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Virginia, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 37.9999295, Longitude: -79.4507105


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, L Miller  Abt 1883Virginia, USA I132203
2 Blankenbaker, Alpha  12 Feb 1804Virginia, USA I119623
3 Blankenbaker, Elizabeth Kary  14 Oct 1822Virginia, USA I119604
4 Blankenbaker, Ellen  Virginia, USA I119606
5 Blankenbaker, Joe  4 Feb 1795Virginia, USA I119602
6 Blankenbaker, John  Virginia, USA I119607
7 Blankenbaker, Louisa  Abt 1833Virginia, USA I119608
8 Blankenbaker, Michael Lewis  Virginia, USA I119603
9 Blankenbaker, Nancy  Virginia, USA I119605
10 Boykin, Jane  Virginia, USA I132426
11 Bunger, George  1790Virginia, USA I121966
12 Fergusson, John M  Abt 1843Virginia, USA I108243
13 Floyd, Elizabeth  1793Virginia, USA I122025
14 Floyd, Sarah  28 Mar 1815Virginia, USA I122034
15 House, Catherine  Virginia, USA I119570
16 House, Elle  26 Dec 1800Virginia, USA I122043
17 House, Elmira  Virginia, USA I74126
18 House, Emma M  Abt 1907Virginia, USA I107737
19 House, Eva  Abt Mar 1768Virginia, USA I121198
20 House, Jacob  Virginia, USA I119566
21 House, John  Abt 1795Virginia, USA I135054
22 House, Joseph  Virginia, USA I119571
23 House, Leland R  Abt Oct 1908Virginia, USA I114964
24 House, Mary Ellen  29 Sep 1826Virginia, USA I119625
25 House, Mary Louise  Virginia, USA I119569
26 House, Matthias  Abt 1767Virginia, USA I119552
27 House, Nancy Jane  9 Jan 1830Virginia, USA I119627
28 House, Sarah Ann  9 Nov 1831Virginia, USA I119628
29 House, Susan Elizabeth  14 Feb 1828Virginia, USA I119626
30 House, William  Abt 1700Virginia, USA I39016
31 House, William Lawrence  23 May 1842Virginia, USA I58165
32 Howes, John  3 Jan 1810Virginia, USA I53464
33 Howes, John D D  Abt 1850Virginia, USA I87668
34 Howse, Ann Mariah Bates  17 Nov 1843Virginia, USA I58166
35 Howze, Fred  23 Aug 1890Virginia, USA I91916
36 Howze, Joe  Virginia, USA I117910
37 Juday, John  1800Virginia, USA I122427
38 Mauck, David  20 Dec 1841Virginia, USA I121256
39 Ott, Jacob  1796Virginia, USA I122415
40 Owens, Lillie Lee  Jun 1871Virginia, USA I68104
41 Peters, Edna Fanny  28 Jan 1888Virginia, USA I86639
42 Phipps, Hattie  Abt 1877Virginia, USA I128850
43 Polls, Nancy  May 1840Virginia, USA I117927
44 Ridgway, Josiah C  Abt 1874Virginia, USA I107341
45 Rookstool, Elisabeth  1807Virginia, USA I122421
46 Rookstool, John  14 Jan 1819Virginia, USA I122430
47 Rookstool, Michael  1805Virginia, USA I122419
48 Rusk, Mary E  Abt 1895Virginia, USA I85001
49 Sears, Elizabeth Betsy  1775Virginia, USA I8013
50 Tanner, Benjamin  21 Feb 1803Virginia, USA I122070

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 House, Aaron  Aug 1845Virginia, USA I119557
2 Howes, Charles Einar  13 Jun 2010Virginia, USA I4949
3 Howes, Walter Straight  23 Jul 2019Virginia, USA I7048
4 Kuck, Veronika  2001Virginia, USA I71233
5 Nelms, Alice  Abt 1705Virginia, USA I39013


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Davis, Virginia  Abt 1907Virginia, USA I95885
2 Gould, Cynthia Ann  Abt 1834Virginia, USA I51747
3 Gould, Cynthia Ann  Abt 1835Virginia, USA I51747
4 Gould, Cynthia Ann  Mar 1840Virginia, USA I51747
5 House, Edmonia S  Abt 1886Virginia, USA I132202
6 House, John Carleton jr  Abt 1928Virginia, USA I56618
7 House, John Percy  Abt 1797Virginia, USA I56608
8 House, Leland R  Abt 1908Virginia, USA I114964
9 House, Thomas Quintius C  Abt 1828Virginia, USA I140534
10 House, William Lawrence  Abt 1840Virginia, USA I58165
11 House, William Lawrence  Abt 1841Virginia, USA I58165
12 Howes, Charles Groce  Virginia, USA I87575
13 Howes, John  Abt 1810Virginia, USA I53464
14 Howes, John Oliver  Abt 1857Virginia, USA I51740
15 Howes, John Oliver  Oct 1859Virginia, USA I51740
16 Howes, John Randolph  Abt 1851Virginia, USA I51748
17 Howes, John Randolph  Abt 1861Virginia, USA I51748
18 Howes, Phebe Delaney  Abt 1853Virginia, USA I51774
19 Howes, Phebe Delaney  Abt 1855Virginia, USA I51774
20 Howes, Philander Pringle  Oct 1827Virginia, USA I50436
21 Howes, Philander Pringle  Abt 1828Virginia, USA I50436
22 Howes, Philander Pringle  13 Oct 1828Virginia, USA I50436
23 Howes, Philander Pringle  Abt 1829Virginia, USA I50436
24 Howes, Robert Andrew  Abt 1837Virginia, USA I50425
25 Howes, Robert Andrew  15 Apr 1838Virginia, USA I50425
26 Howes, Watson  Abt 1865Virginia, USA I51776
27 Howse, Ann Mariah Bates  Abt 1842Virginia, USA I58166
28 Howse, Ann Mariah Bates  Abt 1843Virginia, USA I58166
29 Howse, David Charles  Virginia, USA I58162
30 Howse, David Charles  Abt 1816Virginia, USA I58162
31 Howse, David Charles  21 Apr 1817Virginia, USA I58162
32 Howse, Floria Albinia  Abt 1838Virginia, USA I58164
33 Howse, Floria Albinia  Abt 1840Virginia, USA I58164
34 Howse, Floria Albinia  23 May 1842Virginia, USA I58164
35 Howze, Amos  1833Virginia, USA I117901
36 Hudson, Sarah  Abt 1793Virginia, USA I53463
37 Layne, Florence Inez  19 Nov 1921Virginia, USA I118305
38 Polls, Nancy  Abt 1837Virginia, USA I117927
39 Polls, Nancy  Abt 1844Virginia, USA I117927
40 Rusk, Harvey Lee  Abt 1884Virginia, USA I85049
41 Rusk, Mary E  Abt 1891Virginia, USA I85001
42 Stuart, Lucy Ann Elizabeth  Virginia, USA I58163
43 Stuart, Lucy Ann Elizabeth  Abt 1817Virginia, USA I58163
44 Utz, Nancy  1812Virginia, USA I119594
45 Walden, Dorothy  Abt 1800Virginia, USA I53489
46 Walden, Dorothy  Abt 1823Virginia, USA I53489
47 Walker, Delaware  Abt 1802Virginia, USA I53469
48 Williams, Susan  Jun 1858Virginia, USA I51741


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Howes, Victoria Adele  8 Sep 2007Virginia, USA I68086


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 House, Green  1 Jun 1850Virginia, USA I135056
2 House, Harrison  1 Jun 1850Virginia, USA I135060
3 House, John  1 Jun 1850Virginia, USA I135058
4 House, John  1 Jun 1850Virginia, USA I135054
5 House, Mary  1 Jun 1850Virginia, USA I135061
6 House, Pleasant B  1 Jun 1850Virginia, USA I134639
7 House, Robert  1 Jun 1850Virginia, USA I135057
8 House, Sarah  1 Jun 1850Virginia, USA I135059
9 Howes, Gerard W  2001Virginia, USA I71226
10 Perkins, Elizabeth  1 Jun 1850Virginia, USA I135055
11 Phillips, Rachel  1818Virginia, USA I73618


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 House / Lawrence  1679Virginia, USA F12057
2 House / Rookstool  22 Feb 1802Virginia, USA F36978