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Winsor Farm, Cubert, Cornwall


Notes: Guess

Address : Latitude: 50.3800682, Longitude: -5.12014


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Cocking, Mary Jane  2 Apr 1911Winsor Farm, Cubert, Cornwall I20137
2 Hicks, Ann  1861Winsor Farm, Cubert, Cornwall I14103
3 Hicks, Ann  1871Winsor Farm, Cubert, Cornwall I14103
4 Hicks, Ann  1881Winsor Farm, Cubert, Cornwall I14103
5 House, Catherine Mary  1861Winsor Farm, Cubert, Cornwall I18002
6 House, Catherine Mary  1871Winsor Farm, Cubert, Cornwall I18002
7 House, Constantine Richard  1861Winsor Farm, Cubert, Cornwall I10569
8 House, Constantine Richard  1871Winsor Farm, Cubert, Cornwall I10569
9 House, Constantine Richard  1881Winsor Farm, Cubert, Cornwall I10569
10 House, Constantine Richard  2 Apr 1911Winsor Farm, Cubert, Cornwall I10569
11 House, Elizabeth Hannah  1871Winsor Farm, Cubert, Cornwall I3582
12 House, Elizabeth Hannah  1881Winsor Farm, Cubert, Cornwall I3582
13 House, Ellen Hicks  1871Winsor Farm, Cubert, Cornwall I10258
14 House, Ellen Hicks  1881Winsor Farm, Cubert, Cornwall I10258
15 House, Henry  1861Winsor Farm, Cubert, Cornwall I28082
16 House, Henry  1871Winsor Farm, Cubert, Cornwall I28082
17 House, Henry Theodore  2 Apr 1911Winsor Farm, Cubert, Cornwall I26189
18 House, Jane Ann  1861Winsor Farm, Cubert, Cornwall I9999
19 House, Jane Ann  1871Winsor Farm, Cubert, Cornwall I9999
20 House, Jane Ann  1881Winsor Farm, Cubert, Cornwall I9999
21 House, John  1861Winsor Farm, Cubert, Cornwall I15307
22 House, John  1871Winsor Farm, Cubert, Cornwall I20993
23 House, John  1871Winsor Farm, Cubert, Cornwall I15307
24 House, John  1881Winsor Farm, Cubert, Cornwall I15307
25 House, Marian  2 Apr 1911Winsor Farm, Cubert, Cornwall I28109
26 House, Mary  1861Winsor Farm, Cubert, Cornwall I11526
27 House, Richard Hicks  2 Apr 1911Winsor Farm, Cubert, Cornwall I19429
28 Trebilcock, Jane Ann  1881Winsor Farm, Cubert, Cornwall I14982