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Weston Super Mare, Somerset


City/Town : Latitude: 51.3476, Longitude: -2.9793


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Albert Edward  Abt Aug 1897Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35443
2 Baker, William Charles  Abt May 1906Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35447
3 Chapman, Francis William  17 Mar 1905Weston Super Mare, Somerset I166356
4 Clark, Cecil  10 Feb 1880Weston Super Mare, Somerset I175923
5 Clark, William Leslie Palmer  23 May 1907Weston Super Mare, Somerset I175924
6 Cox, Francis  Abt Jan 1859Weston Super Mare, Somerset I176290
7 Down, Clifford Leslie Frank  14 Nov 1915Weston Super Mare, Somerset I33718
8 Fear, Arthur Cecil  Abt May 1885Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35462
9 Fear, Beatrice May  Abt Aug 1898Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35463
10 Fear, Charles Henry  Abt Aug 1883Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35465
11 Fear, Florence Sarah  Abt Aug 1890Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35466
12 Fear, Frances Hilda  Abt Aug 1904Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35467
13 Fear, Nellie Louise  Abt Aug 1893Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35468
14 Fear, Sidney George  Abt Nov 1887Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35469
15 Fear, William Ernest  Abt Feb 1896Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35470
16 Glass, Albert Ernest  Abt Aug 1881Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35472
17 Glass, Francis Herbert  Abt Feb 1887Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35474
18 Glass, Frederick Arthur  Abt Aug 1894Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35475
19 Glass, Georgina  Abt May 1885Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35476
20 Glass, William Thomas  Abt May 1883Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35477
21 Hares, Walter H  Abt 1873Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35482
22 Hicks, Percy  Abt Aug 1895Weston Super Mare, Somerset I33960
23 House, Albert Henry  6 Jul 1885Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35483
24 House, Alice Maud M  26 Mar 1893Weston Super Mare, Somerset I33741
25 House, Amy Lilian  5 Feb 1908Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35487
26 House, David William  Abt Aug 1862Weston Super Mare, Somerset I45077
27 House, Dorothy May  13 Dec 1907Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35491
28 House, Edith Mary  25 Sep 1887Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35493
29 House, Elizabeth Ann  Abt May 1865Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35495
30 House, Ellen  Abt Aug 1879Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35497
31 House, Ellen Trees Marchant  Abt Nov 1878Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35499
32 House, Eva Katherine  5 Dec 1896Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35504
33 House, Evangeline  Abt May 1854Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35505
34 House, Evelyn Mary Ruth  24 Jul 1906Weston Super Mare, Somerset I33759
35 House, Fanny  Abt Oct 1833Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35506
36 House, Florence  4 Jan 1884Weston Super Mare, Somerset I33761
37 House, Florence Mary  Abt Aug 1889Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35507
38 House, Frances Mary  Abt Nov 1861Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35508
39 House, Frederick Charles  Abt Aug 1867Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35511
40 House, George  Abt Feb 1896Weston Super Mare, Somerset I33764
41 House, George William  23 May 1908Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35513
42 House, George William James  Abt 1853Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35514
43 House, Gertrude Jane  23 Feb 1890Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35515
44 House, Grace Kathleen Mabel  17 Nov 1909Weston Super Mare, Somerset I33767
45 House, Gwynne Miranda  6 Mar 1894Weston Super Mare, Somerset I33769
46 House, Henry  Abt 1829Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35519
47 House, Herbert William  8 Jan 1889Weston Super Mare, Somerset I33776
48 House, Hester  Abt May 1860Weston Super Mare, Somerset I45080
49 House, Ida Bessie  Abt May 1894Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35522
50 House, Irene Olive  3 May 1899Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35523

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boulter, Trevor Blythe  24 Jul 2013Weston Super Mare, Somerset I182970
2 Crate, Alice Martha  Abt May 1964Weston Super Mare, Somerset I30553
3 Godding, Amelia Lily  Aug 1986Weston Super Mare, Somerset I97668
4 House, Cissie Doris May  14 May 2018Weston Super Mare, Somerset I177215
5 House, Emily  15 Apr 1919Weston Super Mare, Somerset I33753
6 House, Fanny Alice  31 Oct 1913Weston Super Mare, Somerset I33760
7 House, Frank Edward  Abt Nov 1983Weston Super Mare, Somerset I42390
8 House, Henry John  Abt May 1882Weston Super Mare, Somerset I41994
9 House, Hugh  20 Apr 1959Weston Super Mare, Somerset I45081
10 House, Sidney Dean  27 Sep 1954Weston Super Mare, Somerset I33817
11 House, William Lee  1 Jun 1941Weston Super Mare, Somerset I33671
12 Howse, William Archer  21 Mar 1974Weston Super Mare, Somerset I70080
13 Moore, Roland Templar  23 Sep 2015Weston Super Mare, Somerset I177408
14 Palmer, William John  Abt Nov 1944Weston Super Mare, Somerset I175921
15 Raines, Doris Ethel  6 Aug 2007Weston Super Mare, Somerset I171045
16 Rider, Frank Brown  Abt Aug 1964Weston Super Mare, Somerset I26132
17 Sanders, Alice Maud Mary  18 Mar 1971Weston Super Mare, Somerset I33696
18 Scott, John Flemington  Abt Nov 1982Weston Super Mare, Somerset I171113
19 Shipway, Vivian Maurice  Abt Nov 1980Weston Super Mare, Somerset I96703
20 Stitch, Beatrice Annie  8 Apr 1961Weston Super Mare, Somerset I33859
21 Upham, Samuel James  17 Jan 2015Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35674


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Crisp, Claude Hamilton  26 Jun 1904Weston Super Mare, Somerset I171054


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Albert Edward  Abt 1897Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35443
2 Allen, Walter Henry  Abt 1868Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35445
3 Allen, Walter Henry  Abt Nov 1868Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35445
4 Baker, William Charles  Abt 1906Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35447
5 Bennett, Alice  Abt 1862Weston Super Mare, Somerset I128406
6 Chapman, Francis William  Abt 1904Weston Super Mare, Somerset I166356
7 Clark, Cecil  Abt 1879Weston Super Mare, Somerset I175923
8 Clark, William Leslie Palmer  Abt 1907Weston Super Mare, Somerset I175924
9 Davis, Mary Ann  Abt 1829Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35459
10 Fear, Arthur Cecil  Abt 1884Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35462
11 Fear, Arthur Cecil  Abt 1885Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35462
12 Fear, Beatrice May  Abt 1897Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35463
13 Fear, Charles Henry  Abt 1881Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35465
14 Fear, Charles Henry  Abt 1883Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35465
15 Fear, Florence Sarah  Abt 1890Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35466
16 Fear, Frances Hilda  Abt 1903Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35467
17 Fear, Nellie Louise  Abt 1892Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35468
18 Fear, Nellie Louise  Abt 1893Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35468
19 Fear, Sidney George  Abt 1887Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35469
20 Fear, William Ernest  Abt 1894Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35470
21 Fear, William Ernest  Abt 1895Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35470
22 Glass, Albert Ernest  Abt 1881Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35472
23 Glass, Francis Herbert  Abt 1886Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35474
24 Glass, Frederick Arthur  Abt 1894Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35475
25 Glass, Georgina  Abt 1884Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35476
26 Glass, William Thomas  Abt 1882Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35477
27 Hares, Amelia Maria  Abt 1853Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35480
28 Hares, Amelia Maria  Abt 1854Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35480
29 Hicks, Percy  Abt 1895Weston Super Mare, Somerset I33960
30 House, Albert Henry  Abt 1883Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35483
31 House, Albert Henry  Abt 1884Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35483
32 House, Albert Henry  Abt 1885Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35483
33 House, Albert Henry  Jul 1885Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35483
34 House, Alice Maud M  Abt 1892Weston Super Mare, Somerset I33741
35 House, Alice Maud M  Abt 1894Weston Super Mare, Somerset I33741
36 House, Amy Lilian  Abt 1907Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35487
37 House, David William  Abt 1862Weston Super Mare, Somerset I45077
38 House, Dorothy May  Abt 1907Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35491
39 House, Edith Mary  Abt 1887Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35493
40 House, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1865Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35495
41 House, Ellen  Abt 1878Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35497
42 House, Ellen  Abt 1879Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35497
43 House, Ellen Trees Marchant  Abt 1878Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35499
44 House, Emily  Abt 1849Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35502
45 House, Eva Katherine  Abt 1896Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35504
46 House, Evangeline  Abt 1853Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35505
47 House, Evelyn Mary Ruth  Abt 1906Weston Super Mare, Somerset I33759
48 House, Evelyn Mary Ruth  Abt Aug 1906Weston Super Mare, Somerset I33759
49 House, Fanny  Abt 1833Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35506
50 House, Fanny  Abt 1834Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35506

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Crate, Alice Martha  1964Weston Super Mare, Somerset I30553
2 House, Doris Churchill  Abt Feb 1964Weston Super Mare, Somerset I59985


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Cox, George  12 Jan 1859Weston Super Mare, Somerset I176266
2 Fear, Sarah Ann  8 Jul 1875Weston Super Mare, Somerset I33728
3 Flemington, Sarah  17 Jul 1883Weston Super Mare, Somerset I33729
4 House, Eliza Drusilla Agnes  30 Nov 1853Weston Super Mare, Somerset I176268
5 House, Fanny  31 Dec 1859Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35506
6 House, Henry John  14 Jul 1859Weston Super Mare, Somerset I41994
7 House, Jane  31 Jan 1895Weston Super Mare, Somerset I49515
8 House, Marjorie  1994Weston Super Mare, Somerset I30703
9 House, Martha Jane  21 Dec 1892Weston Super Mare, Somerset I33794
10 House, Mary  8 Aug 1842Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35539
11 House, Nicholas George  17 Jul 1883Weston Super Mare, Somerset I33804
12 House, Sarah Ann  12 Aug 1856Weston Super Mare, Somerset I176265
13 House, Sarah Ann  12 Jan 1859Weston Super Mare, Somerset I176265
14 House, William Henry  16 Sep 1885Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35564
15 House, William Lee  24 Jul 1899Weston Super Mare, Somerset I33671
16 Knight, William  8 Aug 1842Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35595
17 Pearce, John  31 Dec 1859Weston Super Mare, Somerset I176274
18 Thorne, Wesley Thomas  3 May 1906Weston Super Mare, Somerset I142511
19 Watts, Nellie Phyllis  16 Sep 1885Weston Super Mare, Somerset I35675


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 McCarthy / Norville  25 Jan 1919Weston Super Mare, Somerset F11152