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Location : Latitude: 52.3159025, Longitude: -1.5548735


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bloxham, Hannah  Abt Nov 1830Warwickshire I6880
2 Blundell, Mary Ann  Abt 1828Warwickshire I104981
3 Blundell, Richard  Abt 1825Warwickshire I104982
4 Burt, Ronald Maynard  15 Sep 1918Warwickshire I16180
5 Churchley, Elizabeth  Abt 1806Warwickshire I96666
6 Edwards, Eric Basil  Abt 1907Warwickshire I100820
7 Healey, William  Bef 1820Warwickshire I66811
8 Howes, Ann  Abt 1833Warwickshire I29880
9 Howes, Clement  Abt 1670Warwickshire I49583
10 Howes, George  Abt 1861Warwickshire I3414
11 Howes, Jane  Abt 1830Warwickshire I29879
12 Howes, John  Abt 1803Warwickshire I96658
13 Howes, Laura  Abt 1880Warwickshire I69811
14 Howes, Mary  Bef 1825Warwickshire I66831
15 Howes, William  Abt 1823Warwickshire I8394
16 Hows, Elizabeth  Abt 1785Warwickshire I88541
17 Hows, John  Abt 1791Warwickshire I88542
18 Hows, William  Abt 1787Warwickshire I88545
19 Johns, Samuel  Abt 1800Warwickshire I89428
20 Ryley, Frank John  Abt 1906Warwickshire I98396
21 Unknown, Elizabeth  Abt 1801Warwickshire I149020
22 Unknown, Hannah  Bef 1775Warwickshire I66399
23 Unknown, Sarah  Abt 1790Warwickshire I29876


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Austin, Percy Charles  Mar 1972Warwickshire I13130
2 Hows, Elizabeth  Abt 1787Warwickshire I88541
3 Powell, Nicholas Timothy  16 Feb 2007Warwickshire I2082


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aldridge, Ann  Bef 1785Warwickshire I33591
2 Avery, Ann Maria  Abt 1826Warwickshire I75754
3 Baldwin, Caroline  Bef 1811Warwickshire I99452
4 Blundell, Richard  Abt 1785Warwickshire I104983
5 Blunt, Eliza Jane  Abt 1839Warwickshire I58741
6 Bromage, Herbert  Abt 1896Warwickshire I90738
7 Bromage, William  Abt 1864Warwickshire I90739
8 Bromage, William A  Abt 1892Warwickshire I90740
9 Edgecox, Hannah  Bef 1801Warwickshire I58534
10 Findon, Hannah  Abt 1825Warwickshire I94021
11 Fletcher, Mary Ann  Abt 1803Warwickshire I103642
12 Hill, Sarah  Abt 1803Warwickshire I27467
13 Horton, Hannah  Bef 1800Warwickshire I66387
14 Howe, William  Bef 1795Warwickshire I33571
15 Howes, Alfred Arthur  Abt 1839Warwickshire I27605
16 Howes, Alice  Abt 1827Warwickshire I98756
17 Howes, Amy Edgecox Griswould  Abt 1830Warwickshire I58536
18 Howes, Ann  Abt 1830Warwickshire I102440
19 Howes, Ann Maria  Abt 1836Warwickshire I16623
20 Howes, Ann Rebecca  Abt 1831Warwickshire I16574
21 Howes, Ann Sophia  Abt 1836Warwickshire I5281
22 Howes, Caroline  Abt 1821Warwickshire I88236
23 Howes, Catherine  Abt 1828Warwickshire I88237
24 Howes, Edward  Abt 1828Warwickshire I22927
25 Howes, Edwin David  Abt 1815Warwickshire I16038
26 Howes, Eli Yardley  Abt 1836Warwickshire I66339
27 Howes, Elizabeth  Abt 1820Warwickshire I90780
28 Howes, Elizabeth  Abt 1826Warwickshire I88239
29 Howes, Elizabeth  Abt 1830Warwickshire I92023
30 Howes, Emma  Abt 1825Warwickshire I29446
31 Howes, Emma Jane  Abt Dec 1840Warwickshire I9119
32 Howes, Fanny  Abt 1833Warwickshire I88241
33 Howes, Fanny  Abt 1869Warwickshire I22339
34 Howes, Florence Ellen  Abt 1886Warwickshire I69804
35 Howes, Francis  Abt 1794Warwickshire I21225
36 Howes, Francis  Abt 1800Warwickshire I90788
37 Howes, Frederick William  Abt 1889Warwickshire I66689
38 Howes, George  Bef 1826Warwickshire I29877
39 Howes, Hannah  Abt 1832Warwickshire I58586
40 Howes, Harriet  Abt 1830Warwickshire I96680
41 Howes, James  Abt 1792Warwickshire I92025
42 Howes, James  Abt 1796Warwickshire I20953
43 Howes, James  Abt 1825Warwickshire I66349
44 Howes, James  Abt 1827Warwickshire I29878
45 Howes, James Henry  Abt 1825Warwickshire I24582
46 Howes, Jemima  Abt 1833Warwickshire I66352
47 Howes, John  Abt 1788Warwickshire I88242
48 Howes, John  Abt 1806Warwickshire I96658
49 Howes, John  Abt 1820Warwickshire I33581
50 Howes, John  Abt 1823Warwickshire I88243

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Hows, William Thomas  14 May 1922Warwickshire I33588
2 Hows, William Thomas Edwin Wakelin  8 Sep 1935Warwickshire I33589