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Blockley, Gloucestershire



Latitude: 52.0134, Longitude: -1.76233


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Howes, Alice May  7 Nov 1895Blockley, Gloucestershire I20561
2 Howes, Cecil Edward  Abt Nov 1888Blockley, Gloucestershire I19433
3 Howes, George Percy  Abt Jun 1890Blockley, Gloucestershire I20612
4 Howes, Gladys  17 Sep 1898Blockley, Gloucestershire I29338
5 Howes, Kate  Abt Nov 1892Blockley, Gloucestershire I13346
6 Hows, Kate Lavinia  Abt 1856Blockley, Gloucestershire I115424
7 Hows, Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1859Blockley, Gloucestershire I115425
8 Hows, Richard Henry  Abt 1823Blockley, Gloucestershire I115426
9 Hows, William Henry  Abt 1855Blockley, Gloucestershire I115427
10 Howse, Albert Ernest  Abt May 1880Blockley, Gloucestershire I3174
11 Shepherd, Cecil Howard  15 Dec 1908Blockley, Gloucestershire I105228
12 Shepherd, Charles  Abt 1873Blockley, Gloucestershire I14237
13 Shepherd, Charles Henry  23 Apr 1907Blockley, Gloucestershire I105229
14 Shepherd, Emily  Abt Nov 1865Blockley, Gloucestershire I1077
15 Shepherd, Iris Edith  12 May 1904Blockley, Gloucestershire I105230
16 Shepherd, Kathleen Alice  5 Jun 1902Blockley, Gloucestershire I105231
17 Shepherd, Norah Alice  9 Mar 1900Blockley, Gloucestershire I105232
18 Simmons, Ann Elizabeth  Abt 1858Blockley, Gloucestershire I115429
19 Simmons, Richard  Abt Jun 1860Blockley, Gloucestershire I115434


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 How, Catherine  Abt 7 Mar 1826Blockley, Gloucestershire I115420
2 Howes, Kate  11 Mar 1974Blockley, Gloucestershire I13346
3 Knight, Frank  Abt 30 Nov 1973Blockley, Gloucestershire I114053
4 Shepherd, Cecil Howard  Abt 17 Apr 1909Blockley, Gloucestershire I105228
5 Shepherd, Charles  Abt 22 Dec 1955Blockley, Gloucestershire I14237
6 Shepherd, Emily  Abt 16 Dec 1948Blockley, Gloucestershire I1077
7 Shepherd, Norah Alice  Abt 30 Mar 1901Blockley, Gloucestershire I105232
8 Simmons, Joseph William  Abt 1 Apr 1908Blockley, Gloucestershire I115432
9 Simmons, William  Abt 15 May 1862Blockley, Gloucestershire I115435
10 Slingo, Ann  Abt 14 Oct 1912Blockley, Gloucestershire I18820
11 Turner, Richard  20 Mar 1925Blockley, Gloucestershire I67644


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Howes, Alice Maria  26 Mar 1935Blockley, Gloucestershire I4539
2 Howes, Thomas Charles  15 Mar 1900Blockley, Gloucestershire I2000
3 Shepherd, Cecil Howard  21 Apr 1909Blockley, Gloucestershire I105228
4 Shepherd, Charles  27 Dec 1955Blockley, Gloucestershire I14237
5 Shepherd, Emily  20 Dec 1948Blockley, Gloucestershire I1077
6 Shepherd, Norah Alice  2 Apr 1901Blockley, Gloucestershire I105232
7 Slingo, Ann  18 Oct 1912Blockley, Gloucestershire I18820


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Shepherd, Cecil Howard  31 Jan 1909Blockley, Gloucestershire I105228
2 Shepherd, Charles Henry  26 May 1907Blockley, Gloucestershire I105229
3 Shepherd, Iris Edith  30 Oct 1904Blockley, Gloucestershire I105230
4 Shepherd, Kathleen Alice  24 Aug 1902Blockley, Gloucestershire I105231
5 Shepherd, Norah Alice  26 Aug 1900Blockley, Gloucestershire I105232


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Howes, Alice May  Abt 1895Blockley, Gloucestershire I20561
2 Howes, Alice May  Abt 1895Blockley, Gloucestershire I20561
3 Howes, Cecil Edward  Abt 1888Blockley, Gloucestershire I19433
4 Howes, Cecil Edward  Abt 1889Blockley, Gloucestershire I19433
5 Howes, Gladys  Abt 1898Blockley, Gloucestershire I29338
6 Howes, Kate  Abt 1890Blockley, Gloucestershire I13346
7 Howes, Kate  Abt 1892Blockley, Gloucestershire I13346
8 Howes, William  Abt 1782Blockley, Gloucestershire I105753
9 Hows, Elizabeth Jane  Abt 1829Blockley, Gloucestershire I115422
10 Hows, Elizabeth Jane  Abt 1831Blockley, Gloucestershire I115422
11 Hows, Kate Lavinia  Abt 1858Blockley, Gloucestershire I115424
12 Hows, Richard Henry  Abt 1824Blockley, Gloucestershire I115426
13 Shepherd, Charles Henry  Abt 1907Blockley, Gloucestershire I105229
14 Shepherd, Emily  Abt 1865Blockley, Gloucestershire I1077
15 Shepherd, Iris Edith  Abt 1904Blockley, Gloucestershire I105230
16 Shepherd, Kathleen Alice  Abt 1902Blockley, Gloucestershire I105231
17 Simmons, Jane Elizabeth  Abt 1862Blockley, Gloucestershire I115431


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Howes, George Percy  Abt 16 Sep 1899Blockley, Gloucestershire I20612
2 Howes, Thomas Charles  Abt 11 Mar 1900Blockley, Gloucestershire I2000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Baughan, Hannah  1881Blockley, Gloucestershire I23830
2 Eastbury, Albert James  7 Mar 1922Blockley, Gloucestershire I114048
3 Howes, Alice May  2 Apr 1911Blockley, Gloucestershire I20561
4 Howes, Alice May  2 Aug 1930Blockley, Gloucestershire I20561
5 Howes, George William  1881Blockley, Gloucestershire I13136
6 Howes, Gladys  7 Mar 1922Blockley, Gloucestershire I29338
7 Howes, Thomas Charles  1 Sep 1888Blockley, Gloucestershire I2000
8 Hows, Elizabeth Jane  30 Mar 1851Blockley, Gloucestershire I115422
9 Hows, Kate Lavinia  7 Apr 1861Blockley, Gloucestershire I115424
10 Hows, Mary Elizabeth  7 Apr 1861Blockley, Gloucestershire I115425
11 Hows, Mary Elizabeth  2 Apr 1871Blockley, Gloucestershire I115425
12 Hows, Richard Henry  30 Mar 1851Blockley, Gloucestershire I115426
13 Hows, Richard Henry  25 Aug 1853Blockley, Gloucestershire I115426
14 Hows, Richard Henry  7 Apr 1861Blockley, Gloucestershire I115426
15 Hows, Richard Henry  2 Apr 1871Blockley, Gloucestershire I115426
16 Hows, William Henry  7 Apr 1861Blockley, Gloucestershire I115427
17 Howse, Albert Ernest  1881Blockley, Gloucestershire I3174
18 Howse, Frank Henry  1881Blockley, Gloucestershire I27632
19 Howse, Frederick Thomas  1881Blockley, Gloucestershire I17163
20 Howse, William  1881Blockley, Gloucestershire I18785
21 Kilmister, William Edward Thomas  2 Aug 1930Blockley, Gloucestershire I114052
22 Shepherd, Charles  29 Oct 1898Blockley, Gloucestershire I14237
23 Shepherd, Emily  1 Sep 1888Blockley, Gloucestershire I1077
24 Shepherd, Emily  25 Apr 1908Blockley, Gloucestershire I1077
25 Simmons, Mary  7 Apr 1861Blockley, Gloucestershire I115433
26 Simmons, Mary  2 Apr 1871Blockley, Gloucestershire I115433
27 Turner, Richard  25 Apr 1908Blockley, Gloucestershire I67644