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Thurrock RD, Essex



City/Town : Latitude: 51.7966325, Longitude: 0.6376925


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Levett, Peter William Raymond  Abt Aug 1939Thurrock RD, Essex I162433


Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Mary Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1993Thurrock RD, Essex I93648
2 Bannister, Golden Charles  Abt Nov 1986Thurrock RD, Essex I92075
3 Battam, Elizabeth  Abt May 1956Thurrock RD, Essex I84710
4 Bird, Doris Nellie  Abt Jan 2000Thurrock RD, Essex I117837
5 Carman, Hector George  Abt Feb 1973Thurrock RD, Essex I93211
6 Charlton, Douglas Charles  Abt May 1989Thurrock RD, Essex I24906
7 Clayden, George Robert  Abt Feb 1967Thurrock RD, Essex I162594
8 Clayden, Leonard Thomas  Abt Dec 1990Thurrock RD, Essex I173225
9 Holland, Edith Olive  Abt Aug 1995Thurrock RD, Essex I92074
10 House, Walter John  Abt Jan 1991Thurrock RD, Essex I72825
11 House, Winifred  Abt Jul 1985Thurrock RD, Essex I22494
12 Howes, Alfred Charles  Abt Feb 1961Thurrock RD, Essex I84665
13 Howes, Edmund Blewitt  Abt Aug 1990Thurrock RD, Essex I77617
14 Howes, Elizabeth Catherine  Abt Nov 1960Thurrock RD, Essex I70982
15 Howes, Ellen Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1973Thurrock RD, Essex I84712
16 Howes, Eric Edward  Abt Nov 1984Thurrock RD, Essex I75411
17 Howes, Faith  Abt Feb 1970Thurrock RD, Essex I23462
18 Howes, George Edwin  Abt Jun 1997Thurrock RD, Essex I48740
19 Howes, John Edward  Abt May 1946Thurrock RD, Essex I26552
20 Howes, Kathleen Emily  Abt Nov 1974Thurrock RD, Essex I23881
21 Howes, Leslie Vernon  Abt Feb 1982Thurrock RD, Essex I92383
22 Howes, Leslie Vernon  Abt Feb 1982Thurrock RD, Essex I128400
23 Howes, Nellie Clarissa  Abt Feb 1965Thurrock RD, Essex I76840
24 Howes, Violet Naomi  Abt Nov 2001Thurrock RD, Essex I2557
25 Howes, Walter Ernest  Abt Aug 1967Thurrock RD, Essex I2114
26 Howes, William  Abt Nov 1986Thurrock RD, Essex I16471
27 Howes, William Henry  Abt May 1962Thurrock RD, Essex I76842
28 Howse, Daisy Harriet  Abt Nov 1971Thurrock RD, Essex I38701
29 Jenkins, Gertrude Elizabeth  Abt May 1976Thurrock RD, Essex I2492
30 Love, May Florence  Abt May 1986Thurrock RD, Essex I93140
31 McMillan, John Henry  Abt Aug 1982Thurrock RD, Essex I18056
32 Moralee, Margaret Mary  Abt Feb 1983Thurrock RD, Essex I162430
33 Morrell, Ivy Irene S  Abt Nov 1990Thurrock RD, Essex I45739
34 Nurse, Alice Sarah J  Abt Oct 1985Thurrock RD, Essex I105297
35 Potiphar, Ernest Edward  Abt Feb 1983Thurrock RD, Essex I93139
36 Russell, Albert Richard  Abt Aug 1951Thurrock RD, Essex I136361
37 Shayshutt, William Albert  Abt Sep 1987Thurrock RD, Essex I131412
38 Shepherd, Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1963Thurrock RD, Essex I27202
39 Smith, Ernest James  Abt Dec 1989Thurrock RD, Essex I98324
40 Smith, Nellie Elizabeth  Abt May 1958Thurrock RD, Essex I136364
41 Tonkin, Kate Mary Holcombe  Abt Feb 1947Thurrock RD, Essex I60367
42 Tucker, Violet May  Abt Aug 1978Thurrock RD, Essex I77618
43 Walton, Annie Mavis  Abt Nov 1952Thurrock RD, Essex I103965
44 Watts, Ronald Harry  Abt Feb 2003Thurrock RD, Essex I93157
45 White, Jean Christine  Abt Dec 1999Thurrock RD, Essex I93144
46 White, John William  Abt Aug 1940Thurrock RD, Essex I93141
47 Wilde, John William  Abt Feb 1990Thurrock RD, Essex I109000
48 Wood, Doris Emily  Abt Aug 1981Thurrock RD, Essex I92066


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Howes, Henry  Abt Aug 1940Thurrock RD, Essex I29820
2 Howes, Henry Edward  Abt Feb 1952Thurrock RD, Essex I84714
3 Howes, Walter Herbert  Abt May 1977Thurrock RD, Essex I48737
4 Pooley, Nathan G  Abt Feb 1955Thurrock RD, Essex I68159
5 Sears, Harriett Jane  Abt Aug 1952Thurrock RD, Essex I8397


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Pasterfield / White  Abt Nov 1946Thurrock RD, Essex F49418
2 Potiphar / Howes  Abt Nov 1960Thurrock RD, Essex F27079
3 Watts / House  Abt Aug 1942Thurrock RD, Essex F27085
4 Wilde / Howes  Abt May 1946Thurrock RD, Essex F32553


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 House / Wood  Abt Feb 1941Thurrock RD, Essex F26671
2 Howes / Fenn  Abt Feb 1940Thurrock RD, Essex F26670
3 Howes / Mummery  Abt Aug 1939Thurrock RD, Essex F26458