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Rhode Island, USA



Latitude: 41.584644, Longitude: -71.532738


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Child, Captain Luther  Abt 1786Rhode Island, USA I83576
2 Cranston, Rhoda  7 Jan 1789Rhode Island, USA I126419
3 Darnell, C Edwin  Abt 1895Rhode Island, USA I110864
4 Howes, Daisy F  23 Jul 1918Rhode Island, USA I101411
5 Howes, Elizabeth T  17 Jul 1907Rhode Island, USA I91425
6 Howes, Everett W  Abt 1907Rhode Island, USA I101410
7 Howes, Fannie D  3 Aug 1879Rhode Island, USA I101440
8 Howes, Harry M  Abt 1906Rhode Island, USA I101409
9 Howes, Herbert Shubael Baker  Jun 1893Rhode Island, USA I101417
10 Howes, James Sturgis jr  Abt 1912Rhode Island, USA I91427
11 Howes, Stanley Howard  Sep 1896Rhode Island, USA I167146
12 Howes, Virginia F A  Abt Feb 1910Rhode Island, USA I91426
13 Howes, Wendell Elsworth  20 Mar 1914Rhode Island, USA I31977
14 Keefe, Mary E  7 Feb 1874Rhode Island, USA I91433
15 Lawton, Mary C  May 1835Rhode Island, USA I149096
16 Lawton, Polly Clark  Apr 1803Rhode Island, USA I148997
17 Unknown, Ella  Abt 1916Rhode Island, USA I127326


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Howes, Fannie D  27 Aug 1879Rhode Island, USA I101440
2 Howes, Martha Tirzah  17 Mar 1943Rhode Island, USA I167781
3 Howes, Rebecca D  1 Nov 1876Rhode Island, USA I101421
4 Moriarity, Fannie Frances  5 Aug 1926Rhode Island, USA I80333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Burrell, Olive  Abt 1914Rhode Island, USA I31963
2 Child, Captain Luther  Abt 1787Rhode Island, USA I83576
3 Cole, Ida A  Jun 1860Rhode Island, USA I26608
4 Hall, Dorothy Elizabeth  Abt 1921Rhode Island, USA I44050
5 Howes, Albert Lincoln  Abt 1865Rhode Island, USA I101420
6 Howes, Annette Celina  Abt Oct 1879Rhode Island, USA I88516
7 Howes, Charles Edmund  Abt 1872Rhode Island, USA I167117
8 Howes, Charles Edmund  Abt 1873Rhode Island, USA I167117
9 Howes, Charles Edmund  9 Aug 1873Rhode Island, USA I167117
10 Howes, Charles Edmund  Abt 1874Rhode Island, USA I167117
11 Howes, Charles Edmund  Aug 1874Rhode Island, USA I167117
12 Howes, Daisy F  Abt 1917Rhode Island, USA I101411
13 Howes, Daisy F  Abt 1918Rhode Island, USA I101411
14 Howes, Elizabeth T  Abt 1907Rhode Island, USA I91425
15 Howes, Elizabeth T  17 Jul 1908Rhode Island, USA I91425
16 Howes, Evelyn Austin  Abt 1903Rhode Island, USA I167126
17 Howes, Evelyn R  Abt 1867Rhode Island, USA I167119
18 Howes, Everett W  Abt 1906Rhode Island, USA I101410
19 Howes, Everett W  30 Jun 1907Rhode Island, USA I101410
20 Howes, Frederick Baker  Abt 1875Rhode Island, USA I88514
21 Howes, Frederick Baker  22 Apr 1876Rhode Island, USA I88514
22 Howes, Harry M  Abt 1905Rhode Island, USA I101409
23 Howes, Harry Sears  Abt 1881Rhode Island, USA I95801
24 Howes, Harry Sears  Abt 1882Rhode Island, USA I95801
25 Howes, Harry Sears  Abt 1884Rhode Island, USA I95801
26 Howes, Harry Snow  Abt 1883Rhode Island, USA I88518
27 Howes, Isaiah Sears  Abt 1855Rhode Island, USA I80332
28 Howes, James Sturgis jr  Abt Aug 1912Rhode Island, USA I91427
29 Howes, James Sturgis jr  22 Oct 1912Rhode Island, USA I91427
30 Howes, James Sturgis jr  22 Oct 1914Rhode Island, USA I91427
31 Howes, Jesse Howard  Abt 1870Rhode Island, USA I167118
32 Howes, Jesse Howard  Jun 1870Rhode Island, USA I167118
33 Howes, Jesse Howard  Abt 1871Rhode Island, USA I167118
34 Howes, Madeline Thatcher  Abt 1899Rhode Island, USA I101490
35 Howes, Madeline Thatcher  Aug 1899Rhode Island, USA I101490
36 Howes, Madeline Thatcher  14 Aug 1899Rhode Island, USA I101490
37 Howes, Ralph Eugene  Abt 1885Rhode Island, USA I101416
38 Howes, Ralph Eugene  May 1885Rhode Island, USA I101416
39 Howes, Ralph Eugene  6 Jun 1885Rhode Island, USA I101416
40 Howes, Ralph Eugene  Abt 1886Rhode Island, USA I101416
41 Howes, Ralph George  Abt 1892Rhode Island, USA I141850
42 Howes, Ralph George  Dec 1892Rhode Island, USA I141850
43 Howes, Rebecca D  Abt 1868Rhode Island, USA I101421
44 Howes, Robert Bushee  Abt 1915Rhode Island, USA I31962
45 Howes, Robert Bushee  Abt Jan 1916Rhode Island, USA I31962
46 Howes, Shubael Baker Jr  Abt 1873Rhode Island, USA I101422
47 Howes, Stanley Howard  Abt 1897Rhode Island, USA I167146
48 Howes, Virginia F A  Abt 1909Rhode Island, USA I91426
49 Howes, Virginia F A  17 Mar 1911Rhode Island, USA I91426
50 Howes, Wendell Elsworth  Abt 1914Rhode Island, USA I31977

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Dillingham, Rebecca Clarke  4 Feb 1929Rhode Island, USA I122384
2 Howes, John Phinias  8 Apr 1885Rhode Island, USA I31987
3 Howes, Shubael Baker Jr  23 Dec 1919Rhode Island, USA I101422


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Howes / Bushee  16 Jun 1913Rhode Island, USA F10190
2 Howes / Moriarity  25 Oct 1877Rhode Island, USA F22863