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Worthing RD, Sussex



City/Town : Latitude: 50.9166667, Longitude: -0.0833333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ball, Ethel Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1980Worthing RD, Sussex I110447
2 Bennnett, Edward John  Abt Jun 1998Worthing RD, Sussex I116318
3 Bishop, Kathleen Dorothy  Abt Oct 1984Worthing RD, Sussex I106430
4 Bond, Algernon Donald N  Abt Nov 1977Worthing RD, Sussex I25767
5 Brown, Minnie Jane  Abt Nov 1935Worthing RD, Sussex I88343
6 Brownlow, Walter Thomas B K  Abt Nov 2004Worthing RD, Sussex I98598
7 Churchill, Rose  Abt Jul 1996Worthing RD, Sussex I117434
8 Cole, Clara Annie  Abt May 1936Worthing RD, Sussex I47744
9 Crofts, Edith Maggie A  Abt Feb 1978Worthing RD, Sussex I64576
10 Cummings, Dudley George M  Abt Aug 1980Worthing RD, Sussex I111978
11 Davis, Edith Alfreda  Abt Aug 1978Worthing RD, Sussex I65487
12 Dowie, Elizabeth Blanche  Abt Nov 1973Worthing RD, Sussex I120256
13 Duffield, Dorothy  Abt Feb 1995Worthing RD, Sussex I93612
14 Duffy, Winefide Agnes  Abt Aug 1977Worthing RD, Sussex I65488
15 Edenborough, John Geoffrey  Abt May 1982Worthing RD, Sussex I53661
16 Freeman, Ernest Edward  Abt Nov 1997Worthing RD, Sussex I148038
17 Gaschy, Sophie Julie Lucie  Abt Feb 1971Worthing RD, Sussex I69361
18 Gerner, Freda Gertrude  Abt Jan 1996Worthing RD, Sussex I44123
19 Gibbs, Roy Henry  Abt Aug 1974Worthing RD, Sussex I130187
20 Gurney, Howard Lionel  Abt Feb 1970Worthing RD, Sussex I64590
21 Harris, Percy Garnet  Abt Nov 1977Worthing RD, Sussex I58149
22 Haward, Robert Frederick  Abt May 1939Worthing RD, Sussex I88747
23 Hoad, Edna  Abt May 2004Worthing RD, Sussex I106432
24 Hollins, Edgar  Abt May 1971Worthing RD, Sussex I117533
25 Holt, Sandra Mary  Abt Feb 1995Worthing RD, Sussex I79057
26 Hook, Leonard H  Abt Aug 1966Worthing RD, Sussex I98442
27 House, Albert Charles  Abt Aug 1988Worthing RD, Sussex I48444
28 House, Albert George  Abt Aug 1983Worthing RD, Sussex I71036
29 House, Alexander Thomas F  Abt Nov 1979Worthing RD, Sussex I93607
30 House, Alfred William  Abt Feb 1982Worthing RD, Sussex I78840
31 House, Augustus O  Abt May 1949Worthing RD, Sussex I39146
32 House, Charlotte Ann M  Abt May 1980Worthing RD, Sussex I97918
33 House, Cissie Alice  Abt Aug 1984Worthing RD, Sussex I78841
34 House, Edith Margaret  Abt Jun 1998Worthing RD, Sussex I112794
35 House, Edward Victor  Abt Aug 1961Worthing RD, Sussex I73009
36 House, Frederick Benjamin  Abt Feb 1970Worthing RD, Sussex I73245
37 House, Geoffrey Reginald  Abt Aug 2000Worthing RD, Sussex I48092
38 House, George Giles  Abt Feb 1954Worthing RD, Sussex I68939
39 House, Harry William  Abt Feb 1993Worthing RD, Sussex I106431
40 House, Herbert John  Abt Feb 1979Worthing RD, Sussex I69360
41 House, Hilda Millicent  Abt May 1984Worthing RD, Sussex I55187
42 House, John Thomas  Abt Feb 1961Worthing RD, Sussex I83217
43 House, Louisa Annie  Abt Jun 1993Worthing RD, Sussex I80701
44 House, Samuel James  Abt May 2004Worthing RD, Sussex I35549
45 House, Wallace Wheeler  Abt May 1966Worthing RD, Sussex I67369
46 House, William Henry  Abt Feb 1979Worthing RD, Sussex I68959
47 Howes, Albert  Abt May 1936Worthing RD, Sussex I24125
48 Howes, Albert Percy  Abt Feb 1976Worthing RD, Sussex I65406
49 Howes, Apsley  Abt Feb 1956Worthing RD, Sussex I24649
50 Howes, Augustus  Abt May 1949Worthing RD, Sussex I3883

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Howes, Elizabeth Mary  Abt Aug 1867Worthing RD, Sussex I60842


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Bulbrook, Ellen  Abt Aug 1960Worthing RD, Sussex I97710
2 Denman, Arthur  Abt Nov 1946Worthing RD, Sussex I137832
3 Howes, Gwendoline Muriel  Abt Aug 1991Worthing RD, Sussex I148026
4 Howes, Gwendoline Muriel  Aug 1991Worthing RD, Sussex I148026
5 Howse, Lottie  Abt Feb 1953Worthing RD, Sussex I30236
6 James, Ethel Mary  Abt Jan 2006Worthing RD, Sussex I125634
7 Kirkbride, Alec Seath  Abt Nov 1978Worthing RD, Sussex I125635
8 Lefort, Felix  Abt Feb 1966Worthing RD, Sussex I133231
9 McKellow, Rose Minnie  Abt May 1959Worthing RD, Sussex I36120
10 Messenger, Frederick John  Abt Aug 1967Worthing RD, Sussex I24329
11 Rogers, Sarah Emma  Abt Nov 1973Worthing RD, Sussex I146806
12 Shubrook, Lewis Wilson  Abt Aug 1955Worthing RD, Sussex I97726
13 Spearman, Norman Henry  Mar 1995Worthing RD, Sussex I148037
14 Spearman, Norman Henry  Abt Mar 1995Worthing RD, Sussex I148037


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 House / Duffield  Abt Nov 1945Worthing RD, Sussex F27248
2 House / Hoad  Abt May 1949Worthing RD, Sussex F31561
3 Howes / Langmaid  Abt Aug 1866Worthing RD, Sussex F17650
4 Howes / Ponzio  Abt Aug 1938Worthing RD, Sussex F44478
5 Howse / Welch  Abt May 1943Worthing RD, Sussex F17554
6 King / Howes  Abt May 1943Worthing RD, Sussex F35492
7 Spearman / Howes  Abt May 1978Worthing RD, Sussex F45314