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Bridgend RD, Glamorgan



City/Town : Latitude: 51.4499875, Longitude: -3.367722


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Burt, Raymond Windsor  Abt Nov 1923Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I159229
2 Checketts, George Henry J  2 Aug 1919Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I86033
3 Dearman, Rosalie  25 Feb 1922Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I34677
4 Harding, Ceinwen  27 Nov 1899Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I159228
5 Harris, Florence Bessie B  Abt May 1886Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I32060
6 Hayman, Frank Edward  Abt Feb 1931Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I171228
7 House, Maud  Abt Feb 1912Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I80134
8 House, Ruth B  Abt Nov 1915Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I32204
9 House, Vera Christina  19 Aug 1925Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I109366
10 Payne, Gordon Leslie D  17 Jul 1930Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I156879
11 Pearce, Joseph Edmund  20 Oct 1908Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I113705
12 Perrin, Arthur John Colman  14 Jul 1912Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I163351
13 Price, Victor John  Abt May 1917Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I162510
14 Sheppard, Enid Melinda  17 Aug 1917Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I118825
15 Sheppard, George James  13 Aug 1914Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I166315
16 Thomas, Doreen  Abt Aug 1921Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I76758
17 Venn, Joseph Thomas  12 Apr 1891Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I159409
18 Whiteford, Cyril Clifford  1 Oct 1927Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I141951
19 Wood, Edith M  Abt Aug 1910Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I33867


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Burt, Raymond Windsor  Abt Aug 1928Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I159229
2 Checketts, George Henry J  Abt Oct 2005Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I86033
3 Dearman, Rosalie  Abt Jul 1996Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I34677
4 Dew, Edith Amy  Abt Nov 1940Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I42351
5 House, Gladys May Kathleen  Abt Jul 2006Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I171226
6 House, Irene Olwen  Abt Aug 2002Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I113523
7 House, John Robert  Abt Feb 1934Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I33783
8 House, Sarah Maud  Abt Nov 1960Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I101814
9 House, William  Abt Nov 1934Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I32219
10 House, William George  Abt Aug 1960Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I42813
11 House, William Herbert  Abt Feb 1946Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I75086
12 Howes, George James  Abt May 1951Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I100513
13 Howes, Grace  Abt May 1934Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I16611
14 Howes, Hilda  Abt Aug 1908Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I80139
15 Jenkins, Ellen  Abt May 1919Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I32236
16 Matthews, George Cornelius  Abt Nov 2001Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I136741
17 Poole, Irene  14 Jul 1952Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I21629
18 Rugg, Sarah  Abt May 1934Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I33853


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Checketts, George Henry J  Abt Aug 1919Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I86033
2 Dearman, Rosalie  Abt Feb 1922Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I34677
3 Edwards, Francis George  Abt Feb 1911Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I105080
4 Harding, Ceinwen  Abt Feb 1900Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I159228
5 House, Frank Charles  Abt Aug 1889Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I32137
6 House, Fred  Abt Feb 1911Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I80133
7 House, Jessie Elizabeth Mary  Abt Aug 1893Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I32166
8 House, May  Abt Aug 1909Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I80132
9 House, Percy James  Abt Feb 1891Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I32194
10 House, Ruth Giles  Abt Aug 1901Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I32205
11 House, Vera Christina  Abt Aug 1925Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I109366
12 House, William Edward  Abt Nov 1886Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I32221
13 Howes, Frederick George  Abt May 1910Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I14216
14 Howes, Hilda  Abt Nov 1907Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I80139
15 Howes, Mabel  Abt Feb 1909Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I15846
16 Howes, Reginald  Abt Aug 1906Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I2851
17 Howes, William Ewart  Abt May 1905Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I21732
18 Jenkins, Elizabeth House  Abt Nov 1890Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I32235
19 Jenkins, William  Abt Feb 1874Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I54996
20 Jones, Beatrice May  Abt Aug 1897Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I110978
21 Jones, Charles Frederick  Abt Jun 1894Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I110979
22 Jones, Dora  Abt Aug 1903Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I110980
23 Jones, Elizabeth Mary  Abt Feb 1892Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I110981
24 Jones, Herbert J  Abt Feb 1886Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I20320
25 Jones, Oswald  Abt Aug 1901Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I110983
26 Jones, Pauline Maud  Abt May 1899Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I110984
27 Payne, Gordon Leslie D  Abt Aug 1930Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I156879
28 Pearce, Joseph Edmund  Abt Nov 1908Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I113705
29 Perrin, Arthur John Colman  Abt Aug 1912Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I163351
30 Sheppard, Enid Melinda  Abt Aug 1917Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I118825
31 Sheppard, George James  Abt Aug 1914Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I166315
32 Venn, Joseph Thomas  Abt May 1891Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I159409
33 Whiteford, Cyril Clifford  Abt Nov 1927Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I141951


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Poole, Irene  Abt Aug 1952Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I21629
2 Standard, Walter  Abt May 1930Bridgend RD, Glamorgan I80327


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blackmore / House  Abt May 1911Bridgend RD, Glamorgan F30016
2 Burt / Harding  Abt Nov 1922Bridgend RD, Glamorgan F48314
3 Checketts / House  Abt May 1944Bridgend RD, Glamorgan F24658
4 Davies / Dearman  Abt Aug 1954Bridgend RD, Glamorgan F40044
5 Fancott / House  Abt Nov 1934Bridgend RD, Glamorgan F10251
6 House / Dearman  Abt Feb 1945Bridgend RD, Glamorgan F10933
7 House / Harris  Abt Nov 1913Bridgend RD, Glamorgan F10217
8 House / Jones  Abt Aug 1919Bridgend RD, Glamorgan F10258
9 House / Pugh  Abt Aug 1919Bridgend RD, Glamorgan F10268
10 Howes / Cunningham  Abt Aug 1940Bridgend RD, Glamorgan F34302
11 Howes / Lee  Abt Aug 1937Bridgend RD, Glamorgan F40098
12 Hughes / Norville  Abt May 1908Bridgend RD, Glamorgan F11151
13 Perrin / Howes  Abt Aug 1948Bridgend RD, Glamorgan F49668


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 House / Jenkins  Abt May 1872Bridgend RD, Glamorgan F10254
2 Howes / Cunningham  Abt Aug 1940Bridgend RD, Glamorgan F34302
3 Parsons / House  Abt Aug 1935Bridgend RD, Glamorgan F34113
4 Thomas / House  Abt Aug 1911Bridgend RD, Glamorgan F10682
5 Thomas / House  Abt May 1920Bridgend RD, Glamorgan F30018
6 Wood / House  Abt Aug 1909Bridgend RD, Glamorgan F10664