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Beebe, Quebec, Canada



Latitude: 45.0339, Longitude: -72.1467


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 House, Alvin  9 Oct 1803Beebe, Quebec, Canada I120842
2 House, Francis Edwin  30 Dec 1805Beebe, Quebec, Canada I120845
3 House, George  27 Aug 1807Beebe, Quebec, Canada I120847
4 House, Harry  1809Beebe, Quebec, Canada I120850
5 House, Hiram  26 Aug 1801Beebe, Quebec, Canada I120839
6 House, John Lyman  16 Jul 1811Beebe, Quebec, Canada I120852


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beebe, Hattie  24 Jan 1937Beebe, Quebec, Canada I120912
2 Beebe, James  8 Jan 1890Beebe, Quebec, Canada I120931
3 Bragg, Lucinda G  6 Nov 1897Beebe, Quebec, Canada I120846
4 Dixon, Matthew  13 Oct 1880Beebe, Quebec, Canada I120922
5 Glines, Rotus E  25 Jul 1914Beebe, Quebec, Canada I120915
6 Hinman, Clara N  1917Beebe, Quebec, Canada I120929
7 House, Amelia L  26 Dec 1927Beebe, Quebec, Canada I120921
8 House, Azadiah H  1932Beebe, Quebec, Canada I120914
9 House, Edwin L  10 Jun 1926Beebe, Quebec, Canada I120904
10 House, Esther  4 Jun 1863Beebe, Quebec, Canada I120838
11 House, Francis Edwin  30 Jun 1870Beebe, Quebec, Canada I120845
12 House, George  11 Mar 1872Beebe, Quebec, Canada I120847
13 House, George H  6 Apr 1940Beebe, Quebec, Canada I120928
14 House, Harry  6 Nov 1888Beebe, Quebec, Canada I120850
15 House, John Lyman  18 Sep 1905Beebe, Quebec, Canada I120852
16 House, Joseph Bragg  3 Feb 1915Beebe, Quebec, Canada I120911
17 House, Luther John  18 Oct 1910Beebe, Quebec, Canada I120900
18 House, Milo D  20 Nov 1872Beebe, Quebec, Canada I120925
19 House, Selon J  28 Feb 1895Beebe, Quebec, Canada I120886
20 Kittredge, Persis  20 Mar 1870Beebe, Quebec, Canada I120849
21 Porter, Pamelia  10 May 1891Beebe, Quebec, Canada I120851
22 Unknown, Sabrina A  21 May 1886Beebe, Quebec, Canada I120905
23 Unknown, Sarah M  6 Apr 1897Beebe, Quebec, Canada I120887
24 Verbeck, Josephine Lucy  12 Mar 1882Beebe, Quebec, Canada I120909
25 White, Mary Ann  11 Jan 1887Beebe, Quebec, Canada I120853


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 House, Albert Chapin  Beebe, Quebec, Canada I120908