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Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk



Location : Latitude: 52.5585, Longitude: 1.11922


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Chapman, Emma E  Abt Nov 1842Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I66582
2 Chapman, Harriet  Abt Feb 1839Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I66580
3 Chapman, Sarah  Abt Dec 1840Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I66581
4 Howes, Eliza  18 May 1874Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I4481
5 Howes, John Childerhouse  Abt Aug 1822Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I2741
6 Howes, Mary Ann Childerhouse  Abt May 1814Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I66578
7 Lain, Gertrude E  Abt 1881Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I66589
8 Lain, Harriet M  Abt 1879Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I66588
9 Lain, John  Abt 1848Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I66587
10 Lain, Mary Ann  Abt 1883Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I66590


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Chapman, Emma E  Abt 1842Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I66582


Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bartram, Hannah  1881Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I45393
2 Bunn, Benjamin  3 Apr 1881Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I142099
3 Bunn, Mary Ann  30 Jul 1845Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I24537
4 Bunn, Owen  3 Apr 1881Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I142092
5 Bunn, Owen William  3 Mar 1877Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I45437
6 Chapman, Harriet  6 Jun 1841Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I66580
7 Chapman, John  28 Nov 1837Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I66579
8 Chapman, John  6 Jun 1841Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I66579
9 Chapman, John  3 Apr 1881Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I66579
10 Chapman, Maria  1881Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I66586
11 Chapman, Sarah  6 Jun 1841Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I66581
12 Cowles, Grace Violet  2 Nov 1938Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I89512
13 Elvin, John  1881Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I12952
14 Howes, Alfred  1881Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I45395
15 Howes, Charles  1881Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I10841
16 Howes, Elizabeth Childerhouse  3 Apr 1881Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I142093
17 Howes, Ellen Maria  1881Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I45396
18 Howes, Emma  2 Apr 1911Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I13554
19 Howes, Hannah Maria  1881Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I21319
20 Howes, Henry  1881Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I45398
21 Howes, John Childerhouse  30 Jul 1845Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I2741
22 Howes, Leonard Robert  2 Apr 1911Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I38354
23 Howes, Mary Ann Childerhouse  28 Nov 1837Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I66578
24 Howes, Mary Ann Childerhouse  6 Jun 1841Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I66578
25 Howes, Mary Ann Childerhouse  3 Apr 1881Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I66578
26 Howes, Robert  3 Apr 1881Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I45399
27 Howes, William  10 May 1818Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I9271
28 Howes, William  18 Jun 1820Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I9271
29 Howes, William  14 Aug 1822Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I9271
30 Howes, William  18 May 1874Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I2760
31 Howes, William  1881Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I9726
32 Howes, William  3 Apr 1881Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I25353
33 Howlett, Betsy  3 Apr 1881Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I142104
34 Smalls, Sarah  10 May 1818Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I66577
35 Smalls, Sarah  18 Jun 1820Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I66577
36 Smalls, Sarah  18 Jun 1820Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I66577
37 Smalls, Sarah  14 Aug 1822Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I66577
38 Smalls, Sarah  30 Oct 1840Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I66577
39 Swatman, James  22 Nov 1858Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I1868
40 Wells, John  25 Dec 1849Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolk I16784