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St Albans, Hertfordshire



City/Town : Latitude: 51.7544771, Longitude: -0.3200396


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Agutter, Benjamin  Abt 1809St Albans, Hertfordshire I78737
2 Agutter, Benjamin  Abt May 1844St Albans, Hertfordshire I78738
3 Agutter, Eliza Maria  Abt Aug 1848St Albans, Hertfordshire I78739
4 Agutter, Henry Odell  Abt Jan 1851St Albans, Hertfordshire I78740
5 Atkins, Albert Edward  Abt Feb 1903St Albans, Hertfordshire I103743
6 Atkins, Eliza Agnes  Abt May 1889St Albans, Hertfordshire I103739
7 Atkins, Florence  Abt Feb 1894St Albans, Hertfordshire I103741
8 Atkins, Frederick George  Abt Nov 1850St Albans, Hertfordshire I103735
9 Atkins, Frederick William  Abt Feb 1897St Albans, Hertfordshire I103738
10 Atkins, Henry  Abt Aug 1898St Albans, Hertfordshire I103742
11 Atkins, Mabel  Abt Nov 1884St Albans, Hertfordshire I103737
12 Atkins, Thomas Shadrach  Abt Nov 1891St Albans, Hertfordshire I103740
13 Bidnall, Sarah Ann  Abt Aug 1848St Albans, Hertfordshire I8095
14 Champing, Kate  Abt 1866St Albans, Hertfordshire I64148
15 Chipp, Dorothy Edith Adelaide Alexandra  Abt Feb 1903St Albans, Hertfordshire I37409
16 Ewer, Ellen  Abt Nov 1871St Albans, Hertfordshire I60871
17 Ewer, George  Abt Aug 1869St Albans, Hertfordshire I60872
18 Ewer, Henry  Abt Dec 1873St Albans, Hertfordshire I60873
19 Ewer, Louisa  Abt May 1867St Albans, Hertfordshire I60874
20 Ewer, Robert  Abt Feb 1844St Albans, Hertfordshire I60875
21 Faulder, Horace Walter  25 Oct 1904St Albans, Hertfordshire I92557
22 Hall, George William  8 Jan 1863St Albans, Hertfordshire I36305
23 Halsey, Eliza  Abt Feb 1841St Albans, Hertfordshire I60876
24 House, Esther Kentish  Abt 1816St Albans, Hertfordshire I44389
25 How, Alice Martha  Abt 1876St Albans, Hertfordshire I163580
26 How, Joseph Walter  Abt 1874St Albans, Hertfordshire I163579
27 How, Louisa  Abt 1872St Albans, Hertfordshire I163578
28 Howes, William Arthur  Abt Aug 1900St Albans, Hertfordshire I49987
29 Mason, Emma  7 Jan 1872St Albans, Hertfordshire I81465
30 Page, Sarah Ann  Abt 1855St Albans, Hertfordshire I34596


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beasley, Enid Valerie  1 Feb 2009St Albans, Hertfordshire I31621
2 Cooke, Barbara Lombe  Jan 1962St Albans, Hertfordshire I15181
3 Millar, Janet Catharine Maxwell  15 Mar 1936St Albans, Hertfordshire I75941


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Agutter, Benjamin  Abt 1843St Albans, Hertfordshire I78738
2 Agutter, Benjamin  Abt 1846St Albans, Hertfordshire I78738
3 Agutter, Eliza Maria  Abt 1848St Albans, Hertfordshire I78739
4 Agutter, Eliza Maria  Abt 1849St Albans, Hertfordshire I78739
5 Agutter, Henry Odell  Abt 1850St Albans, Hertfordshire I78740
6 Atkins, Albert Edward  Abt 1902St Albans, Hertfordshire I103743
7 Atkins, Eliza Agnes  Abt 1889St Albans, Hertfordshire I103739
8 Atkins, Florence  Abt 1893St Albans, Hertfordshire I103741
9 Atkins, Frederick George  Abt 1850St Albans, Hertfordshire I103735
10 Atkins, Frederick William  Abt 1886St Albans, Hertfordshire I103738
11 Atkins, Henry  Abt 1898St Albans, Hertfordshire I103742
12 Atkins, Mabel  Abt 1884St Albans, Hertfordshire I103737
13 Atkins, Thomas Shadrach  Abt 1891St Albans, Hertfordshire I103740
14 Bidnall, Sarah Ann  Abt 1847St Albans, Hertfordshire I8095
15 Bidnall, Sarah Ann  Abt 1850St Albans, Hertfordshire I8095
16 Bidnall, Sarah Ann  Abt 1851St Albans, Hertfordshire I8095
17 Bidnall, Sarah Ann  Abt 1853St Albans, Hertfordshire I8095
18 Bidnall, Sarah Ann  Abt 1855St Albans, Hertfordshire I8095
19 Champing, Kate  Abt 1865St Albans, Hertfordshire I64148
20 Champing, Kate  Abt 1867St Albans, Hertfordshire I64148
21 Chipp, Dorothy Edith Adelaide Alexandra  Abt 1901St Albans, Hertfordshire I37409
22 Ewer, Ellen  Abt 1871St Albans, Hertfordshire I60871
23 Ewer, George  Abt 1869St Albans, Hertfordshire I60872
24 Ewer, Henry  Abt 1873St Albans, Hertfordshire I60873
25 Ewer, Louisa  Abt 1866St Albans, Hertfordshire I60874
26 Ewer, Louisa  Abt 1867St Albans, Hertfordshire I60874
27 Ewer, Robert  Abt 1841St Albans, Hertfordshire I60875
28 Ewer, Robert  Abt 1843St Albans, Hertfordshire I60875
29 Faulder, Horace Walter  Abt 1904St Albans, Hertfordshire I92557
30 Hall, George William  Abt 1862St Albans, Hertfordshire I36305
31 Halsey, Eliza  Abt 1841St Albans, Hertfordshire I60876
32 Halsey, Eliza  Abt 1842St Albans, Hertfordshire I60876
33 Hardwick, Louisa Elizabeth  Abt 1866St Albans, Hertfordshire I17623
34 Hardwick, Louisa Elizabeth  Abt 1867St Albans, Hertfordshire I17623
35 Hardwick, Louisa Elizabeth  Abt 1874St Albans, Hertfordshire I17623
36 House, Esther Kentish  Abt 1813St Albans, Hertfordshire I44389
37 House, Francis Thomas  Abt 1837St Albans, Hertfordshire I78735
38 House, Francis Thomas  Abt 1838St Albans, Hertfordshire I78735
39 Howes, Sarah Ann  Abt 1838St Albans, Hertfordshire I71659
40 Howes, William Arthur  Abt 1900St Albans, Hertfordshire I49987
41 Howse, Ann  Abt 1832St Albans, Hertfordshire I47590
42 Mason, Emma  Abt 1871St Albans, Hertfordshire I81465
43 Mason, Emma  Abt 1872St Albans, Hertfordshire I81465
44 Vise, Sarah  Abt 1821St Albans, Hertfordshire I54755


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Howes, Thomas William  23 Oct 1893St Albans, Hertfordshire I44818


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Howse / Clarke  24 Oct 1824St Albans, Hertfordshire F39367