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West Virginia, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 38.925764, Longitude: -80.1860315


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brandon, George  Abt 1900West Virginia, USA I91600
2 Buchanan, Vergie Estaline  31 May 1895West Virginia, USA I129541
3 Bunger, Simeon  3 Sep 1812West Virginia, USA I121196
4 Burnett, Charles  Abt 1897West Virginia, USA I65939
5 Burnett, John  Abt 1870West Virginia, USA I65938
6 Cox, Arleen Fay  Abt 1907West Virginia, USA I87680
7 Crummett, Paul Jacques  Abt 1895West Virginia, USA I87674
8 Furgason, Margaret A  1857West Virginia, USA I121816
9 Higgins, Glenna Inez  Abt 1903West Virginia, USA I87675
10 Howes, Charles  Abt 1898West Virginia, USA I65932
11 Howes, Donald  Abt 1905West Virginia, USA I51813
12 Howes, Donald E  Abt 1904West Virginia, USA I87581
13 Howes, Eloise N  Abt 1910West Virginia, USA I87582
14 Howes, Emma Lee  Abt 1872West Virginia, USA I87672
15 Howes, Florence Josephine  Oct 1896West Virginia, USA I87579
16 Howes, Fred Hartsell  17 Aug 1905West Virginia, USA I51792
17 Howes, Freeman  Abt 1909West Virginia, USA I129630
18 Howes, French  Abt 1901West Virginia, USA I51810
19 Howes, Georgie  Abt 1897West Virginia, USA I51808
20 Howes, Harry  Abt 1914West Virginia, USA I129632
21 Howes, Henry R  8 Feb 1853West Virginia, USA I121492
22 Howes, Hobart  Abt 1907West Virginia, USA I129629
23 Howes, Ida M  Abt 1868West Virginia, USA I51805
24 Howes, Isaac Newton  6 Nov 1863West Virginia, USA I51804
25 Howes, John  Abt Feb 1919West Virginia, USA I129628
26 Howes, John Pahl  Abt 1901West Virginia, USA I87580
27 Howes, John W  Abt 1857West Virginia, USA I51802
28 Howes, Joseph Hatfield  9 Sep 1915West Virginia, USA I53368
29 Howes, Laura  Abt 1907West Virginia, USA I51814
30 Howes, Lena  Abt Dec 1909West Virginia, USA I51815
31 Howes, Lillie Alice  14 Jan 1881West Virginia, USA I51742
32 Howes, Louverna H  4 Oct 1868West Virginia, USA I50427
33 Howes, Lulu V  Abt 1912West Virginia, USA I129505
34 Howes, Lydia Jane  Abt 1859West Virginia, USA I51803
35 Howes, Myrtle Blanche  Abt Mar 1915West Virginia, USA I129514
36 Howes, Olive Luceba  Abt 1855West Virginia, USA I51801
37 Howes, Paul  Abt 1911West Virginia, USA I129631
38 Howes, Ruby E  Nov 1899West Virginia, USA I87583
39 Howes, Stacy  Abt 1898West Virginia, USA I51809
40 Howes, Vesta  Abt 1903West Virginia, USA I51812
41 Howes, Watson  3 Sep 1866West Virginia, USA I51776
42 Linger, Blanch  Abt 1906West Virginia, USA I51796
43 Linger, Dessie  Abt 1910West Virginia, USA I51798
44 Linger, Frank  Abt 1879West Virginia, USA I51793
45 Linger, Goldie  Abt 1908West Virginia, USA I51797
46 Linger, Ivy  Abt 1902West Virginia, USA I51794
47 Linger, Mable  Abt 1904West Virginia, USA I51795
48 Linger, Roscoe  Abt 1913West Virginia, USA I51799
49 Loudin, Clovis Allen  22 Mar 1912West Virginia, USA I129495
50 Loudin, Jane  Abt 1887West Virginia, USA I129515

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Eskew, Juanita Mildred  15 Feb 2010West Virginia, USA I65808
2 Howes, Fred Hartsell  10 Dec 1911West Virginia, USA I51792
3 Howes, John  1880West Virginia, USA I50433
4 Howes, Joseph  Aft 1850West Virginia, USA I50438
5 Scott, Cornelia Alice  6 Jun 1972West Virginia, USA I65817


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Gould, Cynthia Ann  Abt 1829West Virginia, USA I51747
2 Gould, Cynthia Ann  Abt 1833West Virginia, USA I51747
3 Gould, Cynthia Ann  Abt 1834West Virginia, USA I51747
4 Hatfield, Mary Jane  Abt 1873West Virginia, USA I53365
5 Hatfield, Mary Jane  Abt 1874West Virginia, USA I53365
6 Howes, Addie Mae  Abt 1910West Virginia, USA I65937
7 Howes, Addie Mae  Abt Jan 1910West Virginia, USA I65937
8 Howes, Alice V  Abt 1876West Virginia, USA I87673
9 Howes, Asa Franklin  Abt 1910West Virginia, USA I65822
10 Howes, Beryl Nellie  Abt 1918West Virginia, USA I129492
11 Howes, Beryl Nellie  Abt Aug 1918West Virginia, USA I129492
12 Howes, Calvin  Abt 1871West Virginia, USA I51778
13 Howes, Charles  Abt 1915West Virginia, USA I129583
14 Howes, Charles  Abt Aug 1916West Virginia, USA I129583
15 Howes, Charles  Abt Aug 1916West Virginia, USA I51739
16 Howes, Charles  3 Sep 1916West Virginia, USA I129583
17 Howes, Charles Groce  Abt 1869West Virginia, USA I87575
18 Howes, Charles Groce  Jul 1869West Virginia, USA I87575
19 Howes, Charles Groce  Jul 1899West Virginia, USA I87575
20 Howes, Charles L  Abt 1875West Virginia, USA I51806
21 Howes, Clyde Andrew  Abt 1904West Virginia, USA I65935
22 Howes, Daniel  Abt 1829West Virginia, USA I50435
23 Howes, Delmar Jewel  Abt 1934West Virginia, USA I161658
24 Howes, Dewey Americus  Abt 1901West Virginia, USA I65934
25 Howes, Dewey Americus  Abt 1902West Virginia, USA I65934
26 Howes, Dillie Orval  Abt 1890West Virginia, USA I51744
27 Howes, Dillie Orval  Apr 1891West Virginia, USA I51744
28 Howes, Donald E  Abt 1903West Virginia, USA I87581
29 Howes, Donald E  Abt 1905West Virginia, USA I87581
30 Howes, Eloise N  Abt 1909West Virginia, USA I87582
31 Howes, Eloise N  Abt Mar 1910West Virginia, USA I87582
32 Howes, Florence Josephine  Abt 1896West Virginia, USA I87579
33 Howes, Forman Ralph  Abt 1909West Virginia, USA I51736
34 Howes, Forman Ralph  Abt May 1909West Virginia, USA I51736
35 Howes, Frank Marcus  Abt 1874West Virginia, USA I53364
36 Howes, Fred Hartsell  Abt 1905West Virginia, USA I51792
37 Howes, Henry  Abt 1911West Virginia, USA I51738
38 Howes, Henry  Abt 1914West Virginia, USA I51738
39 Howes, Hobart Lee  Abt 1907West Virginia, USA I51735
40 Howes, Homer Warren  Abt 1925West Virginia, USA I129502
41 Howes, Homer Warren  Abt May 1926West Virginia, USA I129502
42 Howes, Isaac Newton  Abt 1862West Virginia, USA I51804
43 Howes, James Anderson  Abt 1903West Virginia, USA I53366
44 Howes, Jennings Harvey  Abt 1910West Virginia, USA I53361
45 Howes, Jennings Harvey  Abt Jan 1910West Virginia, USA I53361
46 Howes, John Andrew  Abt Feb 1919West Virginia, USA I51730
47 Howes, John Oliver  Abt 1858West Virginia, USA I51740
48 Howes, John Oliver  Abt 1859West Virginia, USA I51740
49 Howes, Joseph Hatfield  Abt Sep 1915West Virginia, USA I53368
50 Howes, Lillie Alice  Jan 1881West Virginia, USA I51742

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Howes, Marcus Lindsey  21 Nov 1915West Virginia, USA I53369
2 Howes, Philander Pringle  10 May 1910West Virginia, USA I50436
3 Howes, Thadeus Pershing  26 Aug 2007West Virginia, USA I65805


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Howes / Hunt  1853West Virginia, USA F15295
2 Howes / Pringle  1826West Virginia, USA F14950