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Reading, Berkshire


City/Town : Latitude: 51.45625, Longitude: -0.97113


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allnatt, Ella Kate  Abt Aug 1895Reading, Berkshire I45932
2 Allnatt, May Philippa  Abt Nov 1896Reading, Berkshire I45933
3 Allnatt, Philip Henry Victor  Abt Feb 1899Reading, Berkshire I183093
4 Archard, Mary  Abt 1876Reading, Berkshire I48361
5 Baber, Hilda M  18 Sep 1902Reading, Berkshire I48530
6 Bailey, Henry Francis  Abt Aug 1901Reading, Berkshire I133258
7 Baker, Eliza Julia  Abt 1862Reading, Berkshire I46041
8 Barlow, Kate  Abt Feb 1879Reading, Berkshire I39734
9 Barnett, Frances  Abt 1830Reading, Berkshire I48180
10 Brown, Archibald Eugene  9 Mar 1904Reading, Berkshire I27644
11 Carter, Dorothy  Abt 1902Reading, Berkshire I91176
12 Carter, Walter Henry Thomas  Abt 1875Reading, Berkshire I10626
13 Collis, George William  9 Aug 1914Reading, Berkshire I48362
14 Crisp, Albert  Abt Nov 1851Reading, Berkshire I48584
15 Croxon, Violet Ada May  Abt May 1905Reading, Berkshire I109114
16 Dear, Gertrude Margaret  Abt Aug 1872Reading, Berkshire I48682
17 Druce, Edith Emily  Abt May 1875Reading, Berkshire I133260
18 Druce, Francis John  Abt Feb 1882Reading, Berkshire I133261
19 Druce, Harry  Abt Nov 1879Reading, Berkshire I133262
20 Druce, Kate Annie  Abt Nov 1876Reading, Berkshire I133264
21 Druce, Mabel Emily  Abt Nov 1908Reading, Berkshire I133265
22 Edmonds, Gladys May  12 May 1918Reading, Berkshire I48743
23 Elliott, Hilda Florence  29 Apr 1893Reading, Berkshire I11814
24 Fereday, Charles James  28 Apr 1881Reading, Berkshire I19527
25 Fidler, James William  Abt May 1880Reading, Berkshire I29508
26 Gill, Alice  Abt 1873Reading, Berkshire I22742
27 Goodall, Dorothy Joyce  11 Jun 1898Reading, Berkshire I87571
28 Goodger, Gertrude May  21 Oct 1889Reading, Berkshire I3577
29 Goodings, Albert George  8 Jan 1920Reading, Berkshire I31297
30 Goodings, Jesse Reginald  19 Jul 1923Reading, Berkshire I31299
31 Goodings, Noel Frederick  11 Dec 1921Reading, Berkshire I31298
32 Goodings, Stanley  7 May 1918Reading, Berkshire I31296
33 Greenaway, Charles William  Abt Aug 1886Reading, Berkshire I48711
34 Greenaway, Evelina Lauretta  Jan 1891Reading, Berkshire I48713
35 Greenaway, George James  Abt May 1882Reading, Berkshire I48714
36 Greenaway, Thomas Albert  Abt Nov 1879Reading, Berkshire I48715
37 Hall, Maria Alice  Abt 1858Reading, Berkshire I30261
38 Hamlet, Albert Edward  Abt 1877Reading, Berkshire I48823
39 Hamlet, Florence Emily  Abt 1876Reading, Berkshire I48825
40 Harris, Edward  Abt 1836Reading, Berkshire I54475
41 Harriss, Rosannah  Abt 1838Reading, Berkshire I48716
42 Haseman, Evelyn Lucy Blanche  13 Dec 1900Reading, Berkshire I159874
43 Higgs, Alfred Leslie  Abt May 1910Reading, Berkshire I160348
44 Higgs, Frederick  7 Jan 1881Reading, Berkshire I160349
45 Higgs, Frederick Charles  Abt May 1903Reading, Berkshire I160350
46 House, Ada Evelyn  25 Mar 1885Reading, Berkshire I14948
47 House, Albert Edward  Abt Aug 1895Reading, Berkshire I48531
48 House, Albert Edward  20 Jan 1909Reading, Berkshire I48365
49 House, Albert George  Abt Nov 1888Reading, Berkshire I48857
50 House, Albert Leslie  Abt Feb 1907Reading, Berkshire I48745

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bramwell, Sylvia Grace Mary  3 Jan 2010Reading, Berkshire I112922
2 Brewer, Dorothy Nellie  2 Jan 1973Reading, Berkshire I76866
3 Dollimore, Thomas William  6 Jan 1958Reading, Berkshire I87340
4 Elliott, Hilda Florence  26 Mar 1969Reading, Berkshire I11814
5 Flitter, Linda C  13 Apr 2012Reading, Berkshire I58450
6 Harding, Mabel Irene  24 Jun 1973Reading, Berkshire I2016
7 House, Albert John  21 Dec 2005Reading, Berkshire I85962
8 House, Charles Richard  2 Oct 1942Reading, Berkshire I29988
9 House, Dennis Norman  9 Feb 2012Reading, Berkshire I93632
10 House, Elsie Rose  Abt 5 Dec 1945Reading, Berkshire I30268
11 House, Frederick James  19 Dec 2009Reading, Berkshire I93631
12 House, James  12 Oct 1888Reading, Berkshire I48591
13 House, Kenneth Raymond  9 Feb 1998Reading, Berkshire I31680
14 House, Vera May  13 Apr 2010Reading, Berkshire I182689
15 House, William H A C  7 Dec 2014Reading, Berkshire I113839
16 Howes, Alan Frederick  10 Oct 2013Reading, Berkshire I21473
17 Howes, Dennis Arthur  30 Jul 2010Reading, Berkshire I97744
18 Howes, Frederick Ernest  7 Feb 1966Reading, Berkshire I24181
19 Howes, George Edward  1 Jul 1957Reading, Berkshire I10707
20 Howes, Robert  4 May 1869Reading, Berkshire I70648
21 Howes, William Henry  27 Feb 1952Reading, Berkshire I12257
22 Howitt, Anna Marie  26 Oct 2009Reading, Berkshire I146118
23 Hunt, Fanny Elizabeth  10 May 1935Reading, Berkshire I30087
24 Lewis, Amelia  9 Jan 1881Reading, Berkshire I118577
25 Yates, Arthur Edward  14 Oct 1980Reading, Berkshire I20642


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Howes, Richard Paul  Reading, Berkshire I20357


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 House, Edward George  7 Oct 1894Reading, Berkshire I48725
2 House, Walter William M  3 Jul 1884Reading, Berkshire I48730


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allnatt, Ella Kate  Abt 1895Reading, Berkshire I45932
2 Allnatt, May Philippa  Abt 1896Reading, Berkshire I45933
3 Archard, Mary  Abt 1875Reading, Berkshire I48361
4 Baber, Hilda M  Abt 1903Reading, Berkshire I48530
5 Bailey, Henry Francis  Abt 1901Reading, Berkshire I133258
6 Barlow, Kate  Abt 1879Reading, Berkshire I39734
7 Barnett, Frances  Abt 1823Reading, Berkshire I48180
8 Bedford, Emma Sarah  Abt 1829Reading, Berkshire I155005
9 Carter, Walter Henry Thomas  Abt 1876Reading, Berkshire I10626
10 Clifton, Eliza  Abt 1847Reading, Berkshire I33180
11 Crisp, Albert  Abt 1851Reading, Berkshire I48584
12 Croxon, Violet Ada May  Abt 1905Reading, Berkshire I109114
13 Dear, Gertrude Margaret  Abt 1871Reading, Berkshire I48682
14 Dear, Gertrude Margaret  Abt 1872Reading, Berkshire I48682
15 Dixon, James Archer  Abt 1896Reading, Berkshire I159900
16 Dixon, James Archer  Abt Aug 1896Reading, Berkshire I159900
17 Druce, Edith Emily  Abt 1874Reading, Berkshire I133260
18 Druce, Francis John  Abt 1881Reading, Berkshire I133261
19 Druce, Harry  Abt 1879Reading, Berkshire I133262
20 Druce, Kate Annie  Abt 1876Reading, Berkshire I133264
21 Druce, Mabel Emily  Abt 1908Reading, Berkshire I133265
22 Edmonds, Charles John  Abt 1875Reading, Berkshire I460
23 Edmonds, Charles John  Abt 1876Reading, Berkshire I460
24 Fidler, James William  Abt 1880Reading, Berkshire I29508
25 Goodall, Dorothy Joyce  Abt 1898Reading, Berkshire I87571
26 Greenaway, Charles William  Abt 1886Reading, Berkshire I48711
27 Greenaway, Evelina Lauretta  Abt 1890Reading, Berkshire I48713
28 Greenaway, George James  Abt 1881Reading, Berkshire I48714
29 Greenaway, Thomas Albert  Abt 1879Reading, Berkshire I48715
30 Hall, Maria Alice  Abt 1857Reading, Berkshire I30261
31 Harding, Mabel Irene  25 Feb 1903Reading, Berkshire I2016
32 Harriss, Rosannah  Abt 1839Reading, Berkshire I48716
33 Haseman, Evelyn Lucy Blanche  Abt Nov 1900Reading, Berkshire I159874
34 Hemens, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1883Reading, Berkshire I179379
35 Higgs, Alfred Leslie  Abt 1909Reading, Berkshire I160348
36 Higgs, Frederick  Abt 1880Reading, Berkshire I160349
37 Higgs, Frederick Charles  Abt 1903Reading, Berkshire I160350
38 House, Ada Evelyn  Abt 1884Reading, Berkshire I14948
39 House, Albert Edward  Abt 1894Reading, Berkshire I48531
40 House, Albert Edward  Abt 1895Reading, Berkshire I48531
41 House, Albert Edward  Abt 1908Reading, Berkshire I48365
42 House, Albert Edward  18 Jan 1909Reading, Berkshire I48365
43 House, Albert George  Abt 1888Reading, Berkshire I48857
44 House, Albert Gordon  Abt 1891Reading, Berkshire I21014
45 House, Albert Robert Roland  Abt 1862Reading, Berkshire I48602
46 House, Albert William  Abt 1871Reading, Berkshire I48717
47 House, Alfred  Abt 1847Reading, Berkshire I65491
48 House, Alfred John Beecham  Abt 1888Reading, Berkshire I32840
49 House, Alice Louisa  Abt 1887Reading, Berkshire I48366
50 House, Ann  Abt 1845Reading, Berkshire I28245

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 House, Lily Mabel  1966Reading, Berkshire I131364


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 House, Harold James  1910Reading, Berkshire I48242
2 House, Oswald Leopold  1916Reading, Berkshire I48270


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Edith May  31 Mar 1901Reading, Berkshire I133256
2 Boyling, Nellie Beatrice Emily  4 Dec 1951Reading, Berkshire I47372
3 House, James  31 Dec 1885Reading, Berkshire I48591
4 House, Samuel  Reading, Berkshire I188688
5 Howes, Robert John  25 Oct 1870Reading, Berkshire I70649
6 Howse, Albert Joseph  4 Dec 1951Reading, Berkshire I47374
7 Howse, Robert  26 Apr 1904Reading, Berkshire I5704
8 Tildesley, William  13 Jun 1888Reading, Berkshire I19494
9 Young, Samuel  16 Apr 1873Reading, Berkshire I80963


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Howes / Burnham  Abt Aug 1939Reading, Berkshire F8339
2 Howes / Hewett  Abt Sep 1924Reading, Berkshire F2434
3 Mayo / Walker  Abt Nov 1897Reading, Berkshire F7788
4 Yates / Harding  23 Jul 1927Reading, Berkshire F1650