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Tilehurst, Berkshire



City/Town : Latitude: 51.45789, Longitude: -1.04711


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barefoot, George William  18 Sep 1904Tilehurst, Berkshire I70625
2 Barnes, Harriet  1 Mar 1818Tilehurst, Berkshire I48583
3 Barnes, William Steeden  14 May 1852Tilehurst, Berkshire I161123
4 Busby, Charles Richard  Abt Feb 1893Tilehurst, Berkshire I113966
5 Busby, Edward  Abt Nov 1891Tilehurst, Berkshire I113965
6 Busby, Evelyn Annie  Abt Nov 1896Tilehurst, Berkshire I113968
7 Busby, Florence Lucy  Abt Aug 1890Tilehurst, Berkshire I113964
8 Busby, Louisa May  Abt Nov 1895Tilehurst, Berkshire I113967
9 Chapman, Lilian Pretoria  17 Jun 1900Tilehurst, Berkshire I31679
10 House, Alice Emma  9 Jul 1894Tilehurst, Berkshire I48585
11 House, Annie  Abt Feb 1890Tilehurst, Berkshire I48586
12 House, Charlotte  Abt 1837Tilehurst, Berkshire I48587
13 House, Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1839Tilehurst, Berkshire I48588
14 House, Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1857Tilehurst, Berkshire I47179
15 House, Ellen  9 Jun 1864Tilehurst, Berkshire I23802
16 House, Ernest Richard  Abt May 1892Tilehurst, Berkshire I48589
17 House, Henry  Abt May 1864Tilehurst, Berkshire I47181
18 House, James  22 Feb 1815Tilehurst, Berkshire I48591
19 House, James  Abt 1835Tilehurst, Berkshire I47185
20 House, James  Abt Aug 1851Tilehurst, Berkshire I11598
21 House, Jane Amelia  Abt Dec 1848Tilehurst, Berkshire I48592
22 House, John  Abt 1823Tilehurst, Berkshire I48593
23 House, John  Abt 1830Tilehurst, Berkshire I2729
24 House, John  Abt Apr 1850Tilehurst, Berkshire I129811
25 House, John  Abt Nov 1865Tilehurst, Berkshire I47187
26 House, Louisa  Abt Nov 1867Tilehurst, Berkshire I13812
27 House, Lucy  Abt Nov 1865Tilehurst, Berkshire I8721
28 House, Lucy Nellie  6 Oct 1887Tilehurst, Berkshire I48595
29 House, Maria Harriet  Abt 1841Tilehurst, Berkshire I48596
30 House, Mary  Abt 1822Tilehurst, Berkshire I10167
31 House, Mary Ann  Abt Nov 1844Tilehurst, Berkshire I48597
32 House, Mary Ann  Abt Nov 1856Tilehurst, Berkshire I48598
33 House, Richard  Abt 1824Tilehurst, Berkshire I23440
34 House, Richard  Abt 1825Tilehurst, Berkshire I4039
35 House, Richard  30 May 1859Tilehurst, Berkshire I13882
36 House, Ruth  Abt Nov 1861Tilehurst, Berkshire I47188
37 House, Samuel  Abt May 1841Tilehurst, Berkshire I47189
38 House, Sarah  Abt 1829Tilehurst, Berkshire I26116
39 House, Sarah  Abt Feb 1860Tilehurst, Berkshire I47190
40 House, Sarah  Abt Nov 1861Tilehurst, Berkshire I18182
41 House, Sarah Ann  Mar 1851Tilehurst, Berkshire I48603
42 House, Sarah Rebecca  Abt 1833Tilehurst, Berkshire I6827
43 House, William  Abt 1819Tilehurst, Berkshire I48604
44 House, William  Abt 1821Tilehurst, Berkshire I8771
45 House, William  Abt Nov 1853Tilehurst, Berkshire I7589
46 House, William Henry  Abt Jun 1855Tilehurst, Berkshire I48605
47 House, William John  Abt Nov 1886Tilehurst, Berkshire I48607
48 Povey, Sarah  Abt 1828Tilehurst, Berkshire I28085
49 Wickens, Harriet Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1840Tilehurst, Berkshire I48724


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Davis, Lucy  Abt 5 Apr 1876Tilehurst, Berkshire I25580
2 House, Joyce Beatrice  Abt Jun 1980Tilehurst, Berkshire I48554
3 House, Walter George  5 May 1973Tilehurst, Berkshire I59217
4 House, William  Abt 6 Feb 1856Tilehurst, Berkshire I25559


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Davis, Lucy  9 Apr 1876Tilehurst, Berkshire I25580
2 House, William  10 Feb 1856Tilehurst, Berkshire I25559


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 House, Charlotte  12 Mar 1837Tilehurst, Berkshire I48587
2 House, Elizabeth  13 Oct 1839Tilehurst, Berkshire I48588
3 House, Ellen  31 Jul 1864Tilehurst, Berkshire I23802
4 House, James  2 Apr 1815Tilehurst, Berkshire I48591
5 House, James  22 Nov 1835Tilehurst, Berkshire I47185
6 House, James  24 Aug 1851Tilehurst, Berkshire I11598
7 House, Jane Amelia  25 Dec 1848Tilehurst, Berkshire I48592
8 House, John  25 Oct 1823Tilehurst, Berkshire I48593
9 House, John  12 Sep 1830Tilehurst, Berkshire I2729
10 House, Louisa  24 Nov 1867Tilehurst, Berkshire I13812
11 House, Lucy  25 Feb 1866Tilehurst, Berkshire I8721
12 House, Maria Harriet  26 Dec 1841Tilehurst, Berkshire I48596
13 House, Mary  3 Mar 1822Tilehurst, Berkshire I10167
14 House, Mary Ann  25 Dec 1844Tilehurst, Berkshire I48597
15 House, Richard  31 Jan 1825Tilehurst, Berkshire I4039
16 House, Richard  24 Apr 1825Tilehurst, Berkshire I23440
17 House, Richard  26 Jun 1859Tilehurst, Berkshire I13882
18 House, Sarah  9 Sep 1829Tilehurst, Berkshire I26116
19 House, Sarah  21 Jan 1862Tilehurst, Berkshire I18182
20 House, Sarah Ann  20 Apr 1851Tilehurst, Berkshire I48603
21 House, Sarah Rebecca  28 Jul 1833Tilehurst, Berkshire I6827
22 House, William  12 Sep 1819Tilehurst, Berkshire I48604
23 House, William  12 May 1821Tilehurst, Berkshire I8771
24 House, William  20 Nov 1853Tilehurst, Berkshire I7589
25 House, William Henry  8 Jul 1855Tilehurst, Berkshire I48605
26 Wickens, Harriet Elizabeth  13 Sep 1840Tilehurst, Berkshire I48724


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barefoot, George William  Abt 1904Tilehurst, Berkshire I70625
2 Barnes, Harriet  Abt 1812Tilehurst, Berkshire I48583
3 Barnes, Harriet  Abt 1816Tilehurst, Berkshire I48583
4 Barnes, Harriet  Abt 1817Tilehurst, Berkshire I48583
5 Barnes, Harriet  Abt 1818Tilehurst, Berkshire I48583
6 Barnes, William Steeden  Abt 1853Tilehurst, Berkshire I161123
7 Busby, Charles Richard  Abt 1892Tilehurst, Berkshire I113966
8 Busby, Evelyn Annie  Abt 1896Tilehurst, Berkshire I113968
9 Busby, Florence Lucy  Abt 1890Tilehurst, Berkshire I113964
10 Busby, Louisa May  Abt 1895Tilehurst, Berkshire I113967
11 Chapman, Lilian Pretoria  Abt Jun 1900Tilehurst, Berkshire I31679
12 Harris, Sophia  1882Tilehurst, Berkshire I70664
13 House, Alice Emma  Abt 1894Tilehurst, Berkshire I48585
14 House, Annie  Abt 1889Tilehurst, Berkshire I48586
15 House, Charlotte  Abt 1836Tilehurst, Berkshire I48587
16 House, Charlotte  Abt 1838Tilehurst, Berkshire I48587
17 House, Elizabeth  Abt 1839Tilehurst, Berkshire I48588
18 House, Elizabeth  Abt 1858Tilehurst, Berkshire I47179
19 House, Ellen  Abt 1863Tilehurst, Berkshire I23802
20 House, Ellen  Abt 1864Tilehurst, Berkshire I23802
21 House, Ernest Richard  Abt 1891Tilehurst, Berkshire I48589
22 House, Henry  Abt 1863Tilehurst, Berkshire I47181
23 House, Henry  Abt 1864Tilehurst, Berkshire I47181
24 House, James  Abt 1814Tilehurst, Berkshire I48591
25 House, James  Abt 1815Tilehurst, Berkshire I48591
26 House, James  1835Tilehurst, Berkshire I47185
27 House, James  Abt 1851Tilehurst, Berkshire I11598
28 House, Jane Amelia  Abt 1847Tilehurst, Berkshire I48592
29 House, John  Abt 1829Tilehurst, Berkshire I2729
30 House, John  1830Tilehurst, Berkshire I2729
31 House, John  Abt 1849Tilehurst, Berkshire I129811
32 House, John  Abt 1850Tilehurst, Berkshire I129811
33 House, John  Abt 1865Tilehurst, Berkshire I47187
34 House, John  Abt 1866Tilehurst, Berkshire I47187
35 House, Louisa  Abt 1867Tilehurst, Berkshire I13812
36 House, Lucy  Abt 1865Tilehurst, Berkshire I8721
37 House, Lucy Nellie  Abt 1887Tilehurst, Berkshire I48595
38 House, Mary Ann  Abt 1844Tilehurst, Berkshire I48597
39 House, Mary Ann  Abt 1856Tilehurst, Berkshire I48598
40 House, Priscilla Kate  Abt 1865Tilehurst, Berkshire I48599
41 House, Richard  1825Tilehurst, Berkshire I23440
42 House, Richard  Abt 1825Tilehurst, Berkshire I4039
43 House, Richard  Abt 1826Tilehurst, Berkshire I4039
44 House, Richard  Abt 1859Tilehurst, Berkshire I13882
45 House, Richard  Abt May 1859Tilehurst, Berkshire I13882
46 House, Ruth  Abt 1860Tilehurst, Berkshire I47188
47 House, Ruth  Abt 1861Tilehurst, Berkshire I47188
48 House, Samuel  Abt 1840Tilehurst, Berkshire I47189
49 House, Samuel  Abt 1841Tilehurst, Berkshire I47189
50 House, Samuel  21 Jul 1841Tilehurst, Berkshire I47189

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 House, Joyce Beatrice  1980Tilehurst, Berkshire I48554


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Cresswell, Sarah  1871Tilehurst, Berkshire I47170
2 Davis, Lucy  1871Tilehurst, Berkshire I25580
3 Emans, Edward  27 Sep 1852Tilehurst, Berkshire I99285
4 House, Ellen  1871Tilehurst, Berkshire I23802
5 House, James  10 Feb 1856Tilehurst, Berkshire I47185
6 House, James  1871Tilehurst, Berkshire I47183
7 House, James  1871Tilehurst, Berkshire I11598
8 House, Louisa  1871Tilehurst, Berkshire I13812
9 House, Lucy  1871Tilehurst, Berkshire I8721
10 House, Mary Ann  1871Tilehurst, Berkshire I48598
11 House, Richard  19 Apr 1851Tilehurst, Berkshire I4039
12 House, Richard  1871Tilehurst, Berkshire I13882
13 House, Richard  1871Tilehurst, Berkshire I4039
14 House, Sarah  27 Sep 1852Tilehurst, Berkshire I26116
15 House, Sarah  1871Tilehurst, Berkshire I18182
16 House, William  1871Tilehurst, Berkshire I7589
17 House, William  21 Nov 1885Tilehurst, Berkshire I7589
18 Povey, Sarah  19 Apr 1851Tilehurst, Berkshire I28085
19 Povey, Sarah  1871Tilehurst, Berkshire I28085
20 Wicks, Mary Ann  21 Nov 1885Tilehurst, Berkshire I48626
21 Wiltshire, Martha  10 Feb 1856Tilehurst, Berkshire I47208


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 House / Barnes  2 Apr 1836Tilehurst, Berkshire F14476
2 House / Cresswell  15 Jan 1821Tilehurst, Berkshire F14121