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Tennessee, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 35.838381, Longitude: -85.985752


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adcock, Lucinda  Abt 1852Tennessee, USA I64516
2 Adcock, Martha  Abt 1854Tennessee, USA I64517
3 Allison, Lena  10 Apr 1911Tennessee, USA I134673
4 Baker, Larcenia  11 Jan 1874Tennessee, USA I134643
5 Banes, Frances Ann  26 Dec 1870Tennessee, USA I142859
6 Beasley, Katie  Abt 1895Tennessee, USA I134623
7 Belew, Horace Q  13 Jun 1913Tennessee, USA I175266
8 Belew, Robert L  4 Oct 1903Tennessee, USA I175263
9 Beliew, Robert Farrow  21 Aug 1882Tennessee, USA I175262
10 Bentley, Birdie Bliss  16 Jan 1880Tennessee, USA I136010
11 Bledsoe, Geneva  9 Jun 1917Tennessee, USA I136590
12 Brewer, Calvin E  Abt 1852Tennessee, USA I67243
13 Brewer, Clyde  Dec 1895Tennessee, USA I67246
14 Brewer, Netta  Abt 1876Tennessee, USA I67244
15 Brewer, Roy  Abt 1878Tennessee, USA I67245
16 Broome, Margaret  28 Apr 1907Tennessee, USA I100001
17 Bullington, Boyd  28 Feb 1907Tennessee, USA I175255
18 Bullington, Mary Frances  1942Tennessee, USA I175256
19 Byrd, Lovelle  3 Feb 1906Tennessee, USA I135970
20 Callery, Lorene  11 Oct 1915Tennessee, USA I135986
21 Carruthers, Elizabeth  21 Nov 1885Tennessee, USA I58182
22 Cave, Mary  Abt 1840Tennessee, USA I132210
23 Clement, Daniel Glen  31 Jul 1889Tennessee, USA I175166
24 Cook, Henry H  Abt 1893Tennessee, USA I67224
25 Cowan, David Warren  22 Dec 1889Tennessee, USA I136647
26 Cross, John Buchanan  30 Apr 1881Tennessee, USA I58188
27 Cross, Rosamond DeBerry  3 Oct 1904Tennessee, USA I58189
28 Duncan, Dora H  Abt 1875Tennessee, USA I58200
29 Edwards, Margaret  Jan 1828Tennessee, USA I67183
30 Elliott, Mary Frances  25 Sep 1875Tennessee, USA I175073
31 Enoch, Alberta  4 Aug 1917Tennessee, USA I134677
32 Gales, Nannie  Aug 1872Tennessee, USA I175246
33 Gibson, Annie Laurie  31 Jul 1876Tennessee, USA I58181
34 Gilbert, Helen H  Abt 1913Tennessee, USA I67233
35 Gilbert, William W  Abt 1878Tennessee, USA I67232
36 Gilliam, Thomas Jefferson  15 Mar 1877Tennessee, USA I136580
37 Graves, Henry G  Abt 1857Tennessee, USA I160962
38 Griffin, Virginia  6 Jan 1869Tennessee, USA I58206
39 Harmon, Fannie May  Abt 1908Tennessee, USA I153007
40 Hawkins, Fred Esten  9 Feb 1904Tennessee, USA I175106
41 Hazelwood, Letitia Frances Tate  Sep 1830Tennessee, USA I58169
42 Hazelwood, Martha Elizabeth  20 Dec 1846Tennessee, USA I58154
43 Hazelwood, Willie Belle  3 Jul 1872Tennessee, USA I135943
44 House, Ada Lillie  1875Tennessee, USA I177604
45 House, Adolphus  12 Aug 1854Tennessee, USA I177956
46 House, Ailcey C  29 Sep 1837Tennessee, USA I177644
47 House, Amoler  Abt 1859Tennessee, USA I177568
48 House, Reverend Andrew Richman  5 May 1847Tennessee, USA I175234
49 House, Andrew Richmond  10 Sep 1887Tennessee, USA I175242
50 House, Ben Hooper  Abt Aug 1916Tennessee, USA I60323

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 House, Ailcey C  1 Aug 1841Tennessee, USA I177644
2 House, Isham Monroe  26 Jul 1884Tennessee, USA I175060
3 House, Neva  12 Jun 1994Tennessee, USA I134672
4 Hows, Joseph Newsom  9 Oct 1927Tennessee, USA I59090
5 Howse, Lucy Melissa  28 Sep 1952Tennessee, USA I58155
6 Howze, Green Duke  Tennessee, USA I85114
7 Larkin, Izorah  4 Feb 1977Tennessee, USA I59324
8 Larkin, William R  1920Tennessee, USA I59317
9 Mofield, Turner  21 Dec 1984Tennessee, USA I134690
10 Morgan, William Paul  13 Feb 1979Tennessee, USA I175087


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adcock, Lucinda  Abt 1855Tennessee, USA I64516
2 Adcock, Martha  Abt 1856Tennessee, USA I64517
3 Allison, Lena  Abt 1911Tennessee, USA I134673
4 Banes, Frances Ann  Abt 1870Tennessee, USA I142859
5 Banes, Frances Ann  Dec 1870Tennessee, USA I142859
6 Barfield, Bertie  Abt 1896Tennessee, USA I107764
7 Barfield, Bertie  Abt 1897Tennessee, USA I107764
8 Bell, Mary Louisa  Abt 1842Tennessee, USA I164358
9 Bell, Mary Louisa  Abt 1843Tennessee, USA I164358
10 Bell, Mary McMillan  Abt 1831Tennessee, USA I140535
11 Bowers, Nancy Clementine  Abt 1860Tennessee, USA I175063
12 Broome, Margaret  Abt 1907Tennessee, USA I100001
13 Byrd, Lovelle  Abt 1905Tennessee, USA I135970
14 Carruthers, Elizabeth  Abt 1895Tennessee, USA I58182
15 Cole, Ira Wayne  Abt 1936Tennessee, USA I153009
16 Cole, Sidney Boyd  Abt 1906Tennessee, USA I153008
17 Cole, Sidney Boyd  Abt 1907Tennessee, USA I153008
18 Cook, William H  Abt 1866Tennessee, USA I67223
19 Cross, John Buchanan  Abt 1880Tennessee, USA I58188
20 Cross, John Buchanan  Abt 1881Tennessee, USA I58188
21 Cross, Martha Elizabeth  Abt 1906Tennessee, USA I58190
22 Cross, Rosamond DeBerry  Abt 1904Tennessee, USA I58189
23 Day, Thomas Bedford  Abt 1858Tennessee, USA I134411
24 Day, Thomas Bedford  Mar 1858Tennessee, USA I134411
25 Day, Thomas Bedford  Abt 1859Tennessee, USA I134411
26 Denny, Clara Narcisse  Abt 1831Tennessee, USA I134640
27 Denny, Clara Narcisse  Abt 1834Tennessee, USA I134640
28 Duncan, Dora H  Abt 1874Tennessee, USA I58200
29 Edwards, Margaret  Abt 1827Tennessee, USA I67183
30 Edwards, Margaret  Abt 1828Tennessee, USA I67183
31 Gibson, Annie Laurie  Abt 1878Tennessee, USA I58181
32 Hamilton, Mozella  Abt 1856Tennessee, USA I136627
33 Hashbarger, Fleeta Jane  Abt 1895Tennessee, USA I111059
34 Hashbarger, Fleeta Jane  Abt 1896Tennessee, USA I111059
35 Hazelwood, Letitia Frances Tate  Abt 1830Tennessee, USA I58169
36 Hazelwood, Martha Elizabeth  Abt 1846Tennessee, USA I58154
37 Hazelwood, Martha Elizabeth  Dec 1846Tennessee, USA I58154
38 Hazelwood, Martha Elizabeth  Abt 1847Tennessee, USA I58154
39 Hazelwood, Willie Belle  Abt 1872Tennessee, USA I135943
40 Hazelwood, Willie Belle  Jul 1872Tennessee, USA I135943
41 Hemby, Mattie A  Abt 1866Tennessee, USA I175049
42 Hemby, Mattie A  Abt 1869Tennessee, USA I175049
43 House, Alvarado Washington  Abt 1851Tennessee, USA I175140
44 House, Reverend Andrew Richman  Abt 1846Tennessee, USA I175234
45 House, Reverend Andrew Richman  Abt 1847Tennessee, USA I175234
46 House, Ben Hooper  Abt 1916Tennessee, USA I60323
47 House, Birdie Lee  Abt 1908Tennessee, USA I134671
48 House, Caroline  Abt 1844Tennessee, USA I58219
49 House, Chesley Green  Abt 1835Tennessee, USA I177579
50 House, Chesley Green  Abt 1836Tennessee, USA I177579

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Hutton, John Henry  2 May 1885Tennessee, USA I59098


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 House, Ben Hooper  1 Jan 1920Tennessee, USA I60323
2 Howse, John Stuart  1 Jun 1850Tennessee, USA I58167


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 House / Wood  Abt 1830Tennessee, USA F16518
2 Hows / Cato  14 Jan 1865Tennessee, USA F17220
3 Hows / Dozier  27 Jan 1867Tennessee, USA F17221