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Wisconsin, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 44.8999215, Longitude: -89.5830915


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barlow, Susan B  Apr 1852Wisconsin, USA I60743
2 Benedict, Evvie Gertrude  Aug 1857Wisconsin, USA I104214
3 Felton, Mary E  1883Wisconsin, USA I11331
4 Hart, George Alfred  14 Aug 1901Wisconsin, USA I97373
5 Heaton, Gertrude L  Oct 1853Wisconsin, USA I72733
6 Herrick, Gertrude M  Apr 1870Wisconsin, USA I102107
7 House, Aubert Fremont  Abt 1933Wisconsin, USA I125287
8 House, Frank  Abt 1865Wisconsin, USA I89279
9 House, Fred J  Aug 1891Wisconsin, USA I89276
10 House, Henry A  31 Mar 1856Wisconsin, USA I120937
11 House, Iona L  Abt Dec 1917Wisconsin, USA I125464
12 House, Julius  Abt 1876Wisconsin, USA I89280
13 House, Maud M  Abt 1873Wisconsin, USA I102126
14 House, Raymond E  Abt 1895Wisconsin, USA I96604
15 Howe, Margaret  5 Aug 1916Wisconsin, USA I136772
16 Howes, Ella L  Abt 1858Wisconsin, USA I41906
17 Howes, Lydia Ann  7 Mar 1847Wisconsin, USA I85535
18 Howes, Naomi  2 Jun 1845Wisconsin, USA I85533
19 Johnson, Anga  Abt 1898Wisconsin, USA I125286
20 Kendrick, Eliza Jane  10 Oct 1854Wisconsin, USA I134819
21 Louis, Irene  Abt 1902Wisconsin, USA I96605
22 Nickerson, Evelyn  1900Wisconsin, USA I9161
23 Nickerson, Pearl  1903Wisconsin, USA I3799
24 Sehy, Matilda C  Abt 1887Wisconsin, USA I78771
25 Tenney, Minnie May  Abt 1901Wisconsin, USA I129597
26 Tyler, Mary  Jul 1865Wisconsin, USA I89275
27 Unknown, Hattie  1875Wisconsin, USA I7841


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Donald  2007Wisconsin, USA I29752
2 Howe, Edward Wellington  Oct 1965Wisconsin, USA I136752
3 Nickerson, Harry  1930Wisconsin, USA I17005


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Agnes M  Abt 1890Wisconsin, USA I34288
2 Anderson, Agnes M  Abt 1892Wisconsin, USA I34288
3 Benedict, Evvie Gertrude  Abt 1857Wisconsin, USA I104214
4 Benedict, Evvie Gertrude  22 Aug 1857Wisconsin, USA I104214
5 Heaton, Gertrude L  Abt 1849Wisconsin, USA I72733
6 Heaton, Gertrude L  Abt 1852Wisconsin, USA I72733
7 Herrick, Gertrude M  Abt 1869Wisconsin, USA I102107
8 Herrick, Gertrude M  Abt 1870Wisconsin, USA I102107
9 Herrick, Gertrude M  Abt 1874Wisconsin, USA I102107
10 House, Frank Tyler  Abt 1892Wisconsin, USA I89271
11 House, Frank Tyler  Abt 1893Wisconsin, USA I89271
12 House, Frank Tyler  Jul 1893Wisconsin, USA I89271
13 House, Frank Tyler  Abt 1894Wisconsin, USA I89271
14 House, Fred J  Abt 1892Wisconsin, USA I89276
15 House, Iona L  Abt 1917Wisconsin, USA I125464
16 House, Seymour Bartlett  Abt 1860Wisconsin, USA I89274
17 House, Seymour Bartlett  Abt 1862Wisconsin, USA I89274
18 House, Seymour Bartlett  Aug 1862Wisconsin, USA I89274
19 House, Will A  Abt 1864Wisconsin, USA I101991
20 House, Will A  Abt 1866Wisconsin, USA I101991
21 House, Will A  Oct 1866Wisconsin, USA I101991
22 Howe, Margaret  Abt 1915Wisconsin, USA I136772
23 Howe, Margaret  Abt 1916Wisconsin, USA I136772
24 Howes, Chester Mihill  Abt 1891Wisconsin, USA I132864
25 Howes, Chester Mihill  8 Dec 1891Wisconsin, USA I132864
26 Howes, Chester Mihill  Abt 1892Wisconsin, USA I132864
27 Howes, Ella L  Abt Feb 1859Wisconsin, USA I41906
28 Howes, Francis Allison  Abt 1908Wisconsin, USA I96754
29 Howes, Francis Allison  Abt May 1908Wisconsin, USA I96754
30 Howes, Lydia Ann  Abt 1846Wisconsin, USA I85535
31 Howes, Naomi  Abt 1844Wisconsin, USA I85533
32 Kendrick, Eliza Jane  Abt 1855Wisconsin, USA I134819
33 Kugler, Rudolph Wilhelm  Abt 1859Wisconsin, USA I27051
34 Olson, Kenneth Milton  Abt 1912Wisconsin, USA I127381
35 Sehy, Matilda C  Abt 1888Wisconsin, USA I78771
36 Tenney, Minnie May  Abt 1901Wisconsin, USA I51729
37 Tyler, Mary  Abt 1864Wisconsin, USA I89275
38 Tyler, Mary  Abt 1865Wisconsin, USA I89275
39 Vincent, Annie Elizabeth  Abt 1851Wisconsin, USA I85536


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 House, Hellen B  30 Oct 1969Wisconsin, USA I96594