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Besthorpe, Norfolk


Location : Latitude: 52.51667, Longitude: 1.03333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnard, Elizabeth  16 Sep 1847Besthorpe, Norfolk I40855
2 Barnard, Jane  Abt 1852Besthorpe, Norfolk I25542
3 Barnard, John  Abt 1802Besthorpe, Norfolk I8567
4 Barnard, Lydia  10 Apr 1845Besthorpe, Norfolk I40854
5 Barnard, Maria  14 Apr 1852Besthorpe, Norfolk I2322
6 Barnard, Martha Ann  14 May 1838Besthorpe, Norfolk I21005
7 Barnard, Mary Ann  16 Feb 1850Besthorpe, Norfolk I18046
8 Barnard, Rebecca  Abt 1854Besthorpe, Norfolk I5939
9 Barnard, Rebecca  6 Aug 1858Besthorpe, Norfolk I40856
10 Barnard, Robert  16 Feb 1843Besthorpe, Norfolk I40852
11 Barnard, Susan  6 Nov 1835Besthorpe, Norfolk I6275
12 Barnard, William  30 Dec 1840Besthorpe, Norfolk I21928
13 Bartrum, Bowers Bertie  22 Dec 1886Besthorpe, Norfolk I104307
14 Bartrum, Gladys Laura  8 Sep 1910Besthorpe, Norfolk I104309
15 Bray, Margaret  Abt Apr 1692Besthorpe, Norfolk I13319
16 Bray, Susann  Abt Jan 1686/87Besthorpe, Norfolk I188475
17 Castleton, James  Abt Dec 1813Besthorpe, Norfolk I8155
18 Clark, Ruth  Abt Jan 1723/24Besthorpe, Norfolk I29426
19 Clarke, Abraham  Abt Jun 1752Besthorpe, Norfolk I188492
20 Clarke, Ann  Abt Jun 1743Besthorpe, Norfolk I188487
21 Clarke, Elizabeth  Abt Apr 1750Besthorpe, Norfolk I188491
22 Clarke, Isaac  Abt Sep 1747Besthorpe, Norfolk I188490
23 Clarke, James  Abt Feb 1712/13Besthorpe, Norfolk I188485
24 Clarke, James  Abt Mar 1744/45Besthorpe, Norfolk I188488
25 Clarke, James Jr  Abt Jul 1746Besthorpe, Norfolk I188489
26 Clarke, Lucy  Abt Aug 1741Besthorpe, Norfolk I188486
27 Clarke, Samuel  Abt Dec 1757Besthorpe, Norfolk I188493
28 Eastoll, Charlotte  Abt 1844Besthorpe, Norfolk I44680
29 Eastoll, Emily  Abt 1824Besthorpe, Norfolk I44679
30 Eastoll, Esau  Abt 1790Besthorpe, Norfolk I44446
31 Eastoll, Esau  Abt 1835Besthorpe, Norfolk I44677
32 Eastoll, Phebe  Abt 1849Besthorpe, Norfolk I44681
33 Eastoll, Samuel  Abt 1840Besthorpe, Norfolk I44678
34 Green, Mary Ann Daynes  Abt 1846Besthorpe, Norfolk I7238
35 Haylett, Thomas  27 Mar 1837Besthorpe, Norfolk I16905
36 Howes, Abraham  Abt Feb 1760Besthorpe, Norfolk I4118
37 Howes, Amelia  Abt 1801Besthorpe, Norfolk I44447
38 Howes, Ann  Abt Sep 1762Besthorpe, Norfolk I29578
39 Howes, Arthur  Abt Jan 1592/93Besthorpe, Norfolk I27402
40 Howes, Bartholomew  Abt Jul 1569Besthorpe, Norfolk I9687
41 Howes, Bowers William  16 Jun 1871Besthorpe, Norfolk I57728
42 Howes, Charles  Abt Jul 1717Besthorpe, Norfolk I188479
43 Howes, Charles  Abt Sep 1734Besthorpe, Norfolk I27140
44 Howes, Charles  Abt Nov 1773Besthorpe, Norfolk I28027
45 Howes, Charles  Abt Sep 1810Besthorpe, Norfolk I5844
46 Howes, Charles Brundle  Abt May 1805Besthorpe, Norfolk I16632
47 Howes, Charles Henry  Abt Jul 1829Besthorpe, Norfolk I24609
48 Howes, Daniel  Abt Oct 1602Besthorpe, Norfolk I9170
49 Howes, Dorothy  Abt Jun 1599Besthorpe, Norfolk I3623
50 Howes, Edith Mary  14 Nov 1874Besthorpe, Norfolk I17613

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barnard, John  27 Feb 1901Besthorpe, Norfolk I8567
2 Barnard, Rebecca  Abt 1 Jan 1858Besthorpe, Norfolk I5939
3 Barnard, Robert  16 Feb 1922Besthorpe, Norfolk I40852
4 Brundle, Elizabeth  Abt Oct 1805Besthorpe, Norfolk I2314
5 Burrell, Susanna  17 Jan 1841Besthorpe, Norfolk I189999
6 Clark, Ruth  Abt Dec 1774Besthorpe, Norfolk I29426
7 Clarke, Abraham  Abt 10 Nov 1752Besthorpe, Norfolk I188492
8 Clarke, Elizabeth  Abt 13 Aug 1750Besthorpe, Norfolk I188491
9 Clarke, Isaac  Abt 14 Feb 1747/48Besthorpe, Norfolk I188490
10 Clarke, James  Abt 5 Jun 1745Besthorpe, Norfolk I188488
11 Clarke, James Jr  Abt 14 Sep 1765Besthorpe, Norfolk I188489
12 Clarke, Samuel  Abt 21 Apr 1758Besthorpe, Norfolk I188493
13 Corston, Lydia  24 Sep 1919Besthorpe, Norfolk I4015
14 Howes, Abraham  Abt Jan 1844Besthorpe, Norfolk I4118
15 Howes, Amelia  Abt 23 Jan 1880Besthorpe, Norfolk I44447
16 Howes, Armine  Abt 28 Oct 1750Besthorpe, Norfolk I183607
17 Howes, Charles  Abt 18 Sep 1723Besthorpe, Norfolk I188476
18 Howes, Charles  Abt 5 Aug 1752Besthorpe, Norfolk I188479
19 Howes, Charles Brundle  Abt Sep 1805Besthorpe, Norfolk I16632
20 Howes, Eleanor  Abt Jul 1833Besthorpe, Norfolk I9640
21 Howes, Elizabeth  Abt Sep 1827Besthorpe, Norfolk I18892
22 Howes, Elizabeth  12 Nov 1897Besthorpe, Norfolk I27717
23 Howes, Isaac  Abt Feb 1838Besthorpe, Norfolk I7135
24 Howes, James  Abt Nov 1747Besthorpe, Norfolk I18567
25 Howes, James  11 Apr 1857Besthorpe, Norfolk I4117
26 Howes, James  15 Dec 1916Besthorpe, Norfolk I18872
27 Howes, John Lee  1841Besthorpe, Norfolk I27775
28 Howes, Meshach  3 Feb 1839Besthorpe, Norfolk I11495
29 Howes, Rebecca  Abt Sep 1770Besthorpe, Norfolk I18425
30 Howes, Rebecca  Abt Jan 1799Besthorpe, Norfolk I13389
31 Howes, Robert  Abt Apr 1832Besthorpe, Norfolk I9118
32 Howes, Theodosia  Abt Sep 1749Besthorpe, Norfolk I5817
33 Howes, Theodosia  Abt 5 Apr 1803Besthorpe, Norfolk I16637
34 Howse, Charles  Abt 20 Sep 1712Besthorpe, Norfolk I188507
35 Howse, Christian  Abt 28 Jul 1752Besthorpe, Norfolk I184089
36 Howse, James  Jan 1592/93Besthorpe, Norfolk I20376
37 Lane, Ann  Abt Jun 1833Besthorpe, Norfolk I25243
38 Lawes, Susanna  Abt Jun 1832Besthorpe, Norfolk I24905
39 Pymer, Elizabeth  Abt Jun 1816Besthorpe, Norfolk I9771


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bray, Margaret  1768Besthorpe, Norfolk I13319
2 Castleton, John  Abt Mar 1855Besthorpe, Norfolk I12286
3 Howes, Eleanor  2 Jul 1833Besthorpe, Norfolk I9640
4 Howes, Hannah  Abt Jun 1855Besthorpe, Norfolk I4782
5 Howes, James  1723Besthorpe, Norfolk I23828


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Howes, Isaac  1796Besthorpe, Norfolk I3156
2 Howes, James  23 Aug 1696Besthorpe, Norfolk I16791
3 Howes, James  31 Jul 1703Besthorpe, Norfolk I9977
4 Howes, James  17 Mar 1799Besthorpe, Norfolk I8145
5 Howes, John  8 Apr 1668Besthorpe, Norfolk I23631
6 Howes, Mary  1766Besthorpe, Norfolk I7526
7 Howes, Thomas  1590Besthorpe, Norfolk I17881
8 Howes, Thomas Self  13 Jun 1802Besthorpe, Norfolk I19067
9 Howes, William  1780Besthorpe, Norfolk I18033


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnard, John  Abt 1803Besthorpe, Norfolk I8567
2 Barnard, John  Abt 1804Besthorpe, Norfolk I8567
3 Barnard, John  Abt 1805Besthorpe, Norfolk I8567
4 Barnard, Maria  Abt 1852Besthorpe, Norfolk I2322
5 Barnard, Mary Ann  Abt 1850Besthorpe, Norfolk I18046
6 Bartrum, Bowers Bertie  Abt 1886Besthorpe, Norfolk I104307
7 Bartrum, Gladys Laura  Abt Sep 1910Besthorpe, Norfolk I104309
8 Eastoll, Even  Abt 1831Besthorpe, Norfolk I44675
9 Garrard, Avis  Abt 1808Besthorpe, Norfolk I8504
10 Haylett, Thomas  Abt 1836Besthorpe, Norfolk I16905
11 Howes, Amelia  Abt 1802Besthorpe, Norfolk I44447
12 Howes, Bowers William  Abt 1871Besthorpe, Norfolk I57728
13 Howes, Bowers William  Abt 1871Besthorpe, Norfolk I57728
14 Howes, Bowers William  Abt Aug 1871Besthorpe, Norfolk I57728
15 Howes, Charles  Abt 1810Besthorpe, Norfolk I5844
16 Howes, Charles Henry  Abt 1829Besthorpe, Norfolk I24609
17 Howes, Charles Henry  Abt 1830Besthorpe, Norfolk I24609
18 Howes, Edith Mary  Abt 1874Besthorpe, Norfolk I17613
19 Howes, Eliza  17 Feb 1844Besthorpe, Norfolk I10993
20 Howes, Elizabeth  Abt 1809Besthorpe, Norfolk I27717
21 Howes, Elizabeth  Abt 1812Besthorpe, Norfolk I27717
22 Howes, Elizabeth  Abt 1813Besthorpe, Norfolk I27717
23 Howes, Isaac  Abt 1793Besthorpe, Norfolk I3156
24 Howes, Isaac  1795Besthorpe, Norfolk I3156
25 Howes, James  Abt 1802Besthorpe, Norfolk I4117
26 Howes, James  Abt 1838Besthorpe, Norfolk I18872
27 Howes, John  Abt 1814Besthorpe, Norfolk I11341
28 Howes, John  Abt 1816Besthorpe, Norfolk I11341
29 Howes, John  Abt 1841Besthorpe, Norfolk I23965
30 Howes, Leonard Robert  Abt 1902Besthorpe, Norfolk I38354
31 Howes, Maria  Abt 1831Besthorpe, Norfolk I1840
32 Howes, Martha  Abt 1820Besthorpe, Norfolk I64327
33 Howes, Mary Ann  Abt 1839Besthorpe, Norfolk I9599
34 Howes, Rebecca  Abt 1834Besthorpe, Norfolk I23480
35 Howes, Rebecca  Abt 1836Besthorpe, Norfolk I23480
36 Howes, Richard  Abt 1564Besthorpe, Norfolk I24371
37 Howes, Richard  Abt 1584Besthorpe, Norfolk I2523
38 Howes, Theodosia  1752Besthorpe, Norfolk I23532
39 Howes, Thomas  Abt 1863Besthorpe, Norfolk I38265
40 Howes, Thomas Self  Abt 1802Besthorpe, Norfolk I19067
41 Howes, Thomas Self  6 Jul 1802Besthorpe, Norfolk I19067
42 Howes, William  Abt 1802Besthorpe, Norfolk I24842
43 Howes, William  Abt 1842Besthorpe, Norfolk I57730
44 Howes, William  Abt 1849Besthorpe, Norfolk I25378
45 Lighting, Mary  Abt 1803Besthorpe, Norfolk I19568
46 Lighting, Mary  Abt 1804Besthorpe, Norfolk I19568
47 Limmer, James Hovell  Abt Mar 1790Besthorpe, Norfolk I4370


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Howes, Charles  Abt Dec 1785Besthorpe, Norfolk I27140
2 Howes, James  Abt Nov 1793Besthorpe, Norfolk I4506
3 Howes, James  Abt Apr 1857Besthorpe, Norfolk I4117
4 Howes, John Lee  19 Oct 1841Besthorpe, Norfolk I27775
5 Howes, Meshach  Abt Feb 1839Besthorpe, Norfolk I11495
6 Unknown, Sarah  23 Feb 1841Besthorpe, Norfolk I23044


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Barnard, John  8 Nov 1833Besthorpe, Norfolk I8567
2 Bartrum, Bowers Bertie  10 Oct 1909Besthorpe, Norfolk I104307
3 Bartrum, Bowers Bertie  2 Apr 1911Besthorpe, Norfolk I104307
4 Bartrum, Gladys Laura  2 Apr 1911Besthorpe, Norfolk I104309
5 Brewster, Mary Ann Ellen  2 Apr 1911Besthorpe, Norfolk I27137
6 Castleton, John  19 Dec 1813Besthorpe, Norfolk I12286
7 Castleton, John  11 Feb 1816Besthorpe, Norfolk I12286
8 Colman, Hannah  3 Mar 1832Besthorpe, Norfolk I11822
9 Duckett, Robert  29 Oct 1877Besthorpe, Norfolk I44444
10 Eastoll, Esau  10 Jun 1818Besthorpe, Norfolk I44446
11 Garrard, Avis  24 May 1835Besthorpe, Norfolk I8504
12 Garrard, Avis  16 Jul 1837Besthorpe, Norfolk I8504
13 Garrard, Avis  25 Dec 1837Besthorpe, Norfolk I8504
14 Green, Mary  22 Jun 1791Besthorpe, Norfolk I5089
15 Green, Mary Ann Daynes  28 Jan 1871Besthorpe, Norfolk I7238
16 Hawes, Anna Maria Sophia  12 Dec 1865Besthorpe, Norfolk I16076
17 Haylett, Thomas  3 Jan 1863Besthorpe, Norfolk I16905
18 Howes, Abraham  4 Nov 1794Besthorpe, Norfolk I4118
19 Howes, Abraham  21 Oct 1813Besthorpe, Norfolk I4118
20 Howes, Abraham  17 Jan 1841Besthorpe, Norfolk I4118
21 Howes, Alfred Stanley  2 Apr 1911Besthorpe, Norfolk I37320
22 Howes, Alice Maud Ellen  2 Apr 1911Besthorpe, Norfolk I37318
23 Howes, Amelia  10 Jun 1818Besthorpe, Norfolk I44447
24 Howes, Andrew  1700Besthorpe, Norfolk I848
25 Howes, Ann  6 Aug 1789Besthorpe, Norfolk I29578
26 Howes, Charles  9 Nov 1741Besthorpe, Norfolk I188479
27 Howes, Charles  15 Feb 1763Besthorpe, Norfolk I27140
28 Howes, Elizabeth  19 May 1781Besthorpe, Norfolk I12484
29 Howes, Elizabeth  8 Nov 1833Besthorpe, Norfolk I27717
30 Howes, Emily  13 Oct 1834Besthorpe, Norfolk I22498
31 Howes, Florence Hilda Mary  2 Apr 1911Besthorpe, Norfolk I37317
32 Howes, Hannah  19 Dec 1813Besthorpe, Norfolk I4782
33 Howes, Hannah  11 Feb 1816Besthorpe, Norfolk I4782
34 Howes, Herbert Henry Brewster  2 Apr 1911Besthorpe, Norfolk I37319
35 Howes, Herbert John  2 Apr 1911Besthorpe, Norfolk I9954
36 Howes, Isaac  12 Dec 1821Besthorpe, Norfolk I3156
37 Howes, James  1625Besthorpe, Norfolk I169
38 Howes, James  1661Besthorpe, Norfolk I20554
39 Howes, James  1700Besthorpe, Norfolk I23828
40 Howes, James  1794Besthorpe, Norfolk I9977
41 Howes, James  8 Nov 1826Besthorpe, Norfolk I4117
42 Howes, Jessie Hilda Elizabeth  2 Apr 1911Besthorpe, Norfolk I37316
43 Howes, Jessie Priscilla  2 Apr 1911Besthorpe, Norfolk I114486
44 Howes, John  Besthorpe, Norfolk I9137
45 Howes, John  13 Dec 1764Besthorpe, Norfolk I188469
46 Howes, John  25 Dec 1837Besthorpe, Norfolk I11341
47 Howes, John  24 Dec 1863Besthorpe, Norfolk I23965
48 Howes, Meshach  30 Sep 1810Besthorpe, Norfolk I11495
49 Howes, Meshach  29 Nov 1812Besthorpe, Norfolk I11495
50 Howes, Rebecca  29 Oct 1877Besthorpe, Norfolk I23480

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Colman / Limmer  1807Besthorpe, Norfolk F4284
2 Howes / Colman  3 Mar 1832Besthorpe, Norfolk F4461
3 Howes / Lane  10 May 1802Besthorpe, Norfolk F4980
4 Howes / Lighting  12 Dec 1821Besthorpe, Norfolk F6693
5 Howes / Searles  1684Besthorpe, Norfolk F4252
6 Howes / Wright  6 Oct 1832Besthorpe, Norfolk F3020
7 Smith / Howes  11 Jul 1803Besthorpe, Norfolk F2384


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Colman / Howes  10 Feb 1778Besthorpe, Norfolk F7812
2 Howes / Lee  1778Besthorpe, Norfolk F2910
3 Smith / Howes  1803Besthorpe, Norfolk F2384