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Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk


Notes: Guess

Address : Latitude: 52.7169, Longitude: 1.17399


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Egmore, Gordon Victor  29 Sep 1939Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I104917
2 Egmore, William Ernest  2 Apr 1911Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I104916
3 Garner, Florence Maud  8 Jun 1930Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I62274
4 Garner, Florence Maud  29 Sep 1939Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I62274
5 Green, Lily Martha  2 Apr 1911Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I21965
6 Howes, Edmond  31 Mar 1851Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I18720
7 Howes, Edmond  31 Mar 1851Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I1396
8 Howes, Edmond  1861Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I1396
9 Howes, Edward  2 Apr 1911Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I7114
10 Howes, Edward William  2 Apr 1911Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I38269
11 Howes, Edward William  29 Sep 1939Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I38269
12 Howes, Elija  31 Mar 1851Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I22843
13 Howes, Elija  1861Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I22843
14 Howes, Elija  1871Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I22843
15 Howes, Flora Maud  29 Sep 1939Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I26270
16 Howes, Frances  31 Mar 1851Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I16891
17 Howes, Frank Goodwin  29 Sep 1939Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I104372
18 Howes, Frederick Arthur  2 Apr 1911Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I11385
19 Howes, George Carr  31 Mar 1851Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I15244
20 Howes, George Walter  2 Apr 1911Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I38272
21 Howes, George Walter  29 Sep 1939Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I38272
22 Howes, Hilda Eva  2 Apr 1911Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I38270
23 Howes, John  31 Mar 1851Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I27171
24 Howes, John Richard  2 Apr 1911Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I38271
25 Howes, John Richard  8 Jun 1930Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I38271
26 Howes, John Richard  29 Sep 1939Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I38271
27 Howes, John Robert  1901Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I7151
28 Howes, John Robert  2 Apr 1911Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I7151
29 Howes, Kathleen Mabel  2 Apr 1911Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I2329
30 Howes, Robert  31 Mar 1851Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I5221
31 Howes, Rosetta Dora  2 Apr 1911Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I4588
32 Howes, Susan  31 Mar 1851Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I13153
33 Howes, Walter George  1901Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I7857
34 Howes, William  31 Mar 1851Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I8564
35 Howes, William  1861Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I5319
36 Howes, William  1901Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I23748
37 Howes, William  1901Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I8564
38 Howes, William  2 Apr 1911Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I23748
39 Jessop, Esther  31 Mar 1851Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I17155
40 Jessop, Esther  1861Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I17155
41 Jessop, Esther  1871Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I17155
42 Kidd, Rosetta  2 Apr 1911Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I23917
43 Kidd, Rosetta  4 Dec 1930Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I23917
44 Pye, Louisa Ann  31 Mar 1851Upgate, Swannington, Norfolk I15356