poplar, London I45063
23 Snow, Thomas George  25 Dec 1888Poplar, London I34192
24 Spencer, Henry James  29 May 1852Poplar, London I35202
25 Stunt, Thomas  9 Apr 1882Poplar, London I34646
26 Unknown, Jane  11 Dec 1852Poplar, London I6483
27 Webb, Susan Sophia  31 Oct 1847Poplar, London I35203
28 Westlake, Sophia Caroline  11 Feb 1888Poplar, London I64160


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bindon / Pearman  27 Jun 1918Poplar, London F10881
2 Miles / Pearman  23 Dec 1928Poplar, London F10882