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Arkansas, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 34.7553845, Longitude: -92.1428185


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Frankie Ann  Abt 1896Arkansas, USA I137206
2 Brady, Nettie V  Sep 1871Arkansas, USA I137129
3 Bryant, Evie Belle  5 Aug 1888Arkansas, USA I140548
4 Buckner, Charlotte Creel  Abt 1892Arkansas, USA I50828
5 Capshaw, Anna Marie  6 May 1905Arkansas, USA I63816
6 Cash, James  Abt 1876Arkansas, USA I71797
7 Cline, Hazel Virginia  Abt 1917Arkansas, USA I156938
8 Day, Grace G  5 Dec 1909Arkansas, USA I134418
9 Day, Lawson Hoyt  21 Dec 1905Arkansas, USA I134416
10 Day, Roy James  21 Oct 1912Arkansas, USA I134419
11 Day, Samantha Jeanette  28 Apr 1914Arkansas, USA I134420
12 Day, Thelma Jewel  8 Jun 1923Arkansas, USA I134429
13 Ellenberg, Lollie  Abt 1915Arkansas, USA I160944
14 Featherston, Albert Lewis  18 Feb 1891Arkansas, USA I71761
15 Featherston, Leo E  Abt 1913Arkansas, USA I71762
16 Featherston, Oma  3 Feb 1897Arkansas, USA I71783
17 Flood, Lura  Abt 1893Arkansas, USA I140545
18 Harrison, Lulu Bell  1870Arkansas, USA I140584
19 Hawkins, Ann Chifelle  Abt 1870Arkansas, USA I78874
20 Hildreth, Henry Byron  4 Apr 1879Arkansas, USA I54404
21 House, Ada  Abt 1864Arkansas, USA I160987
22 House, Alwildie  Abt 1872Arkansas, USA I160963
23 House, Bobby Ray  Abt 1937Arkansas, USA I160947
24 House, Bradie  Abt 1906Arkansas, USA I137141
25 House, Carrie  Apr 1890Arkansas, USA I71774
26 House, Cassie Lorana Josephine  27 May 1888Arkansas, USA I71760
27 House, Edgar Doice  13 Jul 1915Arkansas, USA I137201
28 House, Edward B  26 Sep 1930Arkansas, USA I140515
29 House, Edward H  Abt 1902Arkansas, USA I160955
30 House, Edward N  Jun 1875Arkansas, USA I160960
31 House, Elmer Doyle  30 Jan 1930Arkansas, USA I137243
32 House, Emily Lois  22 Apr 1904Arkansas, USA I140610
33 House, Emmett C  Abt 1912Arkansas, USA I140546
34 House, Eva H  Apr 1886Arkansas, USA I71773
35 House, George Henson  Abt Sep 1849Arkansas, USA I71253
36 House, George W  Nov 1870Arkansas, USA I160952
37 House, Hannah  Abt 1858Arkansas, USA I140541
38 House, Hula  Dec 1896Arkansas, USA I137130
39 House, J H  Abt 1850Arkansas, USA I160964
40 House, James C  Abt 1919Arkansas, USA I140552
41 House, James Edward  Abt 1865Arkansas, USA I140543
42 House, James L  Mar 1856Arkansas, USA I71765
43 House, James Lloyd  2 Feb 1889Arkansas, USA I140603
44 House, James S  Abt 1903Arkansas, USA I160956
45 House, Jane  Abt 1854Arkansas, USA I143661
46 House, Jesse L  Jun 1899Arkansas, USA I71766
47 House, Jessie Mae  Abt 1910Arkansas, USA I140551
48 House, Joseph  Abt 1875Arkansas, USA I137149
49 House, Joseph James  Abt 1858Arkansas, USA I140540
50 House, Laura  Abt 1904Arkansas, USA I160992

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Marry E  20 Feb 1911Arkansas, USA I137199
2 House, Arthur  2 Jul 1963Arkansas, USA I110560
3 House, Bobby Ray  Abt 1937Arkansas, USA I160947
4 House, William Langley  Arkansas, USA I110554
5 Key, James Caleb  1897Arkansas, USA I140560
6 Pepper, Doris  1 May 2011Arkansas, USA I137212


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brady, Nettie V  Abt 1871Arkansas, USA I137129
2 Bryant, Evie Belle  Abt 1888Arkansas, USA I140548
3 Capshaw, Anna Marie  Abt 1905Arkansas, USA I63816
4 Featherston, Albert Lewis  Abt 1887Arkansas, USA I71761
5 Featherston, Albert Lewis  Abt 1889Arkansas, USA I71761
6 Featherston, Albert Lewis  Feb 1891Arkansas, USA I71761
7 Featherston, Albert Lewis  Abt 1892Arkansas, USA I71761
8 Featherston, Leo E  Abt 1912Arkansas, USA I71762
9 Featherston, Oma  Abt 1896Arkansas, USA I71783
10 Featherston, Oma  Abt 1897Arkansas, USA I71783
11 Flood, Lura  Abt 1892Arkansas, USA I140545
12 House, Alexander  Abt 1854Arkansas, USA I140538
13 House, Ann Corea  Abt 1917Arkansas, USA I140547
14 House, Ann Corea  Abt May 1918Arkansas, USA I140547
15 House, Carroll Douglas  Abt 1923Arkansas, USA I140508
16 House, Cassie Lorana Josephine  May 1888Arkansas, USA I71760
17 House, Cassie Lorana Josephine  Abt 1889Arkansas, USA I71760
18 House, Cassie Lorana Josephine  Abt 1891Arkansas, USA I71760
19 House, Cassie Lorana Josephine  Abt 1892Arkansas, USA I71760
20 House, Cassie Lorana Josephine  Abt 1895Arkansas, USA I71760
21 House, Edgar Doice  Abt 1915Arkansas, USA I137201
22 House, Edward B  Abt 1931Arkansas, USA I140515
23 House, Edward N  Abt 1874Arkansas, USA I160960
24 House, Edward N  Abt 1875Arkansas, USA I160960
25 House, Elmer Doyle  Abt 1929Arkansas, USA I137243
26 House, Elmer Doyle  Abt Jan 1930Arkansas, USA I137243
27 House, George Henson  Abt 1849Arkansas, USA I71253
28 House, George W  Abt 1870Arkansas, USA I160952
29 House, Grace Mae  Abt 1898Arkansas, USA I160954
30 House, Grace Mae  Abt 1899Arkansas, USA I160954
31 House, Hula  Abt 1896Arkansas, USA I137130
32 House, Hula  Abt 1904Arkansas, USA I137130
33 House, Jack  Abt 1924Arkansas, USA I71786
34 House, James  Abt 1838Arkansas, USA I143655
35 House, James Claude  Abt 1890Arkansas, USA I140527
36 House, James Claude  Oct 1890Arkansas, USA I140527
37 House, James Claude  Abt 1891Arkansas, USA I140527
38 House, James L  Abt 1854Arkansas, USA I71765
39 House, James L  Abt 1855Arkansas, USA I71765
40 House, James L  Abt 1856Arkansas, USA I71765
41 House, Jesse L  Abt 1898Arkansas, USA I71766
42 House, Jesse L  Abt 1899Arkansas, USA I71766
43 House, Jesse L  Abt 1903Arkansas, USA I71766
44 House, Joel Ernest  Abt 1891Arkansas, USA I137213
45 House, John Wesley  Abt 1851Arkansas, USA I140524
46 House, John Wesley  Abt 1852Arkansas, USA I140524
47 House, John Wesley  Feb 1853Arkansas, USA I140524
48 House, John William  Abt 1865Arkansas, USA I137128
49 House, John William  Mar 1867Arkansas, USA I137128
50 House, Julia A  Abt 1905Arkansas, USA I160957

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 House, Willis  Jan 1880Arkansas, USA I39046


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 House / Booth  1878Arkansas, USA F20317
2 House / Wallace  30 Sep 1923Arkansas, USA F33097